Windows 10 cumulative update build 15063.250 now rolling out to Creators Update PCs

A fresh cumulative update is now rolling out to Windows 10 PCs on the Creators Update. Carrying the KB4016240 designation, the latest cumulative update ticks the build number up to 15063.250 and includes a lengthy batch of non-security updates.

Here's a look at what's new (opens in new tab):

  • Addressed issue where VMs might experience loss in network connectivity while provisioning IP addresses. Addressed issue that does not initiate a remote ring on the device when RemoteRing Configuration Service Provider (CSP) is used.
  • Addressed issue where a memory leak occurs in Internet Explorer when hosting pages containing nested framesets that load cross-domain content.
  • Addressed issue where Internet Explorer 11 does not save JavaScript files when exporting to an MHT file.
  • Addressed issue that causes users to get logged out from Web applications intermittently.
  • Addressed issue with a very dim internal monitor that may occur when booting with the external monitor only and then switching to the built-in panel only.
  • Addressed issue where running Win32 Direct3D applications or games in full-screen exclusive mode causes the system to become unresponsive when resuming from Connected Standby.
  • Addressed issue where when upgrading to Windows 10, version 1703, with the system language set to Chinese, the progress page displays geometric shapes instead of the correct localized strings.
  • Addressed issue that prevents the lock screen from being disabled using Group Policy on Professional SKUs. Addressed issue in Windows Forms configuration options, which causes antivirus applications to stop working at startup.
  • Addressed additional issues with compatibility, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

If your PC is on the Creators Update, you should be able to grab this latest batch of fixes through Windows Update now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Cool
  • Baad
  • "Addressed additional issues with compatibility, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge." I hope this includes fixing the HBO GO website in Edge. The HBO GO team is working on it already, but they still can't figure it out 😕 And yeah, the UI glitches should also be fixed 😁
  • Have you tried the App? Windows 8 based but works good.
  • I wish DirectV Now supported Edge. I think it's odd they do not.
  • Cant blame them, edge has become more of a limited enterprise browser vs a consumer browser. Shouldnt be watching hbo go at work right?
  • Enterprise browser and not a consumer browser? Not sure I agree with that but ok.
  • Surprised there is no release preview for Windows Phone yet...
  • There is...
  • Creators update? Don't think so.
  • Haha spoke too soon I guess. Checked and I'm pulling it down right now. Sweet!
  • it is 15063.251
  • Where is fix for Lagging Animation???
  • Someone on Reddit says that this is fixed by this update.
  • Didnt fix it on my devices.
  • Has anybody else had issues with framerate dropping? I have a capable computer, but on both my desktop and Surface Pro 3, I've noticed that the interface, notably the Start Menu and Action Center, lag when opening sometimes. It seems really jittery and it started after I installed the Creator's Update.
  • There are many people with this issue. However, I've seen a report on Reddit that this update fixes this.
  • Awesome! Thanks!
  • Haven't got the Creators Update yet on my ASUS Vivobook S451LA! :(
  • U can use Media creation tool & get a quick update..
  • I just sent them feedback yesterday about edge and IE not working well on google drive and I use these sites for work on a regular basis
  • I'm waiting for CU on my Lumia 950... they say if will be released today... :(
  • Yeah, well, as always, it ain't gonna happen
  • It should also be releasing since April 11th, but it supports the device, you guys also aware of that situation. Some out of luck, and its own device that it arrives on the new solution from Microsoft.
  • Downloading on 950XL
  • Nevermind...Just found that my pc is on that same build. I have the Lumia 735 and the build is 15063.138, would this be the creators update? I use it just to keep up with windows phone/mobile.
  • I like that it only took five minutes for the update on my Surface Pro 2 connected to 100M internet.
  • I thought that my Lumia 950 would get Creators a month or two from now. Join me in my crusade of patience.
  • No fix for desktop icon arranging oddities?
  • Doubt. Does anyone still use internet explorer? 🤔
  • WiFi keeps disconnecting since CU update on pc, does this update fix the WiFi?
  • Hope this fixes the total freezing of my clean Lenovo T520...
  • Lost volume slider, when i clic on the tray icon it does not appear. meanwhile, keyboard dedicated keys will do
  • Volume slider still working here
  • Did a reg cleaner with Ccleaner, and problem solved.
  • I cannot open the article in the browser using the icon :(
  • It fixes some of the issues I have had since the last cumalative update.
  • Cannot cast from my CU PC to my Sony Bravia TV. Get "Connection failed" message.