Why I (finally) left Windows 10 Mobile

I've spent a good portion of my life using Microsoft's smartphone offerings. I fell in love with Windows Phone 7 and stayed loyal since it was released. The beautiful and modern interface blew me away with its futuristic approach, and the smoothness and speed of the OS were just unreal. This was in 2011 when Android was a slow, poorly-coded mess and iOS lacked many features considered standard. Windows Phone was the savior of smartphones for many. Unfortunately, it didn't end so well.

I have now given up my hope and I have left Windows 10 Mobile. Maybe not forever, but at least for a while. What pushed me to this decision? Unfortunately, Microsoft.

A look at the state of Windows Mobile

The current situation of Windows phones is rather sad. The almighty Lumia brand is dead and gone, flagship phones don't perform like they are supposed to, apps are leaving the store almost every week, and the list continues. People are leaving the platform at an alarming rate, and so are developers. That hasn't bothered me too much, though, because Windows 10 Mobile still had most of the apps I wanted, and every one that I needed. So what made me leave? The extremely poor user experience.

Windows Phone was fast, fluid, well-designed and reliable. This is the exact opposite of Windows 10 Mobile. It's slow, laggy, inconsistent and very unreliable. After using Windows 10 Mobile for more than a year, I'd grown so used to issues that I stopped noticing them in other areas like PCs or applications. When using an iOS device and I had some issue like an app crashing, instead of even thinking about it I just reopened the app. If something doesn't work like it should, I would just accept it and move, which isn't the way you should have to behave. When an issue shows up, you should try to fix it, or at least notice it. At this point, I don't even notice that there is an issue.

Windows Phone was fast, fluid, well-designed and reliable. This is the exact opposite of Windows 10 Mobile. It's slow, laggy, inconsistent and very unreliable.

I was speaking to a friend recently, and I was using my phone at the same time. I opened the settings app and the phone froze, crashed then rebooted. I didn't pay much attention to it as I just waited for it to boot up again, but he commented and started laughing. Most people would probably get irritated, but I'm used to it. Even now, after leaving Windows 10 Mobile a few months ago, I still do not really show the expected behavior when an issue shows up.

Back when I was using my Lumia 950, I was hoping for a huge update that could turn everything around and bring back the good old days of Windows Phone. A year and a half later, there has barely been any progress. Sure, there have been some performance and battery updates, but they are just minor fixes without any actual impact. I have yet to feel that the OS is shaping up and finally getting into a useable state, unfortunately. There is a multitude of reasons why there probably won't be a game-changing update to Windows 10 Mobile, one of them being Windows 10 on ARM, and another is that Windows 10 Mobile simply doesn't seem like it's worth the effort anymore to Microsoft anymore.

As most Microsoft executives now use iPhones or Android phones, there is barely anyone at the company that has daily use experience with Windows 10 Mobile and truly knows its flaws. One could argue that the Feedback Hub could provide the information and diagnostics needed, but as it stands now, feedback from mobile users has been highly neglected. There are countless feature requests and bug reports that have been sitting on the top spot in the Feedback Hub for months, and Microsoft has still not done a single thing in order to complete those requests.

From hope to despair

I had a lot of hope for Windows 10 Mobile, so I stayed and waited for a big change. That change still hasn't come, and I am sick of technology that doesn't work like it's supposed to. This resulted in me leaving the platform I once had so much faith in. I still have high hopes for CShell and Windows 10 on ARM, but I won't be waiting for it to happen. I'd rather use a polished platform until there is a reason to switch back. If Microsoft truly unifies Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, offering a great experience on smaller devices, I won't hesitate to return. But as it stands now, it might take a while before anything materializes.

When I first installed Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview in February 2015, it was obviously not suited for daily use. Random reboots occurred, apps crashed, the phone froze and more. This is definitely expected for unfinished software. The issue is that this behavior continued with newer versions of the system on all different devices I've tested. With every insider build, things got better, and I eagerly kept waiting for the updates to hit my daily device that wasn't a part of the Insider Program.

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However, when it did, things were better but not necessarily great. I was still experiencing all of the issues I had with former versions and builds, but at least I saw a couple of new features here and there. This changed with the Creators Update. The Creators Update, which is finished by now and is expected to release on the April 11, changed all of this, but for the worse. Following the Insider Program didn't bring me more hope at all. Every new build was about bug fixes and some general small improvements. The desktop version of Windows 10 brought enormous changes, and similar features would have be very much appreciated on Windows 10 Mobile. That's what turned my hope into despair.

For every new build, I continued to lose interest in the OS, and it didn't get better. I decided to try out other platforms and see how Microsoft products work on them. Unfortunately, the services were not only on par with the ones found on Windows 10 Mobile, but they were also superior with more features, better optimization, and regular updates. Microsoft is really committed to mobile, just like it said. Unfortunately, "mobile" seems to mean rival OSes.

Even Microsoft's hardware partners such as Lenovo, Acer and others have either left the platform or stayed silent for a long time, with only two major companies left. Those are HP and Alcatel. Alcatel has been very quiet recently and hasn't released the Alcatel Idol 4S outside of the U.S. yet. HP's offering, the Elite x3, is business-oriented. This may not seem like an issue, but being business-oriented means it costs way more than the average consumer could afford. Alcatel not releasing its phone unlocked in Europe leaves most people without a choice, because Lumias have been out of stock for many months now.

So where did I go?

As I started writing reviews for iOS apps made by Microsoft, I dug deeper into the experience that iOS offers. I noticed that while it was boring and a little too simple for my taste in many ways, it offers a solid experience that filled all of my requirements. Jailbreaking the device helped me integrate Microsoft services deeper into the system, like changing my default mail client from Apple's mail app to Outlook and replacing Siri with Cortana. That led me to the decision that iOS is most likely the right OS for me ... at least for now.

While I have been considering getting the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S8 or the slightly-older OnePlus 3T, and then using products such as Microsoft's Arrow Launcher on the phone, but that's still to be decided and for now. I can safely say that iOS is a good choice for people who want to leave Windows 10 Mobile but still use the services Microsoft offers.

That doesn't mean you won't get a good experience with Android. I've noticed that the vast majority of Windows Phone diehard fans have false and outdated information about Android and what it is today. The general opinion is that it's slow, laggy, unstable and insecure, which isn't necessarily the case. This could have been the case six years ago, but Android today is a solid all-around OS.

If you should go with iOS or Android depends on your needs. Android has deeper Microsoft service integration and higher customizability, as well as a much bigger choice of hardware. iOS offers smoother performance in most cases, ease-of-use and a mostly-consistent design language.


I do not encourage people who are still using Windows 10 Mobile and enjoying it to switch to Android or iOS. However, I do encourage people who are unsure, or are waiting for a huge update to suddenly turn everything upside-down, to make a switch. Windows 10 Mobile hasn't shown much of the promised "dedication" we hoped it would, and there is no indication of that changing anytime soon.

Windows 10 Mobile is not dead, but it's definitely dying.

The Lumia brand has been phased out. Manufacturers are leaving. Applications are disappearing or not getting updates. Developers are leaving. Users are leaving. And everything is going downhill. The market share is lower than ever and it won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

I am highly disappointed with the way Windows 10 Mobile has been managed and how it evolved, and Microsoft services work way better on rival platforms than on Microsoft's own. A lot of Microsoft employees apparently agree, because they use Android phones or iPhones. Apps are getting regularly updated, have better performance, more features and are generally better designed in many aspects than their Windows siblings.

True fans of Microsoft have been neglected for a long time, and while I can't really say that Windows 10 Mobile is dead, it's definitely dying.

Dennis Bednarz

Dennis Bednarz is a former writer for Windows Central and the guy behind ModMy. He has been a recognised member of the Microsoft community for years and owns everything from Lumia phones to Surface PCs. He occasionally likes to rant about Windows Phone and drink tea. You can go ahead and follow him on Twitter at @DennisBednarz

