Will Destiny 2 support 4K on Xbox One X? Bungie isn't saying, yet

Still, there remains a question mark over whether Destiny 2, which historically favors PlayStation users, will support the extra power found in the Xbox One X. At least for the time being, Bungie is reluctant to say.

Sony has a pervasive (and likely expensive) marketing deal in place with the Destiny franchise, which went to great lengths to prevent Microsoft from marketing (or even mentioning) the Xbox One version of the original game. It doesn't seem to be as aggressive and anti-competitive for Destiny 2, thankfully, but many questions have been raised about whether Bungie will actually utilize the Xbox One X's additional power, or hold the game back to keep it in-line with Sony's weaker PlayStation 4 Pro.

On the PS4 Pro, Destiny 2 will be able to achieve 4K in certain situations, leveraging dynamic scaling during more intense sequences. Will the Xbox One X receive the same treatment? Bungie isn't saying.

In an interview with IGN, Bungie's Mark Noseworthy stated that while the company is "interested" in supporting the Xbox One X, they don't have any announcements pertaining to supporting it.

As you can see in the D2 Beta, the PS4 Pro is already supporting dynamic 4K resolution. The Xbox One X ships after D2, so we don't have any announcements for how we're supporting it right now but it is something we are interested in. In terms of HDR, we won't support HDR at D2 console launch. We're really excited about the feature (I own an HDR TV and want it badly too!) and very much want to see it arrive sometime post-launch. But I can't promise a date today.

It's a little more hopeful than a "no," but Noseworthy's ambiguous answer shouldn't be taken as a definitive "yes," either. Keeping it vague allows them to keep the door open to support, without alienating Xbox fans in the near-term who might be hopeful for support down the line.

With or without 4K support, Destiny 2 seems to be shaping up fairly well if its recent beta test is any indication, which offers a renewed emphasis on cinematic story telling — something the original game desperately needed.

