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Windows 10 for phone lets you swipe single notifications away in the Action Center

One of the many smaller changes that are found in the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones is in regards to the overhauled Notification and Action Center. On Windows Phone 8.1, users can swipe away notifications but only as a group based on the app. For instance, you can clear your Outlook email alerts, but it is all email or nothing.

However, in Windows 10, swiping to the right clears just the one notification instead of the whole group.

Such a feature of single-notification clearance is far from earth-shattering, but it is great to see it built into Windows 10.

Unfortunately, the two-finger swipe to clear all notifications is not yet present (nor are we sure it is returning). Users who wish to wipe all their notifications can, of course, still use the 'Clear All' button in the upper left area of the Action Center.

Earlier, we reported that you can expand notification messages to view the full snippet in today's preview.

Presumably Microsoft can – and will – develop the Action and Notification Center in Windows 10 with future builds, so it should be interesting to see how it evolves. For now though, we are enjoying the ability to remove single notifications.

Update: You can actually clear all the notifications for an app, like Outlook, by swiping from the category title instead of individual notifications. Very cool!

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • wanna see the new keyboard too, please review that too :)
  • Any info on the Xbox App for phones??
  • Can't wait for those flagship$
  • It's not included in the first build. My 630 doesn't have it yet.
  • Lol, one more step to WebOS
  • The new text to speech option in the keyboard is the most amazing thing ever.
  • I willl wait for a few weeks before installing ..
  • Same I have the L830. I want to wait for a few updates and then I'll consider it!
  • Nice to know rocking the preview on my 830!!!!
  • Should be for 535 too.
  • How's your experience so far? Seems to stutter a lot on mine
  • Yeah you could tell it definitely is an early build. My phone has only crashed once since I used it. I mean to be honest the preview is tolerable. Nothing more nothing less. As far as the new features go I like them I don't see why everyone is complaining I like them!
  • They can also add a flash light toggle and related setting. I hope for more advanced in action center. By now it's still pretty rough...
  • Flash light? Yes. I'd love that
  • THIS!!! For now I have to rely on 3rd party apps and it's not that practical, especially when the phone is locked.
  • While it might become somewhat confusing, why not allow third parties to create those toggles (you'd still have to put them to the action center).
  • I would love flash toggle Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Windows 10 not that heavily featured like Android...Disappointed
  • How can you make that judgment so far❓❓... You must work for MS... Come on,, tell us what the next update has in store..
  • Yeah, going to change Android after 5 years. Material design is much organized and decent now. MS doesn't have a design guidelines in WP10.
  • Still looks Metro to me.
  • They obviously have a design guideline, things are still 'metro' and all their apps and OS have a similar look and feel.
    They're more refining their design, and it's of course still work in progress.
  • Perhaps but a bit too much driven by the desktop version being shoehorned to phones.
  • I love it that my desktop and phone are beginning to look alike!
  • Yea they have no idea what they are going for. It's a total mess.
  • Nobody cares what you think and say. Bye.
  • Somewhere in the world, Droid-heads are getting jealous to Windows 10 Besides, who needs battery-hungry gimmicks anyway?
  • They aren't getting jealous. I have a phone ruining Lollipop as my backup. It is stream lined. I'm not sure what WP10s design template is.
  • And have to worry your self from now till August when its out ? The design is not FINALIZED.
  • Its a pre build dear
  • Bout time!!! Always wondered why this was never implemented
  • Time... Prioritization.
  • Dont worry rod, MS wont market shit and it won't matter. Moreover, the best marketing they had was today, and that was a bunch of pissed off people.
  • See,, I'm thinking two things about marketing, and Lumia devices.
    1. Pathetic as usual.
    2. Now that MS is in control of everything Lumia maybe, just maybe, they will treat high end Lumia devices like the SP3, and actually do some good marketing for them...
