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Windows 10 Mail app testing new look, dark mode with Insiders

The Windows 10 Mail app is getting a slight revamp that brings a new dark mode and easier account switching. As first reported by Neowin, the changes are currently in testing with Fast ring Insiders, and add some handy tweaks to how the Mail app is used.

The most obvious tweak is that the left sidebar now allows you to switch between your email accounts without expanding the hamburger menu. You'll now see all of your accounts listed with circular icons while the menu is collapsed.

Mail App Dark Mode

Image via Neowin

In addition to the changes to the sidebar, Mail will now honor your Windows theme settings in the message portion of your emails. If you have dark mode enabled system-wide, the backgrounds for messages will now be dark as well, and vice versa for the light mode. A toggle is also available in each message that will let you switch between themes with a click.

For now, the update appears to be rolling out to Mail users enrolled in the Windows Insider Fast ring. However, we expect it to roll out to everyone alongside the release of Windows 10's next major feature update, currently codenamed 19H1.

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  • Wasn't this new UI available for months?
  • It's in the article, the white background in your email is now dark as well, instead of white. That is the new part, not the dark general dark theme.
  • Excited for this new change! Even though I never liked the round design of the left sidebar, I still like the new Dark mode of Mail.
  • Still no category support?
  • Does the reworked account menu allow dragging to reorder? Feature has been requested for years, would love if they finally implemented it.
  • Yes FINALLY!! They gave a method to right click on the account circle bubble to either move up or down the account.
  • THAT IS AMAZING NEWS!! (Sorry to necro this, just checked reply) So happy they finally added it.
  • Personally, I found this dark mode universally hard to read under any of conditions, so I will never use this option. As for where they moved the accounts, it doesn't matter to me since I configured all accounts to come into folders within my main account.
  • Maybe if you took your sunglasses off it would be easier to read? :D
  • Nice!. Have been waiting for this half baked feature to be completed. It has...after 4 years. Big smile now. Far more consistent design now. Can tick this of my windows 10 wish list. Curious to see if Microsoft will stamp this as "done" in the windows feedback.
  • Anyone know what build this is on? I'm one 18334.19h1 can still get the white message bit
  • Update: just turned out a full computer restart was needed, no idea why that was necessary but it now works and looks glorious. Just need them to bring a dark mode to the Android app now..