Will The Division 2 have PvP?

Will The Division 2 have PvP?

Best answer: Yes. The Division 2 will have modes specifically dedicated to player versus player (PvP) gameplay.Buy The Division 2: The Division 2 Standard Edition ($60 at Amazon)

Which modes can be played in PvP?

The Division 2 will feature two main ways that Agents can get in on some PvP action: Dark Zones and Conflict, the latter of which is described as its "destination for organized PvP."

The rest of the game can be played either solo in the campaign or with a friend through co-op.

What are Dark Zones?

There will be three Dark Zones within The Division 2. These are player versus environment versus player (PvEvP) quarantined areas where anything goes. Ubisoft's focus on the Dark Zones was to "create social interactions between players characterized by tension." Players will be able to hijack supply drops, loot, and of course hunt down other players.

Matchmaking for the Dark Zones will occur in brackets so that there isn't too much of an unfair advantage with experienced players going up against new ones.

What is Conflict?

Conflict is the game's dedicated section for PvP content. It includes two game modes, Skirmish and Domination, that will feature maps not seen anywhere else in The Division 2.

Skirmish: Skirmish returns from the first game but is being reworked a little. This is a 4v4 Team Deathmatch mode. Each team has a set number of reinforcements that will deplete every time someone respawns. Once your team runs out of reinforcements, players will no longer respawn and will be eliminated from the remainder of the match. The last person (or people) standing wins it for their team.

Domination: Domination is an objective-based PvP mode where teams will need to fight for control of and capture three locations on the map. While players can passively capture an objective by remaining in the area, they will also be able to actively capture it by interacting with the objective, however, this makes them exposed and open to enemies.

Conflict will also matchmake through brackets based on power level to keep the game as fair as possible.

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