WhatsApp Desktop app could soon launch on the Windows Store

News of high profile apps coming to the Windows Store keeps heating up, with the latest being the potential arrival of WhatsApp Desktop. Initially reported by Aggiornamenti Lumia, a WhatsApp Desktop listing has now appeared in the Windows Store (opens in new tab), but you can't quite get your hands on it yet.

The app appears to be a straight conversion of the currently available WhatsApp Desktop app for Windows using the Desktop Bridge. According to Aggiornamenti Lumia, the app stipulates that your PC must be running at least the Anniversary Update, and you will need to connect it to your mobile phone to mirror messages. That said, the converted desktop app isn't available for download just yet, and there's no clear indication on when it may become so.

WhatsApp Desktop's appearance on the Windows Store follows news that Spotify and iTunes will eventually be making their way to the Windows Store. And the timing is no fluke: Windows 10 S, which is restricted to using only apps from the Windows Store, was only just revealed. It's likely we'll see the Windows Store start to beef up its offerings to enhance this student-focused version of Windows 10.

In any case, if you're interested in WhatsApp desktop, you can download the current app from WhatsApp now. We'll bring you more once it's available to download on the Windows Store.

See WhatsApp Desktop on the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Wow Windows 10 S can fill the app gap, Many of my frequently used app are coming to the store... and more to come gg Microsoft
  • Should've been named Windows Cloud or something. Windows S is really dumb and limited.
  • Thing is the name Cloud will make lots of people think it needs internet to run. That'll be bad for sales. I think the S is more preferred than the cloud.
  • Cortana and even iPad have survived vocal critics of their naming. Can't please everyone.
  • Ha ha, but "Bing" never will!
  • Bing has survived and the name isn't even that bad, to me. 
  • Last I checked literally no one has ever agreed on a name for a new product. Every new name from a company is "dumb" with 400 reasons why people won't get it.
  • His opinion... was inline with the terms of WC.
    I think you were a little harsh
  • That's not even harsh for a person saying a name is 'dumb.'
  • What exactly was harsh about his comment?  He didn't call the anyone dumb.
  • So is your comment.
  • So is your comment.
  • Why?  They already have a Windows N.
  • Fantastic News!!!
    Microsoft should pay/assist the big apps in migrating to Windows Store!
  • pay : no
    assist : yes but they are already doing that imho...
  • I don't know, that's not enough. The app gap est particularly true for phones, and those x86 apps are not compatible with mobiles. Theoretically, even Windows 10 on ARM won't change that, as the UI would not be adapted. But it can help, if people get used to using the store, that's a step in the right direction (more visibility for apps, including UWP ones, more security, etc.)
  • Has Microsoft finally got it right? Idk but if apps keep coming with this pace WoA Cellular Device might not be that far fetched dream. 
  • About as right as Apple with the Mac App Store. That's all these converted apps are. Generally something they should have done a long time ago. The wrong thing was trying to push everyone wholesale into UWP. That clearly failed. They can't even keep up with it themselves, with their own apps on their own platform(s).
  • Things that I'm curious about...if Spotify if coming to the Invoke...is Spotify still deprecating its WM10 app then?  My guess is yes, and they'll have a new App for the full W10 future...
  • Yes W10M needs a true 100% through and through UWP app. If you use the bridge to bring a Win32 app to the store you get access to all the UWP APIs but it won't just suddenly work on W10M and Xbox. They MIGHT move across to a full UWP in the future but I wouldn't expect that any time soon
  • true but I think it's a rather small step to have the apps converted via Centennial to have them work on mobile/xbox/hololens :) at least I hope it is ;)
  • Unfortunately it's not because Centennial does not convert apps. Centennial converts the installer of Win32 apps for instance from an msi into an appx. This allows the app to be published and downloaded from the store, but the app itself is unchanged. To turn that app into a real UWP app that can run on mobile/xbox/hololens, it must be rewritten.
  • I may be wrong on this but cant centennial apps run on HoloLens because HoloLens uses an atom processor right? And it might be able to run on xbox scorpio if Microsoft does some backend work because that is also x86/x64 and not arm right? Mobile is out for sure until Windows on ARM devices come out later this fall.
