What's HTC cooking up in London?

What does HTC have up its sleeve for June 24 in London? [via] Your guess is as good (or as bad) as ours. We're not betting on hopeful for anything Windows Mobile-related, with the Snap, Touch Pro 2 and Touch Diamond 2 already released, but stranger things have happened. Let the speculation begin in the comments.

Update: Wait a minute? What the heck were we thinking? there are still about 30 handsets from that leaked roadmap that we still haven't seen. No more writing before our coffee. Bring on the WinMo!

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  • They are going to be launching their first WM 6.5 phone... Unless it is bigger than that and they are releasing their Android OS 2.0 phone.. Or it could be a brand new device based on a new technology...
  • Touch HD 2 with WM 6.5 :)
  • Oh my goodness! How exciting!
    It's a pitty I live in Argentina, I'm way too far :( Anyway, my bets are: Launching of upcoming cellphones: HTC Tachi (Twin) with WinMo 6.5
    HTC Lancaster (Memphis) with Android and slide qwerty keyboard Anouncement of HTC Star (Firestone) and HTC Superstar (Whitestone W). Hopefully hehehe
  • I forgot to add HTC Hero to the launching list I wrote before. :)
  • I'm voting for the HTC Star and HTC Superstar.
  • I'm in London. Pretty big place London. Pretty unspecific invite there...
  • Yikes. They're learning from Apple I suppose. Start having vague events with stylish-looking invites and people will speculate wildly on what it might be. I don't expect to see HTCrumors.com and a whole cottage industry of over-hype and buzz surrounding HTC, but that's definitely a good way to get the attention of tech bloggers/editors/reviewers who seem to be primarily Mac fanboys used to that sort of fluff. Now all they need to do is have these events about 4 times a year and act like each one is the introduction of something completely revolutionary and world-changing.
  • HTC maybe announcing the Sapphire. HTC has a new listing at Bluetooth.org, dated 6/3/2009 called Sapphire_HFP.
  • How about a whole slew of phones, some current, some future, running TouchFlo 3D where the underlying operating system is Andriod, not WM.