Windows 10 gets put up against Apple's OS X El Capitan, and comes out ahead

The folks at LaptopMag took some time to compare Microsoft's latest offering, Windows 10, and Apple's upcoming OS, OS X El Capitan. After comparing the operating systems head to head in a number of categories, the team was able to declare Windows 10 as the leader of the two. While Apple's latest software is still in beta, and Windows 10 was not officially released when the comparison was done, performance and bugs were left out of the comparison.

Some of the highlights from the comparison include:

  • Multitasking
    • Apple is playing catch-up with multitasking, and Microsoft is pulling ahead. The good news for Mac owners is that El Capitan brings a new Split View feature that lets you view two apps at once side by side.
  • Special Features
    • Cortana, a voice-enabled personal assistant that does more than just answer questions, is the star of the show for Windows 10. Like Google Now, Cortana provides cards that give you a quick glance at the weather, news, sports scores, restaurant recommendations and more. Cortana gets smarter the more you use it, but you can personalize it right off the bat via the Notebook settings. Where the heck is Siri for the desktop, Apple?
  • Web browsing
    • With the new Edge browser in Windows 10, Microsoft cleared away the clutter while adding clever new tools. These include a digital pen and highlighter for marking up pages (best with a pen or touch screen, but it works fine with a touchpad), as well as a way to insert typed notes on the page. You can then save the marked-up page, add it to OneNote or share it with others

These are just small portions of the comparison, but you should take some time and check the full thing out. It is great to see what Microsoft has done so far, and how they are out-pacing Apple in a number of ways with the new operating system.

Check out the full comparison from LaptopMag

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  • Yeah well, OS X usually gets interesting somewhere around the .3 release. The beta and even the final .0 release are hardly ever mature and ready to be used. Windows 10 is the clear winner here in terms of being feature complete, I think. When it comes down to Siri, you'll see that get released in 10.12, probably. 10.11 is actually a performance-optimised released, comparable to how Snow Leopard was a polished version of OS X Leopard.
  • Has apple finally made it easier to go in and find specific files?
  • Straight answer: No. That is a real bug bear, when working with logic or something. But really, were anyone actually expecting anything else!? Apples os is really a very specific anomaly, and there's a reason most use windows. I have to say that singling out Cortana as a stand out feature is just odd. It's a digital assistant. In Enterprise it'll be ignored and really ego is going to talk to their computer, especially in an office. It's just a meta info gobbler like siri and google now and frankly out can be ignored. The stand out feature for windows 10 is that they sorted it out: The ui, memory management on the whole is better. It's just better than w8.1. It still needs polishing and they're are some odd things in the settings menu that go no where but I'm guessing msft is working hard to sort these little quirks out. It's not perfect but really, no contest between el captain and w10 unless you specifically require the Apple offering. Better to read the running blog on gizmodo to get a grip on the actual use.
  • Aren't they putting Cortana integration into the BI tools?  That's a very specific enterprise feature. 
  • Yea, and you can actually type into it, don't have to speak.
  • Yes they are. Of course there are other tools so the uptake is going to be interesting, especially amongst financial institutions.
  • Oddly I use Cortana more for my corporate life than my personal. For travel, reminders, and client locations. Now is the part of trying to convince IT to let me get w10 on my corp laptop.
  • Start with a Windows Phone. Show it to your IT department before you go to a meeting. With my last meeting, Cortana gave me a reminder and directions, solely because I accepted the invite in my work email. It has made client facing work so much easier to manage. Once your IT department sees this, they should let you upgrade. Worked for me.  
  • Yea for phone, Cortana in Windows 10 has no insight into Outlook so getting your work information won't happen until Microsoft adds it. You're stuck with Mail and Calendar apps which are useless in a corporate environment.
  • That's what a secretary is for lol
  • Cortana saved me yesterday. I often buy some groceries on my lunch break at work and put them in our cafeteria refrigerator to stay cool until the end of the day. I then usually forget about them and don't realize I left the stuff there until I'm home. Yesterday, I bought some milk. I figured I'd try Cortana and talked to her: "Remind me to get milk when I leave work." I figured this would just be a test, because now that I'd done it, there was no way I would forget. But then, sure enough several hours later when I left, I completely forget, got in my car, and started driving. Ding. Ding. Looked at my phone -- Get milk. With almost no time lost, I swung back into the parking lot, ran in and grabbed the milk. Awesome. By the way, that was with no setup or anything. Cortana figured out my work address simply based on my going there for several hours every day.
