Windows 10 preview build 17744 heads out to Slow ring Insiders

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Surface Book 2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Just a week after first heading out to Insiders in the Fast ring, Windows 10 preview build 17744 is now rolling out to the Slow ring as well. Build 17744 already includes a number of bug fixes and improvements, but Microsoft is also packaging the Slow ring build with a fix for an issue that caused PCs to hit a BSOD when logging out.

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From Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar:

KB4459375 includes a single fix for the issue causing PCs to bugcheck (BSDO) when logging out of your user profile or shutting down your PC. KB4459375 is packaged using a new design that Windows Insiders preview builds can download and install more efficiently.

Here's a recap of what build 17744 brings to the table:

  • [ADDED] We fixed the issue causing PCs to bugcheck (GSOD) when deleting a local folder that is synced to OneDrive as of Build 17741.
  • We fixed an issue that resulted in certain apps crashing when sending Timeline activities.
  • We fixed an impactful race condition in recent flights resulting in Cortana crashing when launching tips and doing web searches.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the nearby sharing section of the Share UI not being visible for some users despite being enabled.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in the contents of the Microsoft Edge window becoming offset from its window frame.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the spellchecking menu appearing in the wrong place when you right-clicked on a misspelled word in Microsoft Edge.

Now that development on Redstone 5 is winding down, it appears Microsoft is picking up the pace of Slow ring builds. Last week saw the ring's first new build in nearly a month, with today's build following just a week later.

If you've opted into the Slow ring, you can grab Windows 10 preview build 17744 via Windows Update now. We fixed an issue for Insiders using Windows 10 in S Mode recently resulting opening Word from a Word Online document not working. We fixed an issue in Narrator so when toggling a checkbox with a braille display and Narrator, the displayed state is now updated and the control information is maintained on the display.

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  • Been a while since a SA build was released.
  • Build 17744 is smooth and free of any hazzle
  • Build 17744 is smooth and free of any hazzle
  • What they have NOT fixed, however, is how badly that build wrecks your video, particularly if you are using WMR. The WMR portal would restart several times in succession, ultimately throwing up an error that my HMD wasn't connected, followed by it downgrading to the VGA driver. I had to reboot each time just to get my regular nVidia driver back. I tried JUST rolling back the video luck. In the end, I had no choice but to roll back to the previous build, at which point everything worked perfectly. I forgot to turn off updates and yesterday 17744 installed again. This time I didn't even get far enough to see if WMR worked--the video driver crashed and reverted to VGA. So I rolled back once again and killed updates. So, I'm waiting until the next update.
  • WHY ARENT DEVELOPERS GETING BEHIND MICROSFT AND GIVING DESKTOP APPS, LIKE GOOGLE, LIKE EBAY LIKE AMAZON AND MANY MORE. Sad state of affairs for microsoft windows. And please can we open new tabs to my choice of home page in edge.