  • Good for you. But I found some issues with IOS as stock app doesn't support flac format music , same with groove app.... But I don't like Android as well... So I better stick with Windows Mobile for as long as I can... Apps are not a priority to me....
  • Amen to that 😎
  • I typically feel the same way, but my 640 is getting stretched to the max.  The 8GB really hurts it, especially when Mail and Calendar take 1.5GB and the only way to get it back is to hard reset.  And some apps require installation to the phone, others only work correctly if they install to the phone.  If I'm going to put any money into upgrading my phone (950 certainly crossed my mind), or any time setting one up (whether hard reset on the 640 or a different phone), why invest in a dead platform?  For me, the nail in the coffin was the Galaxy S8 "Microsoft Edition".
  • Option to reset individual apps is coming with creators update... Don't worry
  • Of course, the trick is to clear off enough space on the phone for the update that will clear space off the phone.... :-)
  • Hahaha! I know what you mean. I am doing that now...
  • And put everything else on sd card can be a big help also
  • It doesn't work for all apps (Mail and Calendar being one of them)
  • Except for system apps. It works for all. Mail, store, calender, clock, etc are system apps.
  • doesn't work for whatsapp, it works for some apps and that too not reliable..
  • Soon™
  • LOL that was original! "Soon!"™ Windows 10 Mobile  
  • My friend had same trouble. Ditched it for a 950 and loves it. He was supposed to get a 650 to begin with. He isn't knowledgeable. He told the salesman it was a Windows 10 phone and salesman sold him the 640. Ignorance or did the salesman just not care.
  • Sales guy usually get more commission on the lower end devices.
  • You need to change the settings for accounts.. I have set them in a very optimistic way.. It never goes up more than 300 mb.. Try it.
  • We have all used many Windows phones with 8GB ROM. I really dont know what you're talking about coz nobody has ever complained me about space on a Windows phone. Its obvious you need to change something in your usage. The 8GB thing is just fine.
  • That's definitely not true. I can usually get around it but after 6 months of use my 640 was out of internal storage, and that was after I cleared literally everything that I could. There's still a system storage growth bug that can cause the amount of storage used by system files to slowly grow. The only way to fix it is to flash the device using the Microsoft Device Recovery tool and start over.
  • Rubbish. 8GB is NOT enough! I think you do not know what you're talking about, but INSIST you do. I have a 640xl, HP Elite X3, 650, and 950 XL and the smallest Ram and most trouble comes from the 640xl. 650 even has 16GB, of which I think is the absolute minimum needed.
  • What he probably means is that you only keep about a few weeks of emails on the phone and use your desktop or laptop for the times you need to refer to older messages.  HTH.
  • Try using an 8GB ROM on android with all the bloatware, or try using the 16GB version of IOS then you'll know real pain.
    Using an 8GB ROM on windows phone was your option, you can always upgrade to higher ROM size
  • I just want Windows OS to stay just to give me an option bcoz I don't like IOS and android.
  • I can't survive without using Live Tiles to manage my daily life.  The Start screen has been customized to fit with my life style in a most efficient way.  My L950XL has been working very reliably during the past 10 months and is just opposite to what the author has said about W10M - "Slow, laggy, unreliable".  As far as I'm concerned, L950XL is the best WP ever built.  W10M is improving with each update.  I won't give up W10 phone unless MS would decide to abandon Surface Phone or HP to quit making x3.
  • More than half of your windows limited store apps are bugging in live tiles. The rest don't support it.
  • Is it reliable compared to WP 7 and 8 though? Even my mom is annoyed with W10 mobile bugs, and she's been using the official builds until recently, where I had to put her in the slow ring to get rid of annoying keyboard and phone history bugs. Hopefully she doesnt start complaining about other bugs, since at that point there's nothing I can do about it besides getting her to switch platforms. I'm used to annoying bugs since I've been in the fast ring forever, and I'm usually raging in the feedback hub about every build. But sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself on there.
  • Let's see a screenshot of your home screen
  • lol. outlook mail and calendar live tiles don't even work well.
  • not everone uses a 950 or elite x3, some of us have midrange phones like 730, 830, even 640 series... W10M is nowhere near reliable on these devices. I have a 630 and 535 with WP8.1 and those work way better than the W10M 730 I have. there was a time when a 520 a device with the lowest of specs would be running the OS perfectly.. I have been using the insiders builds from day one and the experince although improved since then but its nowhere near completion in any sense. may be W10M works great of top end hardware but the problem is, there is none to buy now.
  • Its not going anywhere !
  • There must be an article "Why I returned to Windows OS" because I have seen people regretting switch to other OS. They may be very less in numbers but they do exist and deserve to have a say through such an article.
  • I went back to an iPhone 7 after using Windows phones for a few years, I came back because I like iOS but I fell in love with Windows. I sold the iPhone 7 after only four months. I think the solution for most people is just going to be buying a iPhone or Android Phone and keeping your Windows phone around so you are not really leaving the platform. I went a little further I went into T-Mobile and bought a new Alcatel Idol 4S afterwards and I am very happy with the decision.
  • I tried that, using an iPhone then a Pixel, but keeping my 640 around.  Every time I used it again I missed the UI, and the familiarity with it.  I bought a 950 again (sold it when I bought the iPhone), and my Pixel will most likely be going up for sale. The introduction of the Microsoft Edition S8 seems like a bad sign though, and makes me second guess my thoughts on selling the Pixel, but ultimately I am happier with the 950 and Windows 10, and I will use it until it isn't feasible to do so any longer.  I'm hoping that is a long long time, or maybe forever, but things aren't looking great right now.  That said I'm staying with Windows 10, and if I do have to leave it will probably be for Android.  It was much closer to Windows 10, and like stated in the article it isn't slow or laggy anymore like we all think it is.  At least on the Pixel it is very smooth and fast, and very much like iOS, but with more options.
  • If Ms is abandoning wm then why do we have the creators update.
  • They're never going to completely abandon it but they're never going to put real effort into it again as it currently exists. The shared code from OneCore is the only reason Mobile is getting the Creators Update, it also explains why it barely adds any features to Mobile. Windows on ARM is the future, Windows 10 Mobile is going the way of DOS.
  • The Redstone 3 release due out in Q4 of 2017 will be more mobile focused. Considering many phones currently running Windows 10 Mobile are already doing so on an ARM chip such as the Snapdragon series, your statement regarding the future seems confused at best. What will likely be the future is the emulation of x86 Windows apps on ARM. They already emulate this architecture on 64 bit Intel using the WOW (Windows on Windows) layer since Win 7. So it's not much a stretch that they'd try it on ARM chips now. Even if UWP apps never quite take off for a while, x86 apps will make Windows 10 Mobile the first phone OS to ever run Desktop apps. Neither Google or Apple will be able legitimately claim the same. Though I suspect Apple will make commercials trying to convince their user base otherwise like they have already done with the iPad Pro. Lol.
  • Do you work with MS? How do you know this?
  • Just read a few more articles on Windows Central.  He's not making it up. 
  • and what new is in creators update for mobile ??? NOTHING would be an understatement.... other than standardization of freezes, apps not launching and restarting the phone.
  • I see the decision to offer the S8 in Microsoft stores as a smart longer term Windows play. They partner with Samsung Mobile now so that when they're ready, they'll already have that relationship already solidified to lean on when they want them to manufacture / distribute a Samsung branded Windows phone. It also gets the public used to going to a Microsoft store for a Samsung or Surface phone instead of a Best Buy, etc.
  • Good for you.
  • Yep. That was my circumstance. iPhone < WP < Android < W10M . No looking back now. Sticking with Windows Mobile until the end of days.
  • Negative articles seem to sell better.
  • He has a fairly realistic tone for the time being on the matter of Windows 10 Mobile. I don't feel it's overly negative, more his honest reasons for moving to a new OS.
  • I moved to android and got a LG g4 liked the phone but was not a massive fan of the os. I moved back to wm and got the 950xl the phone was amazing but then we lost PayPal and for me this is one of the most used apps for me. I now have the LG G5 and it is a great little phone underrated imo but i do still miss wimo. I also have a band 2 and Moto 360 watch which i love using so for me to go back over to winmo now it would need more watch support and also playpal back. I hope they come though as i miss the os it's self.
  • Love my G5. No regrets here. The loss of eBay was tough. When I was switching to android, I was selling all my stuff on eBay, and had to use my work iPhone cause the eBay browser was so slow.
  • I would be very interested in reading that even though I enjoyed this too.
  • You nailed it !
  • Agree. Or why i stay and what there is on this side that keeps me here.
  • Agree. Or why i stay and what there is on this side that keeps me here.
  • I switched to a 7+ last September. It's a great phone and does all I need it do while barely working up a sweat. I prefer Windows, and still have my 950 (used by my mom.) Until MS makes a long term commitment to mobile and to the people who use W10M, I won't switch back.
  •   I think I will be back sooner than even I expected. Yeah, I can do some things with apps on my V20 that I can't do on my old 640 (like wifi calling, delta flight check in, Hilton Hotel checkins, etc), but the interface, ugh. Not as bad as my old Palm 700wx (which is where i started my windows mobile/phone/mobile journey)..  I do have a Elite x3 for work, so I still have some attachment. 
  • Where do u work I want one
  • HAHA.. Small company. Been able to test it for a while and no one has asked for it back. 
  • wp 8.1 stills runs great 😎👍
  • WP8.1 is totally dead. W10M is the path forward. Too bad there are so few users on the new platform.
  • But Windows Phone is relatively more stable and had a consistent user experience.
  • Hope you aren't using facebook at all.... they are killing off the wp8 ability to access.
  • And w10m looks great!
  • As much as your reply says it still doesn't change the hard cold facts of what's beinig said in the OP's post.
  • I'm sure by sounds that he said, he has a faulty phone!
  • I can add one thing here, the kind of windows 10 insiders have seen (extremely buggy initially in 2014), If this would have been the case with android (not IOS), android would have been flown into the ashes long before. It's the windows OS only which is holding the customers in the absence of apps.
  • Actually both IOS and Android had extremely shaky beginnings, and those troubles went on for generations.  Apparently we've forgotten the game of "will you be upgradable" in the Android world where people gambled on handsets that promised "you'll get the update" only to find out months later "sorry Charlie".  And you must have loved the "your holding it wrong" Apple days right?  Or the "sorry if you want an iPhone you have to use ATT only".  All the platforms took years to get where they are and many in the pack died along the way.  Again none have been perfect, none.
  • When I can I am probably going to buy an iPhone SE. It has most the same inards as a 6S but you can get a 32 gb model for $399 or a 128 gb model for $499. The big reason I dont go android is, contrarty to what he wrote, unless you buy a flagship phone Android does still lag and stutter. My friend has a Galaxy S7 and his camera constantly lags and he has to restart the phone to do slow motion video. And Outlook on Android doesnt do 2 way sync for my contacts where on iOS it does. So I plan on getting into iOS until CShell comes around. And, because its unlocked, I can always switch back to W10M when I get tired of the poor UI. 
  • I think it's a problem with his phone because a friend of mine use s7 and the camera is absolutely gorgeous
  • yup s7 camera works fine, have not faced any such issue on my wife's s7. agreed samsung could tone down a little bit of its touchwiz UI, but it has surely come a long way. when i last used a galaxy it was when samsung launched s3, from that time to now, samsung has really upped the game.
  • During the WP8 days, the reason to switch to Android was Apps. Today the reasons are better Microsoft Services and a more fluid and polished experience. I don't use any more apps than I did with W10M, but I have less freezes, slow downs, lag, or random reboots, with Android than with W10M. I'm convinced Windows Phone's start screen is what's keeping the last few W10M users. It's far and away the best UI, but that's all Windows Phone has going for it.
  • Rightly said 👍👍
  • You are a little late. Windows phone is dead. I switched to Android 3 years ago.
  • Windows fan boys will be like, Yes I found some issues after I switched of the mobile it is not washing my dishes and hence I m sticking to windows mobile.
  • Nah, we just don't like how bad android performs and how limiting ios is.
  • I've also been with Microsoft phones since day 1. Things do look % wise sad but I remain with Windows phone till its completely dead (if that happens) why? Windows phone simply makes thing alot easier for me and work between desktop and tablet on a daily base. Sure I want new features, even if they are simple like vertical tiles. But what really matters for me mostly is that Microsoft keeps Windows phone alive with updates. Can't really complain since im good and happy with my Lumia 950's
  • I'll cheers to that :D
  • And I am here can't think of any other mobile OS but Windows 10 Mobile.
  • That's sad.
  • Your comment is sad.
  • Your avatar name is sad. It's easy to "fgr" out what it means.
  • He's right ya know? Your comment really is sad...
  • Not really... I dislike ios for its extrem closeness and very expensive devices and android for being a data collector for google and the unsecurest mobile os. I do see it quite the same. W10m is the one i like the most.
  • implying microsoft isnt a data collector and usecurest only if dont have install common sence on your brain
  • Both iOS and W10M aew sandboxed = secure
    Android is more like Linux - you better use "protection" Google lives by selling user data (Facebook, too
    Microsoft sells Azure Office, Windows, etc
    Apple sells expensive iOS devices
    There is a difference
  • You know that Bing is a thing, right? Oh, and Android sandboxes the apps as well, it might be based on Linux, but you experience very, very little of it
  • Microsoft doesn't require you sign up for Microsoft services if you use a Windows phone or service.  Google tracks and sells everything both about you and asks that you accept the TOS that they can spam all your contacts and people you do business with.  They are the literal worst in the business at doing this most intrusively.  So let's have a sense of scale here.  Yes, MS, Apple, even Amazon tracks you but Google takes that to a level that is beyond reasonable.
  • google account is as usefull as the microsoft you need it for syncing and use the store your device is fully fuctional and without it but whats the advance of smartphone over a feature without apps
  • Right android is defragmented or the phone gets no updates. Ios ends up killing your phone after 3 to 4 years and cripples the phone with every update. Im good I'll stick with WM
  • again, thats not the truth. Flagship Samsung devices get security updates after more then 1y. tested on S6 and the system is still fluid. The only thing you need to do after some time is hard reset to clear the system but thats recommended on iOS and WM too so... :)
  • Security updates arent feature updates. I get official feature updates on my Lumia 920 after getting it on insider years ago. Creators update is really flying on it compared to a just as old Galaxy-phone that cant even answer calls any longer due to it being so slow.
  • Insider is not stable version if you dont care about stable version they are Nexus and Pixel with the Dev editions
  • No thanks. I prefer not being the merchandise.
  • That's a very valid point, but I have seen very few people agree to this that android phones seem to get slower with time more rapidly in comparison of any other OS. I don't know why? But This is what I have experienced with so many android phones at least 5 (probably that's why OEM's keep on increasing the ram(4 fb ram in a $200 mobile) in their handsets)
  • The technical debt in Android is incredible imho. I have never seen a system deteriorate so quickly. Maybe back in Windows 95, but for a modern OS... I can't even believe it.
  • Yep. I agree. I dont know why but after 9 months or so Android becomes super slow and you have to reset your phone. Then it seems to work good again for another 5-6 months.  
  • Right! My friend got galaxy s1 till now 
  • Nope. Impossible. That's not how Android is supposed to work.
  • Really?  Samsung S5, same time period as my Lumia Icon, newer than the Lumia 1520, and does it have the latest Android?
    ​No it does not.  Flagship phone - top of the heap - left in the dust.  The iphone 6, in the same year, is still supported.  
  • Not happening anymore on iOS. The CPUs and GPUs are getting so fast, iOS updates don't slow the phones nearly as bad as before. 5S for example is slower on iOS10 than on iOS7, but it's nowhere near the slow experience of iPhone 4S on iOS9.
  • iPhone 4S was a disaster already on iOS 7.
  • Most phones that didn't ship with iOS7 were hit pretty hard with the new intensive graphical update, so ... expected.
  • 4 and 4S yes. But 5, really?
  • My iPad 3 disagrees. I keep factory resetting to get the smallest bit of speed back but it has lagged since a little over a year when i got it.
  • iPad 3 = dramatically higher rez than iPhones. So that's a factor.
  • Wasn't your point about how older models handle iOS well? Also, the iPads always use the same chip but clocked faster to make up for it. There is also the fact that the lag happened barely a year later which isn't that long. My iPhone 6 is also experiences similar issues but thankfully not as severe at the moment.
  • I was thinking strictly about phones :D
  • You have no clue what you are saying. I switched from Lumia 950xl to Pixel XL in November and have received an update the first tuesday of every month since. Nougat while not ideal is a lot faster and more stable than the W10 mobile I used
  • Pixel is the only phone for which monthly updates come, and even then critical flaws are not patched on a monthly basis in every instance.  Moreover, that monthly update stream is only guaranteed for 2 years.
  • I know there are 2 models you are locked down to yo get updates... But the other 19488 models released the last year are a pure gamble.
  • Do you own a StarTac?
  • I surely don't agree with that, every Android update have been a step forward unlike winmo
  • No, not at all. 3 sucked, 4 was possibly worse, 6 bricked phones left and right. But since google controls the online information highway, these stories are quickly forgotten.
  • Oh cool, are we now starting to use conspiracy theories to defend Windows Mobile?
  • You mean that OS that gave phones with 8GB of storage the middle finger, was delayed quite a lot and full of promises we're still not seeing anything of? Oh yes, I fully trust that Microsoft will keep an OS, which isn't even a priority for them, properly up-to-date! Windows 10 Mobile doesn't see any fragmentation because there aren't any users, nor any phones. And Windows 10 Mobile will struggle just as much as any other 4-year old device that receives a new OS version.
  • Nokia, since 2000(Nokia 5100), windows 7 since 2011 (Lumia 800), now windows 10 (Lumia 950), what's next maybe Nokia on android...
  • Been thinking the same. They're showing some promise :)
  • Don't you enjoy W10M RS2 on the 950? I loved my 950 XL on RS1, even though it still had its share of bugs.
  • Hoping to see their flagship maybe that will draw me. I'm not interested in their mid range phones they announced
  • No, companies can hire the Nokia name now. There will be no real Nokia.
  • You have some right points: Not that fluidity and speed as WP7, the OS lost its identity, frequent restarts... But the unified core, apps are a sign of hope for what to come, whenever it does.
    Plus iOS is so plain and Android is still complex in the background services.
  • I've been with WP since Lumia 800 (I had 2 of them). Ahh, those were the days. Now, with 950XL everything is just meh. Phone freezes or crashes few times a day. Most exciting update in Creators Update is apparently new default sounds, which shows where the OS is heading (hint=nowhere). I was planning to switch to Android and yesterday's news about S8 being available at MSFT stores sealed the deal for me. I love Microsoft services and my Surface Book, unfortunately W10M is worse than a calculator.
  • The partnership between NOKIA and Microsoft was better than Microsoft actually buying NOKIA.... NOKIA itself made better phones. They did care about the design, the quality, etc. The last good LUMIA was L930 (the last with NOKIA brand, made entirely by NOKIA).
  • Dear god the s8 has a rubbish camera believe it's a 12MG camera as the S7 has. no thanks.
  • megapixel say nothing my chinese phone has 13mp but cant even reach most flagship phone with same or less mp in photo quality
  • Sorry, but the S7 camera is outstanding. It really is one of the best. It rivals iPhone for sure.
  • Last time I checked a better tuned 12mp is better than a poorly tuned 20mp (Alcatel idol) is a perfect example
  • Still can not believe Satya Nadella killed Windows Phone so he can sell android phones in a Microsoft Store. Pity
  • They can't make money. It's not surprising they killed it
  • They can't make money because they put out BAD products and throw users under the bus.
  • Well, its hard to make money when you put out no products too... 
  • I had daily reboots on my XL. Got a new battery and it hasn't rebooted since.
  • I had the same issue. Sent it in to warranty repair and they couldn't find anything wrong but they sent me a new battery anyways. Works great now.
  • Yeah, seems like the battery manufacturer made some faulty batteries. I hadn't noticed it before but if you put the old battery on a hard flat surface, it actually wobbles if you press on the edges.
  • This is currently where I'm at. Microsoft Complete replaced my phone, and it didn't resolve it. Even then, we suspected the battery. Because the Microsoft Store doesn't sell batteries, they pointed me to b2x.com which is their authorized repair company. Now I'm having the fun of because they replaced the phone, Microsoft Complete isn't on the replacement, and so they can't replace the battery. Argh. Did you get an official Microsoft battery? I've see knockoffs online with less capacity. Blah. :(
  • I just bought a new original battery from a company called CDON (In Sweden) and it has done miracles for my phone. :) Got the battery the day after I ordered it.   I had my phone on service for the reboots aswell (through b2x) but they couldn't recieve the battery due to Samsung destroying the possibility of sending batteries through DHL. When I got it back they sent a note saying the phone itself had no problems and it was most likely my battery. When I examined the battery I noticed it had a bad swelling that was noticeable if I put the phone on a table. After I replaced the battery about 2 weeks ago I have had no problems, better battery time and the phone doesn't ever run hot. I also get about two days of battery out of it. It usually started rebooting itself as soon as the battery went below 50%.
  • I will look into that reseller. I do not mind paying international shipping for a battery that works. B2X has been a nightmare to deal with and even though the local Microsoft Store pointed me to them last week, when I expressed my frustration to another technician at the Microsoft Store yesterday, that person had never even heard of B2X. When it comes to Windows Mobile, even Microsoft's own employees are completely in the dark. It's little wonder the general public hasn't picked up on the phone. :( Thanks for your feedback. I'll give them a whirl and see if I can get a new battery myself. :)
  • Do you need help with translating the page? :)
  • Yeah, had the same issue. Random reboots, especially in the cold outside. After changing battery it hasn't crashed once.
  • No, GATT support is the most existing one.
  • No restarts whatsoever with my Lumia 550 and 650. Have you tried replacing your battery or phone to see if that helps?
  • I am Agreed to most of the points.
  • Requiem for a once-promising mobile OS.... I'm still using my Lumia Icon, but if MS execs can't be bothered to use Windows Mobile, why should I? Not Nadella's finest hour.
  • Sure it's his finest hour. The play book read "dump mobile ASAP", and he's succeeding with a stealthy assassination. The diehards fans are that 1% market share that just won't go away like toe fungus.
  • Has nothing to do with the CEO.
  • Strategy and execution have a lot to do with the CEO. It doesn't matter what happened before, it can't be postulated with any degree of certainty what might have happened under someone else's leadership, and no one knows the future. What is a fact is that Windows Phone/Mobile was slowly gaining some marketshare globally prior to Nadella taking the helm, but it has rapidly lost almost all of its marketshare, globally, in his tenure so far. That is just what is outwardly determinable to bystanders. What is less visible, but also very true, is the fact that Windows Mobile is so disregarded among Microsoft's own employees. You don't need to believe me about this; just try talking to some Microsoft employees if you ever get the chance. This is a direct mark of leadership, as is the decision from the CEO not to use his own product, even if just for solidarity and morale. Nadella is tanking Windows Mobile, voluntarily or involuntarily. Even worse, he is cultivating an air of disregard for it among the employees of his own company, whose efforts toward the platform will surely reflect their level of motivation. Worst of all, Nadella has internally and externally conveyed his desire to use Windows Mobile loyalists to keep something going. He willingly shows the loyalists an almost abusive level of neglect, but pats their backs saying "thank you, we're doing this for you." I am still not so down on the current state of Windows Mobile. I am however completely incensed about how Microsoft has been treating its loyal fans since the change of CEO. Regardless of whether or not the previous CEO was successful in his efforts, he cared for his fans and his employees followed suit.
  • I made the decision to leave Windows Phone last year and went to Android and the user experience changed radically. Even Microsoft's own apps perform way better on Android than on WPs. Do not regret the decision at all. After all the Microsoft CEO carries an iPhone too.
  • I did the same thing. Let's be honest all software is flawed and has issues. Android has come a long way and it very usable and has all the development support. It's a no Brainer
  • Even Daniel Rubino uses iPhone.
  • That's not news, he's a tech journalist, not just a "fan" or "enthusiast". Also, if I'm not wrong, his main device is the HP Elite x3.
  • I think thats right. He has like 3 different lines so he can use  a lot of phones for testing and research. But he still likes Windows Phone
  • Not as his daily driver.
  • I did the same when MS/HTC opted not to upgrade the HTC One(m8) to W10 Mobile. I miss the home screen (tiles... even if half of them weren't live) but otherwise have zero regrets.
  • All I can say is "So True" My IPhone has been ordered and is on its way for the exact same reasons.
  • Great read, however am going to stick for a while was so tempted to get an s8 and jump ship especially with their continuum equivalent but id miss the home screen experience that W10 offers and although clunky I use my phone as a pc docked and works fine for me with my office 365 apps, I'm hoping and it is a big hope that Microsoft starts to look at mobile a bit more going forward
  • Samsung is releasing the Samsung X and Note 8 on Q3/Q4 this year. I would wait to see what they do with more time.
  • I'm not leaving Windows 10 Mobile as long they keep developing/updating it. I'm a long time Android user and I hate it because of the fact I did not receive any major OS update only fixes etc... within 1yr. and no more updates. (not a flagship phone)
  • Go get a life 😎
  • Stuff your article.
    Where can I get that orange cover for my Lumia 950!?!?!
  • I'd tell you if you weren't rude.
  • Thank you for writing this article.
  • You're not the first person to write such an article on this site. So, again, stuff this article. Does this also mean you're moving over to Android Central now?
  • You think you're more of a fan by discounting an article that is critical but honest? Is it better to suppress honesty to rationalize some twisted notion of loyalty or to simply be oblivious to the realities of life? Well, it doesn't really matter, I guess. I appreciate the author's honesty in this article. If I've learned anything in business, it is that you have to be able to honestly assess the progress of your strategies in order to succeed. Being willfully oblivious gets you nowhere.
  • As I said. It's not the first article about it. So why do another one? We all know the reasons why everyone has left...
  • Fair enough, but we get even more articles about why there's still hope, which in my opinion is an even greater disservice to the fanbase. And taking a step back, perhaps the problem for the writers is that there's just not much news to share in the first place, so they just cover the same opinions from different angles. I don't blame them, but maybe they could also take a step back and look more at industry verticals and dive more deeply into tangential trends that they feel could have some bearing on the future of Windows Mobile.
  • I so agree with you, that It doesn't warrant another article. Just move on. As if not anyone has ever moved from a windows phone to an IOS. lol. We all know!!!
  • That does look pretty awesome!
  • Auf wiedersehen, es ist traurig se gehen zu sehen.
