FlexiSpot Q8 review: A flagship standing desk with wireless charging built-in

Beautiful design, bamboo finish, and wireless charging to top it off.

FlexiSpot Q8 desk
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Windows Central Verdict

The FlexiSpot Q8 is an excellent electronic standing desk, with a high-quality bamboo table top paired with a top of the line dual-motor and control panel with built-in wired and wireless charging capabilities, though the wireless charger can run hot at times.


  • +

    Great design

  • +

    Integrated cable rack and embedded drawer

  • +

    Easy to assemble

  • +

    Built-in charging capabilities


  • -

    Wireless charger runs very hot at times

  • -

    Only available in one size

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FlexiSpot's newest flagship standing desk is here in the form of the Q8, a big and beautiful electronic standing desk with built-in wired and wireless charging capabilities. It also has an included embedded drawer and cable management rack that is installed on the underside of the desk.

I've reviewed countless FlexiSpot desks at this point, so when they reached out and asked whether I'd like to check out their latest flagship, I couldn't pass up the offer. I've been using the FlexiSpot Q8 for almost four weeks, and this is my review.

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FlexiSpot Q8: Price and availability

FlexiSpot Q8 desk

(Image credit: Future)

The Q8 is available direct from FlexiSpot UK for £700, making it one of the more premium standing desks in FlexiSpot's lineup, but that's because this is the company's flagship product, which features all the bells and whistles. 

FlexiSpot US sells a similar desk, albeit in a smaller size and without a wireless charger or an included cable rack for $349. 

FlexiSpot Q8: What I like

FlexiSpot Q8 drawer

(Image credit: Future)

Assembly of the FlexiSpot Q8 is super easy. You might want to find a friend to help you lift it out of the box, but once that's done assembling the desk requires six bolts, a hex key (both included,) and about 10 minutes of your time. Installing the included cable rack takes an additional minute or so. 

Managing the cables is easy thanks to the built-in cable management tray and cover for the motor cables. I will say the cable management tray is a little small, especially when you consider how much extra free space there is under the desk once the included tray is installed. Still, you could easily swap the included tray out for a third party one. 

The desk's height is adjustable between 60cm and 125cm, and the desk size is 140cm x 70cm, putting it on the larger side of the desktop market.

I absolutely love the design of the FlexiSpot Q8. It ships with a beautiful bamboo desktop and can be configured with either white or black legs. I opted for the black legs, as I think it better compliments the bamboo tabletop. This combination looks great. It's clean, modern, and the wood feels great too.

FlexiSpot Q8 wireless charger

(Image credit: Future)

Embedded just under the bamboo wood is a wireless charger, a first for a FlexiSpot desk. This wireless charger is indicated with a sticker that's placed on top of the area where it's located. I wasn't a huge fan of the sticker, so I ended up removing it after a couple of days. It was easy enough to peel away, though a little isopropyl alcohol may help with any residue that may get left over.

Built into the frame where the desk top sits is an embedded drawer that's large enough for accessories, notebooks or scratch books, or a tablet and laptop. It sits flush with the frame, so when it's closed it's not noticeable. It also has a nice soft-close mechanism that ensures you'll never accidently slam it shut. 

FlexiSpot Q8 control panel

(Image credit: Future)

To the right of the embedded drawer is the control panel, which looks clean and minimalist being integrated with the frame. It features a small display that indicates the desk's current height, followed by up and down arrows, then four memory slots that you can configure to specific heights that you wish to get to with the tap of a button. There's also a USB-A and USB-C port on the control panel for wired charging of devices like your phone or headphones.

Underneath the desk is a built-in cable management tray too, which is nice to see on a flagship product like this. Not all standing desks (including ones from FlexiSpot) come with a built-in cable tray. So it's nice to see it here, especially considering the price of the desk. 

Overall, this desk looks and feels incredibly premium. Everything about it is well built, and will look stylish in any office space. The dual-motor system for raising and lowering the desk is fast, quiet, and features anti-collision, which will stop the desk from moving if it detects something is in the way. 

FlexiSpot Q8: What I don't like

FlexiSpot Q8 wirelessly charging an iPhone

(Image credit: Future)

There is only one notable downside to the FlexiSpot Q8, and it's to do with the built-in wireless charger. I love the idea of having an invisible wireless charger built into the desktop, but unfortunately, I've seldom used it as it runs incredibly hot to the point where my iPhone frequently disables its wireless charging function after about 30 minutes on the charging area.

I've never had a wireless charger do this before, so I'm not sure what's different here with the wireless charger built into the FlexiSpot Q8. Perhaps it's to do with having the charger embedded into a tiny, enclosed space under the desk, meaning it's not getting enough airflow to keep it cool. Either way, my iPhone is only able to gain 15% or 20% of power before it turns off its wireless charging capabilities. 

This behavior was present with and without the wireless charging sticker present on the desk, so that doesn't make a difference. If you've got a phone or device that doesn't have a built-in shut-off feature for wireless charging once the battery gets too hot, you could end up damaging your battery health if you forget to remove the device from the charging pad. 

Other minor downsides include the fact that there's only one size available. I personally love the size of this desk, but those looking for a smaller or deeper desk will have to look elsewhere. The charging solutions will also cut out for a few seconds whenever you raise or lower the desk as it reroutes power. Not a huge issue, but something to keep in mind.

FlexiSpot Q8: Competition

There are many desks of this type out there on the market, most of which are from no-name brands you can find on Amazon. FlexiSpot itself has a similar desk known as the FlexiSpot EW8M, which features a smaller size and is without a built-in wireless charger or cable management rack.

There's also the Daytona Living wireless charging desk, which has three USB-A ports on the front and an integrated wireless charger on the top of the desk. However, there's no USB-C port, unlike the FlexiSpot Q8.

Both of these desks are cheaper than the Q8, but also come with fewer features. If we were going to recommend another desk, the FlexiSpot EW8M is our pick, as it's the closest in experience to the FlexiSpot Q8, just with fewer features and in a smaller size. 

Should you buy the FlexiSpot Q8?

FlexiSpot Q8 wireless charger embedded under desk

(Image credit: Future)

Who it's for ...

  • Those looking for a high-end adjustable standing desk
  • Those who want wireless and wired charging built into their desk
  • Those who want a large, stylish desk

Who it isn't for ...

  • Those who need a small desk
  • Those who want a glass desktop

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with the FlexiSpot Q8, and will likely continue to use one as my standing desk of choice in my home office. I love the bamboo finish, the size, and the built-in charging ports. It is a shame that the wireless charger runs hot at times, but outside of that issue, it's a great desk.

Now, it is one of FlexiSpot's more expensive desks, so if you don't need the wireless charger, built-in cable rack, or the large size of the desk itself, you can save yourself a lot of money buy going for the FlexiSpot E8WG, which is pretty much exactly like this but without the features I just mentioned. 

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