New Windows 10 Build 9879 improves OneDrive, adds native MKV support and more

There's a new Windows 10 build available for those in the Windows Insider Program. Build 9879 is available and brings a handful of new features. You can now hide the Search button or Task View button, there are three new gestures and much more!

Here's what is new in today's Windows 10 build:

  • Ability to hide or show Task View button
  • Ability to hide or show Search button
  • New minimize and restore animations
  • Three dots in Windows chrome replaced by 'hamburger-style' icon
  • New Trackpad gestures: 3 finger up -> Task View, 3 finger down -> show Desktop, 3 finger flick to left or right -> switches to previous app, 3 finger move left or right -> Alt-Tab appears, 3 finger tap -> Search
  • Selective sync available in OneDrive, you pick what you want synced to your PC now
  • Interoperability focused Edge rendering engine in Internet Explorer available to 10% of Insiders
  • Native MKV support, including thumbnail and metadata support in File Explorer
  • Continued UI refinements, including some new icons
  • New Insider Hub app for those in the Windows Insider Program

This is a nice update to Windows 10 and all those using it via the Windows Insider Program. The new Insider Hub app will be a destination for you to get all the latest news and announcements regarding the program itself.

We're grabbing the update now. How about you?

Source: Blogging Windows

Sam Sabri