Where's the best place to buy a Razer Turret for Xbox One?

Where's the best place to buy a Razer Turret for Xbox One?

Best answer: The best place to buy the Razer Turret for Xbox One is on the Microsoft Store since it's the only location where it's offered at the time of writing. You can pre-order before the March 31 release date.Microsoft: Razer Turret for Xbox One ($250)

Why buy a Razer Turret?

Before talking about why you should buy the upcoming Razer Turret from Microsoft, which releases on March 31, we need to go over why you should buy it at all. The Razer Turret is a wireless keyboard and mouse designed with the Xbox One in mind, and can be used with all Xbox One games that offer keyboard and mouse support. The Turret comes with a dedicated Xbox button that can be used to control Xbox One menus, and also has a special feature that takes advantage of Razer's famous chroma lighting, called Xbox Dynamic Lighting.

Xbox Dynamic Lighting will cause the Turret to light up in certain ways depending on what's going on in your game, provided the game supports the feature. You can customize the chroma lighting to your own preference too, with 16.8 million different color combinations possible. Lastly, the mouse pad on the Razer Turret is magnetic, meaning that it won't slide off the pad if you tilt the keyboard at an angle and you won't have anything interrupting a gaming session.

Why should you buy the Razer Turret from Microsoft?

Right now, there's one huge reason why the Microsoft Store is the best place to buy the Razer Turret from — for now, it's being sold there exclusively. Though a product page for the Turret exists on Razer's website, it's not up for sale there yet, and there are no listings anywhere else, either. It's hard to argue against the Microsoft Store when there are literally no alternatives.

What about in the future when the Turret is sold elsewhere? Is there really any reason to rush to order the Turret when you could just wait until it releases on other shopping sites or at retail locations? Well, if you buy from Microsoft while it has these exclusive selling rights, you'll get a code for a free $25 virtual gift card that can be used for Xbox Live. I would say it's worth it to buy it now so that you can use this gift card to partially or fully buy a game to use the Turret with.

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