Windows 10 Mobile build 10166 says goodbye to the 'old' Store

Store (Beta) has dropped its beta tag and has been promoted to number one. And with that it's goodbye to the old Windows Phone Store.

The new Store has been around throughout the preview process but for much of that time it has been a pretty buggy experience. On my own test device, I'm still experiencing a ton of issues every time I open it (the joys of testing things!) But, it has been getting better, and now it's front and center hopefully any remaining issues will begin to get ironed out quite quickly.

So, if you're updating to 10166, there's only one place to get your apps. Let us know how it's working for you.

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  • Cool...
  • Like a boss
  • Anyone know if it had openvpn support???
  • Open VPN is what I'm waiting for
  • Let's be frank about this issue...
    Store beta is much more useful ( provided it's not buggy )..
    I have tested each and every builds so far.. From Wp8.1 dev preview till date..
    The Store Beta was not able to update certain apps even after two new builds..
    I have never come across any kind of fresh installation issues.. But the app updates are completely trash.. There are some apps still waiting for update in my store beta.. 1.Here drive+
    2.Transfer my data
    And it is still not possible to download any store apps related to system settings.. Like display and touch.. Touch sensitivity and glance cotrols always gets hidden in settings after every hard reset i made for the sake of good perfomamce of new build.. Since there is no Old store , i wont be hard resting my phone and loose those settings in this new build.. So, this time I'm gonna skip this build and wait for a significant update for the new Store.
  • You can update all the apps but it requires rolling back to wp8.1. Have done so then installed all my apps with latest updates and only then ran the insider update. Its a huge pain in the ass but that's the only way I found that works.
  • Hello,   Can you please confirm me from new store if there is new+rising category for apps ? I will be grateful to you.
  • I've updated my phone and did a hard reset and restored my latest backup of today, at the start my extra's in the settings had only one option but I went to the store and checked for updates and all the setting apps got updated and they got listed under extra's, Glance too it's finally back! I think they are now pre-installed with the OS. You can try this build it's really stable and no heat issues till now also the battery life is now normal almost like 8.1
  • so windows central app is not free on wp ? its free on android 
  • Its free with ads
  • ads dont matter as long as app is free ... and frankly its not even worth to pay for windows central app ... I would rather use FF with ABP
  • It's the same as Android version.. Free with ads.. The 99 cent is for the ad-free version.
  • Can't wait for them to enable call recorder. For me that's a massive game changer.
  • Agreed. This will be awesome!
  • its certainly not a game changer.  Having your email accounts seperated into different inboxes is and not a good one.
  • Is it definitely coming? And if so have they said if we can automatically record all calls, or specify a list of contacts to always record by default?
  • Wow yeah!
  • In addition to native call recording, I would like to see native screen sharing between Windows Phone devices, similar to the BlackBerry 10 OS screen sharing feature. Still time for Windows 10 Mobile to develop & include these features.
  • Why would u ever want to record ur calls?
  • Shhh, don't even ask, they will bite your head off...
  • In an ideal society I wouldn't but well... Dealing daily with idiots and morons that's necessary.
  • Because he might be a lawyer of some sort at least.....
  • To protect ourselves. You could have someone call you and threaten to kill you, then you would have proof. Maybe your boss calls you and says inappropriate things then you have proof. Maybe your having a phone interview or meeting, then you can record it to listen back and see how you did/keep track of what was said at the meeting. Call a customer service for Time Warner and they promise you something, then when you call back people say they cant so it, then you have proof of the original conversation and it cam hold up within a court of law. Plenty of great reasons. You don't have to say hour recording unless you are a business so that's good for us everyday citizens. On top of that, say you are having your final conversation with your grandpa who lives 6 states away and you can't be there, then maybe you could have that to hold onto and be able to hear his voice again. Enough reasons for you? Haha.
  • Enough said! Spot on
  • You *do* have to say you're recording in *some* states (some states require both parties to be aware of the recording). So therefore, if they build in native call recording, it'll most likely make an announcement that recording has started. I agree call recording is a useful feature, i just wanted to state that you were incorrect on one of your points and hopefully it's not a deal breaker for you. This is the reason why the call recording in Google Voice did the same thing (made an announcement that call recording was turned on). It's too difficult for them to deal with the laws required to have the announcements turn on and off. It'd be interesting if they gave the option and left the legal issue up to you, but that could get hairy.
