FlexiSpot E6 standing desk review: This impressive standing desk even has an anti-collision system

FlexiSpot's flagship standing desk offers the same great dual-motor system with a new anti-collision system.

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Last year, I reviewed FlexiSpot's E5 electronic standing desk, and came away absolutely loving it. So when FlexiSpot reached out and asked if I would review their new flagship desk, I couldn't say no. The FlexiSpot E6 is the company's gold standard when it comes to its standing desks, featuring all the same bells and whistles as the E5, but with a couple of additions that some people might find of interest.

FlexiSpot E6 stand-out features

Flexispot E6 Curvededge

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The E6 features FexiSpot's excellent quiet dual-motor design, with height levels ranging from 60cm to 123cm, slightly lower than the E5's 62cm-125cm range. With the E6, you also get a tweaked leg design that's much sturdier and a new anti-collision system that will automatically stop the desk from raising or lowering when it detects any kind of notable restriction.

This anti-collision system would have come in handy when I was reviewing the E5, as I actually broke one of my desk lamps when raising the desk for the first time. I wasn't paying attention to the position of my desk, lamp, and wall-mounted shelves. The desk rose and my lamp was squished between the desk and the shelf. The bulb was okay, but the lampshade was snapped.

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With the E6, that scenario wouldn't have occurred. The second the desk noticed that something was blocking the raise, it would have stopped, perhaps saving my lampshade from destruction. Of course, this is likely an issue you won't run into often, if at all, but it's certainly nice to have. I can see this system saving a few heavy laptops, desktops, or monitors that are using short power cables for sure.

I will say that the anti-collision system isn't perfect. It's not that it doesn't stop when it needs to, it's that sometimes it stops when it doesn't. A couple of times, just leaning on the desk slightly as it's raising will cause it to stop. That's to be expected as you're probably not supposed to be leaning on the desk as it rises. But it's something I figured I'd mention as it's not an issue on the E5 without the anti-collision system.

FlexiSpot E6 ergonomic design

Flexispot E6 Topdown

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In regards to design, this time I went with black legs and a white tabletop. The tabletop can be purchased separately or with the legs for an additional £80, and I opted for the white curved desktop. I think this combination looks really good, but I have some thoughts on the overall design of this specific tabletop.

Unlike the standard non-curved desktop, the one I have is angled on all sides, which means there are about two inches of flat desktop space that you're missing out on all four sides. This makes the tabletop feel much smaller than it actually is, which also isn't helped by the curved cut out at the front allowing you to sit closer to the desk.

If it were up to me, the angled edges would only be apparent at the front, then it'd return to being a 90-degree edge on the other three sides. That way, you get the most amount of desk surface space without sacrificing the curved cutout and ergonomically superior angled front edge, which feels much better on the wrists or arms.

Flexispot E6 Foot

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Luckily, you can get the E6 with a number of different desktop finishes, or even use your own. FlexiSpot offers a handful, including black, white, maple, mahogany, bamboo, ebony, brown, black walnut, cherry wood, red oak, and grain.

FlexiSpot E6 sturdy frame

The legs themselves set up just like the E5's, but they are designed a little differently. Instead of a rounded base for the legs, the E6 has a more rectangular design that's also a little wider. This likely plays a part in FlexiSpot's claim that the E6 is more sturdy, but in real-world usage the E5 is just as stable as the E6 is. I'm unable to tell much of a difference, even at max height.

Flexispot E6 Cablerail

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Also included with the E6 is the same cable management rail that runs along the underside of the desktop. I absolutely love this inclusion, as it makes managing the cables for the dual-motor legs, as well as any other accessories and devices you might be using on the desk a breeze. You can still use additional cable management solutions if you want as there is room for it, but it's nice to have one built-in too.

Unfortunately, the only real downside about the E5 is also present on the E6, and that's the somewhat gaudy keypad design that controls the up, down, and saved heights. It still has the huge FlexiSpot logo on the front, which takes up way more space than necessary. Outside of that, the keypad works and functions as expected. It's not the most modern design on the market, but it gets the job done.

The keypad has three saved memory states, allowing you to save your most used height positions under the tap of a button. There's also a built-in standing alarm that will tell you when it's time to stand. It's nice to have, but if you're someone using a smartwatch of some kind, you probably already have one bit of tech nagging you to stand up all the time. Luckily, you don't have to use the table's standing reminder.

Should you buy the FlexiSpot E6?

Flexispot E6 Keypad

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So, should you get the FlexiSpot E6 over the E5? That entirely depends on whether you think you need the anti-collision system. I know I didn't think I needed it until it did. The E6 is £399, which is £50 more than the E5 at £349. I think the extra £50 is worth it for the safety of the collision system, and the better design and sturdier legs are a nice bonus.

The claims that the E6 is more stable than the E5 are overexaggerated, as the E5 is already an incredibly sturdy desk. I think for most people, the E5 is more than enough. I will say I prefer the design of the E6's legs, being a little more angular instead of rounded. That's entirely subjective of course.\

Either way, the E6 is a fantastic electronic standing desk that will enhance your home or work office. With many of us working from home, perhaps now is the time to invest in a standing desk of your own.

Also, right now, you can actually save £80 on the E6 if you enter the code 2021E6 at checkout. So, with that, you can get it for less than an E5 anyway. In that case, the E6 is an absolute no brainer. Check out their store for more. If you're looking to enhance your desk, perhaps FlexiSpot's keyboard and mouse tray is a good accessory.

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