  • Good article. I think this is a fimaliar story for a lot of other people, incuding myself. Just over a year ago I was using a 1020 as my daily driver and was enjoying it, except for the constant "resuming..." screen. Then someone showed me the Nexus 5x. I was amazed at how quick everything opened and ran. So I made the dicision to switch to an Andriod phone. I got all the Microsoft features that I was used to and needed, all with frequent updates and quick charging. I was happy with Android. Fast forward to two weeks ago, while waiting for a flight my 5x died. A completly bricked phone. Annoying but I knew that I still had my trusty 1020 at home. Once home, I got a new sim for the 1020 started using it. It was straight back to the resuming and slow processing. I could only stand it for 2 weeks. I now have a OnePlus 3T. Plenty of speed, plenty of Microsoft and plenty of apps. Over the two weeks there was one 2 things that I forgot about Windows Phone and loved. The intergrated messaging app Skype and text in one spot makes life easy, and how well Outlook mail and calendar work with multiple email accounts. So much better than gmail/Outlook on Android. 
  • You can't really use a 1020 as a benchmark....The phone was slow and dated on it's release date (I owned and loved mine for over 2 years from release date). It was using out dated hardware right from the start and was horribly slow even for the time. It was held back by what was currently supported on WP at the time hardware-wise. If it had the 930 internals w/ Glance and the 1020 camera it would still be a pretty decent phone today
  • If you'd got a Lumia 950, you'd enjoy that same speed you saw on the Nexus 5X. There is a tremendous difference in hardware you know.
  • 950 hás more issues than nexus
  • Uh... Try comparing a Samsung Galaxy S4 and you will see your Lumia 1020 fly past it when it comes to performance. I mean... You will be absolutely in chock over how badly optimized Android was/is. My XL will run eights around your 3T.
  • You haven't seen a 1+ 3t in action even the original 1+ is faster then the lumia xl. Don't assume every android device is poorly optimized I still have the HTC m7 and is still better then the lumia xl I had. The only devices that Windows Mobile is better is low end.
  • A very honest article, loved it. You should have compared your experience with current OS vs windows 10 mobile. I switched to ios and noticed, it just works. Maps, call app, safari, camera app, and most important Facetime. My friends still call me MS fan but were shocked when I chose iphone as my next smart phone. 
  • iPhone's are good - no denying it. Bit boring but does the job. The reason I gave up my iPhone 4 was that the newest iPhone was so expensive! I'm not prepared to pay so much money just for a phone. I do have a newer iPad mini but again - I always come back to my 950XL.
  • The iPhone SE is $399 for a 32 GB model or $499 for a 128 GB model and has nearly the same specs as the iPhone 6S. :) Only downside is the 4" screen. 
  • This is the exact same reason I left. A $500 "flagship" Lumia 950 should constantly crash and reboot. The user experience was dreadful. Like the author, I'm not coming back until they really prove it to me. I miss the days of WP 8.1.
  • "X3 too expensive, going to iPhone". LOL of the day.
  • It is though. The X3 costs more than most expensive 7 Plus.
  • ALCATEL Idol 4S is $288 on T-Mobile or $470 at MS store.
  • If you like takeing pictures with your phone pass on the alcatel....complete grabage pics reminds me of a flip phone after owning the 1520.
  • LOL! If you don't like dropping $500+ dollars just to get camera that still doesn't compare to a standalone digital camera then ignore the camera as a feature on the phone. Keep in mind, software can make or break a seemingly bad camera hardware. If taking pictures matters that much, just buy a standalone camera already. Even though it's another device to carry around, you won't have to worry about garbage pics. Every phone takes them, some are just better at hiding it. Letting the phone's camera be the only or even just one of the deciding factors in a purchase has always seemed very silly to me.
  • Nonsense. You can get good pics with the Idol, you just have to use manual settings.
  • I started with a Lumia 520, after that the L1020 and now i have a L950XL. I will keep using the phone as long as possible. I do not like android, and that OS has problems too. IOS is more stable, i had a Iphone 4 but i like Windows mobile OS more. The app gapp is not a problewm with me. I got the apps i want to use end that is enough for me. 
  • As long as Microsoft keep updating W10M I won't change. I love W10 design. The lack of apps sucks, yeah.... But I have a beautiful and fluid system here. I am using since W7.5 and my second device was the L800. At least, for now, the apps that I use the most are being updated (WhatsApp and Facebook). I don't give a single **** about games and other social networks. I have a XBOX for gaming and I hate playing games in small screens :P . Microsoft said that the next major update of W10 will be focused on mobile. I hope it's not a lie (again haha)
  • Same here! +1
  • Games and apps I don't use that often - But I understand that many, many people see them as important and for those people W10M is not the place to be. I've disliked portable gaming for years, never could get into it on PSP, Nintendo DS or phones because they aren't "full" console games. Loving the Nintendo Switch right now for games though and use my phone mostly for texting, email and calls but not everybody has such simple requirements from their phones
  • Same here. Well, I do like the 3DS ;). But phone games are awful to me. I come from console/PC games where there is much more user input and better graphics and I dont have to stare down so much. Phone/tablet games are awful. A very, very small number as exceptions.  ​So, text, email, and calling is all I need too. 
  • How is your 800 doing nowadays?
  • Nah. I'm good. I only left Android about 2 years ago. It isnt that different of a user experience than W10M. Besides, I have a very clear and current picture of how Android performs as my wife uses a GS7. A phone that is considered by many to be the defacto Android device. App crashes, device freezes, Windows 10 Mobile may be a hot mess (not to me) but it is in good company with Android. And iOS? Ha! You yourself just admitted you had to HACK the damn thing to get the functionality you really wanted. Hey I'm glad you found greener grass on that side of the fence, but I just hopped in here from a different yard and it all looks the same shade to me.
  • haha, there are always people who are frustrated with flagship devices in your case S7... it freezes, crashes bla bla bla, on the other side WM10 is perfect 4 you... thats just a big LIE. The problem is not with the phone, the problem is with the user
  • I think you misunderstand, friend. I clearly said W10M is in good company with the buggy Droids.
    I said W10M isn't a "hot mess" to me. But it is very much on par with every android user I've talked to. I have no delusions that my 950xl crashes and force reboots from time to time.
  • Do I have a magic 950XL? It never crashes or reboots, ever. Like not once in over a year. Perhaps this is related to a popular app that people have installed (I don't use popular apps like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp).
  • According to this fellow, that's just user error on your part.
  • I am using WhatsApp (not Facebook or Instagram) and have no mentioned problems on 950 XL as well.
  • We also hack our phones to get the current version of W10M on devices like 820, 920, 1320 or 1020.
  • While I certainly won't discount what you're saying, that is more the equivalent of hacking an iPhone 3GS to run the latest iOS. Or getting Windows 10 running on a Pentium 133. He specifically hacked his phone to add features not present in the existing OS.
  • my chinese phone doesnt freeze and i havent get a single app crashing its obvious bad using of the phone
  • If it's problem free it was likely made in Taiwan.
  • im pretty sure the letters on their youtube ad are chinese altough since its rebrand by greek company i believe they have remove everything about china and replace it with greece
  • You've hit the nail right on the head. I'm noticing the exact same things as well. I have been in love with this platform since Windows Phone 7, and since I was a Nokia only guy I would have to eventually give up my Symbian Series60 device. (which honestly worked better than w10m). Forget the absolute lack of apps, and the good one that are leaving on the regular. (Shazam is better than Cortana, just sayin). It's the absolute lack of reliability. Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 were stable. Apps worked, my device almost never rebooted itself and the battery lasted. There were so many built in features that were just amazing. Then W10M comes along and well I still have some hope it will get better but that's becoming less and less all the time. My recent interaction with support for my 950xl leaves me thinking, is this really how you're going to treat your customers? My biggest issue is Bluetooth, I don't know if it's a device issue or an OS issue. What I do know is my 950xl is the worst for reception, staying connected, connecting back to known devices. I'm on the edge of cutting my losses and going to another OS. The BlackBerry KEYOne looks sharp...it will probably be more stable too.
  • Congrats - there's one of you that get it's it.  Windows Mobile is done, dead, fini.  Microsoft will continue to work on solutions for mobile devices (especially for the enterprise) but Windows Mobile is DOA.
  • I'm totally agree with you. I'm kinda sick when hearing about the next big thing they have been working but they leave every single bug unfixed. Windows 10 Mobile is really slow, I press the back button to quit an app and it shows blank screen for almost 1 sec just to get back to start screen. Also happen in app experience. WhatsApp still show loading and resuming, Facebook app on Windows Store shows false hardware of my Lumia 950 (it shows 2 GB RAM), multitasking is not fast as expected, I saw my friend using iPhone 5 and it far more fast and smooth then my Lumia 950. All Microsoft need to do is make the Windows 10 Mobile fast, smooth and stable. That's enough for me. The only reason I'm still using my Lumia 950 is because of the camera. It's great and far more greater than iPhone 7 (for me). When I'm showing my Lumia to my friends, I pray in my heart almost every seconds that my Lumia will not freeze, lagg, buggy, and reboot while it in my friend's hands.
  • I disagree with the author's comment about the HP Elite x3. Even with the desk dock it is right on par with the cost of my wife's Samsung Galaxy S7 and certainly less than an iPhone. In addition to my personal Elite x3, I have an iPhone from work and my wife has a Galaxy S7, so I have some unique (perhaps) access to all three. In my experience the iPhone is solid in performance but quite limited in capability. The S7 is good but still lags as much as W10M. I do wish, however, that MS would communicate more with its user base. By the way, this article could have used a good editor to review grammar. Not trying to be rude, but for the author to call MS out on their disregard for a polished product, that person should at least polish theirs.
  • On the price point I do definitely agree. The Elite X3 is approx. £690 in the UK (Only available as 64GB w/ SD Card) where as the 32GB iPhone 7 Plus is about £720. If we are talking price alone, it is no more expensive than other phones IMO. It costing more is a bit of an illusion. Most people will get an iPhone on their mobile contract and they are spreading the cost over 2 years. You'll struggle to find an Elite X3 on contract and have to pay the price up front; I've never thought it was expensive in relation to other phones
  • Oh boy, I'm afraid you wrote a way to honest and realistic article here.
    It will tick to no end the remaining WP-fanboys here. As for your move to iOS... Well, I don't ever recommend anyone to move to iOS. It's just a childishly dictatorial OS. But it's also true that "it just works".
    I'd advise you to try Android. But no NOT use Microsoft's Arrow launcher. It's really not essential or even that good. Use Nova Launcher instead or SquareHome 2 if you want the WP interface on the phone but with expanded functionality ;)
  • Arrow Launcher is free though Nova Launcher free version has almost no feauteres  
  • Almost no features? You must be joking. The free version of Nova has more features than Arrow Launcher.
  • more features? you cant rezise apps icons,you cant hide apps,no gestures,no unread count
  • I love Arrow Launcher, it makes Android very easy to organize and use. Runs great
  • Arrow has gotten better lately. But I have tried Android off and on for a year (this is personal phone not my work phone which I had Android for 4 years and just switched to iPhone this year). A few months here and their. Its still laggy. Still clunky. And has way to many options. I spend hours fittling with different apps and home screens and whatnot to find what I want and what I really want is to just use the phone. So iOS is better at that. I dont want to customize everything but with Android I feel like I need to because the stock crap is all over the place. 
  • I recommend NOVA tooo
  • The software, nor the lack of some apps, wasn't what killed it for me. My interest died when they stopped releasing newer, more interesting devices. The 950/950XL just weren't really much of an upgrade from the other lumias that were already out there. So I had switched to a Samsung Note 5 almost 2 years ago, and just now went full circle back to iPhone. I really miss the deep integration and seamless interaction with everything on my PC via WinMobile and I miss Cortana ALOT but it just wasn't worth it to stay. :-( Maybe one day, once the company starts showing some actual interest in releasing a decent device with greater capabilities, I will return in a heartbeat. 
  • Surface Phone......any minute now All joking aside, I really still love the Windows on Mobile. I have everything I need on it. All of the gripes from the article are understandable, but Ive also seen my girlfriend and other friends experience random resets on their androids and ios devices. Just go and use what works best for you. For me, it's still Windows Phones/Mobile and nothing IOS or Android has is THAT enticing for me to switch. All the MS apps work great for me. If there was no WM, Im not sure what I would use.....I flippin hate Google and IOS is very bland and uninteresting. Plus....I get a kick out of "Soon" comments, so I'll stick around!
  • I made the same decision but went for Android.  The SquareHome 2 launcher gives me (sadly not live) tiles and right-swipe for apps, Settings is a bit weird to start with but gets familiar quickly and frankly, this Sony XZ is a far, far prettier phone than anything MS currently have.  Even the battery life is good. You have to make some efford to avoid giving Google your whole life - I still don't trust them an inch - but it can be done. Perhaps your editors would like an article on how to go Android without selling your soul (and personal data) to the Big G?  I'd happily write one for you.  
  • I would love that! I dont trust Google either. Nor, even if I did, do I want to give them my info so they can make money off of it for nothing.  ​I still cant trust most apps on Android though because they use Google Services which has to be installed on the phone for the app to work. Even AOSP phones need Google Services now days unless you go with a 3rd party app store. But limiting my info would be great... 
  • Agreed! Windows 10 Mobile is poop!! But I can't see myself using BoreOS and I'm not happy with adroid either so I'm stuck with my 950 for now.
  •   If I had the issues, you've had, I might have already switched too. I dont get crashes and reboots. W10 is solid for me on my 950. I got a few in the early days of Windows 10, but I cant remember the last time I had that. I have some apps, like Facebook and Messenger that take a long time to open - not sure I can blame that on the OS. All the built in stuff is snappy. Of course, I've had some issues running insider builds, but those are mostly documented and get addressed by official launch. I still will probably end up leaving WP over losing apps and second rate support from the apps I have, but the OS itself has been great. Its what makes the decision difficult. I have no loyalty to Microsoft, but I have stayed because I really like the OS and prefer it. Unfortunately, it takes more than an great OS. And no, I'm not just ignorant of the other options. I have an HTC One M9 setup with all my stuff. I've run my sim in there and used it as my main phone for a couple of months while the insider builds on WP had Bluetooth issues and such. Android has not wowed me. I think I could live with it with Nova Launcher and some other tweaks, but I still find it unneccessarily convoluted and unappealing. I borrowed a coworkers spare iPhone for a week as well. Again, I could live with it, but its also uninspiring. It was nice to find new apps for a while, but on both I found that I ended up uninstalling most of them after a while. I kept a couple of game on Android, and there were a several apps that I had on WP, but were better on Android and iOS. ​If this is the end of Windows on mobile, things dont look good for MS over the next 5-10yrs. Yeah, they're making money right now, I'm not sure how they will keep it up. More importantly, I dont see how I will still be a customer with no phone, no Band, etc...
  • "If this is the end of Windows on mobile, things dont look good for MS over the next 5-10yrs" A lot can happend in 5 - 10 years. Maybe Microsoft has some surprice down the line. They do have one of the largest R&D dept. as I understand. But maybe not the best marketing dept?  
  • I moved to Android for the same reason a while back... MS just is not trying. You can tell noone uses WP/WM meaningfully, for productive use. The "insiders" dont' care about reboots and installing updates 2x weekly for hours at a time. Donna S. is more concerned growing Insider in 3rd world countries (great cause!) as opposed to servicing WP/WM users (neglected customers!!!). It is what it is, the only annoyance I feel is the horrid communication by MS to users/customers.
  • I think Jen from the Windows team genuinely seems like a regular user of W10M and I get the impression she genuinely likes the OS and her Lumia. Some openly say they use other phones and tbh that is up to them - I think ideally they need to be using their own product daily to appreciate where it is right now but they absolutely shouldn't be forced to or forbidden from using iOS etc. I don't think I ever see any of them using Macs openly but I would assume if they wanted to and wanted to tweet about it they would be allowed to.
  • Actually... Windows Mobile is stronger on the productive side than on the consumer side...
  • "Windows 10 Mobile is not dead It just smells funny" is the best comment I've ever seen on any forum. I love the OS but you're right about the lack of new affordable phones. I'll stay with it until my L830 stops working. Blackberry Keyone looks interesting though
  • With the grief you're describing, I must advice against moving to Android - strange behavior, app crashes and inconsistent design is rampant. I switched from a 950XL to an Axon 7 a few months ago, and while the app availability is a bonus, the negatives might easily outweigh them! As for iOS; never! Not after iTunes renamed my entire music collection TWICE back in the iPod days. Plus it's simply too gosh darned boring/ugly to look at...!
  • Thats a huge problem for Android imo. OEMs can control it to much. Every brand of Android phone is different. Different settings places, different home screens, different apps installed, etc, etc. Unless you get a pixel (which means you basically give all you data to Google) you wont have a great experience imo. 
  • On 950 fast insider, here, perfect phone work fast and smooth, ok Miss some apps but as you can pin site on start page (bank , news papers etcetc) from edge is a minor problem not going back to iPhone or android soon.......
  • @Dennis Bednarz which iPhone are you using to have jailbroken? is it not prone to freezing and rebooting? I thought you are throwing away every aspect of personal InfoSec after a jailbreak?
  • Windows mobile besides being the most beautiful OS,is a passion to me.So,Ill stick around until someone switched off the light and closed the door.
  • Galaxy S6 was my day of reckoning. I also had to have a functional Delta Airlines App and wanted to make remote deposits to my credit union. Neither was possible on my Lumia.
  • I am still using my windows phone I guess I never really noticed the speed difference until I used my old 640xl one day.  I agree the feedback hub is only good and will be successful if they show people they are actually addressing issues.  Core stability like bluetooth/nfc/wifi shoulde never be sacrificed in a build.  I work for a development company and understand the risk but when you advance your product and see degrading performance and stability you might need to get to a stable point and build out stability first then wow.  I commend the MS team for effort but maybe they need to increase the team size.  If you lose the mobile footprint honestly these days it is easier for that person to leave your whole ecosystem.  
  • I felt the same from 8.1 itself. Switching between apps is a pain like app will crash, reload, resuming .. i don't know why but I'm still using it..
  • I switched to HTC 10 from Lumia 930. Smooth as butter. The laggy Android days are gone.
  • Good to know.
  • Very good article. I am sure a lot of people feel the way you do. I know I do, and i have been a windows mobile/phone fan since the original Samsung focus. The OS used to be great, now its just Meh. I never realized until you just pointed it out how accustomed i have become to issues, i remember raving about how i never had an unexpected reboot with win phone while my friends androids would constantly crash. Now its the exact opposite unfortunately. But I will stick with it for a while longer since i jumped on that 950XL/950 deal a year ago unless i can sell both phones to finance an S8.
  • The reality is though that Windows 10 mobile is a HUGE improvement over windows phone and it running great on my 950XL with almost zero issues. (creators update via insider)
  • Same. I have no issues on 950XL. See my (lengthy) comment below.
  • Just bought my 950 XL (after BlackBerry). Feels powerful (comparing to iOS) and elegant (comparing to Android).
  • If I was forced to buy another phone today, I'd probably end up on an iPhone - But I'm not looking to buy a new phone until at least early 2018 regardless of which phone I actually end up buying, I'm in no rush to spend money on something I won't get any additional benefit from (personally). One thing I don't get about the HP Elite X3 is why people think it's priced only for businesses and out of the reach of consumers....whether you would want to spend that much on a W10M handset at the moment is another question completely but in terms of price alone it's very similarly priced to the iPhone 7 plus and Pixel - I mean a 32GB iPhone 7 plus retails for about £720 in the UK. If we are talking just the price it is actually priced fine. A lot of times people don't realise how much phones actually cost because phones like the iPhone are freely available with carriers where it's subsidised and also essentially bought on credit as part of your 24 month contract, where as the Elite X3 would pretty much have to be bought outright if you want one, so I think the expensive side of that is an illusion.
  • I can't 100% agree either that apps are always better on other platforms - In some cases, yes and there may be other features in apps like Outlook but unless she has just kept ignoring updates I checked out Groove on my wife's iPhone just the other day and there's loads missing from it on iOS (Could just be she hasn't updated it - The average user who isn't interested in tech tends to hate updates of any kind lol). Edit: In other words, what I mean is you can't apply it as a blanket statement IMO, you can certainly see that there are numerous newer Office 365 apps that aren't even on Android or W10M, and that is bad in terms of MS managing the platform - I agree they could have done a lot better up to this point if they'd used a bit of common sense.
  • The biggest difference is that with iPhone you get quality software. Might be boring, but seriously, how long do you stare at your homescreen?
  • I highly disagree that all apps on iphone are "quality"  In fact I've spent hours sifting through garbage apps trying to hunt down ones that are "qualtiy".  Toyota (major brand right?) has tons of complaints about the "Entune" app being broken and out of date.  There are many, many more.  Apple has the illusion of perfection, but the bowl has many scratches.
  • Same deal my iPhone 6S would freeze all the time, In terms of apps many were absolute rubbish and there are so many of them the same to get through trying to find that quality one. Windows store may be smaller in quantity not that you would notice as a regular user but lately with UWP some of the apps are really rich with features.
  • Exactly! I had to actually use an iPhone to realize this. 90% more time in apps (that work).
  • @Engineers said: "Might be boring, but seriously, how long do you stare at your homescreen? Well, my WM10 homescreen gives me up to date highlights on news and appointments, so I look at my homescreen a lot.
  • I've given up on windows phone and Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft. They've only shown themselves to be consistently slow or ignorant since day one. When Dona Sarka said they'll release blue light filter on mobile at the right time instead of right now, shows they are still thinking the same old way. There's always some show stopping bug preventing the feature we want. There's always some reason for not delivering and when there's no bug stopping then, it's this stupid logic of waiting for the right time, or quality over quantity. Meanwhile Android and iOS charge ahead like there's no issue. We can't event get focused inbox on mobile yet. Believe me W10M didn't just die, it was still born. It's a Frankenstein OS. Total waste of our time. I should have never jumped on the bandwagon. Microsoft should have never restarted their mobile efforts with Windows phone 7, it should have just let it die with Windows mobile and save us the embarrassment and money. It seems MS are better at coding for Android and iOS than they are for their own mobile OS. I regret ever recommending this crappy OS while stating a feature was coming soon that took years to come half baked. The last great feature we got was live folders. Smh. I'm with Android now. Good riddens, I'll never come back to this orphaned OS. If you don't care MS, I don't care.
  • Android and Ios is very stagnant compared to Windows 10...
  • Really? Follow Android Police, Android Authroity and IMore on Twitter for a couple months and compare how many new things are happening to Android and iOS compared to Windows 10 mobile. Then you tell me. I've had and Android phone for about a year and I've seen way more app updates and features come to Android and I have seen the same for IOS. Your statement is highly inaccurate.
  • Happening?  Oh maybe for 2 or 3 top handsets but "happening" for all of Android?  Hardly
  • Ok, you go ahead and keep thinking that. It's deosn't really matter anyway.
  • Tissue?
  • Hanging on by a string to my 950XL, really looking over the fence at the Moto, Samsung, LG and HTC offerings and after getting a Nvidia shield tv device android is becoming much more comfortable for me. Anyhow, I am still hoping, hoping for an announcement of an amazing super stable mobile telephony device with full pc capabilities, shockingly good camera and game changing battery life. Hoping...hoping.
  • I think we'll see some cellular PCs hitting the market first, and it will take some time before it's on mobile phones.
  • I'm thinking of getting a shield too. I would certainly like to hear your thoughts on it.
  • I have a 950 as my daily driver, picked up an S6 active solely for app support this week and i must say im overwhelmed. android has too much crap going on. theres no simplicity and i feel i cant find what im looking for immediately like WM10. i would help my sister and mother sometimes on their androids but actually having one.....omg
  • that it's true, i hate to use iOS but i have to do it because my job but if i was in charge of IT systems in my office i send that phones to the trash, this phones aren't made for business they aren't very useful and it so complex to configured , and i don't like anything of android its so confusing and have so many silly options that are not very useful.
  • Point is and was, for me: you can buy iOS and Android hardware on every streetcorner in the world. But you could never buy a NOKIA/Microsoft phone in every country. Same goes for Surface products. We in The Netherlands never received more than Surface (PRO). Never the Surface Book, never the Surface Studio, never ever the BAND. We never could enjoy Cortana in Dutch. So, Microsoft created themselfes a small userbase. Its was and always is US-Only. If it is not in the local store why would anybody outside the US use Microsoft products? O, and I never liked Nadella.
  • The same happened with the Zune HD. It was a superb product, way better than the iPod, but they never supported it outside the US and Canada. It was full of potential but dead before the birth.
  • Man I still <3 Zune.
  • I'm with you 100%.  I just switched to iOS a couple of months ago after being a diehard Windows Phone user since 6.5.  I'm sad because iOS is such a boring OS, but it just works.  There are barely any bugs, and the ones that do exist don't cause my phone to reboot.  I will certainly move back to Windows on a phone if they have some sort of breakthrough, but as it stands now, I've said my goodbyes.
  • Buy Nokia 1100... or a brick... it just works as well ... for less money ;)
  • I hate iOS because:
    1. It doesn't have file manager
    2. It doesn't support OTG
    3. It doesn't support Even a Theme
    4. It doesn't have a downloader
    5. It doesn't have continuum
    6. It doesn't support wireless display
    7. All it had is God damn Apple for iSheeps
    8. It doesn't support SD card on any iSheepi devices
  • Amen, brotha!
  • 🙏💪
  • 8. No add-on sdcard support on iOS devices.
  • Thanks. I had forgotten that . ❤
  • Thanks. I had forgotten that . ❤
  • 9. No removable butteries. Also, any movie about Jobs shows in detailes how he saled sh*t for real money.  
  • Yes yes yes 😊 I had forgotten that too
  • I've been considering trying out a different os,which I have tried both of the others before and really really don't wanna waste a nickel on anything else,my 950 is good enough
  • Kinda how I feel. Sadly I've invested A LOT of money on the entire ecosystem on both apps, services and especially developer tools, mainly targeting mobile so personally I feel that I'll lose way too much by switching. However, I'm using my android tablet more and more, so far that I use mobile hotspot for it when on the go. :/ My beloved 950XL is more used as a camera and hotspot than anything else.
  • Thank you ... Appreciate it... Mee too leaving soon...