  • If you have to say it in some states, that doesn't mean the software is required to say it. So that doesn't negate anything about what I said. That is plenty of great reasons I gave. I doubt Microsoft would just leave it at a requirement to be announced.
  • "most likely" doesn't mean "required". I doubt Microsoft wants a huge disclaimer listed every single time your turn off the announcement option. So honestly, I doubt Microsoft will leave it up to the user. I also agreed with you about it being a good thing to have. Of your four sentences, three of them assume you misread my statement. Your fourth is ignoring the legal ramifications of Microsoft doing that. Google went through the same thing and simply required it to be announced. It'd be a horrible user interface if they had to state a disclaimer every single time you turned it off (which they would do to ensure they can't be held liable, which honestly, someone probably would still do at some point). Microsoft has a lot more to lose then you do to gain in regards to the announcement of the call recording. So they most likely would have it be announced. I highly doubt they would leave such a legal issue up to the user.
  • I disagree. There are plenty of great apps our there for ios and android that I have used that don't do that and it works perfecltly fine. Microsoft can do whatever they want, but they won't be legally responsible, it is up to the individual to say something. And guess what? Even if someone doesn't announce that they are recording a conversation(in any state), that recording can still be used as evidence for the case. Microsoft won't just make the software automatically say it without getting consent from the user.
  • You may be able to use it as evidence, but you can also find yourself facing a civil suit depending on where the other person is. Big companies don't mess with stuff like this. Looking like you're allowing someone to break the law is almost as bad as actually allowing someone to break the law. Plus, privacy watchdogs would have a field day with this. Small time companies that write apps to do this probably find little loopholes that allow for the *not native* call recording OR they're just so small no one would file a bogus lawsuit against them anyway. With MS or other companies of that size, people will do that and it *costs* money to fight lawsuits, bogus or not. Hence not relying on a disclaimer and just leaving it up to the user. It's not as legal as you like to think and I'd rather just let this go. It's felt like a pointless conversation anyway. Especially with lines like "Microsoft can do whatever they want, but they won't be legally responsible." You might be correct technically, but the court of law is not the same as common sense. Just let it go. You've provided nearly no reason for me to change my mind and I've provided plenty of evidence to support my side. I don't care if I've changed your mind. I've done my part and shown that you can be breaking wiretap laws and that's all I set out to do, no matter what you've responded with. Yes, its not in every state, but I stated that from the get go. About 20% of the states says its illegal to record without everyone's consent. Microsoft wouldn't scoff at that. it doesn't need the DoJ or privacy watchdogs hounding them about it, no matter how legal it is. That's the point you seem to be missing.
  • No point for you to continue dude. That is just like saying hey we provide the browser so undersge people can look at porn which is illegal. No there will always be services that exist that people can use wrongly. They will most deffinitely give users options if not just automatically have the recorded thing turned off. Microsoft is all about options. If you are looking to pick a fight like that then, no company should ever make a service for other to use that could be used illegally just like the internet browser analogy above. Sorry man you are reaching.
