One of the reasons I got into this job is it's incredible to see all the new technology come to market, attempts at solving problems, or just making life more fun. But lately, I've seen an irrational push against Windows 10 on ARM that just doesn't make any sense for supposed real fans of PC computing.

If you ever looked at Windows 10 on ARM, saw the negatives and decided it's not for you, congratulations you just made a personal purchasing decision. That's more than OK as you should be judging each product based on your expectations, wallet, needs, and wants.

Oh, I'm sorry, does this Ockel Sirius A Pro disrupt your delicate world view of what a PC is? Too bad.

But if you're really a fan of Windows PCs, you should not be against Windows 10 on ARM.

Being a PC user is about choice. Pick your screen, amount of RAM, processor, looks, graphics card, etc. We don't let anyone dictate to us what a PC is or who should be using it. Do you want to rock a 15-inch gaming PC in the office? You do you. You think dropping $800 on a gaming PC for your pocket is a wise investment? Go for it.

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PC fans should be rooting for Intel, Qualcomm, AMD, NVIDIA, and anyone else making hardware. You should want Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Acer, and ASUS all to do well. The more competition, the more ingenuity, and the better our products are in the end.

This $800 GPD Win2 doesn't really look like a traditional PC - guess no one would ever want it.

If you don't like the performance or limitations of ARM how about directing some of that towards Intel? Why can't they make a chip that gets 15 hours of battery life, has instant on, doesn't get hot, and has LTE built in? On what planet would you ever reject having that feature set in any PC?

Criticism is warranted – like for any technology you purchase. But being too slow or too expensive are temporary and solvable problems for ARM, not fundamental flaws. I want a Tesla electric car, but it's too costly. Too bad. I'll wait until the price comes down and not, you know, rail against the car manufacturer becaue the pricing is inconvienent.

Windows 10 on ARM is just another choice for consumers and business on the market. It not being for you is fine, but at least acknowledge that you can imagine some humans on this planet wanting all its abilities.

If not, you're not really into PCs. You're into your version of what a PC should be, and that makes you more aligned with Apple than Windows. Congratulations.