FlexiSpot E7Q standing desk review: Heavy weight champion

FlexiSpot's flagship standing desk is big, sturdy, and premium.

FlexiSpot E7Q
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Windows Central Verdict

The FlexiSpot E7Q is a heavy weight standing desk designed for large desktops or collaborative environments. It's incredibly sturdy and super premium, and can handle a lot of weight. But all this comes at a pricey cost.


  • +

    Contemporary design

  • +

    Easy setup process

  • +

    Supports large desktops

  • +

    Incredibly sturdy and premium


  • -

    Not suited for small spaces

  • -


  • -

    Included cable management system is meh

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If you're in the market for a heavy-duty, large, and sturdy electronic standing desk, you've come to the right place. Over the last handful of weeks, I've been reviewing FlexiSpot's latest flagship standing desk, the E7Q, which features a four-motor setup for maximum weight capacity and support for the largest desktop sizes you'd ever want in a workstation or office.

I've reviewed countless FlexiSpot desks in the last couple of years, and I think this one is my favorite so far. The versatility of the frame allows you to fit any kind of desktop you'd like, and the industrial design of the frame itself fits any office space. This is my full review of the FlexiSpot E7Q.

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Disclaimer: This review was made possible thanks to a review unit provided by FlexiSpot. The company did not see the contents of this review before publishing. 

FlexiSpot E7Q: Price & specs

The E7Q control panel is simple and easy to use. (Image credit: Windows Central)
FlexiSpot E7Q specs

- Price: $899 / £899
- Max load: 440lbs/200kgs
- Travel speed: 1.5-inch /s
- Electrical input: 100V-240V
- Height range: 23.8 - 74.8 inch
- Width range: 43.4 - 94.5 inch
- Anti-collision:

The FlexiSpot E7Q is one of the company's flagship electronic standing desks, which means it doesn't come cheap. You can find it from FlexiSpot for $899 in the United States and £899 in the United Kingdom.

It's pricey because it comes with all the bells and whistles you'd expect a flagship standing desk to come with. This includes not two but four motors built into a solid carbon steel frame with two support rails that run along the underside of the desk for maximum stability. Plus, it has an easy-to-use control panel for height adjustment.

The biggest selling point of the FlexiSpot E7Q is its weight capacity, which is a massive 440lbs, almost double what most desks can manage at full capacity. It also supports massive desktops up to 240cm in length and 90cm in width, whereas most desk frames only support up to 180cm x 60cm. 

FlexiSpot E7Q: Setup & features

The setup process was straight forward. (Image credit: Windows Central)

FlexiSpot E7Q is similar to many of its other desks when it comes to setup. It's a relatively straightforward process that shouldn't take more than 20-30 minutes to complete. You will need a friend or colleague to help with moving the multiple boxes that the desk frame arrives in, as they are quite heavy, coming in at 30kg each.

It arrives in two boxes because the E7Q is designed to be a big standing desk. Unlike other FlexiSpot desks, this one can easily handle desks up to 240cm in width and 90cm in depth, which are huge tabletops for people that require extra space for whatever tasks they may need it for. 

I'm reviewing the frame with a 180x80cm desktop, easily the biggest I've ever used, and it handles it like a champ. Of course, you do need to do your own measuring to make sure the frame is correctly aligned to the center of the underside of the tabletop, but once that's done, it's as simple as drilling a few holes to secure the frame into place. 

Putting the frame together is also a breeze, with the included instruction manual being easy to understand. Assembling the frame consists of joining two legs on both sides together and attaching it to a dual-support frame that runs along the underside of the tabletop.

The included cable management system is not great. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The desk also comes with a cable management "cloth," which I wasn't a huge fan of. Unlike other FlexiSpot desks, which come with a metal grill for cable management, the E7Q comes with a fabric one that you can hook to various screws on the underside of the desktop to hide all your cables. It works, but I'd have preferred something more solid.