  • It's not illegal for underage people to look at porn. It's illegal for another company (only those in the US) to provide pron to underage children. Those websites hosted in the US ask that *every* single time you visit. Yes, we have the technology to remember the answer, but they still ask *every* *single* *time*. The technology exists to provide an option to remember the answer, but they still don't give that option. They don't care if no children are in your household. Your analogy doesn't work. So, instead of an analogy, how about a comparison where I show you a large company that offers the *exact* service you want and see what they did. Oh, Google did it. Oh, look at that, they included the announcement with no option to turn it off, even though Google is all about choice as well. Oh, look, they included it because of law concerns and privacy watchdog concerns. So, we have a bad analogy from you and an *actual example* from me. Seriously, why are you reaching so much for this? I was on your side on everything other than your statement "you don't have to say your recording" which is objectively false in at least 11 states. So your not even backing up your original statement anyway. *PLUS* you even argued in your first statement that I was trying to say call recording wasn't a good idea. Which I didn't. I said the opposite. So your not even defending your original statements and your first fight wasn't even one I tried to have. Your stance is slowing transitioning away from one that I completely showed was false to one where neither of us can say for sure one way or the other, but only one of us can show an actual real world example of what a comparable company did with the same idea. Who is reaching here? I wasn't even trying to argue with you originally, just saying some states are all-party consent states and therefore, since in the mobile world, they tend to take on the strictest of state laws, that they would most likely go one way in terms of implementation. You have provided *zero* evidence other than a far fetched analogy. The only reason I'm still arguing with you is because I have a weakness for being extremely annoyed at poor logical arguments, particularly when they're aimed at me. I have no dog in this fight because I already have a winner (Google did exactly what I said Microsoft will probably do). You have nothing other than unnamed apps. So again, who is reaching? I'm turning off following because this is bad for my health and you are wasting my time. Honestly, with the logic you are using, you're probably a troll and not even a serious commenter and are doing this on purpose.
  •   No you are the troll. You are litteraly commenting just for the sake of arguing. Which you have nor eason to. If it is "bad for your health" maybe you should learn to control yourself and get of the internet.   ACTUALLY you are wrong, it is most definitelly illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to view/look at porn in the United States. That is federal law not state law. I even had someone I knew go to juvi because of it when he was younger. This isn't child porn, I'm talking about actual porn. Again Microsoft gives people choices and usually does whatever they want to, google might give people choices but apparently they don't always. There is nothing poor about my analogy with the browser because it was completely true. You truly are reaching. I'm glad you have decided to unfollow this post. You need to save your health, and stop arguing over your opppinion when fact is that it is no different than any company anywhere making something that could be missused. Microsoft WILL make the consumer version be able to turn off the automatical message while the enterprise version will most likely not turn off. I don't know enterprise though.
  • I'm glad you finally decided to save your health and turn of notifications. You were commenting for no reason except to argue, when there was no point in you commenting in the first place! Reaching troll.
  • This is a basic feature for all kind of business recording needs, like recording over-the-phone meetings. I'd really be glad to see this finally coming.
  • The new store has been nothing but trouble. Having the old store around was a saving grace on numerous occasions. I really hope they ironed it out for this update.
  • Your joking right.
  • The old store never worked for me on 10146.
  • Both stores never worked for me..
  • Both stores never worked for me..
  • Still, the old store was much more responsive.
  • Indeed, more responsive non-working store is better than less responsive non-working store :D
  • Agreed
    It was horrible on my test device L620
  • Agree on this
  • My worry is finding what need in the new store.  Maybe its all ported by now.
  • I'm a little nervous about this. In build 10149 I could update apps from Store (Beta), but could only download apps through the old Store. Plus, Store (Beta) lsited apps as owned, but never as installed. It would even let me try to download an app that was already installed. I hope these issues have been resovled in the latest build.
  • I have found that the "installed" vs "owned" tends to fix itself after restarting the store once. Like if I download an app, it'll still say owned, not installed, However, after restarting the store (or possibly phone, can't recall), they were all listed properly when I searched in the store.
  • So I guess Windows 10 Mobile won't be available for any other devices, huh? My HTC 8S is sad.
  • I think HTC 8S is going to be the only device that will not be able to update to Windows 10. I've replaced mine for HTC 8X and I'm also worried about getting an update..
  • This is pretty effd up. I will never buy a WP again if what you said is turns out to be true. There are no phones which are better in design terms than the HTC 8X/S/XT series (my opinion).
  • I agree, those are most beautiful phones in Windows world. But the fact is that I had only 1 GB of internal storage on my HTC 8S so it probably won't be able to download Windows 10 update.
  • keyword "opinion" it wouldnt be the first time an OS update wasnt available because a 3rd party OEM needed to put out a firmware update.
  • You won't buy a WP because HTC isn't going to push out an update to an older phone? That's seriously a weird way of thingking dude. By the time WP mobile 10 officially releases you will have quite a few phones to pick from, some of them will out perform the HTC 8S
  • So if HTC decides to not update their phones you'll be mad at Microsoft?
