Kate Beckinsale in The Widow Kate Beckinsale in "The Widow" on Amazon Prime Video. (Image credit: Amazon)

The month of March, to put it simply, is a month of murder and mayhem and mystery on three of your favorite major streaming platforms. OK, that's also true a lot of other months of the year, but let's take a look and what's ahead in March.

On Amazon Prime Video you'll find Kate Beckinsale trying to figure out why the love of her life disappeared in a plane crash in the Congo — and why he's suddenly reappeared — in the premiere of The Widow.

Netflix brings us the second half of Season 5 of Arrested Development, new episodes of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj and a new stand-up special with a very pregnant Amy Schumer.

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And Hulu has the third season of the excellent Cardinal on tap.

And don't forget that you can come up for air from time to time with a free trial of ESPN+, which may well be the best $5 you spend each month given just how many non-prime-time sports it puts just a couple of taps away.

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