Once you've successfully attached the frame to your desktop, the last thing you need to do is flip the table over onto its legs, but you will need a friend or colleague for that. When fully assembled, this desk is very heavy, and you won't be able to flip it on your own without scratching the legs. So be careful of that. 

Lastly, as is the case with most of FlexiSpot's flagship products, the E7Q includes an anti-collision feature that will stop the desk from raising or lowering when it comes into contact with an object, protecting both the desk and whatever object or person in the way. 

FlexiSpot E7Q: Design & durability

The sheer space this frame can accommodate is great.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The design of the FlexiSpot E7Q is contemporary and clean. It comes in just one color, black, which looks good and blends in well with any office-based environment. In the UK, you can configure the frame with a selection of desktops, including bamboo, maple, and white/black wood tops. None of them have pre-drilled holes, however, so you might be better off finding your own wooden desktop for cheaper.

This configuration I have includes the white desktop, which I think goes very well with the black steel frame. The wood is high quality, and thanks to the design of the frame, which has two support rails running along the entire underside of the desk, you won't find the desk bending or bowing over time. In fact, FlexiSpot says the desk can handle weights up to 200kgs, which is a lot.

On the subject of durability, this might be one of FlexiSpot's strongest desks, thanks to the design of the frame. As mentioned, those two support rails that run along the underside of the desk really add to the overall stability of the desktop; it doesn't rock or bow no matter how hard I try. Plus, the four square legs are joined together to make two large legs that essentially span the width of each side of the desktop, making this desk almost impossible to push over, even when in a standing position.

Back to design, the control panel looks good. It features capacitive buttons and a small heads-up display that tells you how many CM the desk is from the ground. Controls include up and down keys, four memory keys, two of which are marked with a sitting or standing icon, and a memory save button.

The control panel also includes a single USB-A port for charging peripherals, which is a nice addition though I wish it also included a USB-C port like some of FlexiSpot's other desks. Still, the USB-A port is good enough to charge a phone or a pair of headphones.

FlexiSpot E7Q: Competition

The FlexiSpot Q8. (Image credit: Future)

The electronic standing desk industry is rife with competition. There are literally hundreds of standing desks you can buy these days across the entire price spectrum. FlexiSpot has many offerings, including a stepped-down version that includes a hidden accessory drawer and built-in control panel for £600, known as the FlexiSpot Q8 which you can learn more about in our review.

Outside of FlexiSpot, you can find many standing desks on Amazon, but offerings with four motors are quite rare, with most only offering two or three. In practice, you likely won't notice a difference, as it's only really important if you're looking for a standing desk that can handle super heavy weights.

SANODESK on Amazon has an option for up to $400, which can support similarly sized desktops but can only handle weight up to 176 lbs compared to the E7Q 440 lbs max capacity. 

Then there's VWINDESK VJ402 on Amazon which I'd argue is the closest to the E7Q as it does actually have four motors, supporting a max capacity of up to 460lbs, and costs just $749.

FlexiSpot E7Q: Should you buy it?

The desk material is high quality.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

You should buy this if...

  • You need an electronic standing desk with a large desktop surface.
  • You need a frame that can handle lots of weight.
  • You want the best of the best when it comes to standing desks.

You should not buy this if

  • You are in a small area.
  • You value an included cable management system.
  • You're on a budget.

Overall, I love the FlexiSpot E7Q. I've always been a huge fan of large desktops, but up until now, I was never able to get one as an electronic standing desk. That's all changed thanks to FlexiSpot, with this desk frame supporting even larger desktops up to 240cm in width! 

I think the weakest point of the E7Q is the included cable management system, which feels a little like an afterthought. There's nowhere for the control panel cables to neatly route to the power box, so they sort of just hang below the support beams underneath the desk. The included cloth to "cover up" the cables is also kind of lame.

But apart from that, this desk is perfect for those looking for something that can handle a large surface area. 

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