Got a new gaming rig on Black Friday? Now it's time to build your game room with these Cyber Monday deals

Secretlab Magnus Pro
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If you were lucky enough to pick up a new gaming rig on Black Friday, you can prepare for shipment of your new desktop by setting up your gaming space. Not only can you complete the aesthetic of your new gaming PC with coordinating and mood-inspired lighting, but you can also add ergonomics and comfort to extended gaming sessions with gaming accessories, desks, and chairs that are made for comfort. These are some of the best sales we found on gaming accessories and furniture to complete your game room setup. 

Sit-stand gaming desks

A sit-stand desk may be the ticket to help with sluggishness and get the blood flowing between long sessions of game play. In addition to helping you stretch those cramped legs, you can also pair these desks with a compact treadmill, for example, and game while walking in place to get some exercise in. And the nice part is that many of these desks will fit in with most home, office, or home office decor, so it's not just for gamers. 

A desk with RGB lighting support

Secretlab Magnus Pro | now from $841 after $91 discount at Secretlab

Secretlab Magnus Pro | now from $841 after $91 discount at Secretlab

Though not a sizable discount, Secretlab's Magnus Pro is among the top-rated gaming desks we found. It integrates nicely with Nanoleaf's lighting system and is thoughtfully designed with unrivaled cable management. Pair all that with a simple and minimalist design, and this desk is meant to complement and showcase, not over-power, your gaming rig. 

Go for a pro look with Branch Furniture

now $594 at Branch Furniture with code BFCM 

Branch Furniture Standing Desk | $699 now $594 at Branch Furniture with code BFCM 

Cleaner aesthetics with more minimalist aesthetics, Branch Furniture's products have long been a staple of modern offices, and its standing desk is no different. Available in a variety of different surfaces for the top, the standing desk is a durable and modern fixture for any game room or home office. 

A seat of comfort

Whether you need a new gaming chair or upgrade your task chair, the proper seat can deliver plenty of ergonomic benefits and help reduce strain on your body. Pair one of these chairs with your new sit-stand desk for maximum comfort. 

Add comfort and support your posture

now $449

Razer Iskur | $499 now $449

Razer's Iskur chair has been a solid staple in our game room, and it's an easy recommendation given that this chair helps to keep your posture in perfect form when you're gaming. High-quality synthetic leather construction along with memory foam cushions add to the chair's comfort. 

The X-Project is versatile enough for gaming or work

now $434 at X-Chair

X-Chair X-Project Task Chair | $559 now $434 at X-Chair

If you want an ergonomic chair that supports your back, head, neck, and shoulders but one that doesn't look like a gaming chair, then X-Chair's X-Project Task Chair may be an affordable option. It's highly customizable and comes with molded foam for better support. 

Add a leg-rest with the affordable AndaSeat

now $199 at AndaSeat

AndaSeat Jungle 2 Series Gaming | $249 now $199 at AndaSeat

AndaSeat's Jungle 2 Series got high marks in our review for its modern gaming design, comfortable seating setup, and use of ethically sourced materials. The Jungle 2 series even comes with an extendable leg rest. For a solid chair that already started at a low price point, the Jungle 2 series is now even more affordable for Black Friday with a $50 off promotion. 

Bling those lights

Add some mood lighting to your game room with customizable LED lights that will enhance and complement the RGB lighting coming from your new rig. We found some solid discounts on smart lighting controls for Cyber Monday, and here are some of our top picks:

Add mood lighting to your walls

now $159 at Amazon after $40 off coupon

Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels | $199 now $159 at Amazon after $40 off coupon

Highly customizable and flexible, you can add and stack these Govee hexagonal light panels to your room for the ultimate glow. And you can control the lighting color and intensity from your smartphone. 

Add discrete light bars around your room

now $43 at Amazon

Govee Smart LED Light Bars | $59 now $43 at Amazon

Govee's Smart LED Light Bars are extremely versatile to change up the mood in any room. Place one behind a shelf, desk, or cabinet and you can get some soft, subtle light glowing in the room without much added extra. Pair these with any of the other Govee smart LED lights on our list for the maximum effect. 

Wrap light strips behind a desk, monitor, or TV

now $15 at Amazon

Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights | $25 now $15 at Amazon

Available in a variety of different lengths, these light strips are a simple solution wrapped around or behind a desk. Pair it with a standing desk, wrap it behind the TV or monitor, or coil it behind a simple desktop if you don't have a rig with a see-through tempered glass side panel for a more moody effect while you're playing your favorite game. 

Don't forget to immerse yourself in the action

While these smart furniture and fixtures are there to help amp up the experience in your home office or game room, they are not meant to distract you from the content on your screen. Whether you need a new 4K monitor, a new headset to communicate and collaborate with your teammates, or a pair of solid noise-canceling headphones to block out distractions, you can find plenty of deals for Cyber Monday to accessorize your gaming setup. Check out some of the best deals for keyboards and mice, racing wheels, and more in our roundups. 

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