This is what Path on Windows Phone 8 looks like

Path was just announced today for Windows Phone. The guys at Nokia have been working closely with the Path team to bring the app onto the Windows Phone platform. Over at the official Path blog, we now see the first screenshot of Path for Windows Phone.

The blog post also reveals a few interesting facts about Path for Windows Phone. It’ll be using the new camera SDK that Nokia released for developers to integrate into their apps. The SDK does a few things, but one thing Path will really be taking of are the 50 premium filters you get through it. The camera SDK and filters are available for developers to use in apps for any Windows Phone device. Even those made by HTC and Samsung.

Path is a pretty cool social network. You're limited to only 100 connections. So you'll only be using this with close friends and family. 

No word yet on if Path will be exclusive for the Lumia at first, but we imagine it just might be.

Source: Path

Sam Sabri