  • I've been onboard since the Compaq iPaq. The height for me was when i used to be able to use Cortana 100% flawlessy from across the room or even in the next room. Those days are gone with Win 10 mobile and my Lumia 950XL.  Of course I will do a hard reset when the official build comes out and try again, but Microsoft has shown ZERO respect for it's longtime customers and enthusiasts, and given us NOTHING to look forward to. What they need is a Consumer department. Put Joe Belfiore in charge of it. I'm still hanging on, I'm just waiting for them to cancel Win10 mobile themselves and actually admit its over, or give us the goddamn Surface Phone already.
  • Would love to see a Zac response here! ;-) If MS has left consumers by the curbside, and is "targeting enterprise" then what we need...is a whole slew of CIOs/CTOs across the industries to loudly state "not ever going to W10M until you show some true dedication and worth...via your consumers". Maybe that will get some attention.
  • I got th e Lumina 950xl and LG V20, I have the best of both OS. Why settle with one when you can have both?
  • I'm not going anywhere.  I'd go back to a flip phone and tote a windows tablet before I go back to google garbage, and NEVER going to crapple anything. 
  • Really nice article!
    I am exactly in the same case (but still on WP).
    I would say that Windows phone/mobile is reflecting what happened years ago to the Zune HD (that i still own and often use): A great product, full of potential, that Microsoft haven't been able to promote and support.
  • Every windows phone user has to be disappointed with the so called creators update. Three things that keep me on windows 10 mobile. 1. I really like the look of the home screen 2. Seriously I like using my Lumia 930 and 950 xl. 3. I haven't got enough money too buy an IPhone. If I had I would. What is the point of all these updates but yet nothing changes?. I have gone back to windows 8.1 on my Nokia Lumia 930 It is smoother and faster the only drawback is the all settings app.
  • Same here.
  • I think it's ironic that for you to fully enjoy iOS you had to jailbreak it. I think that says something..
  • Fire Nadella and bring back Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop. They were completely focused to make Windows Phone as beautiful and with lot of promises.
    I am still using Windows Phone 8.1 as my daily driver as it has many apps like 6tag and mytube for basic needs. And I will grab the Nokia 6 or a MotoG5 Plus.
  • Completely agree with this article. Been using Windows phone 7 years this month, and just ordered the S8 the other night. It's become extremely frustrating holding out hope, and as much as I love WP, it's time to try something else. In playing with Android for the last several weeks on an S5, all of the microsoft apps I use, plus the other ones, are equal to or much better than the ones I use on WM10. I hated doing it, sang the praises of WP for years, but I felt it was time. I will come back in a heart beat if anything changes, but for now, it's on to Android and downloading all of the Microsoft apps and services there.
  • We are same in boat 🚢 but I am not leaving w10
  • Who gives a...
  • Good article, but it's your opinion, I haven't experienced such issues with my Lumia 1520.2, on windows 10 mobile, it's fast, never crashes, and reliable, all the time, I enjoy the experience, all I hope for, is that Microsoft keeps working on the os, and facilitate developers intergration to the system, android and ios weren't a success from day one, I still believe in w10m, and I prefer my Lumia 1520 which is still competing with most flagship/forma flagship phones out there, 😜, which android phone comes with a 24mega pixel camera?
  • I've been with Windows since SMT-5600 running WinMo, then Wizard 100 and later Touch Pro2.
    I don't know if Windows Phone 7 counts because it was sooooo limited, plus driven by Silverlight was bad. WP8 for sure was the fastest OS I had seen, but then it was missing basic features expected out of a Windows device.
    I do see issues with Edge, but overall not with W10M. Sometimes I do get surprised when people mention freezes/restarts and such. I'm running fast ring on 950XL, and it runs absolutely fine with no issues.
    I do own an iPod touch and an Android tablet (Galaxy Tab 4), so I'm not blind to other OSs. I still find W10M having more to offer than iOS and much professionally designed than Android. Don't know, but Android to me seems like I'm running an OS in kids mode or I'm playing with a kids toy that has a screen.
  • I am personally really not interested in the new mobiles devices and all the hypes, and news they create. I appreciate a new innovation, but it doesn't mean I'll buy that.
    Currently I have a phone (w10m-CU), a tab (Marshmallow), a PC (w10), and a console (PS3), and windows 10 mobile suits me. It does bug me A LOT that MS could've added custom colors, new Cortana features, pen support, paint 3D, ink workspace, night light and many other things to the mobile in the CU, and I keep giving feedback whenever I get time. But I am not so much dependent on a single device that I think about switching and stuff. If mobile isn't doing a task better, I'll pick up my tab. I hope mobile will be focused for RS3. But lets see.
  • I have had iPhone 6 and galaxy s 6 and i still prefer Windows 10 mobile. I have not seen the constant crashes or lags that everyone else is complaining about on my 950xl. My experience is very smooth. I also prefer the app experience on most of the apps I use to the other devices because of the WM design. I do wish it had some of the other apps that the other devices have but I can live with it until something better comes along.
  • I am using android and w10m phones. I have to reboot my android phones frequently but w10m never except when installing new build. I love my lumia950xl and lack of apps is not an issue for me.
  • I've finally given up and will move on to Android. I totally agree that it is depressing that you just become use to the 8000 glitches and bugs. I guess I was able to look past the problems and issues, as long as the guy in charge seemed to at least care. Now we have this jack ass running the show and as far as I am concerned, I won't be back until he drops dead.
  • 😭😭😭😭
  • Perhaps you should have stuck with the release versions of the OS? Sounds like being an Insider isn't your thang. There may have been an issue with your hardware.
  • 👍🏻
  • Hey .... To be honest, Microsoft left it first. They should have partnered in Nokia instead of buying the phone division, then screwing the hell out of it. Just Imagine how great the Windows 10 Mobile would be today had Nokia continued to build and support them. Now I see Microsoft is partnering with Samsung to sell the Samsung S8 Microsoft Edition, guess they weren't happy screwing up Nokia, now they've set their evil sights on Samsung. People are leaving the Windows 10 Mobile because Microsoft abandoned it long ago. Even App Developers are busy thanking the Phone Gods, they didn't get sucked into Microsoft's crap. I bought my first Android a few weeks ago, I'm satisfied. I gave the Windows 10 Mobile a fighting chance buying two different model, the 920 and the 640 XL. Maybe in the future when Microsoft show a concerted interest in the Mobile Phone it creates and sell, I'll come back. For now... NO WAY IN HELL!!!!
  • He said it all 😢😭
  • The problem is that it is getting hard to find a Windows phone. Verizon stopped selling them altogether and ATT don't have them at the store.
  •     I started on iPhone. Of course every iPhone looks the same with no individuality and locked ecosystem. Apple makes older devices obsolete quicker thanks to OS updates. So I left for Windows Phone when W7 devices became available. I got a carrier locked Lumia 800. In the Windows Mobile world carrier locked devices turned out to be a mistake. There was barely any support for these devices here in the Canadian cellular market. Although they were easily sold here the telco had to "approve" any update released from Microsoft which meant the Windows Phone was really behind in performance functionality. So when contract expired, and there were no new WP devices being offered any more, I turned to Android and a carrier locked HTC One M8. Nice phone. Still have it. But Android interface is fugly compared to even WP7.5. I missed Windows Phone. I stuck with The HTC for about a year and then Windows 8 phones were being announced that could be updated to W10M when that OS was ready for prime time. I got the itch to go back to Windows Mobile. However, nothing was being offered in Canada now, all iPhone & Android & one or two Blackberry devices. So I threw caution to the wind and ordered an unlocked Lumia 930 WP8.1. Fantastic phone and worked flawlessly even when eventually updated to W10M. Updates come directly from MS and the phone always felt fresh. Only drawback is the telco didn't have the correct LTE band for the 930 to use but was not a big deal. Then 950/950XL was released and I jumped on the XL. Not a fan of the polycarbonate case as opposed to the 930's aluminium body. However every other spec is great. The 950XL on Fast Ring is my daily driver now. There is no compelling reason to upgrade to a newer WP device or move back over to iOS or Android. I never had a problem with The so-called "app gap" either.I have and use what I need and keep things simple. TL;DR: Dennis should be blacklisted from WPCentral 🙂
  • I agree about the factory case, I have had a couple of cases though and currently have the Mozo bottom flip case, it is such a good case it is like the phone was designed for the case rather than the other way around. Looks premium too. Recommend if you want to give your phone a new feel again.
  • I'm looking for Lumia 520, cause my Lumia 535 has fallen from high place. Why not choose iOS? Cause I don't have much money. Not yet. Why not Android? Cause that is garbage. I prefer choose a cheap Windows Phone rather than a cheap Android phone.
  • I came to WM in mid 2012 .. used several devices and OS 8.0 to 8.1. then in late 2016 i decided to change the OS not because i didn't like but because my L925 was in use for nearly 4 years and there still was not a proper flagship to replace it with. so i bought a Lenovo mid range android (because iOS was too plain) .. it was hard to get used to android but i decided to spend some time before making my conclusion. Unfortunately, in Jan 2017 ... android killed my patience and i decided to quit thinking about android for foreseeable future. Bought a L650 on W10 and felt relieved ever since. Yes the OS is slower than 8.1 and has some noticeable bugs but trust me, i couldn't have made a better decision. I'm on W10 for as long as i can stay. Microsoft must improve its offering as soon as they can.
  • 100% correct.  At least on WM10.  I wouldn't have went iOS, the fact that you had to jailbreak a phone to make it what you want just proves that.  I've only had my 950 a few months, and coming from two Samsungs which both became laggy messes after a few months each, my frustrations basically stayed at even keel.  At least my 950 doesn't seem to be getting worse.  But I'm still considering selling it (as if I could find a buyer) and getting either a Pixel or Moto G5 Plus.  I've realized most of my Android frustrations are a result of Samsung's tampering with the OS.  Everything I've seen shows that anything as close to stock Android is usually very fluid and works well.  I will probably use my wife as a guinea pig, lol, and get her a G5 Plus to replace her S5A.  If she goes more then 5 minutes without swearing at her phone and calling it junk, it's probably pretty good...
  • I've owned 2 iPhones, 4 Lumias, and the OnePlus 2. If I ever leave Windows mobile it would be for iOS with an immediate jailbreak. Android hides settings Windows and iOS display openly. For instance, preventing an app from displaying notifications is a simple toggle in iOD and Windows. In Andoid there are 2 options. Turn off all notifications, or I have to wait for an app to display a notification, long press to make a settings icon appear, tap the icon, and change the notification settings for just that one app. Rinse and repeat for any other app you're using. I just do not enjoy Android from my experiences, but I know a lot of tech oriented people do.
  • My thoughts exactly. Love Windows Mobile, but finally had enough. Sure I'll be back, but I think it will be a few years.
  • Funny thing is I have no issues with my Lumia 950XL. No complaints and still enjoying it.
  • Good luck with your IOS file manager. That proves that you cannot appreciate a mobility device. Android i would have understood, for its versatility, but IOS is for selfies and text messages and mails...not even smart dail, not to mention no file manager, no splitscreen, no tiles...no nothing
  • Had the exact same feeling, glad you put words where I couldn't. You nailed it. However, I swtiched for android, iOs is a too closed system for me.
  • Well , i just got a middle range android that I use cause some apps for work but the system is not really easier to use than windows. I tried to use it as my main phone with all Microsoft apps, that work very good, but I don't think the system is better than windows so I decided to use android with a second line just for apps. About IOS y don't really like it, I hate the way the hundred squares stand in there and cause it has just one bottom makes me crazy!!
    So I still have faith in windows and I can't leave it.
  • I agree with everything written in the article other than the move to iOS. I could never use apple anything.  I had to put my 950 down for a S7 edge, so far so good.
  • I tested android alternatives for 6 weeks. The dreaded low disk space message started appearing and the android os home screen started crashing due to low ram. The android os is still a s**t show. I let my son use the androids as a phablet. He complains about the advertisement overload in most apps vs the same app on Lumia icon.
  • Windows Mobile really encompasses all of Microsoft's issues. Lack of support and focus. MS can get away with issues relating to software and their OS with their Surface line because, let's be honest here, it's beautiful. However, even W10 displays It's ugly ass face all over the place with crashes, lack of support with 1st party games, unlocking/wake from sleep issues etc. Microsoft has, again, swept many of these issues by hearding people into Insider builds where we are stuck in a never ending cycle of "well it is prerelease software after all". None of this flies when you literally turn your head on an entire line of mobile hardware. This is Microsoft's doing. Since WP7, I believed in it more than Microsoft, users believe in it more than them, and Nokia believed in it more than them. I honestly wish the platform was never released as It's the closest I can think of to technological abuse (kidding...kind of). In the end, however, I just can't justify a $700 phone so I can play Clash of Clans or watch some ass I work with on Snapchat. Microsoft should have sold everyone on Windows Phone with the "what you need, when you need it" motto. Their "in and out" of the OS experience with Windows Phone sold me and many others. The OS truly integrated many amazing features into the handset. Now, I just don't what in the hell is going on. Does anyone?
  • So much has changed. I miss the good old Windows Phone 7/8 days, when Microsoft cared about their Windows Phone customers and Windows Phone in general. Also, Windows Phone back then had a bigger marketshare especially in Europe.
  • I have been using Windows 6.5 , Sony Experia, HTC HD2, HD7, the Lumia range & now my 950xl. No way I will even touch Android or IOS with a barge pole. Even if I am the last man standing.
  • If I can't have a decent Windows phone, I'm going back to a flip phone....& save some money too...That would wake up the unfriendly carriers....
  • The future of windows phone is using x86 apps. Unfortunately, it won't be on today low end phones. That's why there are no more cheapo Lumia. Also, probably not coming to my 950. Or XL. Maybe not even X3. MS is avoiding another round of phones not being able to run the next big update by not making any. The next phone will be a handheld PC that has a sim card.
    Not really difficult to understand why mobile hasn't seen much feature improvement. All big features are for the next release, with a high end device, consumers welcome, but built for business.
  • Everything has ALWAYS been "for the next release".
  • I'll be a windows mobile user until they no longer exist. My choice in this is not necessarily for a love of all things Windows but a hatred of how awful the other two mobile Operating Systems are. I hate how little effort Microsoft puts into making Windows Phone succeed though. 
  • Different strokes I guess. I love my 950, and the other options give me nothing worth switching for. WM10 just works, especially in a MS professional setting.
  • Right? I hardly ever use apps. No way I'm going to suffer 99% of the time on iOS or android (god help me) just so I can play a stupid game every once in a while.
  • Pretty much my experience with WM10, I admit I was highly critical with my feedback on older devices. That is because I want a viable third platform and Windows phone to succeed. But Microsoft well they cut their losses and axed them, I recall the article that some users were highly critical.... That's to be expected because come on if execs use rival platforms' they are bound to improve those apps first and foremost because they themselves are users. Windows Mobile 10 on the other hand, certain things don't just feel like an afterthought, "they are an after thought". Like the copy / paste bar in one note, at one point it was directly above the cursor so it was a pain selecting text and you'd end up cutting or over writing what you just wrote. There is no undo function.. It took several app updates over months to fix this glaringly obvious flaw. (one example) Telemetry, analytics don't tell the whole story. People aren't numbers, a platform is not about big data. It's about the people and mindshare. It's not an engineering problem, it's a psychological one. The problem is Microsoft sees this as an engineering problem so they are focused on what comes next. But if they don't focus on the present, they would have burnt all their bridges and got themselves stranded in "the future". You invest in mindshare and people. Evolution of technology is a by product of that investment. Having said that, i haven't had great experiences with the other platforms either. So I have had to adapt to Windows mobile. One shouldn't need to adapt, it's supposed to make life simpler and easier to manage. A phone is a communication tool. Whereas Windows Phone was an extension of your personality, but that feeling has been well and truly disinfected.
  • X3 too expensive for consumers so you bought an iPhone. I love your style, its like gold is too expensive, I bought myself a diamond.
  • I don't think that he has a problem with the price. Problem is what you got for that price. And with X3 you have W10m. Wich is slugish experience, weather we admit that or not.
    -sent from my L950-
  • If you're ahving a sluggish experience, it's your phone. I don't ewxperience any sluggishness at all.
  • I'll admit it now.  I am an iPhone user.  I've also used a lot of Android devices, but at this point, I don't see myself delving into Windows Mobile, though I do have respect for it. What I don't understand is how people think that iOS is boring.  Sure there are things you don't have like Live Tiles (Windows), or Custom Roms (Android), but I find that in a lot of cases, all phones are 'boring' in the sense that they have become so mainstream, and you use them for so long, you're bound to get burnt out. For me, iOS seems to be very reliable, and that is huge thing for me.  Especially when I feel it acting sluggish, mainly because I've built up old back ups over time, and I restore and download the apps that I need.  Sort of like a spring cleaning that all computer devices need anyway.
  • It's really sad that the flagships perform as slowly as they do. The hallmark of WP used to be how buttery it ran on even mediocre hardware. Not the case anymore, without top notch stuff it's a real dog, and it's mostly a dog with top notch stuff too. I wish they never decided to gut the soul out of the WP experience, but even still the other options won't work for me. I won't give up my privacy to Skrewggle or pay for the iPrivilege.
  • i switched to android over a year ago and i really miss the windows phone experience. and why did i leave? apps i needed weren't available... as a phone, i feel that Mango had the best use experience and feature set. things started going south from there as the os started getting laggier and features were being removed. despite using what are considered "good" android phones (g4,v10,v20,s7) i experienced more issues on them then I ever did pre windows 10 mobile. i never got a chance to fully use windows 10 mobile but from what i read, it is a crying shame the what the platform has turned into.
  • Great article!!! Especially the bit about how android is "labeled" around here. I bought into that for years and it was mostly true 7 years ago but its ironic everything said about android is exactly the issues windows 10 mobile suffers from. Even on premium hardware, its not even close to the buttery smooth windows 7.5 and all the features that made windows personal and unique have been stripped away with each new OS refresh. Me tile, people hub, zune music baked into the OS(battery life was phenominal!) It was truly a personal phone and now its a buggy , frustrating app loader. Remember when all apps had the beautiful metro interface?? Now we get web wrappers and iOS/android carryovers. I'm still a MS fan but they screwed mobile up so bad, I doubt they could ever win me back. And from their own comments, they dont really want me (the consumer) anyways. Sad...
  • It's actually the 1st time I'm reading an article and it doesn't sound like written by a Microsoft fan and it's not trying to justify Microsoft steps and acts. For the first time, someone writes about weak points windows 10 mobile has, Unlike that new writer. I agree with him; Though I actually Love windows 10 mobile UI and environment, The only reason that I stay on windows 10 mobile, is that I can't offer anything else; And the fact that If I'm gonna pay 500~700 $ then I'll choose one offering more, not the one with uncertain future. 
  • Well. just look at the picture in this article. Its boring. Looks like iOS ten years ago.
  • I fell in love back on Windows Mobile 5 htc tilt and left on 2014 lumia 1520. I got sick and tired of all the broken promises. But I still have a lumia 920 and 640xl.
  • Well...truth, truth and nothing but. W10M is dying and it is dying really quick. All that talk about MS not abandoning Mobile platform is a BS. I own Lumia 930, device that I was look forward to get. Lovely design, premium feel and all...but at this point in time I just simply feel like MS does not give a damn about mobile anymore. 930/Icon is a sweet phone, powerful with nice cam and all but it is no longer useable. I've been with MS for few years now, loved the UI, the colorful tiles, it's flawless operation when it was running W8.1M. But then I decided to switch to 10...and sh*t hit the fan! Battery drain is unbelievable, going from 100% to 0 in around 2 hours is just a joke. Not to mention heating up like a frying pan, already mentioned reboots and one could go on and on. I do not use many aps but the ones I use like FB and couple other aps are just sort of a retarded versions of what they used to be. I also wrote MS complaining about the sh*t going on and surprisingly they replied and forwarded my complaints further...but guess what? No body did contact me at all...but this probably due to me saying that if I will be advised to do factory reset my phone will land at their HQ quicker than the email sent to support centre...they just simply do not give a flying F about you and me. What's the point keeping something alive if it already dead? Less than 1% market share tells more than CEOs assurances that they will not abandon this platform. They did long time ago and this will not change! Hope I am wrong but it doesn't seem that I am at this point in time. Just wait until MS announces W10M is officially dead and they will not support it in anyway...it is just a matter of time. Worst thing is that I still have a bit of contract ahead and I am not willing to spend another hundreds on something that is simply not worth it.
  • There's clearly something wrong with your phone. Or are you saying the reboots are gone when you downgrade to 8.1?  
  • Are you part of the Insider Preview program? I ask because my phone started acting the same way a couple of builds back on fast ring. I know you don't want to hear it but a reset absolutly cleared up the problem. Battery life is back to normal and no thoughts of "when will this things burst into flames?". It makes sense that over time as code blocks are updated and tweaked it is good to start fresh from time to time. Maybe that is why people complain about older iPhones degrading after newer builds. I'm getting a taste of iOS now that my kids are switching over from Lumia devices. We got a couple certified refurbished iPhone 6s so I know there is a quality risk but one was having WiFi and GPS issues. Took it to the Apple store and the first suggestion was to reset the network settings. They did that in the store and said if that didn't seem to work the next step would be...yep, reset the phone. In regards to Dennis's take on iOS working with Outlook. That has proven a little difficult for me so far. I'd rather not jailbreak it since it is not in my hands all the time to work with if there are any other issues.
  • I waffle between both my Alcatel Idol 4S and a iPhone 7 Plus.  I did not jailbreak my iPhone, they both aren't perfect, and they both shine in different areas.  I always miss WM after about a week on the iPhone and I'll pop a SIM back into my Idol 4S.   I'm not going to claim one is better, as I truly like WM10 better, particularly Cortana over Siri.  However, I've encountered enough issues that it can no longer be my daily.  (I have crashing issues when using Wifi calling and then walk into an area with cell coverage again.  Phone typically crashes.)   I will say this though...there is enough of a functionality gap between even 1st party apps that it does make quite the difference.  Vendor support for add-on's is amazing for the iPhone in particular. Its not all rosy there either though.  I don't find the iPhone 'locked down' like folks like to say.  Its very configurable which is enough for me.  There are things that drive me crazy yes.  But I can take a photo, and it shows up in my camera roll...every...time.  I can't say that's true on WM...and that's why I have an iPhone.  (Seriously...that's what forced me off.)
  • You'll sooner or later find your first major flaw on a device that costs almost a thousand bucks (or more after taxes and warranty) and you will ask Apple or the carrier to fix it and you won't get any answer, as in zero.  You should find out how many times Apple (and Pixel for that matter) get told to "reset the phone" meaning wipe and regenerate the thing from scratch.  I totally understand that you are frustrated, so don't take this the wrong way.  Sometimes the subtle "what I need" list says you care about one factor but not about another.  For me if I spend big bucks on a competitor (or worse I'm buying multiple phones of the same type) I expect them to work and if I have a problem for that vendor to fix it.  What you will discover is that the margins aren't as thick as the press releases make them out to be.  Apple almost never gets a feature out the door the first try without serious bugs.  And they spend big $$ to keep updating and rolling out those updates to their lineup.  That cost factors into what you are paying.  But they are quick to say "sorry not covered" or "that issue has a deductible" and I've found many users over time who are not all that satisfied, in ANY camp.  Android is littered with OS corpses that will never get updates yet only slightly older handsets.  People lament on every service.  MS manages to change their minds and they do fix bugs (Pandora now plays correctly in the background which was broken for a few months) and MS does add features to current sets which few vendors do.  I have or have had devices from all 3 OS's from different generations and I'd say IOS is a good choice.  But you should research "call quality problems" on IOS to find out that there are issues with the current device that aren't resolved and it's only months away from being "last generation".  Nexus devices told without warning "sorry you may not get updates anymore" and depending on what device you were holding expecting "lifetime updates" that would not feel all that exciting.  Bluetooth and car issues (go look it up for fun) on IOS forums are a gigantic problem as are the devices that drop/connect/drop with no clear reason why.  All I want to highlight is that there are bugs, often critical ones, where they all fall on their face.  MS does actually respond it takes time and not always do they find the answer.  But no one clears all the problems.  I tend to think that the 835 chipset and it's sub variants are a linchpin in seeing some sets on all carriers that people will find quite fantastic.  So while I may not love the handset selection now (lumia icon for me), I think seeing through this year is a reasonable strategy.  I don't like that Apple takes 3 hours to charge or that they don't have wireless charging built in.  It's 2017, this stuff isn't new at all.  But I suppose it will be when Apple suddenly "creates it", lol.  Enjoy your handset.  That's the first goal.  But be kind to all of them because supporting millions of people who seem inevitably unhappy when that call doesn't go through is not done perfectly by anyone.
  • Just a quick comment on cost:  I purchased an iPhone 6 for my wife and it cost about $600.  Two years later, I took advantage of a Verizon offer to upgrade her to the iPhone 7, and in essence the only real cost is the tax on the new device.  So for about $ 650 total, she has a current iphone that will cover at least 4 years.  That's not so expensive ( $ 165 a year ? )
  • why i don't care who and why leaves windows mobile
  • "Jailbreaking the device helped..." So basically you did what just about no regular consumer does and you are really not having the limited iOS experience as iOS is designed. That changes everything and should be put into bold words or pointed out clearly as some readers may not know the difference and simply expect to move to an iPhone and have a great Microsoft experience. As an owner of various Windows phones, including the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, an iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, no OS integrates the Microsoft account better than Windows 10 Mobile and the "mobile" apps made by Microsoft for iOS are simply different from the UWP Microsoft apps on Windows 10 Mobile. For some people, that is fine but for others, they want the same UI experience and apps from their PC to be on their phone. I don't like any of the Microsoft apps on iOS or Android with the exception of Excel and Word becuase they are the closes to the UWP apps. I despise the cartoony, clearly made for a phone, Outlook mail apps for iOS and Android and prefer the clean UWP Mail app for Windows 10 any day. The same in general for the UIs of iOS and Android and their respective apps. I am glad the writer found somethign that works for him but I don't see why this article exists on a Windows site with the majority of the fans being Windows phone fans. I also don't see the point of articles on Mac sites saying "I switched to Windows 10 and I am never looking back". At best, the articles may try to be informative but at worst, they are a slap in the face to the readership and fans of the respective OS or devices. This article would have been best serverd on an iOS site, possibly iMore, welcoming you in your switch.  