  • You could type-talk to cortana, and she replies silently. I too doubt I'll use her at work, but I could if I wanted to.
  • EL Capitan, sounds ridiculously pretentious. I get the geographical reference but still..
  • I think you will see lots of Star Trek jokes when it launches, regarding "Mon Capitan":  
  • Hehe "Mon Capitan"..
  • It's a land feature in Yosemite.
  • He did say he got the geographical reference right?
  • I thought there OS names use to be after big cats. Is that one of them?
  • Used to be after Big Cats; Major upgrades were a "category" (i.e. Lion, Tiger, Leopard etc.), the following upgrade was more of a "refinement" named after a specific type in the defiend category (i.e. SNow Leapord, Mountain Lion, etc.). However, they've moved on to geographical locations. First was a major location (Yosemite), second was a location within the "major location" (El Capitan; again, just a refinement of the previous upgrade).
  • There was Mavericks after Mountain Lion.
  • Yes and Mavericks, California still lines up with his explanation as a geographical location.,_California
  • I have two pictures that I use that makes it sound not so pretentious and also drives Mac users nuts.     Edit: If the image does not show, it is a picture of Yosemite Sam and Captain Crunch.
  • On *this* site and the PC friendly LaptopMag? I'm shocked; shocked, I tell you /s
  • Did you read the article? The comparison was not done by Windows Central, but rather LaptopMag...
  • Did you read his comment? He clearly points out thst LaptopMag is PC friendly. PC is a term used only for Windows computers, you know that right?
  • That's why he included the "s" at the end.
  • Actually, LaptopMag is very pro Apple. In fact they gave Apple 10 points for their "Apps and App Store" which is ludicrous given the amount of quality and quantity x86 apps there are in exhistence.
  • Exactly, perhaps they got confused with the iOS appstore as OSX doesn't come close to x86 in terms of apps or their functionality.
  • Windows always came out ahead vs mac OS.  It's nothing new. 
  • Idk.... OSX Yosemite fucking rocks on my HP Touchsmart laptop....
  • Not surprising.
  • "...El Capitan brings a new Split View feature that lets you view two apps at once side by side." <-- this might just be poor journalism, but only APPS? (not applications). Is this the direction that OSX is going? WinRT where everything must reside in an APP? I doubt it, but if that is all they could muster... It seems to me that Apple is making the same mistake that nearly killed the company the first time around. OSX in its current incarnation is incredibly stagnet and is essentially the same as it was at inception. In the years since, they're basically doing what teenagers do to their hand-me-down honda that dad gave them; run down to the auto parts store and by some chrome trim, a loud muffler, and a new leather gear shifter knob. Apple got crushed by windows 95 when msft put all the pieces the industry had together in one OS. Apple didn't innovate, and tried to rest on previous decades' old sucesses. While the converse may also be true, MSFT moved too fast for the human animal to keep up, we are creatures of habit. But it took some kahones to put out Win8 and say look, this is another way we can interact. Some real progress was made with new and novel user interfaces that really help us interact with computers in a more useful and productive way. I watch my wife use her Mac and I cringe at all the drop down menus, the stacks of partially windowed applications in layers, not to mention the mess that the file browser is. Its 1999 over there. The best feature of osx is its marketing I think.
  • Interesting thoughts. Would you mind elaborating on some of the aspects that you see being used in OSX, and how you use it differently. I ask with genuine interest to learn what newer ways to use the systems may be. For the record, I am on a Macbook Air with Parallels and Win 10 Preview. After a year of using the Macbook and OSX, I am still not certain about which I like better. If I were to pick one single reason to not be able to not use Windows at all it would be OneNote and Office (Word, Powerpoint). Yes the apps, despite having the Mac versions of the same apps. Most other things are easily adapted to.              
  • I think it too early to compare both. I would wait till they have mature a bit before people make up their minds. Both are still early stage of there life.
  • "good news for Mac owners is that El Capitan is that it brings a new Split View feature that lets you view two apps at once side by side" that Windows 8 and Windows RT had three years ago... Talk about a pathetically slow pace of updates.
  •'s "innovation"!...
  • Should have noted that although El Capitan makes use of split screen app usage, Windows 10 now offers quad view to perform tasks on 4 apps all at once.  Just another example of leap frogging the competition and another huge benefit of Windows 10 is that the OS is ever evolving with updates on the fly.  Apple users will have to wait for any major changes to the El Capitan OS once Apple brings out another OS maybe this time it will be titled El Crapitan
  • Wait. So up until el Capitan you couldn't have two apps open side by side?
