What Is Pink? It Ain't No ZunePhone.

If you hadn't heard, the latest swirl of ZunePhone rumors have been well and truly smacked down again, to much rejoicing. That hasn't kept the internet from chasing the next rumor ball like a bunch of 8-year-old soccer players. This time around it's 'Project Pink,' and the leaders of this particular pack are Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet and Paul Thurrot, who both speculate that Project Pink has something to do with:

  • Zune Mobile services (instead of hardware)
  • The technology arising from the Danger/Sidekick acquisition
  • Unicorns

Ok, we added that last one and to be perfectly honest, their speculation rings quite true to us. How about this for some fun: Engadget's post on the subject reminds us that both Danger and Zune are in the “PMX Group” (that's Premium Mobile Experiences to you). Taking a look at PMX, where the relevant groups are situated, led us to a fun little nugget.

After the break, some connections and the deets on just where we found that logo we slapped inside the Fuze above.

Here's the relevant passage from the Danger acquisition Press Release:

“We imagine a mobile experience that embraces sharing and celebrating relationships and personal moments,” Ho said. “Combining Danger and Microsoft talents together in the Premium Mobile Experiences team is how we’re going to deliver cool, new, fun mobile experiences to consumers. We want people to smile every time they look at their phone.”The Danger mobile Internet platform, which connects people to their social circles and other rich content, is an integrated end-to-end solution that enables people to interact with their friends, social communities and content through the Internet and Internet services.

So PMX is definitely consumer oriented, it's definitely not a Microsoft-made ZunePhone, it definitely does involve Sidekick-style services, and it definitely should be fun.

But is it definitely related to 'Pink?' Could be, could be. How about this, we find via go ahead, mac my day this channel 9 interview with the VP of PMX, Roz Ho:

Ahem. Yes, that is a very pink office. And yes, there is a very nice pink logo with birds on it. And yes, a large group of folks talking about contact lists. And yes, a lot of playful joking about top secret projects. There's not anything we can draw conclusions from, of course (as noted in the comments), but Ho is definitely talking about working on something big and something secret in the mobile space.

Ok, well, more importantly she's telling her story and generally offering up a great example of how to become a cool, engaging, and successful leader in the corporate world. Yeah, we noticed, we're not made of stone.

Anyway, we really don't know what Pink is, but it's pretty safe to say that it will be something related to mobile services and, well, that it's something they're working on.

What do you think it is?

WC Staff