  • I like that you have pointed out the appropriate audience for this post.
  • I completely understand your problem.i was with Lumia since Nokia Lumia 800, then 920,then 730, then 640xl then 640xl LTE and lastly 950. I waited alot for something great by microsoft but Microsoft failed its loyal customers, developers....I waited enough ... Finally i shifted to android...I feel, only and only Microsoft has to be blamed for windows OS death .. i feel, Microsoft was never serious about its phone business and hence its loyal customers......
  • As a long time Lumia Icon user, after i broke my glass i tried Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. One of the good android phones around, as many of you already know. After 6 months i turned back to Windows Mobile 10. This time with 950 XL. I can easily say "please don't believe Android is super smooth, better etc." If you want to try ok try it. But as a long time windows os user you'll understand what i mean. You can't run away from performance problems on android. If you want a great camera quality, 3d builder, continuum, great security like windows hello, best user interface, very easy folder system for your photos/musics, Usb type C port, regular os updates, dual sim, a phone like your pc stay with windows mobile 10.
  • Honestly, it's time we left Windows all together. That's the only way to make MS regret screwing over their customers. Zune, Band, Windows Phone etc. It may also be the only thing that makes them take a hard look at themselves, how they market, how they communicate, how they manage and how they treat those that made them what they are. They may think they can remain one of the top companies in the world without the consumer side of things but they can't. Maybe they need to be shown that. After 25 years and tens of thousands of dollars spent on their products, I am now looking at my options.
  • Same here...I've been burned way too many times jumping on the Microsoft train...and I am a patient person...Windows Mobile, Zune, Windows Phone, Windows Media Center, Band, Bing Food and Drink, Hubs/Rooms, So.Cl (website)...I'll always need a PC but I have to learn to mix in Android and Amazon services now. 
  • This article made me wanna throw my lumia 532 away!
  • Okay, I don't blame you for finally giving up.  God knows I began feeling that way when Microsoft abandoned Metro for whatever this garbage is in W10.  I miss the hubs, I miss the pivots, I miss the integration, I miss the lack of clutter, I miss the judicious use of white space.  I've been a part of the preview program from the very beginning, and I completely understand the development/refinement process.  My complaints have rarely been about bugs that I know are transitory due to development.  My complaints have fallen into these categories: 1) Choice of direction of the user experience and design; 2) Almost complete lack of aggressive promotion of the platform; 3) Almost complete lack of forward-leaning partnership with key developers to include Windows Phone/Mobile in their plans.  Nokia represents the epitome of the Windows phone design, as far as I'm concerned.  I had the Lumia 900, 920, 1020 (I also have the 640 purely as a 'throw away' device) and, regrettably, I have the 950.  I still rely on the 1020.  It looks awesome, performs faster (except the camera) on WP8.1 than my 950 w/latest W10M build and is SOLID compared to the el cheapo build of the 950.  For me, two events told me that Windows phones would die a slow death and I've been proven right so far: Microsoft buying Nokia's devices division and Satya Nadella taking over.  I know it was over with those two things.  Microsoft is clearly focusing on developing their services for iOS and Android and largely ignoring Windows phones.  But, even as BAD as W10M is for me, it's the lesser of evils compared to iOS and Android.  I have honestly never found there were apps/services missing, even back when I was using WP7.  In fact, it was best under WP7--so MUCH was integrated that I rarely needed apps anyway.  But when idiots that run Facebook or Google decided to give the finger to Microsoft and deny them the ability to integrate access, that began to hurt Microsoft's platform. Which just add to the reasons I HATE those companies and their leadership.  If those people were on fire I wouldn't pee  on them to save them.  But Satya Nadella seems to care more about supporting iOS, Android and all things India than beefing up the mobile platform.  There are literally NO actual mobile enthusiasts you know of in Microsoft.  They USED to be so very vocal, so very public.  Now, there's nobody.  And I can PROMISE you, if they come out with a device, it will be an also-ran compared to Apple or Samsung.  Nothing LEADING the industry. I don't care about $100 cheapo devices.  I want a truly in-your-face, dare-you-to-compare device.  I don't want to see some aluminum piece of junk that feels flimsy and makes me scared to do anything other than coddle it.  But we'll never see that.  Never.  So, I continue to use my gorgeous 1020, I continue to test W10M on my 950, waiting for the other shoe to finally drop.  I suspect at that time I will have moved on from my SP3 to the SP5 (if it's good) and will have a flip phone that provides tethering capability.  For now, I just can't see myself ever stomaching lowering myself to get an iPhone or Android device.
  • Lumia 950xl crashing? Haven't experienced it yet.
    Perhaps some buggy apps or own tweaks are the cause. I did a fresh installation regarding to apps etc when I bought my Lumia 950xl. I'm satisfied. The only thin I've experienced is that when you openen to much tabs in Edge, it finally doesn't load a page anymore. But when I'm looking at my opened tabs in the browser, It seems that I've opened somewhat like 15 or so. Closing a few (even one, or all) resolves the problem. Looks like I've hitting the max. allowed Tabs. The only thing agreed is the app gap. The apps I want are there, but sometimes I too want to try out an app promoted on tv, from the local grocery etc.   Android costs way too much for a model that last for a year (Galaxy S7 costs €600+, the 950xl costs €360, that's a HUGHE price difference. Not even going to talk about iPhones with their ridicioulus prices)
  • Here we go again....yet another article..
  • I just switched from Android to Windows 10 Mobile. The Nexus brand was discontinued and I hate the Pixel / everything it stands for. I also really dislike how OEMs bastardize the Android OS especially Samsung. They mess with the experience far too much. At least iOS is how Apple intended it to be. So many OEMs, so many bad experiences. Unlocked devices with near stock experiences from Lenovo / Motorola, you say? Forget about them, they don't care about you or updating your non carrier device after they have your money. So I decided to leave Android. I considered Apple. After all, I own a Macbook from 2012. It has the latest Mac OS on there as well as Windows. I used to have an iPad 4th Gen but sold it and replaced it with a Microsoft Surface. I have a number of problems with iOS. They are many but a simple example would be home screen customization option. More importantly for me though, an accessible file system. Good on Apple for finally updating their file system after 3 decades but it doesn't matter since it's still too locked down on mobile for my taste. All that security and it's not any better off than the other two competing mobile OSes. So, iOS is out for now. So that just left Windows 10 Mobile really. I really like the build quality of my Alcatel Idol 4S. With the Anniversary update applied, it's been a great experience. I expect the creator's update to be even better. Maybe Microsoft even makes good on the rumors swirling around the Fall Redstone 3 release that x86 Desktop Windows Apps will be able to run through emulation. That would shore the app issue straight away. Without apps, I survive by using web sites instead. I know, the horror...sarcasm intended. From my perspective, the journey has just begun. I have no previous Windows Mobile baggage or built up resentment. I am optimistic about the future of the platform even if there's only one of me.
  • I left a couple years ago because I am a tech hound and like to update. App Gap is somewhat of an issue too. Still have the Icon and the 735 and keep updating them. I miss Lumia, but it was not going to be profitable so I get the business decision even though it makes me sad
  • Nadella would be proud of you.
  • I started with Windows Mobile and whatever opinions there are about it, I actually liked it and felt like I had a "geeky" phone...I mean, I played Age of Empires on my phone with a stylus...how cool was that? I actually loved Windows 6.5 and used a lot of ROMS from XDA at the time (Raphael was my favorite) for my HTC Fuze (man, talk about Bezel issues, LOL.) I felt I was ahead of the game until the iPhone came around and then people were like "Wow...SmartPhones..." I did a quick move to Android before taking a leap on Windows Phone 8 and went ALL IN with Windows Phone, Surface RT and Windows 8. I made it work and loved being in the ecosystem. I had the Lumia 920, 928 (moved to Verizon with work) and Lumia ICON. I just couldn't wait for the 950xl but when it was confirmed it wouldn't work on Verizon, I was done. I saw the writing on the wall.  If I can digress, when I say I was all IN, I was. Zune, Windows Media Center, Microsoft BAND, So.Cl; (website), and even a minor but useful app called Food and Drink (which they closed down and gave no easy way to export my manually entered data.)  So I went the Samsung route (was on the S2/SkyRocket, etc before) and went for the Note 5. Liked it so much I went with the Note 7 but alas, had to move on from it and I now go between the Pixel XL and Moto Z Force Droid.  Nothing can replace the elegance of the Live Tiles and WIndows 8.1 up to denim. I loved hubs, rooms and the way Windows Phone OS navigated. And while I loved Windows 10 for mobile, I missed what made Windows Phone unique.  So, I am living in an Android world with as much of my Microsoft apps and services as I can get. 
  • I am using X3, in no way my experience is sluggish. I use an iPhone for work, the UI is dated and I have not found myself liking the single everything button on iphone. I also use a Samsung S6 for work as well. I just prefer Windows 10. I have experienced hang-ups', freezing and frustration with all three operating systems.
    I just keep on going back to Windows 10. Posted using my -X3-.
  • We just got Lyft!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I will stick with windows as I find it more user-friendly than other OS, as I have used IOS AS WELL AS ANDROID
  • Glad to see you "retrenched" Dennis. I did as well.
  • I understand that some people might not like w10m and leave the platform for something they like better. But I fail to see what this kind of article brings, what makes it newsworthy. In fact, it's only putting negativity in the spotlight and empowering negative opinions on the pltaform that don't result in its improvement. So yeah, some individual, for their personal reasons, chooses some mobile platform for another one they like better. It's perfectly ok. So yeah, w10m might be in an all time low in terms of usage. Whoever considers that to be a reason to leave it should do it, and it's ok. But why state the obvious? Why is this an article? I know negativity sells a lot and despite the site's focus it's really easy to make negative articles against Microsoft, especially on their current mobile strategy. But to be honest, if I wanted to read a stream of negative articles on Windows, I'd go to Thurrot's site or MSPoweruser, where the writers don't even try to hide their hatred towards the platform. To the author: Enjoy the mobile platform that works for you and that you like best.
  • I have noticed that ALOT of the apps I once purchased are now gone. Not sure why they get removed from the store when they have been working perfectly.
  • My wife just moved from Lumia 930 to S7. Her first words were "Where is the back button?", answer "It's on the wrong side"  thank goodness I did not recommend an iPhone. She really enjoys the S7 and she found it very easy to transition from W10M.
  • I am now on Windows 10 Mobile and very happy since old days of WP7. It is what it is and serves well for many of us.
  • In an interesting change to my mode, this is the first time I will comment on an article WITHOUT READING IT. I Don't give a r%t a%^ why you left windows 10 Mobile, you have right to your opinion and why you change and that is your cup of tea I am not leaving windows central, ONMSFT and MSPoweruser and Yes, I do not see any reason thus far to leave windows phone.
  • The next question, not that Microsoft is selling Android phones, is not whether Microsoft's Mobile ambitions are dead, but if they are dying in the consumer space entirely.  No consumer Hololens since it's announcement 3 years ago, XBox is losing to PS4, Mobile is dead, the wearables (Band) is gone, the Kardon speaker runs on Android not Windows IOT, PC sales have been falling.  Claims on the Surface success are only there because every other consumer space item is so abismal, and even with the iPad is outselling the Surface 5-1 and the goofy iPad Pro outsells the Surface.  Nadella isn't just failing Mobile, he's failing across the board in the Consumer space.  Investors are bound to notice someday. https://seekingalpha.com/article/3350195-apple-the-stark-contrast-betwee...  
  • The Harmon speaker runs Linux. I agree on your other points.
  • Yes...I can agree...consumers are not excited about Microsoft...
  • Microsoft is not excited about consumers. Nadella has no interest in being in any general consumer market. They have sealed their fate by counting on services and enterprise. The next generation is growing up using Google and Apple services and enterprise will have less and less of a need for MS services as the others offer more as time goes on. Which means they would be left with consumers except...they will have completely left that market by then. Even when they want to do something they can't get it done. This company has 5 years left at most.
  • Wow...eye opening...and while 5 years seems harsh, you might be right...at least 5 more years until we are pushed back into the same closets as Big Blue...
  • What utter nonsense. But it's not surp[rising. People in ignorance have been predicting MS's demise for the past two decades. It's financially healthier than it's ever been. Stock is at record highs. 
  • But before using an Iphone as a daily driver you had to jailbreak it,right?Ok you're absolutely right about how 'great' Iphones are.You should realize that every goddamn phone has its own issues,if an app on Iphone hangs people say ' it's not a big deal' but if it hangs on windows phone you guys are all like 'wtf why?! this phone sucks,wp is dead'.I should also add something about how low-end android phones work.They simply don't work after a few months.No updates at all if you are not using a flagship phone,which most people can't afford.Have fun using your new phone because that's what matters.
  • I agree with some of your article points.
    I'm thinking about to buy new Nokia Android mobile after getting my Lumia bricked.
  • Who cares you left. Please spare us from that kind of articles...
  • 👍🏻
  • Wanted to say the same... but thought is would be rude
  • I've had my Lumia 950 for a year now, and I must say I'm loving the device.  Nothing like you describe -  no random reboots, no freezing, and app crashes are rare.  My spouse has an S7 (which I hate, it is so hard to find anything on it), and I've always disliked iOs (I used to have an iPad from work, I gave it back - hated the damn thing).  And believe it or not, I actually use continuum often.  So as long as you are happy with your choice, then good for you.  I'm happy with my choice of staying on Windows 10 Mobile, and I'm excited to see what MS has in store for the future.    
  • Seems disingenious to recommend iOS because it works for you when the only way to get it to work for you was by hacking the software.
  • People will go to great lengths to stay out of Google's reach.
  • lol my thoughts too
  • Yep! Time to go. I switched to Android a couple weeks ago after I cracked my 950xl. As I said to my bro, I'm not spending another nickel on Windows phones. Not with complete neglect by Microsoft. I find Android a bit of a cluster f*** with all the OEM variations. And it IS laggy still! But it is wonderful having all the apps I never had on WP. It's doubtful I'll go back to Win mobile.
  • I have said this since before W10M was even released. It was a beta software then, and it still is a beta software now. Funny that when a WC writer says this, he doesn't get blasted like I did.
  • Great article from a user's prospective. But it's true and I hate to say it, Windows Mobile/WP is dying. It was a head of it's time long ago with RDP and Office mobile suite along with WM-Player before IOS and Android came along, Microsoft didn't do sh*t about it when it had its chance. Now, it's too late, 1% of users worldwide? Unbelievable but believe it. I've been a longtime Windows Mobile user like some of you guys since the days of Window Mobile 2003-SE (MPX-220) to the BlackJacks (WM6.1) to the ATIV SE (WP8.1, current phone) and I hate to see one day, I might be leaving Windows Mobile as well. I do hope Microsoft comes out with a Surface phone soon or even a Samsung S7/S8 on Windows Mobile! I'll be happy to stay with them once more. All I'm doing now is waiting and that waiting time is running out. C'mon Microsoft!
  • I've ran it since Windows Mobile 5 days I believe. I'll try out the Creators Update on my Lumia 950 XL first, before I think seriously about a diff OS. Maybe I'll do the Samsung S8 Microsoft Edition...
  • Someone at Microsoft should make a statement. If their intention is to let Windows Phone die a slow death, that is a sorry way to run a business. Obviously, it seems like that is their intent, but I, like many of you, am holding on to hope that a new device is coming. I would have more respect for them if they just said "hey, it's over" rather than watch the hopes of so many fans be taken for granted. I like Windows 10 Mobile. And as I've previously stated on here, I want a phone, not a phablet. BTW, the Lumia 735 is back up on Verizon's website. Not that I had anything to do with it, but I did call & calmly stated that the only reason that I'm a customer (and pay two cell phone bills) is because they offer a Windows phone. Their service isn't that great where I live, so I still have US Cellular. The droid I have with them is the Kyocera Duraforce, which would be a great phone if it had a Windows OS. After reading all of the great comments on here by people who are much smarter than me, it's sad to see a great corporation miss such a huge opportunity to make a comback. They should have never pulled the plug on Lumia. If Surface Phone ever materializes, they should still offer a lower priced phone.They should have pulled the plug on some high priced execs who failed to do their job.  
  • @Garry Terry said: " I would have more respect for them if they just said "hey, it's over" But it isn't over.  MS continue to roll out updates; UWP apps continue to enter the store.  Millions of WM10 phones are still in daily use.  The only thing missing is a wide choice of hardware devices for consumers to choose from.  My L830 works fine.  Unless it breaks down why do I need to update it.  I'm not a magpie, I don't need to have new bright shiny things all the time.  Forever upgrading when there is no breakthrough reason to is not only wasteful but also environmentally irresponsible. 
  • Windows 10 mobile is not Laggy... that was funny my OS on lumia 1520 is fast and fluid... good battery and great shooting. i'm developer and instead of nagging i'm trying to put more app to Store... app gap is real and there is simple solution... UWP and yes it will take time but my apps run even on XBOX and it is amazing i have user from XBOX 1
  • "I am a developer and instead of nagging I'm trying to put more apps on Store" As if you pay Microsoft to buy their phones just to be allowed to help them succeed in mobile! You are a CUSTOMER first, and they owe YOU. Not the other way around.
  • You make a big mistake by assuming that Windows 10 Mobile is a standalone platform like Windows Phone, but that's not the case.
    Windows Phone is dead, and that's the reason why developers are leaving the platform. But Windows 10 Mobile is Windows 10, so it gets all the UWP apps that are also on other Windows 10 devices, and Windows 10 is still growing on PCs, Tablets, VR and AR. Therefore, the user base on Mobile is irrelevant. You have to see the whole image, Windows 10 as a universal OS and not only Windows on Phones. I want to say that you can leave Windows 10 on Phones, but as far as the majority of PC and tablet users are still using Windows 10, it does not make a difference.
  • That's not true at all. Windows 10 Mobile isn't getting alot of the uwp apps Windows 10 is getting look at facebook, messenger, and sling tv.
  • So, I use Office on my ATIV SE, what is a good recommendation...Galaxy 8 or which Android????
  • If you ask me, I'll go with the S7 or S8. I like their designs and some of their features, Office should work fine or probably even better 😉
  • Same here. Switched to the Sony Experia XA two weeks ago, and I'm loving it. I would have switched to it before, but I'm a developer, so the decision was hard. At least I'm learning developing for Android now. Something new. Don't get me wrong. I still love Windows 10 Mobile, but not so much Microsoft right now.
  • Am Dancing 💃🏽 To Windows On Mobile & If Someone pulls The Plug 🔌 Am Plugging it Back.
    Android is just 🤧
    ios is 😷
  • What made WP was Nokia because they pushed that OS hard and did relatively well and actually made strides in growth. They hit double digits in some regions! Then MS took over, only gives us the 950 series and calls it quits. Nokia was pushing low end, mid range, high end (barely) and they had staying power because they pushed. This needed to continue, with a flagship for W10, then hitting the low end hard again, but that did not happen. I saw this when they made Cortana a POS in W10 compared to WP8.1. They destroyed the localize searching in W10 by shoving it into voice only on Cortana. Productivity died with W10, only left with hopes of resurrection, but that came too late. Now we have a Galaxy S8 by MS instead of their own OS.
  • Actuality they didn't have staying power, that's why MS bought them. They were hemorrhaging money at the end. It was not sustainable and thus that's why MS dumped it as well.
  • I think that the article and this discussion is very interesting. I have a Lumia 950xl. I did have some problems with it for a while but a new battery has completely solved them. I very rarely have any problems now. If you asked me whether my phone "just works" I would say yes. I had a Nokia Lumia 1520 when Windows 10 Mobile came out and it did seem like a big improvement to me.
    Here are the reasons I think Microsoft appears to have dropped Windows 10 Mobile: 1) The failure of their primary business plan to promote their mobile OS. This was to get PC users hooked on UWP apps on Windows 10 and then use this to raise demand for the same apps on Windows 10 Mobile devices. Adoption of UWP apps in Windows 10 simply didn't work so that plan had to be abandoned. 2) As stated above, MS has decided to focus its efforts on true OS integration between mobile and PC, which will leave no upgrade path for current devices. Imagine a phone or small tablet device that could wirelessly connect to a docking station and run the full desktop OS well. I think that is what MS is aiming for. If they pulled that off then I think businesses would definitely buy the products en masse and that would lead to more consumer market adoption. 3) Microsoft are in the process of adapting their business model and they are currently between the two. If I am right (and if Microsoft has any sense!) they will capitalise on their brand value with corporate customers and sell them combined software and hardware solutions using SAAS and HAAS as the basis for this. This would make third party OEM's Microsoft's suppliers rather than/as well as customers and enable them to take a much bigger slice of the pie (value chain) for themselves. Microsoft's core business for years was desktop OS production. You could argue that it went from that to enterprise software more generally and that it is now transitioning to enterprise computing/automation solutions (think Azure) and while mobile computing OSs, software and devices are a necessary part of thier offer, they have always been a diversification. On the other hand many Android phone manufacturers only make phones, Android is a delivery vehicle for Google's core product (big data) and Apple now receives the majority of its revenue from selling iPhones and iPads so that is perhaps the underlying reason, over time, Microsoft has been unable or unwilling to compete with those two systems.
  • Same here about 640 xl dull photos I still regrets in buying this phone my old one Lumia 720 was best
  • Hi Dennis, ever tried a new battery? I had just the same behaviour, Phone or app crashes, new boots and all that stuff. Then i bought a new battery and everything works now fine again. Today i installed the latest build and i am happy with my phone.
    I heared it so often, my phone crashes all the time, and everytime a gave the same tip and every single phone worked then better than ever. This happend mostly with the lumia 950 and 950xl.
  • Good article..listen cant we all agree that some people are having issuses and some are not (reboot ect) The point is and what the article is saying w10 is Not Consistant...its a mess and I own all 3 lg v20 iphone for work and alcatel idol 4s. Havnt had probs on the alcatel but by far v20 and the iphone run way smoother. Im selling the alcatel along with my band 2 im just tired of the forever beta it in.
  • If you go by people having problems with an OS, you would have to say they are all inconsistent. iOS and Android have their share pf problems, too.
  • I won't voluntarily move off of MS mobile. I cannot say that I have enjoyed the "never fully forward" aspects of the Insider Program (Slow Ring) for my 950 XL but I had to jump on board the WIP because the functionality when I got my phone (Dec 2015) was showing some of the same issues as my 928 on Win10. Every update (Slow Ring) seems to be a slight fix or addition but often times plays like a game of Whack-A-Mole. Even this latest update has likely fixed a lot I wasn't paying attention to but sent the typing experience in Edge back a year where interaction with IPMobile sites leaves me doing summersaults to get a keyboard to appear when I click in a text-box. So I get the frustrations, but I am sticking with it because I have an iPhone 6S for work that in most occasions I leave for the 950 XL to do because experience on the W10M is just flat out more enjoyable (when doable). I am however developing a lot of cynicism around the future of W10M. I'll stick around until MS drops the program or I drop my phone. I loathe all other options but the lack of perceived interest (e.g. not eating their own dog food) is very worrying. I shouldn't believe more in Windows Mobile than the creators of it.
  • I've decided to stay with Windows 10 Mobile because it works great on my Lumia 1520.  No random reboots, no freezes, performance is very good, the camera is outstanding and apps are not a huge concern for me, I've got the ones I need (Facebook/Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, theChive, Candy Crush Soda, Untappd, Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Uber, Lyft, 9Gag, Domino's, iHeartRadio, NPR, Spotify, TuneIn, WhatsApp and Telegram)
  • It is amazing how well W10 Mobile update runs on Lumia 1520.
  • When i get some extra money I'll probably grab a one plus 3t and use it and keep my idol. Facebook and their lack of updates is what will push me to android. IPhone is way too restricted for me
  • Just jailbreak an iPhone
  • Good article. I've been loyal since the Lumia 800. It seems I'll be draw towards a Nokia Android phone in the next two years or so.
  • Have a few bugs that have seen no change for months now. Its very frustrating, when what i am suggesting makes for a far better user experience. For example, auto hide navigation bar under keyboard when keyboard is showing. The number of times people have gone to hit space and then accidentally hit the home button when typing must run across the whole user base must be countless! Microsoft, please fix this, will make many users sigh a massive sigh of relief!
  • I think we all have to underline one important thing. Just like android on many devices, windows mobile 10 is not very smooth on every device. 950 XL, HP Elite, Alcatel. These are now big 3, top devices and mostly stable devices for windows mobile 10. It's not fair to compare lumia 550 with a samsung galaxy s6/s8 or iphone7. Another important thing, final build for windows mobile 10 is very stable and smooth. Please just flash your phone with recovery tool one time and update to latest build with insider app. Just see the speed, performance and difference.
  • Ms really have to work on smoothness of the, window 10 mobile is really slow when it come to run , open app. my fb app always close back when I open it, also with windowcentral app and so many other. some app that has update in store always shows error. I away hope cumulative update is going to fix the issue, but always remain the same. the most problem is the issue of charging, always complaining charging slow, repeating very second and becoming a disturbing. window 10 mobile need serious work. how Ms fix this problem with the creator update.
  • Best article here
  • I'm actually really happy with Windows 10 Mobile on my Lumia 950XL and Lumia 1520. I'm experiencing none of the problems other people have and I have dozens of apps that I use regularly-- Tweetium, MyTube, Cortana, Wunderlist, Edge, Outlook, Skype, Groove, MS Band, Fitbit, Maps, Podcasts, Xbox, Ookla Speedtest, MyUSPS, Pandora, Bing Rewards, Accuweather, Weather Channel, Rain Alarm, Fidme, Engadget, Win Central, WMPowerUser, WinBeta, USA Today, MSN News, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, LockMix, Trakter, Calculator, Tip Calc, etc. I've also been seeing a regular stream of UWP apps popping up that most people don't notice or give much praise (NewsMax, 1-800-Flowers, Nascar, Speedtest, Lyft, etc.). If an app isn't available that I want like The Blaze or Panera I just use their mobile website and pin the site to the start screen. I easily have over 100 apps installed but I probably only use about 2 dozen regularly. I'm not even completely sold on the concept that I need most of the apps I have installed or that apps are in any way better than websites. For me notifications and live tiles are sometimes all I get out of using an app (I think you could do this with Edge though). The OS for me is fast even on my old Lumia 1520.3 and has only gotten faster with Creators updates on Insider. I would switch if I had a problem. I feel bad if some people are having a bad experience, but I'm not going to switch platforms because other people are having problems that I'm not. I also feel bad that I take part in all the MS user feedback, but have nothing bad to report to MS. I love to tell MS when one of their products suck, but from my experience W10 Mobile is much better than Xbox One or Windows 10 PC. I've submitted hundreds of negative feedback suggestions about Xbox and PC. The PC team fixed most problems the Xbox team has made things worse. I wonder if some of the problems that people have with W10 Mobile come from specific app installations like Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp. I don't use any of those so maybe that's why I've never had a problem. Just a theory.
