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Windows 10 for phones may come with larger, vertical live tiles

While we're still waiting (im)patiently for the first preview builds of Windows 10 for phones to drop, the image up top might give us a sneak peek at something new. It belongs to Microsoft employee, Vesku Paananen, who tweeted and then removed it ahead of an upcoming business summit. And on the phone it looks an awful lot like a double-stacked vertical live tile.

It looks identical in height to the width of current wide tiles, only not horizontal. Specific changes to live tiles haven't been discussed in what we've heard thus far, but with the influx of larger display devices both past and presumably future, it makes a certain amount of sense to make tiles go both ways in getting larger.

There's nothing to suggest the image isn't real, and on the face of it the phone looks a lot like the current Windows Phone 8.1. But then, that could well be on purpose. Making it easier to disguise, or something.

So, what do we think; vertical live tiles sound good?

via BestMobileBlog

Thanks Atte for the tip!

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  • c:
  • Landscape orientation for start menu/ action center. Why not? All tiles other than large are same pixel width and height anyhow.
  • Yes agree ... when you have 'Show extra Tiles' selected would be good to have option for live tiles like Weather & Calendar etc to be the full horizontal size of the screen not 2/3rds as it is now 
  • That would be the most annoying feature, I'd hate to constaltly switch rotation lock on and off just so I can use a phone that doesn't flip around when I'm trying to open an app.  I hope this is never implemented, it's just a whole new world of frustration.
  • Add an option to disable landscape then, or vice versa.
  • I think the same. But a option to enable or disable this feature could be nice. Better for every taste.
  • Exactly! Options are what us users love!
  • Yeah like in the notification toggle or something
  • Agree, options with enable or disable seem to be the theme of Windows 10. And I'm all in on that ❤
  • What the hell are you on about?!
  • Don't like your statement. Universal landscape mode is a must, at least as an option!!
  • 8th February
  • I would love landscape mode available across the entire device! (and this here app that used to have it)
  • please vote!
  • Did, thanks.
  • Yes, they accepted my Vertical tiles' request, been hammering on it for months. :)
  • Now u gotta have horizontal and vertical small tiles
  • Correct
  • Agree. Thin tiles vertical and horizontal would be very cool.
  • Umm... whaaaat?
  • I hope it doesn't look THAT much like wp8.1 . We need a makeover to attract more people to the platform
  • Yeah like small rounded/square static icons or widgets that take up 3/4 of the screen... and horizontal scrolling!
    Yeah, that will attract users!
  • Then people should get an Android device :P
  • I wouldn't mind horizontal scrolling as an option with all apps at the bottom... That's how win8.1 is like on the desktop and tablets... A toggle for that wouldn't be too bad... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How about when you go landscape mode on you homescreen it switches to something like on w8.1 and when you flip back to portrait it goes back to your current phone
  • That's what I would like. Just like on my tablet.
  • No! No horizontal like android and ios! Vertical is the way!
  • I don't think the UI is the problem. 
  • The size of the gear on the settings button is huge. I have a settings button, in small size, on my screen to eliminate a step. The gear is still normal size in medium tile mode. Hope that is a fluke.
  • I used to as well until I could just pull down the action bar and hit "all settings" from there. Either way, I think that person intentionally made it larger to show new options available.
  • No we don't, windows 10 is already ruining tablets, not phones too.
  • I don't agree in my opinion. I'd hate to re learn Windows Phone. But more customization and features would be nice :D
  • Wow... How about one large tile the size of my screen?
  • Not a better idea :P
  • How about one tile that fits 2 screens... Hahaha... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • LOL or with the 3 screens mantra, one tile across your phone, tablet and pc.
  • It would be good on a screen with three columns set. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • how about tiles like in Tetris in any orientation?
  • Its always better to have an option.
    (Hey 'Someone*' its magnet again.)
  • What are ye goin on about with this magical magnetic thing?
  • Yup.
  • What device is in bottom left corner? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Oneplus One
  • Fake...
  • ......
  • I agree with this
  • Thank you for your profound expertise. You honor us with your deep insight to the inner workings of Microsoft and the Windows 10 developers...
  • Lol
  • Well the Settings tile looks odd.
  • Yea... And who has a settings tile in wp8.1 ????? That's extremely redundant
  • LOL, I've got a settings tile in my screen.
  • Me too. Quick and convenient.
  • Me three
  • Settings tiles are convenient for one handed users if placed near the bottom of the screen. Better than stretch and swipe, then stretch and tap the tiny icon.
  • Exactly why it's in the bottom right of my 8X
  • Me Too!
  • Me too. The better question is...why wouldn't we?
