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Windows 10 now installed on more than 14% of all PCs worldwide

The worldwide install base on Windows 10 for the PC continued its steady climb. The latest numbers from Net Applications show Microsoft's latest OS was used by 14.15% of all PCs worldwide in March 2016. That puts it in second place on the list and shows a rise of over a full percentage point compared to February 2016, where it had a 12.82% market share.

The market share numbers continue to show that Windows 7 remains at the top of the OS chain, with a 51.89% share in March, but that's down compared to its 52.34% share in February. Windows XP, which Microsoft no longer supports, remains in third place with 10.90% in March, down from 11.24% in February. Windows 8.1 is in fourth place with 9.56% in March, down from 9.83% in February.

This week, Microsoft stated that Windows 10 was in active use by over 270 million devices since it officially launched in late July 2015. The company will release a free Anniversary Update for the OS sometime later this summer.

  • Yeah! Keep it up Windows 10!
  • Pffft, not fast as Windows 7 Posted on Lumia 930 with
    Windows 10 Mobile
  • Pffft, not as fast as Windows for Workgroups.
  • MS-DOS s FASTER. Just optimize that CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT too. Why change the OS? 
  • Pffft - Wrong by a wide margin.
  • Pffft, people are being slow and steady which is for better.
  • April Fools?
  • Do you think that they'll manage to reach the one billion goal?
  • You can add to that all the Xbox's that will officially run Win10. Plus a smattering of phones and soon every toaster will be upgraded over night to Win10. So a billion installs can definitely happen.
  • IoT devices really don't count for much. Phones, Xbox and full Windows 10 computers are the only things that count....and judging by Microsoft's change of wording, a billion Windows 10 devices is going to take years rather than the 2 year time frame they originally envisaged
  • In what way do you mean IoT doesn't really count for much?
  • Importance to developers
  • They planned 3 years for 1 billion....
  • The main problem is that users refuse to upgrade to Windows 10. Out of the announced 270 million Windows PCs about 2/3 are new PCs sold with Windows 10 preinstalled. And the rate is going much slower now as Windows is losing marketshare (-10% YoY according to Microsoft's financial results).
  • They will. Enterprise is by far the biggest user and they are still in testing. But enterprise adoption will be faster than previous versions of Windows. As a small example, my company of 4,000 people waited until the very last minute to upgrade from XP to Win 7. But we are currently testing Windows 10 and the plan is to roll it out at the end of this year. In the enterprise world that's lightning speed adoption. I think what we'll see is that over the next year or two adoption will be very swift as Microsoft continues to refine the OS and enterprises get comfortable with compatibility.
  • Absolutely. Lots of kiosks in elevators and lobbies run WinXP or Win7, as do most ATMs. They'll be switching over sometime this year or next. Those devices alone will put them well within reach (and likely over) the 1 billion mark. It was an arbitrary value chosen for two reasons: 1) It sounds large; 2) They knew they'd hit it with no issue.
  • Good more Universal app in the Store........
  • Hmmm. Doesn't seem possible within the time range they specified. Terry Myerson said within 2-3 years at the 2015 conference. That's just my opinion. So far I think they're getting a good adoption rate though.
  • They're 1/3 there in 8 months...
  • More like 1/4th. But still an improvement regardless.
  • 270 000 000 / 1 000 000 000 = 27% Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • 270 000 000 / 1 000 000 000 = 27% Windows 10 has been released to the public for 8 months. 8 months / 36 months = 22% So apparently they are ahead of schedule.
  • I imagine adoption rate is going to slow down, not speed up. Try comparing adoption rate in the first 5mos compared to the last 3mos. At any rate, it is just a goal. It's gonna take amazing functionality in win 10 that folks can't live without to get 'em to move faster. Good luck MSFT!!
  • Lol especially if power user features like raid dont work
  • I'm still running the best Windows for pc...............Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  • Yeah, no... Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • The best one was Windows 95! How about use that instead of Win7 Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • The more reputable source has it 16.5% worldwide and 19.5% in the U.S
  • And WP at 1.8% LMAO  
  • While W10M marketshare is surely very low, statcounter's method of counting by web browser traffic doesnt really provide accurate numbers for W10M because the W10M version of Edge is using google chrome mobile user agent strings to help get mobile sites to render better. Presumably this will change in the future once edge picks up usage on the desktop, and sites begin to optimize for that browser.
  • Statcounter has never been reputable.
  • Pretty much everyone but WindowsCentral (or WP focused sites) use them. And to prove that even more ...270,000,000 / 1.5bill pcs = 18%. Let's say only 250,000,000 of those are actual PCs 16.66%. That's almost identical to what statcounter has. 
  • It's a good thing you can't back that up, because that would mean that pretty much everyone but WindowsCentral (or WP focused sites) are excessively foolish. Show me a site that uses them in a news story and I'll show you a disreputable site that presents heresay, rumor, and opinion as fact. Pretty much every site that has a modicum of journalistic integrity uses NetMarketShare.  Including the old school guys that still understand what journalism means.
  • If they would figure out a Media Center replacement I would gladly upgrade the last pc in my house running Win 8.
  • Media Centre is integrated into the Xbox One. Go buy an Xbox One console :) Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • No its not.
  • this needs to happen. they could even do a raspberry pi with iot or make a xbox without a optical drive to lower the price more. they need to do something. or take the intel compute stick and put iot on it for a windows like Roku or fire stick.
  • You can use Plex or Kodi
  • To tune and record? Watch live TV? 
  • Could do that years ago with Kodi & other Alts. (at least with various DVB-x standards), not sure about Plex. Would be nice to see them come out swinging though, with a "MCE killer" that's integrated into XBO.  