  • I use WhatsApp and have not that problems as well.
  • I went o Android......crashes alot......then to iPhone.....found myself at the genius bar way too much.....guess what....im now using a 950XL. love it.......oh did I say I love it.
  • Im too a diehard fan of windows mobile.
    I too experienced the same issues.
    But i still have a hope over it. Im not going to leave it anymore.
  • I'm waiting for Creators WM10 update. If it doesn't polish the OS' performance to my liking, I'm going back to iOS. 
  • 👍...better to go bro.
  • I had the same issues... Replaced the battery on my 950 and everything is back to how it was 1.5 years ago..  
  • I moved to an iPhone as my primary two years ago.  There was no choice.  Apps that I absolutely needed ( ie. real estate key, security monitoring and remote control, bank services, and more ) were not supported on my Lumia Icon and never would be.  For over a year I kept my Windows phone running on a separate number, but finally shut off that service because of the cost and lack of progress with Win 10 mobile.  It still sits on a charger and updates with the Insider Fast track, but I simply don't see much progress being made.  I always loved the interface and integrated app features, but sadly I think maybe 1 person is left developing the OS.  My biggest concern is the failure of MSFT to attend to any communications.  If you ask a question on the support forum, they tell you to post it on the Feedback site.  However, no one ever responds to the issues posted there, and that page tells you to post on the Support forum if you need assistance.  Clearly, MSFT does have some serious "communications" issues.  IOS may not have the sizzle, but it has been very solid for me and just continues to perform solidly.  In the end, that's what matters most as I select a platform to perform my daily tasks.  
  • My first windows phone was the Nokia 710 then I had a 920, an 830 and finally a 640. I also bougth somefor my family 625 and 520. But after all this years yesterday I bougth a Xiaomi Mi Redmi note 4 for my wife, but the next one will be for me. I'm already tired of Microsoft being a jerk with the people that suported their platform for so many years.
  • I literally can't relate to half of the article. WM10 is buttery smooth and works flawlessly. I have had it reboot in my pocket, maybe once a month, but otherwise it just keeps on truckin'. I am using a 950 so perhaps my experience is better overall. I can't recommend WM enough (& WM10 in particular). I might've cared about apps 10 years ago, but I have enough trouble balancing work/wife/life/games as it is. All I care about is internet, email, news, mapping, Reddit, a few games, sms, phone calls. Anything else I'll handle on my SP3 or desktop
  • The Android and iOS interface look like a touchscreen game you'd find at Chuck E. Cheese.
  • After coming from Windows Mobile 6.5 all the way up until my current Lumia 950XL, I have decided to go to Android. Microsoft isn't showing enough support for mobile right now, which leads to a decrease in users and apps. As a developer myself (about 20 apps in the Microsoft Store), I tried to fill the void where no official apps were (for instance Nest - N10, Discogs - Disko for Discogs, ..). Many of the apps are free of charge but with the option to donate to support the development. Problem is, there are so little users I make basically no revenue from the Store in all the years that I've published apps to it. I really tried as a developer, but Microsoft just dropped the ball so hard that it doesn't make sense to developer for the Windows Store as, except for the few succesful apps, there is barely any money to make from it. Microsoft also made false promises to me personally which doesn't exactly help in being enthousiastic about being a developer. For instance, I did a Skype call with a member of the Microsoft devices team because they wanted to get to know my personal experience as a developer and more in-depth my views on home automation (as I made a Nest app). They promised they would send me to the next Build conference (which wouldve been this year) as token of their gratitude for being a loyal developer and for my feedback. Never received anything.
    Or a second example is, through the store you get something like "on free one on one session with the development team" to assist you in deeloping an app if you are stuck at something. I was working on and iOS/Android and Windows app simultaneously, but I got stuck on Windows. I reached out and used my free "token", they replied and said they wanted to help. So I explained the problem and they wanted to know when I was available for a Skype session to help me out. I gave a list of possible dates and times and then I never heard from them again, tried to contact them but they just blatantly ignored me. Very motivational. So after sticking with the platform for years, Microsoft just lost another user and developer. My OnePlus 3T should arrive on monday, on which I will resume app development but for Android. I will still be providing minimal support for my current Windows apps, but new apps and feature updates are not planned for the Windows apps as I'm switching my focus to Android.
  • 6 months in and I am tolerating Android on an s7. The only thing I can't replicate are multiple colored outlook.com calendars in the stock apps (Google Calendar, Samsung Calendar). If anyone has figured out how to configure the accounts for this that would be useful.
  • Jailbreaking iOS is not a good option for most users. If I were to use an iPhone for work, it is actually prohibited and our IS team scans for it during BYOD software updates.  Unfortunately, if you want a more integrated Microsoft experience, most need to use Android. I set up my wife with Outlook on her phone, but found that she switched back to the stock app probably because of not being able to change the defaults within iOS. I am seriously considering the S8, but I just can't justify the cost right now when my Lumia Icon is working just fine and I have the apps that I need.  Sure, there are apps that I would like to have.  Maybe by the time I have a real need for a new phone, there will be a new W10M phone for me to upgrade to. But I am on Verizon, the Icon is the best W10M phone you can on the network I am not optimistic of that changing any time soon. 
  • Windows forever. Still on My Lumia 640 XL and have a Lumia 620 by my side.  
  • Cue Dido "White Flag"...
  • Been using a 930 and now a 950. Not had the "loose face" moments where my phone would crash. Actually only had it crash on bad builds. Email handling is really solid and price/performance wise the Lumias are unbeaten. I don't use too many apps so I am fine. I don't buy phones with "betting the future will be better". Saying with Windows as long as I can. And.... I feel secure with Windows, much more than Android (sorry, Apple not an option - they lost their Mojo).
  • Nice article. I'm struggling with a decision right now. I have had Windows on a phone since the original Samsung Focus. Before that, I had PocketPC devices. I *do* own a backup Android device, the GS5, that I got from Insperon (AT&T's insurance) because they didn't have any Lumia 1020 phones when mine got destroyed. I eventually got another 1020 and stuck with that until I got the 950. I still like WinMob, but Microsoft seems to not want my money anymore, or they expect to banish me to other platforms and STILL get my money. I got AT&T to release me from my contract that I entered with my L950 purchase, which means I could jump on the Samsung GS8 bandwagon, next month. I'm *strongly* considering it...and it won't be the "Microsoft Edition", either. I feel better about 1st party solutions or solutions I can use with all of my devices. Microsoft is going to lose subscription revenue from me for Office 365 & Groove. I can use Google Drive and I'll probably subscribe to Amazon Unlimited for Music since it will work with my Echo Dot as well as my Android and my WinPC. It wasn't an option with my L950, though. Sure, MS will get a one-time license royalty from my Android purchase and since Nadella's "success" is about short term stock prices, that will satisfy his "strategy". It's seemingly like for the first time...EVER...I won't have a Windows powered device as my default pocketable technology. Sad. It's not me Microsoft...it's you.
  • Which is the "Fahrenheit" app on the iPhones's home screen??? can someone send me its link to app store?
  • I'll be using my X3 for at least another year, so I'm stuck on windows mobile. I like the OS a lot, but very little has happened to the OS over the last year and most apps don't get the improvements that the iOS and android apps are getting. So bit by bit the apps and phone are getting further behind. MS is only keeping the OS alive for their business clients who were stupid enough to choose windows phone as their business phones. They want to give them enough time to switch to apple before they cancel the OS altogether. Mostly the lack of commitment from MS is what really bugs me the most and can only result in an OS that will slowly fade away.
  • Very thoughtful article.  Congratulations on your new phone. Where are you having Windows Central send you your last paycheck?  What do you plan to do with all your new free time? 
  • I left Microsoft products a year ago, never looked back, still have a Surface pro and a Lumia 830 just for checking how W10 developes, my daily driver is a Samsung S7 and a Macbook pro, they fill my needs so I can't see me returning to windows products in a near future ( I never say never ) ;-)
  • Stay with crapdroid and Crapple !
  • People like you doesn't make people want to come back, its just a childish comment ( You find I***** like you among people who likes every OS system, sad but true) anyway I wish you a good day ;-)
  • How do you keep your contacts, calendar appointments, emais, photos, etc. syncronised across your Apple, Android and Windows 10 (I assume you have a laptop or desktop)?
  • Microsoft had completely and utterly trashed their own platform, so in terms of innovation, creativity, forward thinking, marketing etc has all been possibly the biggest mess I've seen in my professional career bar none.
    This could and should have been the best looking and easiest way to communicate via a smart device on the market today. Even pc is becoming very questionable.
  • Having Android is not a bad thing. Being forced to create a Google or Apple account is.
  • Congrats on making the easy decision of putting an end to being microsoft's b*tch 👏 It's way beyond time people realize that microsoft isn't taking windows mobile seriously, and that they'r much better off on a competing platform like Android or iOS at the moment.
  • I switched over two years ago now, but to Android rather than iOS. https://forums.androidcentral.com/phone-wars/508231-long-time-microsoft-...
  • Yes, I can relate to the article.
    ​I am quite disappointed with Microsoft for allowing their mobile OS to be in this situation... It isn't the consumers, it isn't the telco's it falls squarely with Microsoft, and they should be ashamed. There is no other option for me, as I simply do not like iOS/Apple in any capacity, and Android is somethiing I cannot trust as there are too many vulnerabilities. I continue to be optimistic for a turn around, but realistically there needs to be 10 sticks of dynamite shoved somewhere to get some explosion of stability, expansion of features and gernerally some pride in their own damn product and OS to make it worthwhile and  marketable! All these caretaker style bug fixes (maybe a small handful at that), is ridiculously mind numbing. Either put some genuine effort into their own OS get it happening again, or just kill the thing - it's like a sad ol' dog dragging it's rear legs around and in pain - take it to the vet, and get the poor dog fixed, or just put it out of its misery.      
  • windows 10 mobile is greater than windows phone in 99% case,rest 1% is also getting better day by day..... first time for windows central, i must say this is a stupid article.
  • This is almost exactly my experience except I went to Android.  I didn't leave because I feel Android/iOS is better.  I left because that's the only option Microsoft gave consumers.  With the discontinuation of their phone hardware and no new phones in sight there's not really any choice. Plus, as is well-known, Microsoft puts a lot more effort into their iOS/Android apps than their Windows mobile ones.  It's pretty sad, but moving to Android/iOS is actually doing what Microsoft wants us to do.  It will be interesting to see what Microsoft does next, but I think the Windows mobile story is done.  I can't see it coming back from the state it's in now.  Microsoft will need to do something really cool and revolutionary in order to reboot their mobile efforts.
  • Been with them since day one of Windows Phone 7. Still enjoying win10 on my 950xl. I also have a Samsung S7 and am routinely surprised by how poorly designed android is, but also how often their apps get updates.
  • I am not moving from W10 M. I both own an Windows Phone and an android tablet. Personally if I had to pick what I have on my phone is windows. Because it feels better overal (to me) than android. Apps do not bother me. Heck I find for example my-tube for windows phone even better than the original google YouTube app :p
  • I agree and have had similair experiences (almost mirror image). I also agree that Windows Phone was way better than Windows Mobile. Great observation.
  • i've left, when the apps appear ill be back, terminator style lol great os but apps diasappearing makes my smart phone a dumb phone
  • I have an iPhone and had a Windows phone for a backup. Windows 10 is slow, buggy, I replaced it with an Android phone. Since then the updates on my PC with Windows 10 has also lost functions. I like Windows 10 system but it is aggravating that they don't have a sense of urgency, unlike IOS and Android, to correct errors.
  • Blah
  • Traitor!
  • What's the current roster of Windows 10 mobile devices? All I know is the HP X3 and Alcatel.
  • I will be the last to leave.. True love
  • Agree with the article, I almost left last December (shattered screen 1020), my wife kept me on the platform though, hopefully they start turning things around... Love the platform but really hate the party it's gone down
  • I really agree with the perception about Android. The current Android 6.0 and 7.0 are much more faster than windows10mobile. I haven't stopped using Lumia completely but I switch to Android recently and jumping between apps is as smooth as a lubricant. In windows10mobile even switching between facebook and whatsapp is problem. I will return to the platform maybe by the end of the year but I'll sure have an Android phone for secondary use.
  • Even android 5 is fast. I have an oppo f1s as a second phone (still on 5.0.1) and it makes my Lumia 950xl look like a joke. Seriously. Messenger opens instantly (try opening messenger on windows 10! LOL), no lag, navigation is a breeze, no RANDOM SHUT DOWNS OR REBOOTS. ****, I like a lot about windows 10 and im finding it hard to fully leave, but I see exactly what everyone is talking about. Windows 10 is really REALLY bad on mobile in terms of performance, optimisation, and bugs. It cant even hold a candle to how my Oppo runs.
  • Messenger sucks on Windows because Facebook doesn't want to create a better app for Windows. It's not Microsoft's fault. Even on PC, the Messenger and Facebook apps suck. Luckily there's SlimSocial for W10M. As for your 950XL sucking.. Why don't you try a hard reset?
  • Guys, I've really nothing to complain about WP10 even if some bugs are still around the corner.
    I owned several WP (800, 720, 920, 930, 950 and 950XL my beloved one), omg what a long list.
    I had a bad experience with Android (what a mess) and iOS (I was feeling jailed with this OS).
    Long live to WP folks !
  • What is the purpose of this article?
  • To bring a hint of reality to people who clearly don't want to be disturbed with what conflicts their feelings.
  • If we're happy with what we have, what qualifies anyone to decide for us what "reality" is. Actually, what you relaly want is for everyone to march in lockstep with your ideas.
  • Yes. Let's all where jeans and black turtle neck and never dare to ask for anything different in life. I am not sure if it is bad luck that some people claim windows 10 is unstable. I have never had a freeze nor restart. I came from WebOs to Windows because it is not what everyone wants plus I refuse to pay my hard earned money to greedy Apple and I just don't care for Android OS. If Windows ever shuts down I will go back to flip phone. You'd be surprised how much you miss out on life with your face tied to your cell phone. Look around you. Baseball game, restaurants, any event and everyone is looking at their phones. That's another reason why I really enjoy Windows platform. A quick glance and I'm back to enjoying life without opening an sticker for an app. That's my two cents on this tiresome dabate of why I'm leaving Windows. To each its own and we are free to choose whatever we want, but enough of bashing a good OS with the tiresome lack of apps argument and slugish performance becasue it is far from it.
  • I just switched to a Samsung S7 after being with WP since my original Focus. Beautiful hardware aside, I am still not loving the change. But I finally needed to make the switch because of apps. I joined a new company and they use everything other than MSFT enterprise stuff. I was crippled using my 950. I really miss it, but I finally see what others mean about the app gap. For personal use, I really miss the W10M experience. It is really better than Android and iOS from what I can tell. But modern businesses are using more and more non-MSFT services. I see that as a real problem for the enterprise focused Windows ecosystem. I really hope the apps start to flow back to WP so I can come back. But I am not holding my breath.
  • I found a solution for now...two phones..my two screen solution. Use a Lumia 650 on the insider program and a S7edge for access to apps etc. My sim is in the S7 but been sorely tempted to switch as w10m so much better as a people focused device, but Android N has improved things (split screen). Use arrow launcher but having used windows mobile in its CE days...its still so much like I was using more than a decade ago. Anyway this works for me until the ultramobile pc comes along!
  • None of what is going on with MS makes any sense what happened to a fully intergrated eco system, without the very mobile device that that is used the most namley the  phone it will never be. I have like a lot on here stuck with windows mobile for years as it is far better in my opinion than any of the other offerings for many reasons to many to list. But I have to admit the virtualy none existant support by MS and zero information as to were Windows phone 10 will be in 12 months have forced me into a position to start to look elseware, of which I am not looking forward to as I have had experiences of the other 2 offerings and really dislike them. It will be a case of learning to live with whatever I choose to move to  
  • Reasons why I still use windows 10 mobile and my Lumia 1520 and 950 1. Many current devices are upgradable and updatable with windows 10 mobile 2. Ever since the the anniversary update windows 10 mobile is stable. Is not slow. Is stable in use as a daily driver. 3. Apps are still updated regularly (native and 3rd party), and the experience is improving. 4. The live tile UI is a very valuable and productive and effective UI to work with. 5. The phone works well with windows 10. 6. Growing with windows helps shorten the learning curve of how to use windows 10 mobile effectively. IN my region many still use windows, which makes adoption and troubleshooting windows easier. 7. Once you start on windows mobile it is difficult to choose something else. Tried android and windows phone 8. After a few months windows phone 8 made more sense in UI and usability. With android I was distracted too much by endless UI tweaking and what seemed endless app updates. Felt like a mediocre experience. Also felt disconnected to work with a separate UI and apps whilst my work was windows and legacy company apps. At work most used windows phone and the time and many still do in my region. Easier sharing experiences and troubleshooting than having to talk different languages due to different OS experiences and jargon and different way of troubleshooting. One ecosystem makes the experience and communication less of a barrier
  • I liken the whole Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft thing to a patent and team of doctors in a hospital. The patient is determined to continue living, and is struggling with gasping breaths to stay alive, while the doctors are looking over a piece of legal paper that states, "Do Not Ressucitate."  Microsoft has indeed retrenched their strategy. They believe Windows 10 on ARM will be the savior of Windows Mobile. They have thought one thing or another would be the savior of the phone line several times over, and each time instead of building on what they had to improve what they had, they scrapped the entire thing and started over, and, suddenly, none of the current apps will work on the new platform and it dies a little more. Windows 10 on ARM means we'll only be able to use the apps designed for Desktop on Mobile. Will they scale? Probably, but are app creators going to bother with it anymore? Yeah, Win32 will save it, right? LOL. No. I am sticking with Windows 10 Mobile. I absolutely despise the UI of the OS itself on both iOS and Android, and I just can't get past it. They'll have to pry my Lumia 640 out of my cold, dead hands. 
  • No, they will have to pry your cold dead Lumia 640 of your hands. WP is a corpse with the last cells dying piece by piece. Even MS employees and their own studios are abandoning WP.
  • Deleted
  • I've been using my 950xl since launch and I gotta say I miss my 1020. The 950xl will just reboot for no reason at times; other times apps will distort on the display (OneNote, I'm looking at you). With each update, I hope things get fixed/addressed, but alas, no. I'm also still waiting for the true "hero" device that Satya promised; an updated 1020 successor...yep, still waiting. Why am I not jumping ship? I guess it doesn't matter enough to me yet... Don't know when I'll hit that point...
  • My 950XL reboots ALL the time now. And im on supposed "release build" of Creators update. Its a joke. It shuts down when i unlock my phone 50% of the time, and it shuts down when i swipe down on the screen sometimes. Its so bad.
  • I don't care... but, good luck... at iMore ;)
  • No. Windows 10 Mobile is not dead, neither is it dying.  Rather, Windows 10 Mobile is dead and alive and kicking at the very same time. 
    Windows 10 Mobile is a Quantum system, it exists in a superposition 
    and could decohere to either dead or vivid anytime.  The probabiiy is 50/50.   
  • What prevents me from jumping is Googles spying and selling all of your info and pictures to make $ when using Android OS and the horrible cameras on the iPhones. I am using a Lumia 950 XL and it is by far the best camera on the market. Staying with WM until it is dead.
  • 'I do not encourage people who are still using Windows 10 Mobile and enjoying it to switch to Android or iOS. However, I do encourage people who are unsure, or are waiting for a huge update to suddenly turn everything upside-down, to make a switch.' Pretty sure most Windows 10 Mobile users are in both of these camps.
  • I feel the same way. I can't afford to switch yet but am going to asap. We got my wife an Xperia Z5 and we love it. MS doesn't talk about mobile enough or act in a way that instills any confidence in me. If they do something great, we can always switch back.
  • Please, please write an article about jailbreaking the iPhone to run Cortana and how well it works!
  • I just want a new improved Windows Phone. Something that isn't out yet but on par with the Galaxy S8
  • Sad but true
  • Great article. I left just over a year ago, completely sick at Microsoft's couldn't care attitude. I went to Android and a Nexus 6p, best move I made...
  • Heaven knows I'm getting S8. I need to keep what's remaining of my sanity.
  • I literally pre ordered an S8 yesterday, I'm fed up with the lack of apps and no clear direction from Microsoft as to its plans for the future. They don't seem invested in it anymore, why should I be? I hope they turn it around one day, I wouldn't hesitate coming back if the major shortfalls were addressed, but for now I just want something that works and has an established role in everyday life and conveniences.
  • So Windows 10 Mobile is "slow, laggy, inconsistent and very unreliable", while android "is a solid all-around OS"? Biggest bullsh*t I've ever read. Yes, I haven't used android devices for almost two years now as daily drivers, but I still experience how sh*tty it is, because many of my relatives do... And btw, gingerbread was the best version of android, with the least amount of google junk in it 😂 iOS on the other hand, performs well line 90% of the time, but it's so boring and limited, and full of apple crap like imessage, FaceTime, Apple Music, etc... that I'm not interested in at all. I have an iPad air 2, and made an "apple junk" folder for them that I never open, because most of these default apps can't be uninstalled.
    So that's it for me.
  • Ha ha ha. WP still in bad shape. I left Windows Phone after 7.8. Glad I did and never returned because it never got any better. Still enjoying my Moto X (1st generation).
  • But you have returned, here you are on Windows Central
  • Not for Windows Mobile. I use Windows on everything else.
  • Farewell my friend. Someday we hope to welcome you back. But you will now never be part of that shrinking, longsuffering, determined, band of brothers who persevered until the end. I am on Verizon, since they are the only carrier to offer good reception in my house, so I am still using an Icon. It's battery is failing and it's screen has finally cracked and is patched with packing tape. So I am faced with switching to Apple, Android, or a carrier who I need to go outside in my driveway to make a call. I am staying with W10 mobile until the end. When I look down at my phone I see my wife and children's pictures pinned as live tiles. I see a rotating photo live tile of favorite memories, and of my granddaughter, and my dogs. Not a sea of corporate app icons. I use a few other live tiles, but these are the ones that make it "My" phone vs an Apple or Samsung phone. I can give up a camera button, glance, wireless charging, and apps, but not these. I find it cute how Apple is slowly acknowledging that live tiles work by slipping them in. The clocks hands now actually work! The calendar changes! The temperature reads! And I remain hopeful. W10 mobile fast ring has been very stable lately. Perhaps Verizon will offer the HP phone. Perhaps the MS version for Samsung will be more than loading a few apps. Perhaps W10m rs3 will add the ability to run iOS or Android apps. Perhaps Apple will see the light and fully embrace a personalizable lock screen. Perhaps, because in the end, hope is what sustains us. So, once again, farewell my good friend. Someday we hope to welcome you back.
  • same here...windows 10 mobile has nothing that draws me in like wp7 did. bought an xperia xz this february
  • Sad, but interesting story. 
  • What a sad story of despair. I have a 950xl on production and it is rare to experience the bugs that this guy talks about. I do see though the hope that windows phone enthusiasts have for their deservedly favourite OS, to finally be recognised by the rest of the world and for MS to support them with reasons to say I told you so. In its current state W10M is a great platform that has had a chequered journey of big picture development at the expense of customer loyalty and so despite It's many advantages doesnt have profile that would make it a platform that is considered to promote a users image and validate their decision. I am staying here til it no longer meets my needs, my experience sees W10M as stable, effective and totally integrated for use not just across devices but across OS. I like to see myself as individual and certainly not a prisoner in a closed community created by a software ecosystem. That's why this is the best mobile phone for me and I don't care if it's popular or not.
  • I was going to replace my L950xl with S8 but S8 came with only 4GB ram so I dropped my plan..i will wait for S9 or note 8. No, Apple.
  • Did you ever use the car integration? That is really the biggest thing that I miss from WP/WM.. It was really buggy in W10M but it is better than what Android and IOS have if you listen to terrestial radio. When cortana talks to you it uses the hands free protocol and mimics a phone call coming in and such. It was awesome. What made me leave was the whole removing of the unified messaging and deciding to let Skype do it instead. I knew that it would just become a bloated piece of fecal matter that would take forever and a day for me to even read my text messages.. And they proved me correct.
  • I just got a new Pioneer head unit. My Bluetooth works great in my car when I listen to terrestrial radio. I have a Moto X Pure Edition phone.
  • 100% agree. I really loved the messaging everywhere, but i just dont use it anymore because there is NO way im switching to Skype as my SMS app; its terrible. The built in messaging app wins hands down. Microsofts decision to build it into skype itself is good (because then android users can take advantage of it too) HOWEVER, the skype app NEEDS to be on par with the messaging app for it to work. Unfortunatley it's not. Its really really terrible.
  • I finally went to ios. It was hard!
  • I'm going to stick with Windows Mobile until webOS makes it's triumphant return.
  • The reason to switch to IOS AND ANDROID is app and nothing more. Windows even work better on my 640xl with 1 gb ram than anroid on an 2gb or 3gb ram phone
  • I am currently using the 640XL Duel Sim on W10. When my running app froze again recently it was the final nail in the coffin for me. I am investigating the iOS and Android platforms. Apart from leaving the excellent customisation in terms of live tiles and the glance screen behind, my biggest concerns are: 1.) I want the same seamless integration and 2-way synchronisation of my MS account in terms of mail, contacts, calendars and Skype messages than on my Win Phone. 2.) The baked in W10M calculator and clock/alarm/stopwatch functions are superb. I am looking for an OS with the same quality calculator and clock apps baked into the OS. What is your experience in terms of these two issues regarding iOS and Android?
