Win32 app block on Windows 10 'Cloud' has already been bypassed

Microsoft's upcoming 'Cloud' variant of Windows 10 is an edition of Windows designed specifically for keeping users locked to the Windows Store when wanting to download apps and programs. It's a good idea for certain device types, however not everyone is pleased with the idea , especially considering how 'lacking' the Windows Store is right now.

Well, perhaps you won't have to worry much once Cloud is available on the market. A Twitter user by the name of @never_released has teased that he has already bypassed the block, enabling Win32 programs to be downloadable and installable from outside the Windows Store, much like on any normal edition of Windows 10. The only extra step required is launching the Program from PowerShell, as SmartScreen still does a good job at trying to block a Win32 program from running.

Considering the Cloud variant of Windows 10 hasn't even been announced officially yet, it's pretty cool to see people trying to bypass the block already. The method for bypassing said block is yet to be revealed, and likely won't be for the foreseeable future, or at least until Windows 10 Cloud has been officially released. 

Being able to bypass the block might be useful for a few hardcore users, but the majority of people who Cloud is aimed at won't really know how to even begin bypassing a block like this. As a result, most normal people might just opt to pay Microsoft for a Windows Pro license if they really need a Win32 program running on their Cloud-based machine. Still, I'm pretty excited for Cloud as I can see its benefits, especially when positioned as a much more "secure version" of Windows.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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