  • Theoretically, Microsoft may be able to get Centennial apps to run on HoloLens and Xbox, but I doubt they'll go that route because a) these apps are not power efficient b) their UI is not adapted for those platforms and c) I doubt there's a lot of demand for Win32 productivity apps on those types of devices. Certainly on Hololens you primarily want to run apps that take advantage of the mixed reality environment. Microsoft's end goal is still to have UWP to be the ultimate development platform for all new Windows apps. Centennial (in combination with Windows 10 S) is primarily intended as a way to lure developers into the store with a minimum of effort. Microsoft believes that once developers see that they can get success with their existing apps in the store, that they will ultimately switch to UWP for creating and publishing new ones. If Centennial and Windows 10 S are successful, they can help with removing the "trepidation" (for lack of a better word) both developers and users currently have for a store on a desktop OS. But for getting UWP to be accepted as the best and indisputable development platform, more will be needed. The platform urgently needs to mature (silly stuff such as not being able to run multiple instances of a UWP app needs to be solved asap). Ideally, Microsoft should also come up with bridges that convert existing C++ and .NET (Winforms & WPF) applications into UWP. And it would definitely be a big help if some other edition of Windows 10 besides the one that runs on pc's were to become popular with mainstream audiences. Because that's were UWP can truly become cost efficient. I would have thought mobile would be a logical choice for that, but judging on how easily they have let slip WM10 into irrelevancy, Microsoft doesn't seem to think so.
  • Please be a uwp
  • Unlikely, but why does it matter to you so much in this instance? You have WhatsApp on the phone already...
  • 1 app to maintain? Would be quite logical from a dev point of view... Also, that would eventually lead to WhatsApp working with Continuum I suppose. Indeed, WhatsApp's mobile app for Windows is good enough but from their end, it would make sense :)
  • But Whatsapp can't work with continuum, that's just not how the desktop app works, the desktop version is basically a well built web wrapper for Whatsapp Web, it still needs your ohone to scan the QR code to work
  • Ever tried using WhatsApp web on Edge on continuum or project to desktop/laptop?
  • Yea I've used it on my 950xl, on edge continuum browser last July, worked well! Mobile WhatsApp got message notifications and so did the continuum web browser lol
  • That's why the app is needed on the store.
  • It would be true... if it weren't for the hundred of millions of PCs running Win7
  • If only WhatsApp desktop DIDN'T RELY ON YOUR DAMN PHONE BEING TURNED ON ALL THE TIME. Kinda defeats the object of having it if I can't message my wife because my phone died.
  • Ah, I know what you mean. With it being linked to a single device my heart sinks when friends I know well use a WhatsApp group, I try and move them to a FB Messenger Group if possible. But, given the widespread use of WhatsApp and the fact it is useful for wider groups than close friends, then it is at least useful to be able to reply via a keyboard. I'll be installing this
  • And that's why you should switch to Telegram or one of the many other alternatives which do have great apps for all platforms and devices without weird device dependencies.
  • I often see articles mentioning WhatsApp, but I've never had a single person attempt to contact me using it. A lot of people use Facebook Messenger because everyone seems to have a Facebook account. I have a few family members who have used Skype or Viber on WiFi when traveling internationally to avoid charges through the phone company, and I even know a lot of people who use GroupMe to keep in contact with groups. I've never actually known any of my personal contacts and aquaintances to use WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp completely replaced SMS and what not here in the Netherlands. We even have companies that you can contact through the service, like banks et al. Hell, even the police (lol).
  • From what I have gathered, WhatsApp hasn't really taken off in the USA as much as it has in other regions like Europe and Asia.
  • How is that going to help him? I've tried converting my friends to Telegram but everybody is using Whatsapp, so it'll be really quiet haha. Seriously, hoping for a UWP version but since WA relies on a phone number instead of a username, it probably won't happen untill we have W10S on phones/portables.
  • Is the WhatsApp desktop app a web wrapper of some sort? I know it uses the phone to send like your comment mentions but if it's a web wrapper it's potentially a web view, in a Win32 app, packaged up as a UWP package so it can be distributed in the store lol
  • telegram, only that there is no update for calling on Windows phones
  • This application is awful ! It constently requires you to connect it to your phone via a QR code. And by constantly, I mean, each time the app is minimized... I don't understand why they don't use a "standard" registration mechanism with an ID (phone number) and a password.
  • I have no such problem... even so, I like Skype much more.
  • Personally I think WhatsApp is the worst of all the messaging services for this very reason. One phone only at a time, ridiculous and unreliable desktop clients, and yet forced to use it because everyone else does. Telegram, GroupMe, both of these are wayyyyy better.
  • Must be just the WM thing, works well on other platforms.