  • Yes, because iOS and Android users never experience any problems. /s
  • I had a 1520 which i loved and eventually updated to a 950xl. It is after owning an iphone and android the best os I had encountered. My 950xl broke (i dropped it) and i couldn't get a replacement so had to choose an android or ios device, I swapped for an S7, it lasted a whole day, could not stand the os or phone at all, trying to finish off everything I typed or guess what i was doing.... so I took that back and ended up with an iPhone 6 plus. I have had it for four months now and absolutely hate it. I will be going back to WP10 first chance i get, now the HP Elite X3 is coming into the second hand shops i am left trying to work out whether to pick up a second hand 950XL for £200 in CEX or the X3 which is £460 while trading what i have in. So sorry WP i missed you and will be back soon. I am not a fanboy at all, but the other two do not work for me.
  • I tried a Galaxy S3 for work, the experience of Android left me raging. No way I'm giving up my 950
  • I feel the exact same way my phone has so many issues, doesn't update to a newer os, and crashes and hangs alot and I'm on the 950xl. Android is my new preferred choice but I can't wait for Microsoft to come back like a boss and take things by storm that is if it happens
  • I am willing to wait for 1-2 years before abandoning windows mobile platform. What i need from windows 10 mobile is- fluid and hang-free U.I, o.s integritiy and overall stability, usability, productivity, APPS. 
  • At last a writer on this site that sees clearly the state of Microsoft and the Windows mobile platform. For the last few years I've been using budget phones. When i finally went back to Android I was amazed at how much better it was compared to my slow chuggy Lumia 650. Even with the same processor my new LG is just so much better.
  • Ironic how the author says W10M users have outdated information about Android and iOS because we think they are laggy. I'd say he has outdated info on W10M. Fresh installed build 15063.2 on 950XL DS is silky smooth and quick. Apps still crash and Bluetooth still sucks but laggy? Nope!
  • I love Android.
  • It hits right in the "FEELS". he spoke my mind so loud that it gave me nostalgia and memories. I left Windows with the exact same reason. I use android as I cannot afford iOS for now, but windows was the best, glorious, most promising OS i ever used.  sadly it is dying, slowly and slowly.. 
  • "Flagship phones don't perform like they are supposed to" - WTF? Do you have an Elite X3? The X3 is awesome if you stay on production builds. I love how many people complain about problems with their phone after switching to the fast ring. My x3 has been on production builds since purchase and outperforms everything else I have seen - and I just did a trial where I got to play with every high end smart phone on the market. The only place it is lacking is camera - but only if you are comparing to Lumia cameras. To each his own, but I find your lack of faith disturbing. (holds out choke hand)
  • This. If I substitued Idol 4s I would say the exact same thing.
  • Anyone moving to android and missing the Windows appearance should use squarehome2 launcher .
  • No thanks, no live tiles! Launcher 10 is better option, a bit expensive but it has live tiles which is a must for me.
  • No.
  • This "denial" stage has taken too long. Next is "bargaining" I think, right?.
  • I feel the same here. My Lumia 735 was my last hope. Now even the apps WP DOES have are being neglected. My Zynga Poker takes several times to connect and I never get my free spings for example :) I have seen recent lockups the phone never had before and a couple of times the alarm did not sound (argh). I still love the interface but with no support it is time to switch. I am waiting for the Pixel 2 (or whatever Google callse it) myself.
  • I'm looking for android phone so many options to choose from lol. I seriously only want to have a simple tap & pay app on my 950 (unavailable in Australia). Is that too much to ask for. I hear Samsung's next 'flagship' device will be a foldable screen device. As shown Samsung are quicker at getting devices to production stage perhaps MSFT will piggyback this one too.
  • Thank you. At last an honest write up as to how Nadella destroyed Windows Mobile. Glad Windows Central has at last pulled their head (or at least one head) out of the ground!!
  • Seems like a lot of people are comparing insider builds of Windows 10 Mobile to stable release versions of iOS and Android. Not really fair. Then again Microsoft has pretty much killed off Windows phone. Wonder when we will see Windows on Arm in a phone product? People might start to get "it", when new ARM powered laptops begin to trickle out...
  • The fact that people are comparing Insider builds with iOS and Android tells you something: there aren't any people who are not on Insider builds. Anyone who has stayed with W10M is a diehard fan of the platform; a relatively tech-savvy person with lots of hopes and dreams (that won't come true).
    What are people to do when all that exists in the world of W10M are unfinished "Insider" builds?
  • I'm not on the Insider program. I love my Lumia 650. Still, he has a point. It's not fair to compare Insider builds with stable releases of iOS or Android.
  • I'm not on Insider builds with my Idol 4s. Maybve you should try relying less on hyperbole in your posts.
  • I loved WP but finally moved on to iPhone on Friday.
  • You should have waited until Saturday when the new iPhone gets released.
  • Look, Microsoft ****** up Windows Phone, when they tried to mimick the iPhone launch with the Lumia 950 series of phones!  I waited for the new Windows 10 phones to come, and then Microsoft gave AT&T the exclusive for carriers!  Oh sure I could buy it unlocked, but I was already paying for a phone through my preferred carrier and I could no longer just upgrade midway through the plan!   So, right now I'm iOS and in a few weeks I'll be back on Android, but I could have been Windows Phone 10 all along.
  • Can't say I'm a fan of Satya. Feels to me like everything has gone downhill for Windows Mobile since he's been in charge... Been using Nexus 5x with Microsoft's Arrow launcher. Works great especially with the recent updates Arrow has received. Also side loaded Amazon Fire store for that one app, iTube, that lets me download YouTube videos on the go. Microsoft's Bing app has greatly improved. Oh, and unlimited backup of my photos and up to 50,000 songs for free.
  • I am a huge fan of Satya, but none of the morons who were responsible for WP, especially that cnt Joe Belfiore couldn't help the platform succeed. He made the right choice no matter how painful and embarassing it was.
  • Meh. Nice piece but in until Edge or Films & TV appear on iOS or Android I don't see the need to move. Production build on my Lumia 950 is good enough and unless the HP elite X3 gets refreshed with a camera button/ no shutter sound, DTTW and a removable battery... Then I'll simply stick with this
  • I just started using Windows Mobile 10 this year. While its does not have all the apps that I have access to with my Note 3. I still manage to find the alternative apps and the mobile Edge browser has also gotten better. Their really no need to be depress, its just a tool. Just use the one you are most comfortable with. Like any craft man use the right tool that make you a better craft man.
  • Edge is a horrible browser :D What would you want to do with that pos?  The only thing is missing is the People app. 
  • Never heard about Dennis. Looking at his crashing phone (my Lumia 950 never ever crashed) it's probably a good thing haha.
  • Sadly, I left Windows Phone last August because I was getting sick and tired of apps leaving and I decided to go to iOS and leave Windows Phone behind. But it doesn't mean that I am leaving Windows altogether. I still have my HP Pavilion 15-n083sa with Windows 10 installed. And I still think Windows is perfect for a PC. I have used Windows ever since I was a little child. My first was Windows 98 and my favourites are still Windows XP and Windows 10. I love Windows 10 on my PC, got it just before the end of the free upgrade and it has worked since day one. I can't wait to see the future of Windows!
  • It's not dead, it's pining for the fjords!
  • How much were you paid by Apple for this nonsense article?
  • Well, maybe it's dying, but I still like the design and my phone. I really love my phone, and, however, will use it for a long time.
  • I got a share of frustrations with my lumia 720 on windows 10. It's taking new photos too long to show up. Sharing files, if not laggy will crash the apps. Double tap to wake not working when kept asleep for really long time. The most annoying is when i took a video of my cat having delivery, the phone crashed And restarted just before i press stop and the video was lost. Of course I can't force my cat to have another delivery. The phone doesnt have downloaded apps besides viber. It even doesnt have facebook app. So it's should be as good as out of box experience. So it's disappointing.
  • I'd love to see the telemetry microsoft has for people who are still sticking with WinMo, that list must be gold. It's got all the people who will take whatever abuse you throw at them and come back for more.
  • No abuse. I don't have any problems with my phone. Also, you're pretending that iOS and Androd users never have problems. Try perusing Apple forum and see what kind of problems they have.
  • Indeed, rich people have problems too, even champions and superstars do.
    But guess what. They are not the same issues those who struggle making ends meet are facing. It is sad how microsoft's own apps are performing, not only that, the vast majority of Wndows Phones out there is losing support of key apps like Skype!!! That is ridiculous! 
  • Love my 950xl. Live the live tiles, hate the ios, android layout. My xl has not crashed once and has everything I need, not interested in apps, plus individual apps on iOS, android looks awful. Live tile design is perfect. Sticking with windows mobile
  • I've never had the problems he mentioned, either. The only app that I've had crash is Facebook and I solved that problem by using a third party app. In the five months I've had my Idol 4s it has never frozen or randomy rebooted. There are some problems with WM10 (like the keyboard and predictive texts) but I've not experienced lagging at all.
  • Hmm, such a sad story. I am also a Microsoft fan. I had Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Phone 7.8, Windows Phone 8.1 and now Windows 10 Mobile. I have converted my wife to Windows on phone with a Nokia Lumia 800. Since then she had a Nokia Lumia 925, and now she owns a Microsoft Lumia 950. Me personally I use a a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. I also converted my parents to use smartphones with Microsoft OS.
    I haven't experienced these lags, crashes and restarts you are talking about. True, I have never put on my phone the Insider version of the OS. Maybe that helped.
    I'm content with the way my phone behaves and I'm quite happy with the applications that are available in the Store. It is true there were situations when I was tempted to try a new app and I couldn't do that because it didn't had a version for Windows Phone, or Windows 10 Mobile. But I got over the frustration.
  • Hmm, such a sad story. I am also a Microsoft fan. I had Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Phone 7.8, Windows Phone 8.1 and now Windows 10 Mobile. I have converted my wife to Windows on phone with a Nokia Lumia 800. Since then she had a Nokia Lumia 925, and now she owns a Microsoft Lumia 950. Me personally I use a a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. I also converted my parents to use smartphones with Microsoft OS.
    I haven't experienced these lags, crashes and restarts you are talking about. True, I have never put on my phone the Insider version of the OS. Maybe that helped.
    I'm content with the way my phone behaves and I'm quite happy with the applications that are available in the Store. It is true there were situations when I was tempted to try a new app and I couldn't do that because it didn't had a version for Windows Phone, or Windows 10 Mobile. But I got over the frustration.
  • I agree with you, I had nearly all Lumia phones and now we have 3 devices of 950 XL. They work very well, and we stay putside insiders, with insiders you will only get a lot odf problems, we test it on one device, terrible most of the time. I love the Windows 10 system what ever it´s our desktops or phones. We have never problems, but with a test in 6 months with Samsung 7 Edge, we had all kind of problems.Windows is great, and it will even be better in the future, they constantly update apps and everything.    
  • I tried to stay with windows phone and even office 365 and outlook.. Android on my Pixel Xl is fast, I have every app, Inbox looks like a Supermodel compared to outlook on the desktop. I tried Windows and Blackberry I like underdogs ( Go Browns) but they are like cars from the 90's in todays fast moving tech world. Apps are very useful  and up until 2016 I thought you dont need them rocking my blackberry Classic. Not only can you dump Windows Phone ( and face it if Microsoft did not have so much money it would be a dead platform now) you can dump exchange and outlook and live happy and free. I did it after 20 years and never going back.
  • Office 365 and Outlook just can't be beat. They simply are far superior. 
  • Traitor. If your phone gave you problems you should have RMA's it. It was malfunctioning. Or (most likely) you were running the windows insider preview builds that were unstable. I've had no issues with Windows 10 on my 950XL
  • I javé a lot of problems and can't RMA also, since Microsoft support say I don't have support anymore. I stayed in WP for a long time and no changes came and a lot of info and photos I lost. It's a pitty.
  • My thought was that the bugginess and random reboots are related to using an SD card that's too slow for the phone.
  • I can sympathize and unless things change drastically my next phone will also not be a windows device (I'm on vzw, I'm in a doubly bad situation). That said that doesn't mean I'm not going to be dissapointed by the switch. I can sympathize with the buggyness, but only to a point. Maybe I'm just lucky (so far) but I don't have anywhere near the level of issue you're having. My biggest compaints actually center on Cortana and car audio bluetooth. That's a very rough area of the OS and always has been. It's inconsistent as all get out. My last HTC One m* (stuck on thresh 2) worked better in many ways than my current Icon on Creators. Currently I can only pause music, and only in groove app. I can't skip or go back at all. To issue new cortana commands vai "voice tag" feature on my kenwood I actually have to wait for the icon screen to turn off (I can do it manually to speed it up, not a great option while driving). Blue tooth connection is also spotty and unstable but I don't 100% pin this on Microsoft and Icon since it seems to work a lot better (but not perfect) with car radios that come from the manufaturer (like UConnect). That said, the program is for sure stagnet and while I love the platform (yes still, sorry whatother platform pushes your phone notifications to your pc?) and because of that I can't recommend windows to anyone. On balance I'll probably go with iOS especially after seeing how google stores all of your voice commands (and makes them available on your settings page).  Note, everything you say around google is being recorded and stored for posterity.
  • Already switched and I am not looking back unless a very impressive true x86 device comes in this year. Android is covering all my needs very nicely and with litle fuss.
  • Well, I left to. It's realy slow Compared to Android or ios. I now use a galaxy s7 and if you compare the speed with my lumia 950xl the galaxy is so much faster. Just opening the Facebook app on my lumia takes like 30 seconds and on my galaxy its instant. Most apps on Windows 8.1 on mij old lumia 640 open so much faster. Ist simply  anoying. You have a Phone with darn good specs but Windows 10 is holding it back. If i could instal Windows 8.1 on my lumia 950xl i do it without a dought. Shame on you microsoft. 
  • The writer is correct all the way. I mean I too am not a huge fan of apps. But the main apps required are the stick ones for sure- Browser, Dialer, Mail service and bunch of other like calc etc.. Now to begin with, explorer which is the key app of a smart phone, which is the main reason why phones are not "phones". Look at the Edge. I mean **** it. Gone are the days when I could challenge any android or ios to top the performance of internet explorer of my modest L520. Today I own L950 and I am burned to shame when ......
    1- when I switch tabs or copy my ebay password from OneNote to come back to explorer I notice that the page starts to reload and I have to fill in everything once again, I mean wow..with a 3gb ram the explorer doesn't have an idea to at least preserve the page for sometime. No intuition whatsoever.
    2- I can't copy text for the most time. Then irritatingly I press select all and other stuff which freezes the page.
    3- The hyperlink press is usually a miss. For e.g. I could hardly reply readers or up/down vote them within a forum because my Edge browser doesn't realizes that it need to respond to the hyperlink and I keep on banging the screen and ask to myself, why the **** I am still sticking with this garbage. Just imagine, the banking websites that we have to deal with on Edge browser.
    4- So many times a day, the keyboard doesn't shows up and keep on wondering what I was supposed to type. I mean try this in Amazon, it's almost 90% miss. U try to search for products within the website and the keyboard won't show up.
    5- Pdf has been pushed to be handled exclusively by Edge. I mean why... ******* Fascists. Everyone knows that pdf on edge is primitive. My xodo can take a better care of pdfs thrown at them. And epub is a joke too. Any one who has used bookwiser knows it.
    That's the story of EDGE only.
    I can go on and on with my grievances. I am sticking to my windows because of it's camera, the great screen and the spectacular keyboard(with dumb prediction.. Why the hell have they brought SwiftKey of they could make it available at the Store. ).
    I think my days with windows are numbered too.
    The interface and beauty are no reason to stick to a nonperforming OS. Android on my wife's mediocre Lenovo k5 is far reliable and when it comes to banking and reservation I always use the android.
  • PS: I am on slow insider ring. But believe me I was tempted to upgrade because I was facing most of the problems I have already listed here..
  • This is sad but the same happens to me. After years of using Windows phone finally i make the step to an Andrioid device, but still use my LUMIA 1520 at home. Is very sad how Microsoft treats us as loyal users an simple despise us ignore us.
  • Dennis, I don't doubt you had the issues you had, but it also sounds like some justifying why you are moving to iOS, which is understandable. I currently have a 950XL, Samsung S6 Edge, and iPhone 6. All of these phones have something to offer, however, everytime I use one of my other phones, within a few days, I swap my sim back to the 950XL. The iPhone screen quality is dull and the layout boring. I don't care if I can get the latest popular apps, all I need is text, phone, whatsapp, and pay. I get all that with the 950XL. Mine is way faster than those other phones, so again, maybe you've got something going on with your phone as I have to restart my Lumia less that the other two. And don't be fooled, they all freeze and crash. The payment function is also quicker on the Lumia, than the other phones, hell, everything is faster, so I'm not sure what's up with your phone. ​The other problem you have is that you had to jailbrake the iPhone to get it to do what you want. That's not something most people can or want to do. I agree there are great Microsoft apps on these devices, but generaly the iOS doesn't play nice with anything other than Apple products. The Samsung is a terrible memory hog with a battery life of a few hours. The iPhone hasn't changed in years and is the same old tired stuff. ​I wish you well, but I wouldn't be surprised if in a month you write another article of 'Why I came back to Windows 10 mobile'. 
  • I sympathise totally with the writer, I am the same as he, a Microsoft fan, used the phone since it came, think it the best system available, BUT now looking like an Idiot after recommending the phone to people and now telling them to go back to what they had before and my self looking at replacing with an Android (iApple never), one sure feels let down.  The CEO’s last and present use their iPhones and don’t give a hoot about Windows Mobile.  
  • If I could write in english as I can in spanish you can see why his opinion doesn't matter. You are fan of windows mobile? Microsoft is a company. Period. You are not the "biggest" fan because you "own" every device they release. You US people are wrong. People don't buy phones because they need to own every latest device, with latest features, they buy it because they need to. $700 phone is not for most people
  • Well I'd rather say that I am a fan of Windows. In India Nokia was the trusted Phone. When Windows came with with I Started using it. And I am used to it. Starting with 720 , now I own 650, the last peice of Windows Phone available in my City.  I love this phone. Though my second phone is android i rarely use it. My phone never hanged. At times it get restarts (may be once in 100 days), but i see this as a feature of Windows. Instead of hanging android, it is better to get restarted. Call quality is uncomparable and the phone never gets heated even with 4G. No need of 6GB and 4GB ram. My 1 gb ram 720 works cool.  Yes it lacks few things but i dont think it is must. Already 500 comments, this might to go unread but i feel happy that argued something for the phone which I love. Some improvements required like the Camera which takes a lot of time to process and gives a crap as output. I had a better cam in 720 than 650. hope to see something better soon.
  • Since I switched to Android a couple of weeks ago my new Galaxy S6 edge actualy notifies me that an email has been received at almost exactly the same moment that Outlook on my surface or PC does. This never happened with Outlook on my 950. Even sync is better on android than it was under WP. Its sad but the reality is my Galaxy is much faster, much more reliable and does a much better job syncing, calendar and email with office 365 than WP did. Then there are all those apps! With launcher 10 Android is a productive environment and that is what I want from a smart phone. 
  • Android and iOS as in full sync with Windows 10 on PC. Even Cortana is synced perfectly.  The notifications come simultaneously on Phone, Tablet and Laptop. My wife complains about the notification sounds so I had to switch them off.  :D 
  • Yes, unfortunately that's the sad truth about WP. I convinced many people to come to WP, but now we're all in a very uncomfortable situation. It's very clear the lack of care MSFT has for its mobile phones costumers..
  • Don't remind me, I made the same mistake.
  • Reading this article along with the comments makes me think of yall as pu**ys. I'm going down with this ship and not with the hopes that they will get better I try my best giving feedbake and suggestions or emails. They don't read what we post in these forums maybe im wrong who knows and the feedback apps is not where one would want them to know that they are shi**ing on us, but arn't they trying to build something that works around us with us it's users. If we don't let them know how crappy the system is how will they know to fix it. Tho i'm sure they are StubbornAsFup.  
  • We go together than, brother!
  • The final straw was the lack of dev support for apps bottom line. I coudnt get any support for my bank, some of the tv streaming apps like Directv, nothing. Left Windows in the dust and havent looked back. I have family members i recommended Nokia 950, I had the Nokia 1520 and 920 and they were great from a hardware perspective but apps leaving the plattform killed them. Family still use the 950 but only because it still has facebook. 
  • I feel the same way! I've been too long waiting for the that UPDATE, I that never came. So, I just switched, for now, and about 2 weeks ago, to Android ecosystem. The level of smartphone costumisation and apps integration with so many things has been great! I feel upset that MICROSOFT didn't accomplish and Excelled with their fan base! Greetings from Portugal 🇵🇹
  • 100% with you man. Fully agree.  ​What saddens me even more, is that the mf responsible for this mess, that worthless and clueless excuse of a leader Joe Belfiore was not fired. 
  • Well, here is another whine article for those who have jumped ship and now want to help drag things down completely if that were possible. Really? Do we need an explanation as to why anybody abandoned Windows on Mobile? Post this on the ios or android site. Those of us who actually read these kinds of bloggs all know what's going on with the platform. So this kind of article is not really necessary. Of course all of this is my opinion. But If you've left the platform good for you. Goodbye and enjoy your new life. No need for an article about it unless you have an agenda. Like trying to deliver a message to Microsoft or those of us still using the platform. But the fact is it doesn't matter why you become disloyal or give up. The fact is you gave up. You quit! So when you leave just leave. This is common not only with bloggers but, employees, and people involved with social groups or organizations. Just move on and do your next thing. Why don't we just have a place called, "A place to Rant and Whine". Oh nevermind, that's what blocking is all about. Well, I'm enjoying my Lumia 950 XL and It's now running great! I am not having any of the problems described in this article anymore since last year. In fact It's now better than any of my previous phones. Including my Android & iOS models. And yes, I have a 1520, 930, & 830 and they all run Win 10, though not as good as the 950XL I'll admit. But they work just fine and even well. Yeah yeah, I don't have a lot of apps; that would be nice. But I work around that with an old deactivated wifi use only Samsung & HTC phones that are paired to my Lumia 950 XL for data that I keep around just in case I need an app I don't have. Which is not too often by the way. If your phone isn't working right, you should get it repaired or get onto a solid build. Even if that means going back to 8.1 for you. If thats working for you then celebrate that. Nowadays Windows 10 Mobile or whatever you want to call it is doing well and getting better all the time. Where are the people who offer solutions to help build the platform? People who are making it work and want to see others make it work. Problem solvers are able to help others succeed with the platform and demonstrate its usefulness. If you can't do that then just keep quiet unless someone actually asks. So people, if you're unhappy and can't find satisfaction. Then move on quietly and stop trying to add or cast your despair upon the rest of us. If things get better I will be there through the process. If they get worse, I will deal with that as well as it comes. But become a whiner or a complainer to drag over someone else's work or experience I will not do.
  • I have to agree with you, Shelcom3, 100%.  I actually use a hacked Samsung ATIV SE that originally ran 8.0 on Verizon.  I have it running Win 10 Mobile build 15063.2 as of writing this post.  It runs fantastic.  Actually I have two of them, both running the same build and my wife has one running the latest Release Preview.  All work great.  I have no problems with reboots and lockups, at least no more than a normal Android phone would have; and I've had them.  The ATIV SE is circa 2014 but it is just as good or better than some of the circa 2017 phones coming out right now.  Sure it doesn't have Continuum, but it has just about everything else.  The only way I would go to any other phone, that I wouldn't have to hack, would be to go to a 950 or 950XL.  The OS has come a long way since these phones were introduced.  Am I scared Win 10 Mobile is a dying OS?  A little, but am I going to give up?  No.  I do use the Feedback system for Win 10 Mobile.  And yes, MS does listen; I've actually had one of my requests implemented on PC and phone.  Now, is that to say all feedback requests will get implemented, maybe not.  I've seen a lot of stuff on there that just isn't feasable or would take a long time to do.  The true Win 10 Mobile fans will stick with it until the very end, if there is an end.  The writer of this article is not a true Win 10 Mobile fan.  I don't care if there aren't many apps, I don't care if there are a few bugs, I don't care if someone else says "I don't like Win 10 Mobile", I'm sticking with it until I can't.  If more true fans of the OS would stand up and say to MS, "let's keep it going", instead of jumping ship, maybe they would.  I know that Win on ARM is coming, only MS knows when, but even that might be way out of the ordinary consumers' hand, financially.  Win 10 Mobile should be for those who wouldn't be able to get there hands on a Win on ARM device.  Okay, I've babbled on long enough.  To all Win 10 Mobile fans out there...let's keep it going and don't just give up.  It's a nice OS...give it a chance.  Hopefully MS will.  My opinion.   - RW
  • I used iPhones for years - from the first one to the 5S. I got bored with it, plus I am a fan of MS, so I switched to Windows phone. I got a Lumia 830 (aka Icon) and it was running Windows 8. I really liked it. Now, I am using a 950 and W10M and it is way better. We have iPhones, Android phones and Windows phones in my household and I "support" them all for my family and find the iOS and Android devices to be boring compared to my Windows phone. I have been fortunate that I haven't been forced back to iPhone to get a required app so I am still on WP but with apps only being developed for iOS and Android, I am frequently running into the problem of not being compatible or missing out on functionality others enjoy. I will fight to stay on WP but at the same time I can understand why maintaining apps for 2 operating systems is challenging and costly enough, let alone doing it for 3 - I am sure developers don't have much appetite for focusing on a 3rd platform to maintain. I have considered getting an iPad mini just to access apps I want/need to while still keeping my WP, but that may be a hassle. I really want to stay on WP because I like it way better than the others. I don't need a new game changing Surface Phone (although that would be exciting) but I do need new Windows Phones. My 950 is still running great but I am concerned what will happen when the battery or something else starts to fail and I need to upgrade. What am I going to do, hunt around for used phones that still work? Anyway, still committed to WP but don't know how long I can perservere.
