The Xbox shelf conversations are running rampant again! A new image from a video conference at Microsoft's AI and Gaming Research Summit has many speculating that Phil Spencer is potentially teasing multiple big Xbox announcements. From Kojima Productions to From Software, we dive down the rabbit-hole and share our thoughts on what these teases could potentially mean for the future of Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Studios.

Why do people care what's on Phil's shelves?

Phil Spencer ShelfSource: Microsoft

Previously, Spencer and the team at Xbox have hidden many key items on shelves during interviews and video chats. Spencer even managed to cleverly hide the Xbox Series S console on a bookshelf before it was officially revealed. There also the interview with Spencer, Major Nelson, and Todd Howard where Howard proudly displayed a relic from the Indiana Jones franchise before the announcement of the upcoming Indiana Jones game. If that wasn't enough, Xbox even snuck the new Xbox Wireless Headset in the Power Your Dreams launch trailer starring Daniel Kaluuya. Because of these constant teases, the recent speculation is more intense than ever.

The topics covered in our video

Todd Howard Indiana JonesSource: Twitter/@LeonHurley

  • Kojima Productions collaborating with Xbox?
    • We discuss what the Ludens mascot displayed on Phil's shelf could mean for a partnership between Kojima and Xbox.
  • Ubisoft-focused Xbox announcements?
    • We breakdown what the Watch Dogs: Legion collector's edition statue could mean for future Ubisoft-related Xbox announcements.
  • Xbox working with Nintendo?
    • We speculate on the possibilities of Nintendo and Xbox working together in a few possible ways.
  • From Software Xbox exclusive?
    • We share our thoughts on whether or not From Software is in talks to develop an Xbox exclusive.

Share your thoughts!

What are your thoughts on the Phil Spencer shelf situation? What do you think this all means? Is there actually any signifance to these items? Let us know in the comment section below!

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