When will Microsoft Surface Duo be available?

(Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft surprised everyone at its October Surface event this year by announcing a new smartphone. It feels like a lifetime ago since Microsoft last dipped its toes into this field, but it's happening again — Microsoft is bringing a smartphone to the market. Named the Surface Duo, this new product will be a foldable smartphone running Android.

The only downside for fans waiting for Microsoft to release another smartphone is the release date. The company revealed on-stage the Surface Duo would not hit the market until Fall 2020. Ouch.

Returning to the fold

Surprising everyone at its Surface event, Microsoft announced the new portable device, which sports two 5.6-inch displays, joined by a 360-degree hinge. The Surface Duo will be powered not by Windows, but Android with full support from Google and its cloud-based services. Microsoft is bringing together the most popular smartphone OS with its Surface design.

We previously made the case for a Microsoft smartphone running Android, noting how Microsoft could provide a better experience if it had more control over the hardware and OS. Partnering up with Google and Android, it's the ideal platform for the company to work on, especially given all the apps and services it has available on the Play Store.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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