Windows 10

The worldwide install base on Windows 10 for the PC continued its steady climb. The latest numbers from Net Applications show Microsoft's latest OS was used by 14.15% of all PCs worldwide in March 2016. That puts it in second place on the list and shows a rise of over a full percentage point compared to February 2016, where it had a 12.82% market share.

The market share numbers continue to show that Windows 7 remains at the top of the OS chain, with a 51.89% share in March, but that's down compared to its 52.34% share in February. Windows XP, which Microsoft no longer supports, remains in third place with 10.90% in March, down from 11.24% in February. Windows 8.1 is in fourth place with 9.56% in March, down from 9.83% in February.

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This week, Microsoft stated that Windows 10 was in active use by over 270 million devices since it officially launched in late July 2015. The company will release a free Anniversary Update for the OS sometime later this summer.

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