Windows 10 build 14393.103 is live for Release Preview on Mobile and PC (Changelog)

Although Microsoft has stated no new builds today for Fast Ring, it looks like those on the Release Preview are getting an update to Redstone 1 aka the Anniversary Update. Windows 10 build 14393.103 is now available an increase from build 14393.82 from August 18.

For those on Windows 10 Mobile, the update will come through as a "Technical Preview for phone". For those on PC, the update is listed under cumulative update KB3176938 (opens in new tab).

Changelogs have not yet been posted for the update, but it is assumed it will be a forthcoming cumulative update for the Anniversary Update for all PCs and phones in the next two weeks or so. While no new features are expected it should contain many bug fixes and improvements as more and more users install the update and find issues.

Update: Some users are reporting that the Slow Ring for Insiders is also getting the same update.

Update 2: Full changelog is now available and reposted below:

Windows 10 build 14393.103 Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved reliability of the Windows Ink Workspace, Microsoft Edge, File Server, Windows kernel, Microsoft Component Object Model (COM), Cluster Health Service, Hyper-V, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), NTFS file system, - PowerShell, Internet Explorer, facial recognition, graphics, Microsoft Store and Windows Shell.
  • Improved performance for the speed of purchasing Store apps.
  • Improved battery life of wearable devices (such as the Microsoft Band) while Bluetooth is connected and idle. 
  • Improved compatibility of using Xbox One controllers with various games.
  • Addressed issue with incorrect character mapping between Japanese and Unicode for the question mark (?) symbol.
  • Addressed issue that prevents the download and initialization of .NET objects in Internet Explorer.
  • Improved support for new near-field communication (NFC) chips for Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Addressed issue with game or app audio not resuming after ending a call on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Addressed additional issues with compatibility, Remote Desktop, BitLocker, PowerShell, Direct3D, networking policies, Dynamic Access Control (DAC) rules, Microsoft Edge, Connected Standby, mobile device management (MDM), printing, Fingerprint logon and Cortana.

We'll update this article as more information becomes available.

