Windows 10 gets put up against Apple's OS X El Capitan, and comes out ahead

The folks at LaptopMag took some time to compare Microsoft's latest offering, Windows 10, and Apple's upcoming OS, OS X El Capitan. After comparing the operating systems head to head in a number of categories, the team was able to declare Windows 10 as the leader of the two. While Apple's latest software is still in beta, and Windows 10 was not officially released when the comparison was done, performance and bugs were left out of the comparison.

Some of the highlights from the comparison include:

  • Multitasking
    • Apple is playing catch-up with multitasking, and Microsoft is pulling ahead. The good news for Mac owners is that El Capitan brings a new Split View feature that lets you view two apps at once side by side.
  • Special Features
    • Cortana, a voice-enabled personal assistant that does more than just answer questions, is the star of the show for Windows 10. Like Google Now, Cortana provides cards that give you a quick glance at the weather, news, sports scores, restaurant recommendations and more. Cortana gets smarter the more you use it, but you can personalize it right off the bat via the Notebook settings. Where the heck is Siri for the desktop, Apple?
  • Web browsing
    • With the new Edge browser in Windows 10, Microsoft cleared away the clutter while adding clever new tools. These include a digital pen and highlighter for marking up pages (best with a pen or touch screen, but it works fine with a touchpad), as well as a way to insert typed notes on the page. You can then save the marked-up page, add it to OneNote or share it with others

These are just small portions of the comparison, but you should take some time and check the full thing out. It is great to see what Microsoft has done so far, and how they are out-pacing Apple in a number of ways with the new operating system.

Check out the full comparison from LaptopMag

Jared DiPane

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