WhatsApp voice calling for Windows Phone is coming soon, as announced over a year ago

One benefit of doing this job is you tend to have a bird's eye view of the mobile landscape. Specifically I mean you tend to know the history of every bit of software and hardware, unlike the casual consumer.

Case in point is WhatsApp and voice calling. New articles are making their way around the internet noting WhatsApp's voice calling feature as coming to Windows Phone "soon" and "in the works".

There is no doubt that this is the case. After all, WhatsApp did announce that Windows Phone would get the feature. The thing is they announced it back in February, 2014.

Of course, you may point to the recent development of 'translation strings' mentioning 'Hang up, Incoming call, Outgoing call' and such. Sure, we also heard that back in April, 2014 when requests for those very translations were put out for Hindi. Considering WhatsApp was aiming for a Spring 2014 release of this new VOIP feature, everyone thought we were on the cusp of release. Whoops.

WhatsOld is WhatsNew again

So here we are in April, 2015 and this voice calling feature is still "coming soon" and "in the works". I want to be clear that I do not doubt that voice calling is coming to Windows Phone. There is nothing suggesting that plans on this have changed since February, 2014.

This point though brings me back though to my opening line: some of you likely do not recall the February, 2014 WhatsApp proclamation about this coming to Windows Phone. So for you, this is new news. Fair enough.

Irrespective, until bits of this feature actually start appearing in the private beta of WhatsApp (last updated on March 27), I just do not see the big deal just yet. We have heard "coming soon" for a long time now, as even iOS users do not yet have this voice calling feature (and it just launched on Android in wide release only a few days ago).