  • Well cuz Theres a shortcut on the notification center
  • Yeah its looks like the new settings app and look at the tile below it closely that one look like file explorer
  • I do have a small settings tile on my screen. Quicker the pulling the notification center an ticking the tiny settings shortcut.
  • Lol. Now that you say it: As a MS employee you could troll people so hard :D
  • My, aren't you a sarcastic fucking ray of sunshine
  • Lol
  • But it might be good for listing stock quotes.
  • This is not fake. I personally saw that tweet from Vesku Paananen.
  • I've seen tweets of Unicorns. Are they also real?
  • I don't know about unicorns but this is real deal
  • Yes! Sounds great!
  • Yup. I've wanted this for a while, along with 4x4 tiles.
  • Yeah but they should have an option to reduce or remove the gaps in been tiles. The spacing makes it look dated.
    Actually we've seen with Nokia X feature phones that it might look better if the tiles merge.
  • Yes! That would be great
  • I agree. Although I would like the live tiles to be even more... Live. Be able to scroll message through the tile, be able to use command keys (play, stop, pause, etc.), be able to turn on the flash light directly from the tile without the need to open the entire app, etc.
  • Love it for my beast (1520)
  • Well, the 1520 is the BEST WP device ever released in the history of the universe.... And, that's seriously objective❗❗❗❗
  • Tru
  • Oh Yeah!!!!
  • Except att who left off qi charging besides that I love my 32gb 1520
  • Even more true.
  • I got the 1520.3 from LTA. Using it on T-Mobile, got me my Qi-Charging, lol.
  • As I said, the 1520 is the best.
  • I think the SD card expansion makes up a bit for the insult att did.
  • It's too large, I don't care
  • That's subjective.. It doesn't matter whether you care, or I like it personally, or not.... It's a fact that the 1520 is the best smartphone to run WP8.0, 8.1, and soon W10...
    It's not perfect, or flawless, but it's the overall best so far.... And, that's objective.
  • I'd say it's the best WP phablet, but not the best WP flagship mobile. It might be being pedantic, but the giant size matters to a great deal of people and is a huge negative in an otherwise impressive setup. To be the best it must be suitable in all aspects. If someone made a laptop with an 8-core CPU, 64GB RAM, and triple-SLI grfx card setup then we could easily say it's "the best laptop", but if it's as thick as a house brick then and sounds like a vaccum cleaner with all it's fans on, then it fails despite it's specs. Similarly, phablets are impressive tech-wise but are too heavy and too big for normal users and people that don't enjoy being openly ridiculed in public when they make a phonecall :P They are still niche-appeal devices for a reason... although weirdly the iPhone 6 may have suddenly made it popular *sigh*
  • That's called a biased comment.... Once again that's your opinion because that's what YOU'D say....
    Now, on paper the 1520 is the best OVERALL smartphone running WP to date.... Size is subjective... Being niche is subjective, designation is subjective.....
    Features, specifications, and options are fact.. It's a fact that the 1520 has the highest level of features, options, and specifications, that are currently available on a WP smartphone.... That's not even worth arguing.
    Now, my opinion❓ Even MS upholds the 1520 as the best WP device available... That's quite obvious... And, I'm pretty sure Mr. Rubino even admitted that it is top tier on one of his reviews...
    The question isn't which WP device do most people like, or buy, or want,, rather which is literally the best you can get...
    So, in your world the GS5 is better than the GN5 because the size of the S5 is suited to more people❓ ...... Lol❗ Good one.. The Note5 is damn well the more capable device in almost every aspect... Same goes for the 1520.
  • To each their own. I'd only consider the flagship models in the 920/925/930/1020 range to be of importance to showcasing WP. Phablets are niche (which is a fact, not subjective), so normal people don't give a crap. If I want to wow someone I show them a device they'd want, not something they'd laugh at. But I'm certainly not saying the top-ends are "the best" as they are so laughable with all the compromises / missing features that even the current mid and low-end models have (microSD, wireless charging etc).
  • You're saying that the 1020 isn't Niche❓ ...... Lol.. Ok..
    And, Niche, or not, or what most people like, or not, is irrelevant when you're talking about the best device.... More people buy Honda Civics, and wouldn't want to drive a Ferrari 458 to work everyday,, but the Ferrari is the overall better car.. So, you say it doesn't get as good gas mileage as the Civic... Ok. In your world that makes the Civic better.... You need to open your eyes to facts, and set your personal preferences aside.. Until then,, I can't continue to have such a irrational conversation with you.. Good luck, dude❗❗❗
