Windows 10 May 2019 Update now 'ready for broad deployment' to everyone

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What you need to know

  • The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is "ready for broad deployment," according to Microsoft.
  • The update will now be served to all eligible PCs via Windows Update.
  • The move comes just over four months after the May 2019 Update first launched.

Microsoft has taken a gradual approach to rolling out its latest Windows 10 feature update, the May 2019 Update, over the last several months, but it's now available for everyone. In an update to its release status page (opens in new tab), Microsoft says that the May 2019 Update is now "ready for broad deployment for all users via Windows Update."

The move comes just over four months since the update's May 21 launch. In the intervening months, Microsoft has worked to squash a number of bugs that cropped up, and the majority of them are now categorized as resolved or mitigated.

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This follows a similar shift in July, when Microsoft stated it would start pushing the update automatically to PCs running the April 2018 Update, which was nearing its end-of-support date.

If you haven't yet installed the May 2019 Update, it should be available now via Windows Update. In the coming weeks, we're also expecting Microsoft to start its full rollout of the 19H2 feature update, which is much smaller in scope and has reached testing with Windows Insiders on the Release Preview ring.

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  • Funny that you are using a surface book 2 image since those with the 15 inch version still can't update until they solve the GPU disconnect issue. I wonder if this means they solved it and we are finally getting it!
  • I noticed the same. still can't upgrade mine and an customer who upgraded it still has problems with his Surface Book 2 15"
  • I read this elsewhere and it doesn't bode well for the Surface Book 2 issues. " A few, however, are listed as being “investigated” by Microsoft, such as updates that fail to install with Error code 0x80073701 and the infamous disappearing dGPU on Surface Book 2 issue. So even though Windows 10 version 1903 has apparently passed Microsoft’s quality bar, it still has some showstoppers, depending on your situation. That the Surface Book 2 dGPU issue dates back to July is particularly disheartening"
  • If you aren't technical the Microsoft link makes no sense. All I know is that Windows update says my laptop isn't ready, yet Edge opens a tab saying I need to update.
  • Wow... So disappointing. Don't call something a May update if you can't deliver it in May please I don't even remember what the update brings anymore
  • They did deliver it in may for targeted release
  • Dude, you're like a teenage bleached.
  • Samsung still hasn't updated their HD Graphics 520 drivers. I'm kinda scared they won't.