Windows 10 Photos app testing tweaked editing UI with Insiders

Microsoft appears to be testing out a new UI for the Windows 10 Photos app's editing features. While the current version of the app has its editing options listed in a column on its right side, an update currently available for at least some Fast ring Insiders has made things a little more organized.

As initially reported by Windows Observer (via OnMSFT), the editing options are now spread out between three sections that appear across the top of the app. The default position is "Crop & rotate," while other sections are dedicated to filters and adjustments, with fine-tuning controls located in the latter.

Alongside the new editing layout, Windows Observer reports that the "Edit & Create" menu now has an option to add animated text to your photos with a number of different font and motion variants.

I haven't spotted these changes on my Fast ring PC just yet, so it's entirely possible the update is either still rolling out or is part of an A/B test. Either way, you can check for updates in the Microsoft Store to see if you have the tweaks available to you.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • The changes are present in the Photos app on my PC which isn't enrolled in the Insider program, so could be A/B testing. I'm not a frequent user of the editing features in the app besides cropping and resizing, the effects and filters are too aggressive and I can't see a use for gaudy things like animated text, videos, 3D effects etc. outside of education.
  • I've noticed that when you make an edit to a pic and then save it the new file size is significantly smaller than the original. I'm assuming this is due to the app. not saving the file at the same quality. Anyone have any input on this? I've looked under settings but did not notice any save quality options.
  • I got this update like a month ago...
  • Maybe they should start testing a photos app for Android instead.
  • UI tweaks are highly welcome. The current viewer has so many annoying things.
  • stille no resize/scale to a specific resolution?