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Wild Cyber Monday deal sees 30% off FlexiSpot standing desks

Flexispot E6 Hero
Flexispot E6 Hero (Image credit: Windows Central)

This range of FlexiSpot Cyber Monday deals is your chance to score a standing desk for your office or home with savings of up to 43% off standing desks of all shapes and sizes. (opens in new tab).

FlexiSpot offers standing desk converters in a range of heights if you've already got a desk you like, or you can pick up one of its electric motorized standing desks that can be adjusted to any height and come in a range of finishes to suit any home or office.

You can even strike a deal on its TikTok-famous range of exercise bike desks! Check it out!

30% off the entire range!

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FlexiSpot Standing Desks | Up to 43% off (opens in new tab)

Get up to 43% off this entire range of FlexiSpot standing desks that can transform your office, with prices as low as just $90.

FlexiSpot's standing desk converters start at just 30 inches of height for as little as $91, and there are three overall sizes, but each is height adjustable and perfect as a more affordable way to transform your existing sitting desk into a standing setup.

There is also a range of electric standing desks that can be height adjusted using its motors to any height. This is great for a working from home space, or any office hotdesk situation as the desks can be adjusted to suit anyone's needs. There are lots of different wood finishes, and there are even some awesome gaming aesthetics for creating the perfect adjustable gaming setup if you need a new home for that best Cyber Monday gaming monitor you've just snagged.

If you're feeling adventurous you can also pick up one of FlexiSpot's standing desk exercise bike combos that let you actually work out while you work; there's even a trainer stand so you can use a bike you already own.