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Who would have the best costume at a Microsoft Halloween party?

Pumpkin (Image credit: Signify)

Halloween lands on October 31, 2021. In honor of the spookiest holiday of them all, we got to thinking: If Microsoft held a Halloween costume party, which of the brand's many entities would absolutely crush the competition?

Seriously, think about it. You know that Satya Nadella and co. probably have wild costume ideas they're just waiting to whip out. And we're talking about a company that puts Master Chief front and center in a good chunk of its marketing; elaborate and fun costume design isn't a foreign concept to Microsoft.

So, with Microsoft lore in mind and trick-or-treating on the brain, we ask you: Who would knock everyone else out of the park at a Microsoft Halloween costume party?

Naturally, there are plenty of other inclusions that could fit that list. Witch Cortana or Windows Hello wearing an OnlyFans logo mascot costume are two easy examples. If your favorite idea isn't on the main list, sound off in the comments.

And if you need a refresher on what some of the main list's inclusions are about, here's the scoop: Craig the Brute wasn't always the rock 'n roll legend he is today. There was a time, back in 2020, when he looked... well, different. And as for Steve Ballmer's Lake Bill costume, he has a history with taking dips in the pond.

In any event, if you love the Halloween season and want to criss-cross your festive spirit with your extensive knowledge of all things Microsoft, here's a good place to do it. And if you plan on going to any costume parties yourself, feel free to share what your own outfit plans are.

Be sure to check back on Halloween day when Windows Phone crawls out of the graveyard to visit Windows Central.

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  • Ninja cat dressed up as a 3d emoji
  • People should just come as Ballmer. Not Ballmer in a lake specifically. Any Ballmer. "Cadillac doors!" <Surface Type Cover slaps to Surface>
  • Or go non-stop jogging for an hour before attending the party, then show up as "Developers!" Ballmer.
  • What about gates dressed as wasz playing atari
    Or CORTANA? JUST SHOWING UP IN THE FLESH(Jen Taylor dressed as Cortana)
  • Clippy will definitely give office users goosebumps when they see him in real life. "It looks like you're trying to hit on your colleague over there. Would you like me to do it for you?"
    1. Go Away.
    2. No. No. No. No. "It looks like you're trying to get some fruit punch. Would you like to get me one as well?"
    1. Punch Clippy in the face.
    2. Punch Clippy in the face.... again.
  • Imagine someone going as Clippy and doing this to real people. That's hilarious
  • There is an actual Clippy outfit that was used back when. Just Google (or Bing) MS Clippy Mascot.
  • Too many options; Todd Howard as a glowing feral ghoul? Phil Spencer as Mr. House or Courier Six?
    Or why limit it to MS IP? Ballmer as Claptrap would be a natural.
  • Satya dressed as the CEO of META.
    Scarier than anything Vincent Price could ever do.
  • Bill Gates wearing a Windows 95 jumpsuit holding a Windows 11 cake with an Ivy Bridge CPU fondant layered on top...of blue icing.
  • It is a nice idea, we will try to implement this in our office.