    MS has seriously done a terrific job marketing Surface, and in a few short years it'll be a household name for sure if they keep it up...
    As long as they do the same for Lumia devices,, they should catch on as well.. But, they have to push the fact that WP devices are no longer just smartphones... With W10 they are Pro Phones.
    But, seriously..... Without these banking, and other popular apps, nobody is ever going to take WP a serious as they could... Either way, marketing is the road to success.
  • So many hopes and variables, I share them with you.
  • Gotta believe the second one there...
  • WebOS had to die first. Makes me reminisce of my old Palm days.
  • Ugh all this news and I have to wait until tomorrow for my 635 to show up on Amazon prime LOL!
  • $4 overnight, I love that. Now if we could get a flash workaround for our phones, we could watch our prime.
  • Yes that and also I would love to see chrome casting support but we know Google are being bitches with the API.
  • Ame
  • also available for that price at WalMart
  • I want to see the new email app.
  • Sure but it's not out yet
  • When is it going to be on the 520
  • Jesus Christ why do people keep asking this. 
  • Same question in my mind
  • NEVER!
  • go away
  • I've been able to do this on my 1520 with WP8.1 since day one. Same with my 920. Am I missing something?
  • I was thinking the same thing. Pretty sure this was already a feature. Also using a 1520.
  • Nope, you can't. Not like how I'm describing here.
  • Daniel. Your package was delivered. Go get it!
  • Not that I don't believe you, but I'll have to test this again the next time I have multiple email notifications. I know that when you open one the others will stay there, but I thought I could individually swipe them away.
  • i'm so excited about new windows 10. but i'm still concerned about the stability bcoz its my primary phone(L730) that i want it to install on. should i? or should i wait?
  • You used to be able to. It was removed in the last OS update IIRC. I always figured it was a bug.
  • Nah, I've got a 1520 if you try and slide across an individual notification that notification separates itself briefly from the rest and then the rest in that particular list follow. Only way to remove individually currently is to actually tap on a notification which will bring it up and also remove it from the list. Damn, I feel like the swipe keyboard on windows 8 has gotten worse, dunno how.
  • Read again.... You can swipe notifications independent of their application set... So, each individual notification can be deleted separately,, instead of the whole section....
    It's obviously something that should've been there from the beginning, but now you can see how prioritization takes precedence when they have to get things done... This was probably made way back when they did 8.1, but it just wasn't ready... Now you see it❗❗❗
  • So, Daniel.... With the "preview" is EVERYTHING that's in WP8.1.1 still there, but with the additional things, and mods, W10 brings❓❓❓
    Just making sure I'm not installing a "half baked" OS...... ((WP7.0)))))))))
  • yup
  • Cool... May sound like a dumb question, but it's something that really needs to be pointed out..
  • Nope, I was wondering too. Thanks for asking
  • It's just that judging from what's been posted so far it looks slightly empty.
    I just wish I knew if totally transparent tiles, like in WP8.1,, will be an option..... It's burning me up looking at these images of translucent tiles... Looks all WP8.0 ishhhhhh... Old school. Blah❗
    ....... And, does the start screen have the parallax effect❓❓❓❓
  • Not quite. Rooms are missing for example.
  • I wonder if anyone really used Rooms... Maybe its gone for a reason..
  • As a family of Windows phone users it's great. It's also the one thing our iPhone touting friends say they love when it comes up. I do believe they've already said rooms are making a comeback though?
  • "Your UPS package was delivered" Does this mean you just got a another new device?  =)   
  • Yes.. He just got a MSB2 in fresh from MS, but he's not allowed to show it for another 6 months.
  • New video camera, actually ;)
  • Swipe on the header of notification and it will remove all notifications under that list.
  • ah, gtk
  • Yup, just like on the Win 10 desktop version
  • I don't know what's new in this!! I can clear one notification in 8.1.1 also as described here... :/
  • Really? I never actually tried because I didn't think you could in notifications only with the banner. I'll try next time.
  • No you cant. If you get 20 emails there is no way to clear one email at a time.