  • Being locked to one device at a time is a "feature" on all platforms.
  • It definitly needs to have at least the *option* for people to register an account instead of a phone number. It's 2017 Facebook, come on.
  • I have a Lumia 950 and because WhatsApp use WinRT API - maybe - the app cannot continue to work in the background when the phone goes to sleep. Or maybe it's just the Windows Phone app that is badly implemented for this to work. Anyone using similar setup have this problem ? or not ? I remember using the WhatsApp web client without this issue but I don't remember if I already have the Lumia 950 or if I was still using the Nokia 808 Pureview. I don't see the use case for limiting WhatsApp to one device at a time. It looks more like technical reason probably related to account management and security. On AppRaisin, someone says that WhatsApp is udating the servers to allow a cloud based functionning.
  • Unless you logout, the app never ask for the QR code. I use it for months and never have that problem.
  • same here... really have no issues with this setup what so ever...
  • I've also not had OP's problem but I'm not happy with the set up. I just wish I could send a message via desktop when my phone is off or for whatever reason has no internet access.
  • Don't care. Skype is better.
  • Skype is more useful for me, since i know more people that use Skype, a lot of people my age do not use whats app.  just a shame MS  owns skype, becuase they have mucked it right up.  but saying that  they are not the only one mucking trhings up, Facebook messenger is awful now, so much rubbish on ti that is not needed
  • Makes sense, the writing is on the wall with WoA. You either transition or those 500 million users will use something else to keep consistent communication between desktops and cellular PC.
  • Or have something that will make Apps go away... I don't know, maybe AI or Bots.. with Cortana for Input & Output... MS have done a lot of work on all three (AI, Bots, Cortana) recently!!!
  • Will iTunes app come to mobile as well?
  • Absolutely never. Apple does not develop for Windows phones. Unfortunately they even removed Beats Music for WP after launching the renamed Apple Music service.
  • wouldn't make sense imho since iTunes main reason is to sync stuff to iDevices and make backups and stuff...
  • Didn't they just announce that at Build?
  • I wish they would get rid of the need to have it connected to your mobile.
  • Yes there should be a way to create an account and link your phone number to it. This would benefit people with tablets of any platform too
  • Only need to do this once really... Works perfect for me... Set up once for my device and it keeps going here...
  • Whatsapp is a high profile app, if it's done right then fair play to them. Live tile with notification support please!
  • Why can't we have a UWP app like Telegram? :|
  • Awesome! Glad to see it! It's cool to see all these big devs coming to the store, so wish it was UWP though, but that'll come in time.
  • The biggest market here is Enterprise. The nonEnterprise market is pretty much cellular only at this point so unless MS gets their ass off the ground in Cellular area you wont see the big Android message games coming. However, Enterprise still has a mammoth windows ecosystem and as the W10 PC becomes part of the communication system they need reliable (and encryptable) messaging. Skype has served the role and in the absence of UWP competition it will grow.
  • When Microsoft is going to put all their software to Windows store.
    Ex.- Lumia Software recovery tool, Windows upgrade assistant, Windows Media Creation Tool, Office Apps etc.
    Then they can ask other companies to put their apps in the store.
  • Its useless if you still need your phone connected to LTE or Wifi for it to work; might as well use it on the phone or use the existing web interface;  
  • I don't see the benefit neither, but I could be missing something.
  • Cool way to go
  • Hopefully its a proper client and not just the client that connects through your phone.
  • Great news windows 10 S might save windows from vanishing
  • Awesome, although I can access it through Harvester Messenger right now, but full access and options would be awesome.
  • By the time ARM arrives, developers are basically going to be totally on board with full UWP. This is working it seems.
  • Good news for store, but Whatsapp desktop is limited anyways. It needs phone to be online and you can't make calls.
  • Well, that's very welcome. Will definitely be grabbing it via the Store on my Surface Pro 2. Even though I don't like the Surface Laptop that came with Windows 10 S, the launch of Windows 10 S sure is accelerating the import of Win32 applications to the Windows Store. Kudos on the move Microsoft.
  • Interesting!! Isn't web whatsapp an electron wrapper, using chromium. Have they changed it to edge?? cos last checked you cannot use any onther engine that the edge one.
  • WhatsApp Desctop is sheet
  • this is great news to hear. With apple adding iTunes as well, big names coming to the store. (i mean I'm very happy with my groove music)
  • The current desktop app is not even a actual desktop app. It's an electron app.