So, let's wait until we see something substantive first before getting too excited.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I thought the article was about the update. -_-
  • As usual they are trolling WMPU.
  • No, not really. We had a lot of tips on it, so figured it was time to address it...with a hint of Monday morning snark, of course.
  • I could tell this was coming the minute I saw your tweet. Haha :P
  • Virtual points to you, you had us all fooled. Also, you're 5 days late
  • 5 days late on a non-story with no news about something that does not yet exist. I'm so embarrassed.
  • I'm saying you could have used that title on April Fools' :P You have to agree that it was just a tiny bit misleading, I was ready to check the store for updates and tell my friends!
  • Let us know when it shows up on the private beta please.
  • The funny thing is, Android just got the update last week and iOS is stated as coming soon and apple fans aren't complaining.
  • That trolling is something wc should be above lol
  • I have not mentioned any specific sites, that is all on you guys. But if you want me to, this story was actually in response to this article. I don't think you guys know as much as you think you know ;)
  • Haha ! Don't get angry!!
  • Come on, Daniel. Are you actually saying that you look up that site now and then?
  • You should have replied to this :P http://pressandupdate.com/whatsapp-voice-calling-feature-now-available-f... (this comment box is really ancient...)
  • Cmmon Daniel you sound a bit irritated. Relax :)
    Also We will prefer and Trust WC anyday over NDTV gadgets for news related to Windows. You guys have a reputation for that. *thumbs up*
  • "I don't think you guys know as much as you think you know..." Yup, you're right, there are a lot of verbose and narcissistic characters around here.
  • lol I don't think any WC user would even read NDTV-G for WP news. That'd almost be an insult. Half the times they just seem to lift-off your articles.
  • We have three tips this morning on that article, so yeah, my guess is people still read 'em :/
  • Daniel it sounds like you are not being aware that people just wanna help by sending these tips. Why having a tip function on your site only by snubbing people away for doing so. Also, articles like these may also have been collected by Cortana, being shown in the "daily overview" on your Windows Phone as "new news". Cause let's be honest. Who's reading ndtv on a daily bases... 
  • I think you are "getting" your own tip feature on your site wrong. Sounds like whenever you get a tip from some (faithful) reader, you are thinking the message behind the tip is "hey here is a tip because I know more than you". You should be reading it this way: "hey here is a tip, I hope it has been of help". Constantly snubbing away your readers is not the right thing to do (and you DO, in the comments sections of your articles in any case). Remember, these readers made your site what it is today. My 2 cents.
  • I too have been wondering why almost every wp site was saying whatsapp was confirmed coming soon. If only thing we had was a confirmation from a year ago and a translated text to Italian. Maybe it is to hide the fact that if whatsapp voice doesn't come to windows phone same time as iOS, it will be dead.
  • Why did they bring it to blackberry before WP or even IOS?!
  • Was gonna say that. The calling feature is on BB10
  • Thought so, too...
  • I thought it had arrived to windows phone.
  • That's why you should all read the article first
  • Just reading the headline will tell me what the artical is about. So I came to know after reading the artical -_-
  • Artical :D
  • My guess is they were waiting for 8.1.1 deployment
  • Good to hear
  • Abhishek Baxi wrote the 2014 article, as far as I remember.
  • And you posted "First i did it mamma! " Comment ,as far as i remember.
  • And you weren't on WC in April, 2014....As far as I remember.
  • Remember that /jk\ :P
  • Yipeeeeeeee. Waiting
  • Would be great if we had a search feature to look for old messages first
  • Yeah. I think that it had that function before, but in an update (don't know which), the function was removed.
  • True. It had it, it wasn't great but it was there. They removed it long time ago, (5+ updates ago) have no idea. And everytime I see new update first thing I check is that Search. Hope they bring it back
  • Yup we had that feature until an update removed it
  • I'm still waiting for the option to select multiple messages...
  • I can wait(Well, do not point out that I have absolutely no choice :-P)
  • I wont use it anyway
  • Yeah. I don't get the hype over this feature. Mobile operators already provide packs for reduced local calling rates, and the "normal" calling is far more reliable than VoIP. Of course, international calls are cheaper but I won't be using this for local calls.
  • This is actually more commonly used by ppl who call and message abroad a lot and even locally in countries where Mobile operators still dont offer packages that will make charges easier on the pockets.
    Basically, Whatsapp will be no different to Viber except, Whatsapp has a much larger userbase. While i personally always prefer to use Skype, people find it quicker and easier to use Viber for calls, so Whatsapp with calling feature will give Viber a run for its money and could prove to be more convenient for people who would be already msging on WhatsApp, as they can just hit 'call'
  • Good news
  • That's just your opinion based on what has happened in the past.... But it will someday arrive sooner or later . So lets hope for the positive thing to happen.....
  • Same with Dual Sim. I asked the developers of Whatsapp last year about that and they told me that they are working on this. Nothing so far...
  • At first, I thought they were announcing the update
  • I give up
  • Its always windows phone backward among new features and new apps, then Android and iOS.
  • Read the article.
    Android is the only platform that has this feature. iOS has yet to receive the update...
  • Wouldn't it be great if WP would get this feature before iOS... Just a thought..!! :D
  • We are already getting features before iOS...
    Namely, the Whatsapp internet browser chat feature (not sure what it is called).
    I'm pretty sure iOS still don't have that feature - yet we've had it for a few months now :)
  • R u using that feature, it is useful to you, not for me, as calling would benefit me surely. Airtel,charging many money in calls.
  • It's not like you don't have options! Viber, Skype etc...
    Whatsapp calling will be useful - but I dare say Viber and Skype will work better...
  • I know, though I tell you that before windows iOS getting the feature second after android.
  • First it will come to iOS then Windows Phone. Oh God Why?
  • Guessing market share? Android < iOS < Windows Phone < BlackBerry < webOS
  • WebOS? Really?
  • It was a joke.
  • ">" and not "
  • *contains less than 1% of: Symbian, MeeGo, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Mobile, Jolla Sailfish and Java ME
  • Oh! You missed Samsung's Latest Tizen OS.
  • Whatsapp have it in beta on BlackBerry 10 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Waiting
  • I think snapchat have some anger on wp cause even WhatsApp supporting wp. Marketshare doesn't matter here.....
  • what surprises me more is there are so many good camera phones with WP. being a photo messaging app, they should actually support WP.
  • Agreed :(
  • Also agreed :/
  • Recently stumbled upon WhatsApp and I love it. I personally wouldn't have much use for that feature but I'd love to see it happen. Then developers and programmers that make free texting apps will pursue the same feature. A win for all. NR
  • First solve the loading and resuming problem and performance.
  • Yeah, I'm getting those 'resuming' screens now when I hit the notification. Very annoying.
  • Resuming problem is not WhatsApp problem its the windows 8.1 problem
    And in windows 10 there is no resuming problem even on my 512mb ram device like 720
    Its so so so smooth though its only first preview version of windows 10 on mobile so you will automatically happy after installing windows 10 problem related resuming...
  • W10 has no resuming issue? No more 'resuming'?
  • Yeah using windows 10 tp on my dual core 720 with 512mb ram
    As far as I used since launch day
    There is no resume bug
    Yeah if there are so many apps running in background then its taking some time to launch but still its not showing any loading and resuming and one more good news is by which m impressed so much is so far not even one app is crashed....
  • You can probably make a video demonstrating that. This is unheard of. And many users like me will be delighted about 'Resuming' going away.  
  • Yes everyone could have cracked windows 10 till February end after then Microsoft have fixed the cracking bug so I don't know whether it can be cracked out now but if you want to try to crack Windows 10 on any Windows phone hip and visit
    You can see video of Windows 10 running on Lumia 520
    It is I think 8-10 min long
    It's available on YouTube
    You will find almost your answers
    Whether resuming bug is there or not
    App crashing gone or not etc
    Good luck friends....
  • Then splash screen for system apps(music-seriously,video,battery saver,storage sense,calendar etc.,) ?would be awful if they add splash screen to people sense,dialer ,office*,cortana,camera,outlook,photos as they are made in to apps.
  • Still it's so early to say
    So far by first preview release m very much impressed..
  • Bahahaha.. Yes! Resuming is removed and replaced by a BLACK SCREEN
  • It's not replaced it's still first preview brother and its so fast even on dual core
    512mb devices
    I didn't expect this good result in first preview of Windows 10 so I m so much happy by Microsoft after buggy 8.1
  • They should, but that doesn't mean they should stop working on new feature entirely. Although, I don't have any resuming thing at all. Device specific?
  • Using wp or w10?
  • WP 10.
  • The article clearly says..."getting"..! It didn't state..whatsapp gets the update..!....so....we are also waiting......! And here it goes getting=waiting....!
  • Meanwhile WhatsApp web hasn't available on IE yet..
  • suppose they will directly start work with Spartan after official W10 release.
    IE is gonna go out of business soon.
  • IE will continue..
  • He will always be there he's legend
  • that would be quite a long wait, more than a few months, they should support ie by now
  • I think that will come along with support of Windows 10
  • Lets get that awesome WP10TP update tomorrow
  • As if we dont know... Prrrr
  • Why they are not allowing the feature to share mp3 files
  • Not supported by WP for now.. Will change in W10 hopefully
  • actually it is supported. WP8.1 added file sharing features.
    telegram messenger already supports it.
  • Oho.. My bad then.. ;)
  • But i cannot save received audio files!!! To my files
  • Thank god. I didn't want to live in a world where every friend was asking me.... "Arey tere mein whatsapp calling aaya kya? Call Kariyo. " which simply meant You sick bastard your phone doesn't have whatsapp calling. Skype is too 1980s for these new whatsapp calling feature users. :/ Give it to give it tome. So that I can hold my head high. :P
  • Hahaha....