  • Haha. I like this article. Really really tells us all the relatable issues with the windows mobile. Yes, it is a disappointment. But not really.
    It actually depends on the perspective.
    I may sure be a failure. But it is not a disappointment for me as such.
    Agreed i ain't no developer, but i probably have used windows phones more than many developers haha. Right from lumia 800, to 610, to 720 to 535 to 640 xl to 830, to 950xl. Had them all, used them all. Although i couldn't get my hands on elite x3 and idol 4s as i lost both the windows central contests which i tried to win by working really hard... And i am not rich. I am just a student yet. So cannot really buy the phone as i don't have money.
    So anyway, what i am saying is microsoft windows mobile is a sinking ship like titanic, and i am its captain who is not gonna abandon his ship. Only my death or the ship's death can separate us. Haha.
    And what it is that is required to do that? Courage and respect.
    No matter whst you call windows, they tried. And they tried really hard. (except the part in the end where they kinda abondoned us in the middle of nowhere.) but they tried. Name any other o.s. That came as close as microsoft did in the o.s. Race. Hell, even the almighty cyanogen mod failed. Worse than windows.
    My point is, microsoft did try. They surely made poor mistakes. But then they did not stop. Till date they are trying to make it better. And llok at the new tech they making. Just lovely.
    It all comes down to personal choice. 1. You wanna enjoy the o.s. Which is perfect or polished and works well. 2. You wanna enjoy something which is rough, but new, different, and not boring.
    1 is the easy way out. And the sensible one too.
    But 2 is one hell of an adventure. An adventure that one can be proud of, no matter how it ends.
    Have you ever heard anyone say "you Know i hsve been using android since the ice cream sandwoch days..." And stuff like that? You probably havent. But you sure have heard people boasting about them using windows phones since the windows 7 days.
    Thats excusivity right there. There is pride in it. Pride in following something that you like. Not being a sheep and buying something which everyone is.
    I love windows phones for this.
    They are different.
    Also, the future looks promising.
    So unlike the writer of the arcticle here, i dont want to switch to a better platform and be happy. No. I dont like that.
    I would rather be a part of something which is still budding, developing, and aspiring to become something big some day. Agreed phones may die. But windows as a platform wont. It cannot.
    Snd one day when it reaches its goals and aims, that day i shall say the same thing proudly i mentioned above. "you know, i have never left microsoft or windows platform since the windows 7 days. And look where it is right now."
    I wanna be there. I wanna see it all.
    Since childhood i wanted to see a flower bloom in motion. But i would never be able to see it. One moment it would be closed, the other moment even if I blink, it would have fully bloomed.
    What would have been amazing is me being able to see the flower bloom, gradually, slowly, opening it's petals and finally blooming.
    That's what I am gonna do here.
    What the author and others are doing is watching the flower closed, leaving, and waiting to arrive again when it blooms. It is the smart and logical thing to do.
    But i want to see the flower bloom. So i am gonna be here throughout. Waiting for Microsoft to finally reach its destination point. Finally achieving its goals, finally blooming. I wanna be there all. I wanna see it happen.
    So. I am gonna stay. Gonna give feedbacks, no matter how ignorant they become. I shall advertise windows phones till i can. I shall update, reset, recover, replace, reboot, sell, buy, and whatever i have to, to be there, and see Microsoft realise it's dreams.
    Coz it may be just Microsoft. But they are my dreams as well. Again, it is all personal.
    For me, this is personal, and it is personal. Haha. I ain't leaving this platform till it dies, or i die.
  • Buy a Mi5 from Xiaomi running Android, then compare it for value for money against any Windows offering
  • The message seems pretty clear to me.   First, buy the Lumia brand then immediately shut it down.  Second, dump the remaining 950 phones at fire sale prices.  Third, sell Android phones.  It's all over, folks.  I still have two 1520s and one Icon.   I already sold an Icon on Ebay, and will soon be selling the other one.   But I will keep the 1520s.  They are just too nice.     
  • I've had a few Android phones and got really sick of the constant time consuming app updates. Had one overpriced iPhone which became full and incapable of adding memory.  I wasn't even aware Windows phones existed till a friend mentioned he had one.  I got a second hand Lumia 1520 and I adore this thing.  The interface between devices is amazing to me.  I think most apps are mostly useless links I can get around by using the browser.  Yes, there have been some update complications but I'm still thrilled with Windows 10 across the board.  I just don't know why MOST people don't even know that there are Windows phones at all!  I'm having to explain it to people a lot.  Perhaps Microsoft needs to step up advertising like all Android and Apple phones do.  I hope NEVER to go back to either of them.
  • No NEW Windows phones to upgrade to on Verizon and they never pushed update to WIN10.  So,  I left a year ago and switched to SPRINT and got an Android. Maybe someday I'll go back but they would have to convince more carriers and manufacturers to carry the phones and stop releasing flagship phones to only one manufacturer (ATT)!
  • I was like WTF man! A windows central editor that leaves the platform and do it so loudly on the very central windows website? Then I talked to a MS guy and he said: "I think that S8 looks like a real good buy at this point. Don't see anything on the horizon that compels me to stick with w10 anymore."
    Well, that's the end.
  • I still love my Lumia 950 waiting for the Creators update April 11th. If that sucks, I don't know what I'll do. My wife's 830 is getting old so I might get her the S8 as a replacement to see if it could work for me.
  • I think that I've had a device on every windows mobile HTC HD7. I switched to Android after that, I tried to stay loyal to MS, I had three different Zunes, also.  It just seems that MS wasn't in it for us users. Whether it's apps or accessories, it seems that they don't want to improve their market share.  I did delve back in recently with an Alcatel idol 4s, but not for the VR.  It's a pretty great device for it's price point. I just would like to know that MS will back us in the future.
  • Seems like a tale of two user types, those who have issues on win 10 and those who don't. Fortunately my 950xl runs fine, it's on latest build is smooth and doesn't do random reboots or freeze. I'm not a huge app user so I guess I'm in a minority but as long as I can email text make calls check my calendar play music and voice respond to incoming messages through Bluetooth in my car then I'm happy. The awesome camera is just a bonus.
  • Windows 10 Mobile User Experience is horrible, and as bad as struggling with basics such as contact lists on Android is, overall it offers a superior experience, let alone a richer app library, and I won't even bother comparing it with iOS. As an owner of devices in all 3 platforms and as someone who had invested in the Windows Phone platform it saddens me that while many tried to support it, it actually commited suicide and hanged everyone who supported it to dry. Sad development indeed. and as Captain Hook said, no amount of claps are going to bring it back from where it was sent. ​Kill it with fire, and move on. It stinks big time. 
  • No, the two types are the people who still notice the problems, and the ones who have gotten so used to the problems that they don't.
  • I am really puzzled by the point of this article. As the site is 'Windows Central' it is reasonable to expect some of the writers to use the Phone OS, at least for the context of testing (other sites do this). And surely the point of this site is to report on Windows products (clue's in the title) And do we know what is believed to be the flaws with Windows Mobile 10, well yeah...they have been laboriously documented. But this sort of sensationalist dramatic headline feels like clickbait. If you don't like the OS now I doubt you did a year ago. This feels more like you trying to justify why you left. Use Android, IOS or whatever else you wish to use. Hopefully some staff writers can still update us on changes to Windows Mobile as they happen because that is why we come to this site.
  • The "point" is basically that Windows Mobile is dead, but that the post- W10M afterlife is actually much better than our life now. The staff at Windows Central are just trying to help everybody move on. Like the article just published here about the Samsung Galaxy S8......Android smartphone.......that Microsoft will be selling at the store. Mary Jo left the platform months ago. The Windows Central crew are abandoning it. Even Microsoft employees don't use it.  Hell, I'm the biggest Windows Phone fanboy there is. I've been using Windows Mobile since the late 90s. I drink the Kool Aid so religiously that I urinate purple. And even an emotionally committed apologist like me has finally come to the realization that W10M sucks and will never be fixed.
  • I have been using a Lumia 950XL since it was released and admit, if this article was written when it was first released I would have agreed.  Each update has improved the experience though.   I am not a diehard Windows fan.  In fact, I have used Android since Android 1.5 and I only just changed to Windows Mobile with the release of the Lumia 950's.  My experience of Windows 10 Mobile is the exact opposite of this article in general.  I found the user interface fluid, intuitive and easy to navigate.  I have had absolutely no issue with lag, other than a poorly coded App designed for an earlier version of Windows Phone.  Once that app was deleted, all was good again.  Sure, there are odd bugs with Cortana and Bluetooth for me, but nothing more than Android and Apple have had with their systems really.   The App Gap is the main issue I face, but given how nice Mobile Edge is to use compared to the opposition's browsers, I have not missed the apps as much as I thought I would.   Windows Fans want development and more third party developers to jump on board, but for every time a user leaves the platform it makes it less attractive for development. Maybe the author of this article has had a bad experience, but from what I have read on many forums, this is an exception rather than a rule when working with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • I switched to iOS late last year. I had far too many stability issues using Windows 10 on my Lumia 735, mixed in with a serious lack of apps that I needed, and I finally had to leave. I already use a Mac as my primary computer, so it made more sense to stay in the same ecosystem than going to Android.
  • i have left Windows mobile in february,my last phone with the microsoft ecosystem was the 950XL  i had the 640 xl before that and also before the lumia 820 with wp8.1 but  the 950xl with windows 10 is awfully slow and poor performance, the battery do not reach from 8AM-3PM and have to recharge it,  the bugs of system and lack of apps is now amazing, and incredible, i had to beg to my bank to get an app for WP/WM10  because was changing  the system of  authentication for transaction from an  card with keys  to an app that dynamically gives  codes ,  just got sick of beg to each developer for an app, even the government  apps  that should i use  in Chile are not in WP only Android and IOS, so why still loving to an platform like WP when had more of 7 to 9 years and have not even took flight, also the absence of new devices and  the bugs of system and  problems with camera app  i find unacpetable that takes 12 seconds average  to focus and  do the shot the lumia 950xl  more of 12 seconds in fact on my vacation i purchased an samsung s7 and   i had to use the s7 for  take pictures because each time i attempted to take pictures with my 950xl,  i ended up losing the picture, i find not acceptable the poor performance of w10m , also have purchased many apps and the developers just left did not even warned me that the  app that have purchased  just abandoned the store till i have to do an full hard reset and find that the app do not exist anymore so i feel in some sense like defrauded and  fooled  by microsoft, the developers even  have not  made  an return of the money spent of their apps of lower quality also.   i think the major cancer of Windows mobile  10 are the insiders, is this not an popular point but have to say that many  only downloadaded and  uses the insider version of windows either on mobile or PC  for just look like cool towards their friends since has something nobody else can have ,but  those people that i would dare to say that is the 89% of the  insiders have never sent an feedback to  microsoft, have never complained by the slow camera focus on flagships phones like the 950xl and   nobody even have   done any support or done the work of  look the bug, and  for some time at last   windows 10 be better,  in fact in computer i find unacceptable that when i  sellect many elements via mouse drag and drop later of  stop of  move the mouse to  select items, the mouse   on my computer still sellecting and moving  till reach the final to the list of elements  when just wanted to sellect 30 elements and not from an folder mof 10000 photos choose and select via drag of mouse the 10000  photos, i find that the insiders must think that this bug makes windows different and perhaps even good because  they have no idea how operating systems  should work at the perfection.   the lie that android now is glitchy is a thing of the past only if you get an cell phone based in mediatek or any other processor that do not be an qualcomm  perhaps  would not work as desired nbut on phones  qualcom processors works  good.
  • True. I have been speaking terribly of Android for the last years, using Windows mobile on phones/pdas since HP 2650 (?) - and i've bought WM phones for me (3x), wife and dad in the last years, and now i've ended up buying 2 oneplus T for me and my wife... in one week ive found abouy 170 apps and games i would like to try...
    Could you write a tutorial for WM users that changed to Android and want to use the MS apps?
    Thank you
  • Clickbait article with 560+ comments, congratulations Windows Central.  Drove visits to your site eh? I've had my 950 since release and don't have issues with random reboots or app crashes.  I think I've done a hard reset once since I've gotten it and that was because I had a several day delay in receiving a voice mail.  I don't know if it was a problem with AT&T or with the phone. I'm simply not going to switch...   If I ever did, it would be to Android (and yes Android does have a security issue).
  • "That doesn't mean you won't get a good experience with Android. I've noticed that the vast majority of Windows Phone diehard fans have false and outdated information about Android and what it is today. The general opinion is that it's slow, laggy, unstable and insecure, which isn't necessarily the case. This could have been the case six years ago, but Android today is a solid all-around OS." I use both iOS and Android. I would like to point out that a jailbroke iPhone is WAY LESS SECURE than Android. jail breaking removes ALL of Apples security. You are basically an open target. jail breaking iOS is a really Bad idea.
  • I don't really understand jailbreaking a nice thing like an iPhone just to add some Microsoft features. Cortana is not *that* good. Leave it be! To the other diehards, WP isn't dead but it's not alive either. It exists because MS got their OS into that small percentage of phones and they have to support your purchase for a while longer. It's cheaper than the fallout from killing it off. It can't recover, though. I'm glad I got rid of my last 950 a couple of years ago, while it was still worth something at CeX. I'm on an S6 and thinking about what to trade up to next. It was so liberating to get away from MS after all the chances I gave them to get it right, and time has proved me right. If I hadn't moved on, I'd still be there. Waiting for a phone to work.
  • I own a Samsung Galaxy S7 and a Windows 640 and there are still some really great features on Windows platform I can't find on Android, like having my text messages read to me in driving mode and the ability to reply by voice if I want. This feature doesn't work on my Android phone. The Windows phone is just easier at accessing features. I used to love Android and before that the iOS platform. I came to the Windows platform late, but I really like its simplicity. 
  • At first I didn't know what you meant by  "driving mode" huh? But then realized you are talking about the bluetooth device text read function. Oh , that. I first noticed that when I first got windows phone 10 on a new/used 640. My bluetooth speaker started announcing my texts one day and I was like "what the.."  I impressed my (iphone) daughter with it and said, "can your iphone do that?" not sure if it could but she didn't seem to know if it could or not. Yea, it would have been great if Microsoft advertised their unique features to stimulate sales. They did this in 2010-12 but what happened after that? 
  • I love the Microsoft phones. I started with the 920, then bought the 950XL. I've had the XL for about a year now and it is finally having issues. My phone will restart when the battery is at less than 40%, the start menu crashes due to too many folder tiles. To each their own, but I really don't know what other OS I would use, and I may have to choose. It was only recently that I headed to the Microsoft store only to learn that they don't have any Lumia's in stock. The fact that the battery is replaceable, but they don't even carry stock. This article hit the nail on the head. I understand that it's an uphill (money sucking) battle for Microsoft, but the fact that it feels like there is no support from the company who sells you their product is truly devastating. I'm not saying that Apple or Google have customer support that is much better, but at least you know where they stand, and that is behind their product. What is a user supposed to do when nobody, not even Microsoft will even fix the hardware, never mind software. All that said, I will still keep my XL until I'm forced to give it up, but it will be a damn shame. It's disgusting to see a product with such potential fail so badly. Microsoft needs to figure out once and for all if they're all in for Mobile and take the lead (at least a stand), or just be profitable as a supporting character.
  • I don't think any Windows Phone fan would disagree with being frustrated at some point with the direction of MSFT when it comes to mobile.  Windows phone 7 with it's panoramic scroll and big letters, gave a distinctive flavor that no other mobile OS.  Facebook integration was a great feature that you didn't get with others either.  Things have changed since then, but Windows mobile still provides a different feel then iOS or Andriod for me.  For all the doomsday rhetoric the reality is that Windows 10 mobile is still around.  I don't think Groove or Music and Video work better on iOS or Andriod.  I know for a fact the MSFT band 2 doesn't. My dad has issues with his using his iPhone all the time. MSFT has openly admitted that their focus wouldn't be on mobile a few years ago. With that being said, they've still pushed out updates, improved functionality and in my opinion, improved the overall experience.  It leaves me to wonder what will happen when they do focus on mobile.  I'm not sure, but I do know that for me Windows 10 mobile is still what I prefer.
  • Just made up my mind 2 days ago. After years I'm leaving Windows Phone. What enforced me was the article on the Microsoft enabled S8. For me this confirmed Microsoft will put more focus on making their software products work on "competitive" OS'es and make more money that way. I have pre-ordered the S8 as Android is a more open OS then IOS and I hate to be held hostage by a brand like Apple..
  • I admit, I thought that was a bit odd that Microsoft would start selling Android handsets.  But this article here is the first I'd heard of MS Staff not using MS handsets.  I'd like to know where the proof is of that, as it's a pretty big claim.   As to most insiders not providing feedback, I don't know how that can be sustantiated either.  But, no matter. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.
  • Yeah, I was a PocketPC, Windows Mobile user... it was the Windows Phone 7 transition and finally the Windows Phone 8 abandonment of Windows Phone 7 users that made me jump to Android permanently. I still have a "play around with it" Windows Phone to keep up with what's newish with the OS, but have been using Android phones as my daily drivers. Windows Phone is definitely dying now, but if it can hang on till x86 ARM emulation is practical, it may live again as a Continuum business platform phone. Honestly, Android was the spiritual sucessor to Windows Mobile.  Windows Phone 7 was mostly a clone of Apple's iOS business model without any of the "cool" factor needed for success.  (Social integration was better, but I didn't care about that stuff, and still don't.)  iOS even integrated MS Exchange support earlier than Windows Phone.  At least with Continuum, and the HP Elite X3, Microsoft seems to be going back its roots and courting the business crowd.  Too bad most C level executives have iPhones and their IT staff have worked hard to already have integrated iOS into their Active Directory Wintel corporate networks, so don't care about Windows based Phones as much anymore.
  • I have a 950XL and said to myself this is going to probably be the last Microsoft phone I buy. I really never had a problem with any of the phone's I owned since the HTC Surround to the Lumia 925. I just think a windows phone is the underdog and that is the way Microsoft wants it for now. That is why you can leave, but you sir can't come back. Not after that sorry article. either stay and fight or cop out. It has been said that Windows mobile will die, will dominate or just fade away. Which side are you on? I think it is the best operating system and the easiest to use and can only get better. I mean we are talking Microsoft here the company everyone use to hate. Surface makes sense to complete the circle. that is the way it should work right? Well I got my 950XL and it works fine for me. what is all this talk about apps? I mean if your on the internet what can't you get. 
  • > I mean if your on the internet what can't you get. The apps. Case and point.
  • Windows phone is a joke right now. I will be leaving as soon as I can decide between ios and android. Had apple before didn't like it  but have never used android. My main issues with Windows phone are: 1/ "Something went wrong" message all the freaking time when trying to get my office 365 mail. For heaven's sake it's all microsoft SORT IT OUT! 2/ In emails or online when you try to click a link at least 50% of the time it thinks you're trying to select the text. AAAARGH! 3/ Photos. Sooo Looong to process 4/ Apps. Anyone seen any? For most of what I want to do I have to use a 3 year old iphone to get the app. It's embarrassing. 5/ Payment and banking. Nope. Can't do it. 6/ Phantom missed calls/voicemail/sms. My glance screen says I've a message/mised call/sms. Go to the phone app - no message/missed call/sms. WTF? Basically it's just not very good and it isn't getting better.
  • Recently got my LG v20, and yes it is really awesome experience, no more resuming screen, still keeping my lumia 920 to continue the experimentation on Windows Mobile, I don't want to rant on wp here as whole community already knows that all. Will definitely switch back when things get in shape for Microsoft. And yes the article is honest whether it is needed or not...
  • I left Windows Phone 8 for very much the same reasons. Essentially, the OS was buggy and the bugs just kept getting worse. WP7 was fantastic, and even early WP8 was great. But eventually the lack of OS support wore it down. For example, my phone had trouble maintaining a Bluetooth connection to my car stereo. It would just forgot about the stereo and not resume audio playback. I was fine with the app selection on WP, but the core OS just felt buggy and unstable. Eventually I ditched it for an iPhone and I never once had any of the problems I had on WP. Despite my love for the platform, I could not ignore the reliability of iOS. I doubt I'll ever go back to Windows Phone, but I'll have fond memories of its hay day.
  • I too have had a Microsoft phone since it was released in version 7. That relationship evolved until I was forced to soldier on with my 928 that had a broken screen because there was no option for replacement. For a very long time I hoped that Microsoft would acknowlege that we exist but instead received nothing but frustrating silence.. If Microsoft doesn't care if I stay with thier product, then I don't care either. I'm now learning my way around iOS on my iPhone 7 Plus.
  • I don't know why we Windows 10 mobile users do not have a finished , polished product yet? It's update after update, tweak after tweak just finish the product and be done . Microsoft loves to say they're not abandoning Windows mobile but their actions say otherwise . I'm so over this half baked platform and it's myriad problems
  • I am still using a lumia 730 but that is dying out slowly and so I am also keeping an old iPhone 5 as a backup, though I love my 730 but the app crashes and freeze have reached a level when its not irritating its just sad. Back in 2010 I was using a Nokia 5230 and needed a new phone i reseached, iPhone was out of budget, android has horror stories, and Nokia had just jumped onto WP, so i thought of going with the WP because of Nokia, since then i have used almost every Lumia released and still have a lot of them left with me, but those are showing signs of ageing, time has taken toll on the hardware plus there comes a time when you dont want to use an old phone. Now there is no option to get in the W10M world, no new hardware to get, so my only option is to jump to iOS and Android again going with Apple and getting a new phone it has budget constraints, so the only option left is Android and with Nokia as a name available in Android I think its better to get away from all those no app launches, restarts, freezes, these were the things which were associated with Android and people used to make fun of it now the tables have turned and I think for good. Android has moved a long way since those dark days, the software is much improved and mature, you have a huge range of hardware choices, yes the updates from the OEMs for the latest Android is an issue but updates are just myth, look how many updates W10M has got and it is no where near usable. Till Nokia 6 is available is India, I'll be using my 730 and iphone 5 and then adios W10M....it was good till it lasted..will miss the tiles and UI... may be one day W10M will reach the experince of its predecessor and i'll be back... apps or no apps i dont care.. i just want a phone that works always, everytime it is required to work.
  • I still use a Lumia 830.  There have been some reboots and freezes but mostly when I'm using the camera app and haven't killed off a lot of apps running in the background.  Otherwise, I haven't experienced as many problems as the OP.  OTOH my wife complains that her 830 doesn't behave properly; like the Maps app doesn't give her turn by turn voice directions.  Tonight I checked it out and discovered she wasn't using the right voice pack.  Downloaded the pack and now all fine.   Then she said instead of the road running along below the symbol for the car's location, the road is stationary and the symbol "runs" off into the horizon!  I discovered a button on the RHS of the screen that toggles between this mode and the normal mode.  Once toggled she was happy again, until she accidentally taps it again.  I wonder sometimes how many of the complains we read about are due to a lack of pilot instruction?  Anyhow, as long as my phone looks professional, works reliably and does all I need then I struggle to see why one needs to upgrade the phone.  The only risk I see at the moment is that sooner or later, this phone will either die, get lost or stolen.  Then I will need a replacement and its sad to see that there is not a healthy selection of WM10 devices to choose from.  Perhaps there will be a large supply of quality second hand devices left behind by all those who have departed WM10 land for Apple and Android land. 
  • This article describes exactly how I feel. I remember when I bought my Lumia 1020. It was a fantastic thing at the time. Windows Phone was a bit behind when it came to apps and such. But it also delivered something new and fresh. Microsoft seemed enthusiastic and boosted about their technology. It felt very promising. And after buying Nokia and the release of the 950 it was like we were left on a sinking ship. That's so sad.I love Windows 10 o my computers and I would have loved it on my phone. If it was working.
  • so, after 6 retries, 1 reboot, and then 2 more reties, I was able (finally) to load the comment page using Windows icon. Just to say, "Nice eulogy" to the author. I don't have a lot of use for special apps, but if basic functions quit, it's goodby, phone.
  • The problem as I see it there are people who want to abandon something because they can not see what is happening right before their eyes.  Windows 10 is changing the game for people in devices in that it is going to be one system for whatever device you may want to have.  Windows 10 on mobile is not about a phone but about a system that works on mobile devices.  Yes they are putting them on Android an iOS devices but the goal is to make it work no matter what device you prefer.  The universal effect is the goal and it is starting to work out for Microsoft.  Soon you will use only one device unless you have a business to do all you different things that you do with a phone, a laptop, tablet, or desktop.  You will contact those people you want to stay in contact with using this one device and you most likely will have it with you all the time.  Think Continuum and the ability to use whatever is available that can be used to do what you want on your phone, desktop, tablet, laptop, etc.  That is the future that Star Trek brought forth into our lives when Kirk could say something like "Computer" and get the information readily and do it easily.  That is the future for computing and the device you have at the time with a universal OS will make it all happen.
  • I think people are tired of waiting
  • I gave up on w10m now too and bought galaxy s7, i have it now for 2 weeks and i miss the w10m os so much but the apps isnt there so what can you do...
  • I keep trying to use th Samsung Galaxy S7 and after using a Windows phone for almost 2 years I am spoiled by the simplicity of the Windows interface. I get frustrated when things just are so awkward on the Galaxy at times. Battery life is better on the Windows phone, I get my text messages read for me on my Windows phone when I am driving and I can't find a way to duplicate that on my Galaxy S7.