Thanks, Joseph C., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I was just going to tip this.. Guess I got late.. :D
  • For PC slow too
  • Changelog in FB- Hub!
  • No build for fast its been a week.
  • I guess you're eager to test those bugs and post feedback, right?
  • Ur right!
  • Ok then. We're trusting in you to find those bugs! :)
  • They find us!
  • Like crabs from an uncleaned cootch!!!
  • Sure!
  • Great!
  • You do understand that this release is for RS1 not RS2.  The release schedule for any new dev cycle has been slow in the beginning where it could be weeks before a new fast ring build comes out, and then as the deadline nears they updates come much more frequently.  So hold on and wait.
  • Sorry if this is already common knowledge, but has the Anniversary update been officially released for Lumia 950XL? I'd like to opt out of the insider once that one is released. Thank you in advance for your replies.
  • Yes it has :)
  • Yes
  • Which world are you living in?
  • Yep 14393.67 with
  • Thanks for the info. I guess I'll use the restore tool on PC to put it on the official build and let it live on that. Cheers,
  • Thanks for the info. I guess I'll use the restore tool on PC to put it on the official build and let it live on that. Cheers,
  • And the release preview is now 2 builds ahead of Production
  • And much more stable and bug free. I've climbed down from Fast because it's gone crazy bad for my 950XL the last few builds. Wiped clean and started again with DTTW on Release. V happy again.
  • Hopefully it brings double tap to wake. Eagerly waiting for it....
  • That is firmware and has nothing to do with OS updates, sorry.
  • Hi Dan. Can the 650 get DDtW with a firmware update or is this an hardware issue with the 650 itself ?
  • 650 can get double tap to wake with firmware update. Double tap to turn off screen is already available for 650 (navigation bar settings). There is no "hardware issue".
  • Thanks for the response and making note of "hardware issue" ...i probably shouldn't of said that as I'm not tech savvy.
  • Totally different systems, mate. Double-tap-to-wake requires firmware, as the screen itself is listening for this event. Double tapping the on-screen nav bar to turn off the screen is 100% in the OS, which is why every win10 phone with on-screen nav bar can use the feature. 
  • I would argue dd to sleep is different then dd to wake e.g. Screen is already on and registering input vs screen is off and not setup to register input. I do think it is likely MS could add feature to 650 if they wanted to but there very well could be a limitation hardware wise preventing them from doing so.
  • I didn't know about that, thank you.
  • +950
  • +950
  • if you talk about the 950 it has already been updated tho a firmware update!!!
  • Not for carrier-branded 950 owners (specifically AT&T in the US).
  • I double tap to wake my 1520 daily with an issue!
  • Been double tap to waking L820s and 520s since 2013.
  • What issue do you have?
  • I waited 1 year for gestures speakerphone on to be reintrodued to the windows phone but  its still not on windows 10 mobile,shame cause its one of those small things i love that made the phone feel like it had something iphone didnt offer.  Now im on a s7 edge i i have it along with all the google apps like you tube and maps, herego and paypal.  I really hope that microsoft can stem the app leakage and improve on it this year cause as much as i love all the apps and like touch wiz i still think windows tiles, notifications and get=neral ui method is the best on mobile, its just a s7 edge or a 950xl, well it wasnt really even close, the 950xl looked budget anfd looks counts for something too.  One thing i now know for sure after 3 weeks, we need google apps on windows mobile, metro tube and tube cast were great but the last few moths their reliablility has been spotty at best.  Just get googles you tube app, well put up with the adverts, honestly.
  • Mytube beats all that. As for PayPal etc. I like the browser experience. Except Snapchat I don't see an app gap. What I see is the quality and feature less app. Like Spotify or messenger. I wish I had android Spotify here.
  • This will pour down cold water on whatsapp news, for sure. :-)
  • What does this gave to do with WhatsApp?
  • ????
  • More fixes and still no firmware from AT&T! #FAIL
  • Should have waited for the unlocked version.
  • I wanted the unlocked XL from the MS store but ended up getting the 950 for $62 from AT&T/Asurion!
  • And now you get to enjoy the rewards, slow carrier updates!
  • Indeed! :(
  • $62?!?!?! How?
  • Asurion insurance deductible to replace my 830.
  • That's how I got my 1020 years back replacing a Focus S. I love that Insurance.
  • Firmware is critical thing mate. They need to be sure before pushing it to public, that it will cause no harm.
  • i prefer fixes than firmware update. the OS has to be stable first
  • Freezed on14905.1000. Will change to slow ring after one update..
  • I'm going to the slow ring after the patch the app update problem and hopefully Cortana's text to speech. Thought I could ride the RS2 wave but its a bit challenging on the cast ring.
  • Okay now I'm confused. My 950 is pulling down this update now but I removed myself from Release Preview last week. At least I thought I signed out of it in settings.
  • It will take some time to reflect the rings status, similar to once you registered to a ring, it will take some time to get the ring build. I do had the similar experience. But eventually it will stop after few days. May be there is registration and de-registration list which takes some time to reflect whenever we make changes.
  • does this version resolve the issues described on the link below: still stuck in 10586.107 and deferred the installation of downloaded 14393.82 hope MSFT have seen and resolve this issues...
  • See the changelog posted above for what's fixed. Just updated!
  • thanks! Daniel... appreciate it!:)
  • I just got windows 10 on my phone. If i update now will it be the RTM version or Aniversary update.And please how my Gigabyte will it take to update my lumia 640 to windows 10 mobile. Thanks.
  • I was too busy posting about it in the forum, forgot to send a tip.
  • Which 0.000003% of devices are actually getting this update? These update posts are tantamount to being clickbait, and yes I said tantamount so deal with it
  • You don't understand the definition of clickbait, which is a misleading headline that pretends to answer a question, but doesn't. There are at least 8 million Insiders according to Microsoft so yes, probably a couple hundred thousand at least on Release Preview, to better answer your silly question. Quit playing the victim here, you don't have to read articles you're not interested in. Man up and scroll past things you are not interested in instead of leaving a comment and whining.
  • Serious question though: On Redstone 2 we should only see Fast and Slow rings... no Release Preview yet, right?
  • Legit, but tough question ;) Right now, it's just Fast Ring for RS2 because it is super new. Once they go through a few RS2 builds with new features, etc. and it is kinda stable it goes to Slow. RS2 won't hit Release Preview until literally two weeks before the public launch (so sometime in 2017). So right now, it looks like this: Fast Ring = RS2 Slow Ring = RS1 (plus cumulative) Release Preview = RS1 (plus cumulative) I'd expect RS2 on Slow Ring probably not for another month or so at least. You can better think Release Preview branch as a test ring for the current build, rather than what's coming next.
  • Right ☺
  • It's people like him that should just move on to whatever platform he/she says to outside of WP and stop coming in here to whine all day. WC should start selling baby supplies; they'd make a killing!
  • Is he related to Captain Underpants? Just curious.
  • Lol!!!
  • Yup clickbait.. I clicked and now im baited into downloading.. Sheesh dude what's your problem??? I think some people just compete for the most down votes for amusement... They are busy children, forgive them
  • Captain dumbpants
  • Simple, yet effective. Upvoted.
  • You don't know much, do you?
  • im on a s7 edgew and im gutted windows isnt biger cause after 6 years on iphone and i loved that, 3 weeks on android mashmellow i like it too, windows 8.1 was fantastic and although windows 10 mobile isnt the slick 8.1 i loved it still beats the other oses for my tastes, i really hope more people are drawn to windows mobile and realise that so we get a proper third mobile os race and beter competative prices all round.  Updates were made very cleat almost a year ago, so poeple with budget handsets with very little ram havnt really lost out cause well you pay for what you get.  In android ill get the big updates in 5-7 months time thats actually alot slower than my windows mobile experience so microsoft are doing somthing right, hell if you used windows mobile and then android thers alot of apps that are better with more options on windows and theres alot of apps better on android too so its kinda a bit like, what ever fits your needs and usage.  Sadly for me the apps which wasnt a ssue in 2015-2015 has become a issue in 2016 so i had to go but ill be back if they return.
  • Downloading now on my unlocked 640XL. I'm hoping there are fixes for live tiles. That is my biggest complaint right now with RS1. The live tiles for Outlook Mail/Calendar and even Bing Rewards don't update. I have to resize the tile to get it to update. I'm guessing this clears some sort of cache that is not clearing on it's own as it should. I never had this problem on Threshold.
  • got this exact problem, but only for the Outlook mail . . .
  • Same phone, same problems :(  but I think it's more about the apps itself than OS.
  • You have a very skinny neck.
  • Same here. Outlook live tiles are dead on my L640 for a few months now. It's really testing my patience.
  • A restart always fixes the live tiles for me.
  • Make sure you report the bug or upvote other previously reported feedback. 
  • I like how their latest releases are now the same day for mobile and pc, I hope they can keep doing it this way.
  • Is anyone experiencing issues with their 950XL where when you double tap/press the display button, it takes like a good 04-05 seconds for the display to light up? It's quite annoying :(, and I suspect a faulty app update or something ....
  • Are you on the RS2 fast ring build? If so, yes, I am experiencing the same issue.
  • Nope. Not on any build; absolutely refused to get back to the insider programme on my new Lumia 950XL. ;) Guess it's caused due to the anniversary update then ...
  • It seems this issue is o