What phones Microsoft MVPs are carrying

If you've noticed a disturbance in the force this week, it's likely because of the gathering of Microsoft MVPs in Washington state.

Like most MVP events, us civilians don't get to peek inside — and our own Dieter Bohn, an MVP himself, refuses to tell us about any of the shenanigans, flying cars or holographic phones he's privy to.

But MobileDevicesToday got to have a little fun at this week's MVP Summit and tracked down what phones the attendees are currently using. And a few of the answers might surprise you.

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  • ...And the answer is obviously XYZ... oh, and an iPhone! Even Bill Gates' wife wants one of the forbidden little phone fruits! ;)
  • beaucoup omnia and touch pro. thanks
  • Well "Don" had a lot to say lol
  • Because Sprint is the main purveyor of Treo, and it is rare to see Sprint at these events. These guys do this for a living and are serious about their carriers. As such they are on ATT and Verizon.
    You also missed that Dieter was there and he has a Treo Pro (ATT).
  • Dieter wasn't there. Sorry if that was unclear.
  • Poor guys on ATT - they can't actually use the phones to make calls. Guess that's why they carry so many devices - need a Touch Pro to make calls with!
  • Except that at least one guy had a Sprint Mogul and both he and the man behind the camera agreed that it was a great phone. Yet another baseless shot at Sprint - all you have to do is head over to PPCGeeks to see that on the CDMA side of Windows Mobile, Sprint (or, at the very least, their versions of devices) is King. GSM is a different story, obviously.
  • It isn't a "baseless shot" at sprint or even a shot at Sprint. the numbers are the numbers. ATT and Verizon at 75 and 80 million and Sprint non-prepaid is 40 million and around 8 million of those are iDen. There is then the fact that the GSM market is multiples larger around the world. Almost all those phones are available on GSM first. I love Sprint.
  • I'm surprised there were so many Omnia's. Maybe I should check it out (my Tilt is getting old)
  • Seemed like Omnia and devices with keyboard are the most prefered ones (especially Touch Pro and Pantech).
  • Besides the Omnia and devices with keyboards what other WM phones are there? I can think of two phones: the Incite and the Touch HD (WM phones that don't have a keyboard and are not the Omnia).
  • lol
    nice video hm