  • Yep... Ridicilious! :'D
  • Yeah, and every me I had to use a Mac I'd drag windows to the side expecting to see them snap, but instead would lower my head and sigh. I hated it, it just ruined my work flow.
  • You could have as many applications open side by side, in quartered-screen, or on as many virtual or physical desktops as you&#39;d like. The difference is in changing how full screen applications behave on an OS level. 3rd party OS X applications like Moom and TotalSpaces and countless others have been used for years in OS X by users that want to do this stuff. If only Windows 10 had applications I could download that offered features like those two. But, alas...
  • you had to resize and position them manually
  • After this initial launch, it is going to be very difficult to compare Windows 10 to other OSes if there is no set release cycle for new Windows 10 features.  Features that are lacking/not well done today could be added/improved within a few months. 
  • The same goes for OS X 10
  • El Capitan is a joke versus W10
  • Who in their right mind would compare a RTM OS with a Beta OS?
    Who in their right mind would make a decisive judgment based on that comparison? This article smells like faboyism propaganda, which is pretty much how this entire site smells these days. Nothing but Microsoft marketing here folks!
  • STFU hoser, leave if you don't like MS news
  • "While Apple's latest software is still in beta and Windows 10 was not officially released when the comparison was done, performance and bugs were left out of comparison"...
    I think you missed this part in the article. It's a beta software and hence supposed to be feature parity with the official release. So I think they can be compared.
  • You realize, even when Windows 10 was still in Beta it was compared to complete OS's? It was a feature comparison, which is to be epected.
  • As a beta el Capitan is actually faster and less buggy than Yosemite. Running this and W10 and 8.1 on a Macbook Pro. 8.1 runs faster on this than my Dell AIO.
  • "OS X El Capitan" the hell name is that!? :'D
  • I've heard a lot of good things about Edge, but whenever I've used it, it hasn't even been able to run YouTube properly. Anyone had the same experience?
  • Not really. Everything is fast and smooth in my experience.
  • It works perfectly for me, and I use YouTube all the time.
  • No issues with Youtube, but Edge is far from production ready in my mind. A number of sites simply don't load fast enough. I think it has to do with the ads on the site. Something is Edge is not optimized to ignore ads, and load other aspects and make the page browesable. Also, until they enable extensions, it is unsuable as the primary browser for me.    
  • Rotten apple
  • Forgive me for saying this, but I'm quite frustrated with Microsoft. I'm glad that they've finally put forth a product that is worthy of Mac OS (and potentially better), but they've really pissed me off enough that I won't be buying a Windows product (other than a Lumia 640) for a while. Let me explain why... I returned back to college two years ago, and wanted to have a good laptop/tablet mix to take with me to school, so I bought the Surface Pro 1. While it was decent, I could tell at the time (and definitely now, looking back), that it was just a public testing device. The battery life sucked, the screen was too small, and Windows 8 itself sucked at the time. It took two iterations to get to the SP3, which is finally a fully baked product (and quite nice). It also took several iterations of Windows 8 before it became useable, but it still just sucked. Windows 10 has righted the ship, but pissed me off in doing so, because I've bought expensive hardware and software from them (Windows 8 for my other laptop), only to feel like it was just public beta testing on me (at my expense). The thing that Apple has going for it, is that it only puts out products that are fully ready. In addition, their software launches are much better (still can't get Windows 10 to download on my Wife's computer). Again, I'm quite happy that Windows is finally getting it together, but they've alredy spent all my money, and upset me in the process. I'll be glad to return to them when they've fully outrun Apple, but until then, I'll stick with my Mac until Windows 10 is SIGNIFICANTLY better...not just slightly better.
  • I quit Windows in 2004. I prefer the options that OS X delivers that I have looked for and cannot find in Windows. But I do boot into Windows for gaming. I'm having to do that less and less though because gaming in OS X has started to improve and so has WINE functionality. Plus, OS X 10.11 will finally be dumping OpenGL so gaming will probably improve at a greater speed. Apple never really bothered caring about gaming much. Always annoyed the crap out of me. Guess they figured productivity was more important. Really though, I still depend on Windows. Windows 10 looks and runs great. I'm impressed with Microsoft's efforts and applaud their work on Edge. I've been getting nearly free copies of Windows from Microsoft for years so that I might bother to do webdev compatibility with IE. Yeah, right. But I do hope Edge becomes and stays competitive, I mean that. I get that everyone has a preference and feels the need to trash whatever other options are available. So I joined in a bit. All I know is that I'm waiting as I get my Windows 8.1 on USB sshd backed up so I can try something with it in Hyper-V to update it to Windows 10. Because running Windows on a USB drive in 2015 is not officially supported except on the Enterprise level. Modern, my backside. I've been able to run OS X from DVD, USB stick, external hard drive, over network, whatever, through many versions over the years. It just worked. I wouldn't bother but Windows 10 does look and work a lot better than Windows 8.1. It's not like DirectX12 will be in heavy use in a big hurry.
