What do you think of Bing's new, curvy logo? (poll)

Bing Logo
Bing Logo (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

There's a new logo on the block, and it belongs to Bing. The updated look started rolling out to some Bing users this week on the web, though it hasn't arrived for everyone just yet. Whether it's a test, or it'll eventually make its way to everyone, it definitely fits in with Microsoft's broader Fluent Design vision that's circulating to all of their icons and logos these days.

Bing Logo Old Vs New

Source: Windows Central Old Bing logo (left) vs. New Bing logo (right). (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The most apparent change with the new logo is that it's much curvier than the older one. There's a nice hint of shading and depth to it as well, but it otherwise sticks very close to Bing's signature lowercase "b" branding.

With any updated design, however, there are going to be those who love it, those who prefer the older look, and some of us who just don't care either way. What camp are you in? Let us know in our poll below.

Bing isn't the only place Microsoft is flexing some design muscles, of course. The company has detailed a huge range of updated icons that are headed out to its apps across Windows, Android, and iOS. According to the last poll we did on that icon revamp, a large number of you prefer the direction Microsoft is going.

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