Will an Xbox One X enhanced version of Destiny 2 sway your purchase decision? Let us know in the comments.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Even its 12k, i never buy coz i dont like this game, not interesting for me
  • Destiny 2 could easily be native 4K 60fps and have ultra pc settings on One X. We are seeing more and more developers achieve this and come forward explaining list how much more power it has over PS4 Pro. The only titles yet to show this it to have developers let us know is games which Sony has paid a hefty amount for. Which in hindsight now was probably the wrong games looking at Battlegrounds taking gaming by storm. But even if they are far superior on One X don't expect Bungie to advertise this. As Sony won't be happy. They must be careful not to be left behind all the other developers though who are pushing what's capable on One X.
  • No it can't. Destiny 2 is CPU bound on all consoles including Xbox One X as per the developer so it will be 30fps. Just because one Dev can achieve 4k60 with their game doesn't mean other can do the same, every game is different.
  • Can't really believe what bungie says, they aren't exactly known for keeping their word....
  • I guess you'd better believe what you want to believe, whatever makes you feel better
  • Well if its not the deal, then Bungie are terrible devs. Because many many developers are now reporting their games are running better than the benchmarks a 1070GTX PC has done. So either the Sony deal is making them not talk. Or Bungie are very very poor developers.
  • Yes, Destiny is so advanced its CPU bound, right? This from a company that still has its game networking based on peer to peer connections. They stand alone in not supporting things like dedicated servers and 60FPS yet the claim is their game is too much for modern consoles. And this after all the time they spent saying the older consoles held the game back. So what exactly has been gained now legacy consoles are no longer an excuse when they won't actually support features other games can?
  • The CPU in One X is 40% faster than One S. And has no overhead OS to deal with. Basically whatever the PC with 1070GTX will do with this game increase it some and then you'll have the rough area of the One X. That's what's been happening so far on games we can compare. The One X is performing almost identical to a 1080GTX. The latest confirmed by another dev is Killing floor 2. That maxes out at 1440p on High settings on a 1070GTX. On One X the Dev has said 1800p native and ultra textures, shadows etc etc. So what I should say is if the PC can achieve 4K with 1070GTX on this game then One X could easily. And 4K actually is massively reliant on memory bandwidth. Not CPU.
  • This is exactly what I wanted to know because I'm actually getting this from a friend and I wanted to know if I should get it for Xbox and could play it on the Xbox One X on all its 4K/60FPS/Dolby Atmos (Hopefully) glory, but if not than should I get it for PS4 which offers an extra mission, quite a Dilemma!!!! Hopefully they confirm this sooner than later!!!!
  • Extra mission? This is exactly what is wrong with exclusive deals. I have always understood extra functions on PCs back in the early console days, and almost always better graphics, but one console getting actual content that might be important to a "story" is going too far. People shouldn't be punished for their console choices. They are your customer and shouldn't be given preferential treatment.
  • The bigger problem are the fps. Thanks to fairness in multiplayer they have to stay with 30fps instead of 60.
  • The game is CPU bound on all consoles which is why it's 30fps, not due to parity.
  • The developer said it was for parity. Otherwise how is it fair for One S players to play against One X player if One X players are at 60 and the One S players can't get more than 30? The One X CPU has been customised and is 40% more powerful than the One S. But visually the game should look better than a 1070GTX PC on this same game. As many other games on One X are doing already.
  • It's weird because PC has never forced uniformity. The FPS is usually unlocked. If they are okay with that on PC, then why not consoles...
  • Because it is a big part of the console experience.
  • Well, then, why not campaign... 60fps is so much better, and it actually makes the game look better. It's weird how fluid movement affects graphical fidelity, but it does.
  • Doom, Titanfall 2, Halo 5, Wolfenstein:TNC and Killing Floor 2 all say 'Hi' Sony money is why it's 30fps, nothing more.  
  • It still surprises me how Sony's deal with Destiny is even legal in the first place.
  • They are just releasing destiny 1 content that was timed exclusives for PS after the release of Destiny 2. What kind of nonsense is that. As an Xbox gamer of Destiny, that's the epitome of the middle finger. They bated Xbox gamers saying that the exclusive content would be released in at least a year, but gamers weren't expecting them to use the wording to obfuscate their intentions. They took the "at least" part of their statement seriously.
  • Yep, gotta love preferential treatment.
  • Needs to be 1080p 60fos at least. We don't really care about 4k or uhd
  • I'd take 1080p/60 over 4K/30 any day.
  • Me too. 
  • I am truly disappointed in Bungie's stance on support for 4K enhanced features on the XB1X. I believe Noseworthy but I don't think he has a grasp of how much he and his efforts are affected by Sony/Activision influences. The easy measure to see how Bungie is not prepared to support enhanced features on XB1X is by looking at what other developers are already saying about their games. Respawn is just one example of a developer touting their future support and how they are actively testing Titanfall 2 on XB1X and achieving fantastical results. Bungie won't even say they have Development units in-house, when they been available for months. PUBG is going gang busters on XB1X already. Bungie keeps saying they won't know what they can do for Destiny 2 until have the XB1X November release. I believe it was Noseworthy who said Bungie would never purposely hold back their game's capabilities on other platforms. I believe he believes that but the facts are not adding up. XB1X specs have been out for one year. So why is Bungie so reticent to talk about it? Probably contractual agreements are keeping the development team from proceeding. Just guessing, but something stinks. I'm still getting XB1X day one and my intent is to spend thousands of hours playing Destiny 2 on it. I'm going to be amply ticked off if the XB1X version doesn't show substantial improvements over the PS4 Pro version. Perhaps it just might drive me over to Titanfall 2 (which I own) or PUBG.
  • This. Ironically Bungie left MS to be independent. Then moved in with Activision. A much worse scenario for them. Just look at the control Activision has over them. Deals etc. They are no longer the great team that they were.
  • I definitely wouldn't be supporting any developer who are going to purposely not use the hardware to its full potential. that'll be some sort of new kinda low for "exclusives" if anyone starts doing that.   but of course of their 1 year late dlc exclusivity and other asinine exclusive rights was reason enough for me to ignore this game. 
  • I'm passing on this game as well. I used to love Bungie but not anymore. Another Activision title I will vote against with my money. The beta felt like a patch/DLC to Destiny 1 in my opinion. Exclusivity like this is bad for loyal consumers. If Bungie keeps this mess up, they will start to lose customers over the long term to competiting studios and their titles.
  • not buying it without proper support.
  • That's a moot point as far as Destiny 2 goes. Bungie is locking the game at 30fps due to CPU bound issues on XB1, PS4 and PS4 Pro. Doesn't matter if XB1X can meet the demands of 60fps. Apparently you can't easily mix and match 30fps and 60fps games over the web. Something about 60fps players having a distinct advantage over 30fps players. Imagine competitive players caterwauling every time they loose a shootout.
  • Bungie makes great games, but they don't know how to make 60fps games. Too bad, considering it's a standard these days for first person shooters. Too be honest, the game still feels great, but they should have really considered the importance of building their second game with 60fps.