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Cyber Monday weekend is here! It's time for you to make the most of it and upgrade your home office setup with a new standing desk from one of the best manufacturers on the market: FlexiSpot! We love FlexiSpot here at Windows Central, and with countless reviews of their products under our belt, we can safely say they are one of the best out there when it comes to standing desks.

So with that in mind, you'd be crazy to miss out on their big Cyber Monday and Black Friday weekend sale. Everything from their entry-level standing desks, all the way up to their flagships with built-in wireless charging and USB ports are on big discounts this weekend only, starting now! Savings of up to $160 are to be had, while stocks last!

US Deals

FlexiSpot EC1 $249

FlexiSpot EC1 $249 $199 at Amazon ($50 off)

The EC1 is FlexiSpot's entry-level electronic standing desk, customizable in a number of sizes and can be had with a number of table top designs and materials. It features 20-inches of height adjustment, a simple two button control panel for controlling the height, and a $50 saving if you buy it this weekend!

FlexiSpot EN1 $349

FlexiSpot EN1 $349 $259 at Amazon ($90 off)

FlexiSpot's EN1 is a step up from entry-level, and can be had in larger sizes, great for dual-monitor setups. It features a wider frame to accommodate this, and even has a more advanced control panel with built-in memory for saving different heights that you can program with a few taps. It can also reach a maximum height of 47-inches!

FlexiSpot EW8 $499

FlexiSpot EW8 $499 $339 at Amazon ($160 off)

This is one of FlexiSpot's flagship standing desks, featuring a premium build of metal and glass, built-in USB ports for charging external peripherals, and even wireless charging built into the glass tabletop for charging a smartphone! It also has a discrete drawer built into the front, and is one of the easiest standing desks to put together. 

FlexiSpot EL1 $599

FlexiSpot EL1 $599 $479 at Amazon ($120 off)

If you're cool enough to have an office space with a corner desk, FlexiSpot's EL1 is for you. It's the company's only dedicated corner standing desk, featuring an L-shaped design that's balanced and easy to put together. It has a programmable memory control panel, and can be had in either white or black colorways.

UK Deals

FlexiSpot EHD2 £499

FlexiSpot EHD2 £499 £424 at Amazon (£75 off)

This FlexiSpot standing desk features two large drawers built into the front of the device for storing all kinds of accessories. It's available in a size of 120x60cm, can be assembled in around 5 minutes thanks to the unit coming in just three parts, and it has a programmable control panel with memory features!

FlexiSpot EF1 £329

FlexiSpot EF1 £329 £216 at Amazon (£113 off)

The EF1 is your standard electronic standing desk with a two-stage motor. It can be had in multiple sizes and finishes, including maple, and comes with an included cable tray that can be installed under the desk to help keep your desktop tidy. It has an adjustable height between 73 and 121cm.

FlexiSpot EG8 £379

FlexiSpot EG8 £379 £300 at Amazon (£79 off)

FlexiSpot's EG8 Comhar features a glass table top with wireless charging built in, USB ports on the front for charging peripherals, a discrete drawer at the front for storing accessories, and can be had in either white or black colorways!

A standing desk is a great way to stay healthy when working long hours at a computer desk. Sitting all day isn't good for you, so being able to sometimes stand to keep blood circulating throughout your body while you work is an important thing. FlexiSpot's desks are high quality, with excellent motors that are quiet and are super easy to assemble! 

As always, these deals are only live while stocks last. So if you're on the fence, you better make a decision quick, because once they're gone, they're gone!

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