  • Yeah, 1020 is definitely niche. I was pointing out the top-end device-range I was referring to, as opposed to the phablet range. Ferrari might be a fast sports car, but it certainly isn't the best car and I doubt even in the top 10 last year. The point you're failing to understand is that there are different classes of products. You can't compare a ferrari to a civic because they're entirely different classes. The interpretation of "best" is entirely subjective no matter how objective you like to pretend you are. You're going on raw specs, but the overall size, weight, power consumption, and cost is a huge negative. Next you'll tell me a Hummer is the "best car" when it can be considered awful on so many levels. 1520 is best phablet, yes. But 94% of people consider it niche and not worth considering as a mobile phone (only 6% of the market are phablets). The best phablet does not make the best overall mobile phone and certainly does not make the best budget phone. It doesn't have anything to do with my own preference, a phablet is in a different class and therefore irrelevant.
  • Once again, a waste of time... Dude, you could never understand what the overall best means... Nevermind.... I don't want to waste anymore time trying to reach you... I'm done. Bye.
  • Once again you fail to understand the overall best means it must be best in all categories. 930 wins hands down against 1520 - same cpu, memory etc, same resolution but better ppi, better screen, better sound, MUCH better screen-size (5" easily trumps ridiculous 6"), it's lighter, smaller, has much broader mass appeal. It doesn't have microSD which is the only negative. To say otherwise is your worthless opinion and nothing else. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Dont bother with any more of your clueless replies as I'm done arguing with an arrogant halfwit like yourself. You always vomit your moronic opinion on every article and insult people when you fail to grasp even basic logic of a well-formed argument. I always regret replying to you as it usually ends up as yet another of your egotistical blatherings. Nobody cares what you think, no matter how desperately you try to shove it everyones faces.
  • And, who is it too large for? Aren't we speaking about the average adult hands here?... I've been using it for over a year, and the damn thing is tiny...
  • I'd say most females :P But it's too large for normal jeans pockets and looks stupid when held up against the face.
  • Females use "phablets" more than anyone... Lol! Everything you say is seriously speculative, and your opinion...
    I work at one of the largest International airports in the world, and if you don't believe I know who uses what, then this whole conversation is a lost cause... Other than your opinion,, what do you base your information on❓
    Most jean pockets? Ok, now I know you've never used this device, or ever even tried to put on in your pocket... Unless you're a Chucky doll you'd know that it fits PERFECTLY FINE in average adult pockets.... My pants are size 33"waists/34"length... What size do you wear❓
  • It's a niche device because the marketshare clearly shows that it is (look up any recent story posted on WPC regarding sales figures). It's widely known that phablets are niche, so it's not even slightly just "my opinion". I don't consider phablets to even be in the same league as mobile phones, and many others feel the same. I don't compare mobiles with small tablets for the same reason. I have actually tried one in a shop, and put it in my pocket as a test (after asking the guy in the shop haha) and it stuck out of the top of the pocket and was clearly noticeable. I'm not a short guy, and wear 34"/36". 4-5" devices fit much better and I consider them to be the most optimal size overall.
  • That was a waste of a read... Still just your opinion about larger devices... That doesn't matter, and it's besides the point...
    Show me a WP device that has more to offer than the 1520, and I'll hear you.. Until then stop explaining why you don't like it.... And, quit wearing skinny jeans... Lol.. It sticks out of none of my jeans, and unlike you I actually use one everyday..
  • It's still just your opinion that it's the best, and it's still just a phablet and therefore not worth considering. The sad truth is that there are no decent top-end Windows Phones. We didn't have any decent offerings last year and that's why people are still leaving for Android devices.
  • Tru!
  • If you grow tired of touching the display, a phantom will touch it for you?
  • Possibly....
  • I had the phantom touches etc, but since I had my mobo replaced the issue has disappeared.
  • Hi peppy, I had the same touch issues. An update was pushed out eons worked for mine. Then, mine broke. Sent the phone in for warranty and received two, I guess they felt generous, and both have been fine.
  • Yeah.. Mine is fine, for the most part, now....
  • I enjoy my 1520.3 but this title goes to the HTC HD2
  • Please explain....❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓
  • HD2 ran Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 & 8, Windows 8, Android, Full Linux HD2 was even more awesome than HD7
  • But, it still doesn't stand up to the specs of any modern day device.. The 1520 is the overall better device hands down..
  • @Kacey Green, yup the HTC HD2 is THE most versatile phone ever made.
  • But, being versatile doesn't make it the best to ever run WP... It was a great phone for its time, but the features, performance, and innovation, is nothing compared to modern devices....
    We're talking about the overall best device so far, out of box.... That has to be the 1520.
    Lol! The HD2 isn't even capable of running WP8.0... I doesn't have enough ram to run the best modern games.. The screen quality is relatively horrible compared even to low end devices in 2013.... Even if someone could port W10 on it that still wouldn't make it better because modern devices can run W10, and still blow it out of the water in every way possible....