  • I should have kept my mouth shut. I'm glad that Kodi works for your purposes. It isn't an MCE replacement. plex is a media manager and streamer, but doesn't have TV. 
  • Hey, you asked the vague/open-ended Qn, how was I suposed to know you already know everything. I was just trying to be helpful, no need to be a smart-arse on the net... Kodi most def. can be a replacement for MCE, at least in markets where DVB-T/S etc. is the standard. But as I said, would be very cool to see MCE replacement come to Xbox, would be very tempting alternative.
  • I'm running W10 + Media Center on my HTPC. Works great, I believe the only limitations are the extenders.
  • Same here. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol yeah maybe try & maybe add a spot in ws for wmc addins
  • I loved windows 10 on my laptop but had to go back to 8.1 as battery life was horrible on 10. I'll come back when it gets better
  • With the recent updates it's been better, though anyone who has a laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo, or Intel Celeron better wait until next month. Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • I got the November update they released in India but no effect on battery life. And processor is 5th gen i3 quad core
  • If you did an upgrade, issues are expected to arise, do a clean install, it's a lot better
  • haha so you need to reset your pc (clean install) evrytime after a critical update is installed? That sucks.
  • and do you expect every upgrade to work 100% fine? We did an upgrade on a laptop and it hasn't failed and battery life it's the same as a clean installed WIndows 8.1.
    ​If you have been using Windows on a device and you have installed many crap software that change a bunch of registry entries and system files, or you run crappy antivirus software then how do you expect it to be upgraded well?
    Windows is open, and you can modify anything, you can fix and easily break anything, so hundred of million of devices, with different components, and drivers and versions of software and all that, it's OBVIOUS that it won't have a 100% sucess on upgrades. that's why Clean installing is better, and that's why from windows 10 10240 to 1511 everything got better for most people, not worst. so if something doesn't work, it's easier just to clean install, than downgrade and pretend that fixed everything and the next time you upgrade thing will be perfect.   But of course let's not use our brain, and just talk crap. you are doing that job pretty well!
  • Lol dual booting w7 & moved back to w8 from 8.1 due to incompatibly with perfectly fine Wi-Fi chipset. & yeah battery could soon or later be replaced
  • Good trend that will bring more good apps
  • Yeahh great!!
  • Are they counting downloads? If so, what about the millions who deleted it and moved back to Windows 7. Windows 10 is a train wreck. They are way behind the figures they need. They even have to give it away to get anyone to take it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • it says active users.
  • Lol like mw10 not all OEMs or intel/amd for that matter are on-board with stable drivers/bios it seems MS failed marketshares like sandybridge
  • The real figure is around 12% as a much more realistic statistic is the Internet traffic usage. This statistic is also slightly misleading as people who upgrade their OS are more likely to be out on the Web more as millions of PCs are dumb terminals etc. Also, windows 10 is online sharing your data with Microsoft partners all day long. Much more so than Windows 7. I will eat my hat if this OS actually has anything close to 10%. In our office it has 5% and this is unlikely to change any time soon. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Right, because you can only own a computer if you use the Internet.
  • I hope your hat is a tasty fedora because basing your assumption on W10 adoption on what is happening in your office is about as accurate as claiming Americans hate peanut butter because no one in your office eats it. We all choose the sources that confirm our biases, but I wouldn't post that W10 overall adoption must be what is reflected in my home because there it is 100 percent or in my office where it is 66 percent.
  • real number is around 16.5% -
  • The multitude of flaws in Statcounter's methodology are well known.  Statcounter isn't interested in fixing them.  Therefore they remain an innacurate measure, at best.
  • Steady growth. but its too steady, slow. I expected more. I hoped that at least 25-30% will be the share within 29th july 2016 by the free upgrade offer ends. But only 4 months is left. I don't think that this share will show any drastic increase. I wonder why people are so much ignorant about upgrading to the latest and best windows ever even with the free offer. And W10 is going to be a revolutionary OS as its now WAAS.
  • Because OEMs are dicks when they make tweaks to certain parts of the hardware that make a reference driver useless
  • It's becoming increasingly clear that NetMarketShare is counting Edge users as Chrome users.  I sense a correction coming when they finally figure it out.
  • which part of that 15% are insiders? Of those 270 million, how many are business devices and how many are personal devices?
  • Answer to your 1st quesiton here, worth a watch, at least a skim: Inside the Windows Insider Program    
  • Thanks!
  • I love Windows 10.  The logistics of business enterprise aside, there are no good reasons (in my opinion) for any Windows 7 or 8 consumer to not utilize the free upgrade to Windows 10.  I'd never go back to Windows 7 as it now looks "ancient" to me.  I love the subtle UI modernizations of 10.
  • I'd upgrade to Windows 10 if Windows Media Center was supported. I don't care about watching DVDs. I want the ability to record local OTA TV shows. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not all PCs work well with reference drivers
  • That means there are over 1.9 BILLION PC's in use world wide, if 270 million equals 14%. Windows 10 wil be far over the 1 billion mark by summer 2016 that is if every Windows 7 hold out upgrades to Windows 10 before the free upgrade offer expires ;-) Things are looking bright for a Redmond!
  • More like update then rollback though this past week MS are being dicks by messing with public wsus for w7 clients
  • WOW, just still shows, WIndows 7 rules :) 10.9% for XP and 14% for Windows 10 ? XP is still keeping up with 10...LOL
  • windows 10 is so much lighter weight ... i saw a dude at the coffee shop with a 30 lb old beat up core 2 laptop he upgraded to 10 and he said it was like using a new machine ... it only had 2 gb or ram also. Cortana is what i would miss leaving windows 10 ... i use it more than i thought i would.