Microsoft compiles Windows 10 milestone build 15000 internally

Microsoft has surpassed another incredible build milestone internally today, as we're hearing build 15000 of Windows has been compiled. It's been almost 2 years since the company compiled build 10000, which was arguably the last huge build number milestone Windows had surpassed.

Now, for those paying close attention, you'll already know build 15000 isn't exactly an accurate number for the amount of Windows builds ever compiled. Microsoft have been known to jump builds in the past, making build 15000 not a true count of build creations. Regardless, build 15000 has now been compiled and is being flighted internally at Microsoft.

Although a huge milestone (number wise) for the company, we're told build 15000 doesn't include any noteworthy changes or features, which is to be expected considering it's the holiday's and most people working on Windows are home with their families. With that in mind, build 15000 likely won't see itself flighted to Insiders, as the Insider program is on a bit of a break right now. In the new year however, normal build flighting will resume.

We're about 3/4 way through the development cycle of the Creators Update at this point, meaning in the new year Microsoft will begin finalizing code and start signing off on features and enhancements that are scheduled to show up in the next public release. We're still expecting a few user-interface improvements and new features to show up for Insiders before the company is ready to sign off, and with only a couple months left of development, those changes should begin popping up very soon.

It's an exciting time for Windows Insiders, as 2017 will be packed with lots of new builds, spanning across two different Windows 10 releases and featuring a lot of new changes. Make sure you stay tuned at Windows Central for more news regarding Windows 10, the Insider Program and builds!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Whoa 😱
  • Go MS!
  • Great
  • How so? They changed a number in the About dialog box.
  • so I hope, you are a developer of Windows 10 so you knew everything.
  • no, they clicked "build" and waited quite a while (I imagine it was whole days back when Windows was new), 15000 total times over the past ~30 years
  • Dont imagine if you don't know, ask.
  • It's better than that. At 5pm, the automated build server pulls down specific branches of code from source control and builds the many variants of windows (x86, x64, ARM, ARM64, Xbox, mobile, IoT, etc)!
  • Hahaha ya right. Is not that automated.
  • Nha, the way you are thinking, that every build would be build 1 time: they wouldn't have hit that button even a 10.000 times. Without buildjumps, we would still be somewhere below the 10000, if not lower. Either way, there are a lot of branches within Windows' development, each are build individually, it's WAY more than 15000 times.
  • There's actually a person with a revision schedule log.
  • Poor people.. No holidays .
  • I'll work on the 26th of December too :/ After a five day break :D
  • Good for them, I suppose?
  • It seems to me that the majority of new features that were shown off at the event have yet to appear in the insider builds.
  • At the event, I saw both the volume and brightness control sliders inside the Action Center which I've been asking for the longest time. The new share feature is something I'm looking for as well.
  • Pls refer us a link
  • You can also watch the Introducing the Windows 10 Creators Update video on Youtube at exactly 0:19 time frame. You need to be pausing a lot since it happens really fast.
  • Also looking forward to that new Groove Music Maker app, looks fun.
  • 3/4 way through the development cycle !? It seems that a lot of new features that were shown off at the Microsoft event don't appear yet. for example: The People bar, Groove Music Maker, notifications center changes, Custom Accent colors settings, Full pen support in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Edge tab browsing changes, etc.. so I hope they could ship all these features to the Creators Update before the public release date.
  • Remember that the build we have now is from 2 December, the Mobile builds is from 18 November. The Holidays happen this year in an "unfortunate" timeframe as RS2 is right now receiving the most features. Remember the April releases from this year for RS1? April brought the vast majority of new features. For RS2, that month is December, but (sadly) that's also the month Microsoft doesn't send builds in. I would say that the first build for 2017 is going to be a big one, feature-wise. Threshold 1's development cycle is perhaps the best example for this, the jump from 9879 to 9926. Also, pen support in Word isn't something the Windows team works on, that's for the Office team.
  • December was also sadly the month when most of the issues with mobile and PC happened.
  • Maybe it will fix all the minor bugs that Windows 10 has been sufffering from day one. It's why most companies are using Windows 7 because its solid as a rock and just works... Remember Windows 7 had tons of issues for years...and after fix and update years later is still is one of Microsoft's most stable OSs out there.
  • W10 is definitely more stable than W7. Try it to find for yourself.
  • I still have problems sometimes with taskbar flyouts not showing up when I click them in the production Anniversary Update, so no, it's not more stable. That's just one bug I can think of right now.
  • Regularly do system maintenance(VERY IMPORTANT) and install the correct drivers(ALSO VERY IMPORTANT :p) that are given in ur OEM website suitable for ur hardware n nothing other than that!
    Don't use Driver booster or something like that to update ur system drivers!
    This will make ur windows 10 pc work perfectly well!
  • I don't run anything to update drivers other than Windows Update on my Surface Pro 4 which has never had Windows 10 reinstalled. It's also new from March this year.
  • You really need to get away from your tiny computer at home  and move out into the real world. I have worked for 5 Fourune 500 companies in the last few years. All of them have no plans on moving to Windows 10 2 of the companies we tried testing Windows 10 for apps and comparing to Windows 7 as performance and being stable with the SOFTWARE that is needed for the business in about 10-15 departments, Still full of bugs, 1/2 the apps the need dont run or dont run right... No matter what your little mind thinks WIndows 10 is the best thing in the world there are many cases where that is not true and in the busness world, that is where Microsoft makes most of their money.