    Cool device to tinker with, but this is 2015 now.
  • Go 1520!!!
  • Exactly...
  • Very happy with 1520, it takes jaw dropping pictures after denim update. Although its big screen size is not justified yet. Hopefully WP10 will make good use of massive screen...
  • The 1080p support of this WC app right here justifies it plenty❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • +1520
    plus 4x4 tile
  • Would be very nice! Actually, I hope MS gives us an even larger version next time around.... They better not go down in screen size. That would suck❗
  • Phone should support the same sized live tiles as desktop, there's no reason not to.
  • This guy is going to be in trouble.
  • He got fired. Because of a tile.
  • Lol
  • You could say it was pretty TILEtale! Anyone? No? ok.
  • #Tilegate has begun.....
  • Hah! Good one.
  • Okay... Line up your tiles.. I can pick the offending tile out of this lineup with my Windows phone even with Cyan installed... Wait a used a beta version of #TileArt didnt you ??? Admit it now or its your job mister !!
  • Brace yourselves.
  • Now he has to find a job in tiling the comfort room.
  • I think it would be nice.
  • Landscape mode for start screen
  • Been saying, I want it. No reason not to have. I want it to flip like a tablet. The entire OS. Nothing needs resized, might have to scroll a bit more, or in the case of the 1520, things get adapted to the display.... But, what the hell do I really know?
  • Exactly.. Also for the multitasking screen.. It's so annoying not being able to see all open apps in Landscape...
  • I had landscape in my (jailbroken) iPhone for years. Done right, a landscape capable start screen would be a thing of beauty.
  • The iPhone 6 Plus home screen flips into landscape mode    
  • Yes, it does, if them fuckers can do it, so can we.
  • It would certainly look cool to me... but I honestly can't think of a single practical reason for having landscape mode on the Start screen.
  • It would be useful for me when driving and phone is in landscape in my car dock
  • Think of using an app in landscape, one that works, say paint, then you need to check something on WC, you keep flipping the "flipping" phone around. One begins to look spastic to others if they don't know what your doing. Someone might come by and pat ye on the head and say "now that's good boy (your40) keep playing your game"
  • Not trying to spam, but if you guys think landscape would be a great addition to windows phone you should vote if you havent already :)
  • Absolutely not, look at the Store tile and Message tile. it's the portrait mode and that vertical tile looks stupid IMO.
  • Then ye may keep ye opinion to ye self until ye try it. Imagine a tablet that behaves like our phones, what a pain in the ass that would be flipping that big bitch around.
  • im not saying the Landscape mode is stupid, it's that Vertical tile
  • more options is always good thing
  • Exactly
  • I was hoping that would be a feature in both phone and PC versions
  • Well it seems it's in the pipeline.
  • That's what she said.
  • *Nods in approval*
  • Lol.
  • Permabanned?.... Same dude?
  • Ye mean Permanently Banned, aka, Peg Leg aka...psst...don tell anyone. Now that you know who I am, you know I liked talking to you.
  • Yep.. Your post are hilarious....
    BTW... Almost got PB'd last week for messing around with NIST.... Apparently we can't even joke around amongst friends, so be careful.
  • Yeah, seems mistaken is gone too.
  • Lol!... People getting band.. Damn.
  • I can't quite tell what phone that is. 535, maybe?
  • The edges make me think its a 630 or 635
  • I think it's a 635
  • Looks like a 630 or 635
  • Could be. What threw me is that I didn't think the 635 had been released in red.
  • It's orange not red
  • It's 630/635, which is a good news for 512MB RAM.
  • It can be a 638 as well, which has got 1GB RAM. Just saying ;)
  • Lol! I hope 730 will support all features of Windows 10!!!!!
  • I bet my n95 supports all the feautures
  • Been a rumor for months, next!!!!
  • But, this is an actual picture posted by a MS employee... That's what makes it significant.
  • If true, this could be to help support landscape mode on the start screen for phones.
  • Cmon bring it on!
  • Is that a Surface 2 with a Windows 10 For ARM? The present version of Windows 10 doesn't have network like that.
  • Can be the Pro 2 with a new build :)
  • You can still get that menu by going to Network > Show available connections.
  • Yes, but you have to keep the Settings Page open. If you minimize or close, that bar closes.
  • Maybe, but why show the Pro 2 when you have the Pro 3
  • I was thinking the same thing. Except that, yes it could be a Pro/Pro 2. The S2 would have the lighter color metal, but the image is too dark to tell.
  • What would sound good would be a horizontal tile that could go across the screen of those phones - like the 930 - that were forced to use the three columns of tiles.
  • True.
  • This. Vertical tiles are shit.
  • I don't know about shit. I could see many instances where both options would be amazing.
  • You forgot 'IMO'.
  • Yep.
  • They demonstrate that last year on the video about interactive Live Tiles, I think it was Microsoft Research video.
  • Yeah, it showed a larger tile... IDK,, they are cooking up something..
  • Wish it was meth (:
  • Why Meth?.... So they will get creative with marketing❓❓❓❓