  • So I did have a reason for getting excited
  • Try having a list of emails, like 5 of them for notifications. You cannot clear a single email, only all of them or none. I assure you, this is new and you are just misunderstanding ;)
  • To be more clear those 5 emails do all need to be from the same email address
  • Yeah it doesn't work :/ My bad... :P
  • Wow
  • Only news I want is when HTC one will get it
  • The One is my everyday phone. I'm too afraid. I'm trying to hold out to use it on my 1020.
  • When do the phone insider for the 1520 get there win 10 update
  • Who do you expect to awnswer that❓
    Here's another question we know we can't get the awnswer too..... How many Megapixels will the "1030" have on the main camera❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓
  • Lol.... Well the 1030 isn't out yet, but that say that it supposed to get between 41 to 51 megapixel
  • You totally missed my point... Lol.
  • 1 Ultra Pixel?
  • No 4 ultra pixels like the One ;) ;)
  • How about 41 UP's... That would be nice.
  • I'm wondering how big the sensor would be...
  • I was trying to hold out until they released this for the 1020 since mine is basically sitting collecting dust, but I'm gonna have to go up the road and buy a 635. Cortana flipped a coin and came up heads which means go get it.
  • Yeah, you can always sell it later...
    But, Daniel says it's not to bad.. Pretty stable.. As long as it's not the core OS, then I'm installing so I can give tons of feedback...
    Nevertheless, a future OS update could kill your phone... That's what people need to understand.. Although those will be tested by MS before they go out it's still more risky with the TP.
  • Dude I recommand not to install early build otherwise you will be angry with Microsoft that I don't want yeah lots of new features with with lots of bugs sorry dude I installed it on my 730 and now trying to rolling back to denim 8.1 and one thing I like most of w10 is new tile sizes of Cortana and people hub
  • Last night my 630 turned into a bit of android :P
  • I wonder how that dot on the keyboard works
  • It's basically arrow keys. Makes moving the cursor around easier when you're trying to go back and edit some text, which can sometimes get finicky via touch when whatever text entry field you're using is poorly optimized for Windows for phones. It's pretty neat. Rather limited use, but clever, and a nice little plus.
  • It's frigging genius. I make mistakes typing all the time but never notice until I've finished my message so using the "nub" will be my #1 go to.
  • It would be nice to delete emails from action center. Maybe a context menu after a long press.
  • Yes :)
  • Yes please! I would even be happy with a delete button appearing after expanding the notification, or a swipe left to delete.
  • So when Apple plays catch up everyone bitches and complains but when Microsoft does everyone doesn't care and loves Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Um, I don't think the users of a platform complain, when it catches up with others.
  • They do here and add new ones at the same time.
  • Isn't it Android users always bitching around? Not sure if I ever saw a complaints with apple catching up from WP user, always Android mentioned as a comparsion.
  • Learn something new every day...never knew about the two finger swipe in 8.1 until I read this post
  • Two fingers wipes out whole notification center, one finger just a section..10-4?
  • Ballsak
  • It is what it is, a sak of balls, like soccer balls.
  • I don't know why but my tips are simply ignored.
    If no one noticed, the new Camera app has picked up features from Lumia Camera. That same settings bar on the side and when you hold and "pull" the camera button, the same sliders come up.
  • What if you are using the Lumia camera app and just got confused O_O
  • I am not brother :D
  • Cool! Idk if this is true but that would be great
  • U didn't install the preview?
  • Is it me or is this build not too exciting when the headlines read "windows 10 for phone lets you swipe away single notifications"
  • Honestly I didn't know about the two finger trick until
  • Same here, just tried it out and it works
  • Need for 1030
  • Also new to Win10 for phones: Device encryption for the masses! Just like iOS and Android. :) Now if only it was enabled by default, then we'd be all set.
  • Device Encryption is already present. (BitLocker)
  • Yes, exclusive to devices on cooperate Exchange networks with it enabled by the administrator. It was not generally accessible to the mainstream consumer.