  • It happens to know more than you can imagine for companies and their policies. You are not the only one working in the IT. You are certainly the most dick-headed though.
    Anyway, companies, and even more big ones, have always been conservative with updates. They are the last to arrive at every new Windows version, because they are obsessed with the idea that something may break. It has always been so and it still is. That doesn't mean though that Windows 10 are not better and more stable than its predecessors.
  • Another moron IT person who thinks he knows everthing. It's cool, what ever. In the 5 companies I have worked for that did formal testing and a report on findings. Windows 10 was not ready for any of them to use. I have copies of the reports in testing. One of the major apps they use would of cost 1.4 million to upgrade to support Windows 10...guess what they are doing ?
  • DavidinCT
    Sorry to have to say, but your view isn't correct.
    There is no "value" in Windows upgrades for enterprise. Most enterprises move due to Microsoft ending extended support, or their normal hardware refresh cycle.
    The whole "schtick" of Windows is backward compatibility, and Windows 10 is the same as every other new Windows, in that it mostly works. And as Windows 10 has been out over a year almost all previous Win32, or store apps will now work.
    Most enterprises skipped Windows 8, and will now be deploying Windows 10 for devices that have "touch" as a touch device is hampered without Windows 8 or 10.
  • I am calling BS that those companies have no plans to move (presumably from Windows 7) to Windows 10. Windows 7 mainstream support ended as of 13 Jan 2015, and extended support ends effective 14 Jan 2020. There is no support after extended support ends unless the company ponies up truckloads of cash, and shareholders won't be took keen on that waste of money. Any company interested in staying in business with Microsoft technology, never mind interest in securing their data, has migration plans in progress now, due to the additional security features Windows 10 provides over any previous version. It's not like Microsoft didn't provide ample notice. 5 1/2 years' notice ought to be more than enough.
  • I guess you dont have a clue... call BS all you want. I personally am a IT director. I tried to have my guys do testing and give me a report, as well I am very hands on, so I used it directly on my work laptop. I will tell you this Windows 10 has more bugs (assorted little issues) than Windows 7 at it's current updates. There is a reason why Windows 7 has had tons of updates over the years. It's something Windows 10 is just not there yet. And as older apps (that companies use and NEED) do not run correctly on Windows 10 (most but, not all). This is a MAJOR factor in selecting a new OS. If you THINK you know more, good for you. I personally have seen it and DO know what I am talking about.
  • Yeah, I'm sure I don't. I am closer to the bottom than top of our IT ladder after all. But our phased rollout to 100K workstations, laptops, and tablets is on plan, and should wrap up over a year before Microsoft's deadline. Win10 has been on my workstation for months now, and I have yet to have any need to report any issues to the rollout project team.
  • If your business apps are built in house, get better developers. If your business apps are off the shelf, let your vendor know that they need better devs or they will get replaced if they cant make it work. With all of the security related stuff happening right now....ssl is dead, tls is dying and you are just asking for trouble.
  • So it's not Windows 10 issue, but that of updating the Applications to make work very with the new OS.
  • Can't wait for 2017 to enjoy an even more polished W10 experience. RS1 is great, though there are around 3 things that drive me absolutely mental (on both PC and a Surface Pro 4)
  • What are those three things?
  • Interesting enough, 15,000 is about the number of mobile users that they still have left.
  • Boo ya!
  • All i want Microsoft to do is fix the stupid pen to text keyboard... its frustrating that it goofs up so much in their own program, office 365.  every time i have to hit the backspace before it inserts the first scribble i ink.  makes me want to scream!
  • "It's an exciting time for Windows Insiders, as 2017 will be packed with lots of new builds" Isn't it always? "spanning across two different Windows 10 releases and featuring a lot of new changes." Well... no. The builds in 2017 will be spanning over 3 different Windows 10 releases, not 2.
  • 15000 has no special meaning, when talking about computers remember they are based on binary. 16384 is much more significant.
  • but build numbers are decimal not binary, otherwise it would be build 11101010011000 (or if we went in hex it would be 3a98)  
  • I hope we get to see the 3D scanner app for phone soon
  • Hi Zac, probably not the best place to ask, but do you have any clue about when support for 2nd Gen phones like the L830 will drop? I'm guessing it will come due to hardware limitations at some point, but it's unclear to me at the moment. Also I'm wondering because when the 64bit version comes (I can only take a guess) that the current 32bit will start slowing down? I know the 950/XL and HP Elite X3 are on those, and HP is supposed to have long term support from MS for the OS, but by end of next year we will see the life cycle end (sort of) for the 950 and older phones are probably past that already - I'm just curious to know what course Win10Mobile will take down the road. And if Windows as a service will some how be applicable on x86 phones.
  • I guess I'm getting ahead of myself :P
  • So should we expect something finally incredible? Or what "incredible" is on build number?
  • when are they going to make LABEL editable (Modile 1, mobile 2 etc) and when are they going to add texting, lets say you have a missed call and you want to text instead of calling, if its a known contact its possible but if its only a number, you have to copy the number and paste  
  • Congrats :)
  • Hey insiders on the fast ring, I have a question. Can you change the default browser on the latest build?
  • Can somebody please explain me what is the news here ?
  • Build 15000 has been compiled. It's in the title.
  • Looking forward to get it. Let see how windows 10 can be helping it's fan and customers. Go! Go! Microsoft.