It’s Friday, and it looks like the hardworking folks at WhatsApp are busy churning out more updates. I mean, why do in one update what you can do in five? Tonight, the popular messenger app has been bumped to version 2.11.312.0 and yes, it does come with a changelog. That’s the second update this week.

Unfortunately, no new features are available but if you speak Arabic or Hebrew, start high-fiving your friends, because you just got a “fix for difficulties entering your verification code”. Bam! How awesome is that?

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Okay, perhaps it’s not supremely awesome, but you folks always want these updates and notifications on ‘em, so here you are. Maybe next week’s update will have the redesign? Start holding your breath…nah, never mind.

Pick up WhatsApp version 2.11.312.0 here in the Store. Thanks, Faraz, for the tip

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