  • Anything is better than OS X.
  • I do get the landmark reference,  but in true apple douchebag fashion,  Naming your OS El Capitan is very pretentious.   But hey,  Everything apple including their users is pretentious.   Nothing new there.   I ran OSX for like 3 months and sold everything fire sale fashion just to get rid of it.   Apple is a joke.  Besides their marketing and theft team. I can't wait to get windows 10 up and running on my computers.
  • True, although several of those will probably coming in the next few months with or shortly after the launch of Windows 10 Mobile. But those are a few very specific functions. There are a lot more things that Windows does that Mac OS X does not. Granted, you can get a lot of them via Parallels or dual boot, but that's really just because then you are running Windows on your Mac. To parallel your specific hardware comparison, Windows works better with Android and Windows phones. Windows now has streaming XBox play, and has announced plans to also work in the other direction (run the game on your PC, which is probably way more powerful than your XBox One, and play it on the couch in your living room on the big screen TV). Also, when it comes to hardware compatability, there is no contest -- everything works with Windows, only some things work with Mac. I like and respect the Mac and it has a few unique strengths, and because Apple controls the hardware, sometimes it's a bit cleaner and simpler than Windows, but in terms of capabilities and value for the money, Windows wins hands down. They're not even in the same league.
  • Matt, you're arguing with yourself. In your prior post you criticized Windows for not having an ecosystem like Apple does with its OSX and iOS devices. I explained how while indeed Apple does have a wonderful internal ecosystem, Microsoft builds internal support for a greater range of Microsoft devices than Apple does with Apple devices, including XBox and Windows Phone to list just a few. Then you respond with a new complaint that Windows doesn't work as well with the iPhone as OSX. Well obviously -- it would be pretty embarrassing for Apple if iOS devices didn't work better with OSX than with any other computer OS. But OSX doesn't work as well with Windows Phones or Android Phones as Windows does. So when it comes to tying things together with third party devices, MS crushes Apple. So in any reasonable feature-to-comparable feature comparison (such as main computer OS to third party devices or support for other company's mobile deices), Microsoft wins. Apple ONLY wins on pure Apple-to-Apple integration.
  • So, you're putting a now officially released OS against one that's still in beta form... Of course Windows 10 is going to come out ahead. How about doing this comparison after El Capitan is officially released and then see which OS comes out ahead?
  • I've been using windows 10 on my retina macbook pro and I love it so far! I might stop using OS X!
  • I found the article to be incredibly fair and well balanced. GREAT ARTICLE! It paints a picture not of a great OS vs a crappy OS, but of a great OS vs a great OS. And that is a HEEEEUGE breath of fresh air for me amidst all the superlative, hyperbole, and name calling laced ultra fanboyism passing as journalism that finds its way all over the tech world internet these days. While my heart may indeed be more strongly "with Microsoft" right now than "with Apple" (or Google), at the end of the day, I'm neither an Apple guy, or a Microsoft guy, OR a Google guy, but an "all of the above" guy. I have all three, I use all three, I love all three, and I plan to keep all three. So it's no skin off my back at all to freely admit that they're both GREAT systems. The thing I REALLY like about the way they did this contest is that they put everything into categories that they pre-assigned weights to. This weighting reflects their own priorities in terms of "what's most and least important to making an OS great." But it's possible that a person could agree with everything they say in each category, and even agree with who wins each category (4 wins, 4 losses, 1 tie for each), but because their priorities are different in what makes a great OS, the weightings on the categories change and El Cap ends up coming out on top for them. I really like that. That said, for me speaking personally, we'll have to wait til the dust settles and the newness wears off, I suppose. But speaking preliminarily, I think that for the first time EVER, I actually like Windows OS BETTER than Mac. So I mostly agree with this article and its findings! 10 is a SMASH HIT! :-D Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android