  • Can snd apps via Bluetooth. ??
  • This isn't Android.. -_-
  • Use easy transfer
  • Amongst ourselves can we just call it WP10? Windows 10 for phone is too cumbersome.
  • "cumbersom"? What ugly word is that???
  • it means awkward or ungainly. Dictionary!
  • I second this
  • Quick response to messages is present? And also is Skype integrated to messaging hub?
  • So far the changes to notification center are about the only things I am really liking.
  • Why would anyone want to use multiple fingers to CLEAR all notifications when they can simply use one finger to touch the x next to 'Clear All'!?!
  • I think its more fun lol
  • Don't tell me how to live my life!!! I'm a big boy ... *cries in the corner*
  • It actually easier and less of a hustle to use the two finger sepe than the clear all button
  • I cant find any new features in music and office that was showed in joe's videos for WP10 :/
  • that's because those app are not included in this release.
  • Maybe they will only release it in future, more stable builds
  • Maybe ! I spend all night long just in downloading and installing and i can hardly find new features , some are good and many changes are horreble . Hope they fix it quickly
  • Any ideas about lock for apps ? Password protection?
  • WebOS had this six years ago.... seriously. #RIPWebOS
  • Then go use WebOS.
  • Honestly, what does that matter? There are plenty of things that got added long after other people did it on platforms anywhere you look...
  • Works like a charm, though I seriously miss the "settings" key where the "expand" key currently is. 
  • Yeah definitely I always used that
  • "All Settings" is now one of the programmable quick action tiles in the action center, not very far from where it is right now in 8.1.
  • Review the keyboard..please!
  • You can already do that in 8.1.1
  • In Lumia 730 the start screen is not showing the background picture after installing windows 10
  • Yay!!!
  • I'm able to do that with denim on the icon.
  • Info on Xbox music and video apps
  • But when I will get WP10 on my lumia 925?
  • I love swiping
  • Try three fingers.
  • ^this
  • Ok I tried to install the slow version and it went for everything (updated, downloaded, rebooted, asked me to plug the charger even though the battery was at 90%) but I did not get the win 10? Still on 8.1. Lumia Denim 730.
  • You need to use the fast version
  • Oh, that's right. Thanks for the clarification.
  • When will microsoft add music control on the action center
  • "Update: You can actually clear all the notifications for an app, like Outlook, by swiping from the category title instead of individual notifications. Very cool!" That would be the first thing I would check. lol. I assumed that was already the case.
  • Nice!
  • Poor OS !
  • When for L520
  • It's useful feature for me..
  • That update specified everything!!
  • Wasnt it 3 fingers to clear all??
  • I would still like to see the progress of downloads in the action center like Android.
  • if there going to take from andriod bring back flash, pocket cast and ill come back
  • This is cool for those who dig the Notification Center, but I loathe it. Makes the Live Tiles redundant and is nothing but a big distraction to me that I feel I need to open just to Clear All, constantly. Is there a way to turn Notification Center off completely, or at least limit what shows up there?
  • It doesn't completely make the live tiles redundant. (also most live tiles were actually pretty awful at being "live" in my experience I certainly saw more instance of the live tiles acting like icons with a badge counter than anything else...) The use case fo it is notifications for application that you don't have pinned to the start screen. Also, yes there is a way to limit what apps appear. Settings > notifications+actions
  • what about project spartan?????????????????
  • We Have another request please pleases please please we need more options in notification par 4 icons not enough we need to put more than 4 we need wifi and cellular and routing and brightness and flight mode all together give us more options please
  • They did...
  • We Have another request please pleases please please we need more options in notification par 4 icons not enough we need to put more than 4 we need wifi and cellular and routing and brightness and flight mode all this together give us more options please
  • Hope there is a comma on the new keyboard (on the main keyboard) as we use that a lot. Need the period and comma like android. Holding down comma for semi-colon would be good.
  •   Good to see that the little things aren't being over-looked.