  • seriously... the 8s was release nearly 3 years ago... how many phones out there that are 3 years old still being updated to the latest version of an OS...
  • Lumia 520 couple months younger.
  • Lumia 920-925-928-520-525-820-822.
  • Then blame HTC if you don't get the update... not Windows Mobile. because I am sure other small companies like Blu will work to make Win10 available for them. and exactly it is your opinion. I like Lumia and that's why I get it too, becuase I am sure I will get Windows 10 regardless if I have an old or new phone, because HTC doesn't care about WP.
  • 8S is close to 3 years old
  • You HTC 8s has been supported for 3 years, from 2012 to 2015. Most Android phones, including flagship phones do not get the same level of support as you have got. Moreover, it is not confirmed by Microsoft that your device will not receive an update. Heck, at least give them time to release the OS!
  • Microsoft has previously stated that part of what's preventing other devices from getting the Insider Preview version of Windows 10 Mobile, is that all supported phones must have a recovery image available through the Windows Phone Recovery Tool. So the delay could certainly be an issue on HTC side. That doesn't mean that the final release of Windows 10 Mobile wont come to the HTC 8S. MS has previously stated that they intend to update all WP8 devices to W10. Ultiamtely, the main setbacks will be carriers and OEM's.
  • Please tell me they fixed the issues for beta store. the old store was how I was able to download apps from the 'Extras' panel in settings.I was also how I downloaded apps that refused to download in the beta store.
  • I'm hoping so. Store (Beta) has been a constant pain since day 1 for me.
  • Same here. Havent been able to update extras+info since day one.
  • Agreed. The old Store was the only way for me to view what was recently updated (history) and to download apps. The Store (Beta) was only good for isntalling app updates. lol.
  • What about Here navigation is it available ?
  • It's built into maps now
  • I find the Maps app to be a way better expereince than Here Maps, City Lens, and Here Drive.
  • Apps Android and Ios Store
  • Do you even know where you're at?
  • Lol
  • #spreadlove Microsoft relases new build #spreadlove
  • Is the Windows 10 Mobile Store more like the Windows Phone 8 Store, with an easily spottable, filtered section of Xbox only games? Or is it like the Windows Phone 8.1 regression, where you have to follow a serpentile trail of nonsense and digressions just to find the Xbox games? 
  • I'd like to know this as well
  • Nnnnnnnnnoooooooooo! [In slow motion]
  • The old store was a life saver. MS better update the new store quickly.
  • Interested in seeing if purchases now behave properly in the new store.
  • I don't want to jump the gun butit is looking like it handling purchases just fine.
  • Hopefully the best will come out of this build. I know new and better builds will rain in starting august
  • Is it stable enough to use on Lumia 520?
  • Plz don't install... You ll be in more trouble.
  • For me it runs good only on my high end lumias, the 930 & 1520. It runs crap on my 830.
  • my lumia 920 has got bricked ; the screen is not crushed ! When I installed this build the screen has moved X=-50. So only half of the screen shows the start screen and others.! I tried to roll out but my windows phone is not detected by the lumia recovery tool!So im planning to commit suicide XD !
  • Has the new store been fixed?? Apps like csr racing and here showed up as not available in the new store but were available in the old one. Plus apps appear late in the new store. Tiny troopers 2 isn't there on the new store.
  • How to check if I am on  Windows 10 Mobile build Slow Ring or Fast Ring?
  • Windows insider app
  • Thanks Abhinav.  I didn't know that I have to install Windows Insider app to get latest build.
  • A clue that it may not be a good idea for you to do it.
  • Open the Insider app & go to About
  • Thanks. Got it.
  • Hope it doesn't open on Music apps everytime now, no matter what link you click to get there.
  • Ths store should look attractive. But it doesn't look like. They have to it look how to was on windows phone 8.
  • I agree
  • It does look good! But everyone is entitled to their opinion...
    Why is it so important that it looks attractive to you? Is how it looks more important than functionality?
  • The new store is ugly.
  • A bit... Those yellow buttons are ugly
  • Buttons are the color of the ph