Windows 10 preview build 18262 heads out to Fast ring and Skip Ahead Insiders

Windows Insider program settings
Windows Insider program settings (Image credit: Windows Central)

Fast ring and Skip Ahead Windows Insiders are being treated to a new preview build for the Windows 10 19H1 update today. This update, which comes in at build 18262, is mostly focused on fixing a number of issues, but there are a few new features tagging along here, including the ability to uninstall more Windows 10 inbox apps. Here's a look at all of what's new in build 18262.

What's new

  • See DPI Awareness in Task Manager: Interested to know which of your running apps is DPI Aware? We've added a new optional column to the Details tab of Task Manager so you can find out the DPI awareness per process
  • Uninstall additional inbox apps: In 19H1, we are adding the ability to uninstall the following (preinstalled) Windows 10 inbox apps via the context menu on the Start menu All Apps list:
    • 3D Viewer (previously called Mixed Reality Viewer)
    • Calculator
    • Calendar
    • Groove Music
    • Mail
    • Movies & TV
    • Paint 3D
    • Snip & Sketch
    • Sticky Notes
    • Voice Recorder
  • Troubleshooting improvements: Don't feel like troubleshooting? We've got you covered. In previous releases, if you noticed your PC was having a problem, you would have to find the right troubleshooter and then manually walk through all the different steps to resolve it. We hear your feedback that the time that takes to do can be frustrating – why not just automatically fix issues that you know how to fix and can detect? We agree! If an issue occurs we want to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, so with Build 18262 you'll find a new recommended troubleshooting setting under Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot in Build 18262. This feature uses diagnostic data you send to deliver a tailored set of fixes matching problems we detect on your device and will automatically apply them to your PC.
  • Narrator Read by Sentence: You can now read next, current and previous sentences in Narrator. Read by sentence is available with the keyboard and with touch. Move by sentence doesn't yet work for Braille.

General changes, improvements, and fixes

  • We fixed an issue resulting in App History being blank in Task Manager in the last flight.
  • We fixed an issue from the previous flight resulting in Task Manager's icon in the notification area of the taskbar not staying visible while Task Manager was open.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the upgrade to the previous flight potentially failing with error This same issue could have resulted in Office products not launching, services not starting, and/or your credentials not being accepted on the login screen after first upgrading until rebooting.
  • We fixed an issue where Settings would crash in the last few flights if in Ease of Access you clicked "Apply" on Make Text Bigger.
  • We fixed an issue where Settings in the last few flights might crash in the last few flights when clicking Check for updates or applying an updated Active Hours range.
  • We fixed an issue where Notepad wasn't listed on the Set Defaults by App page in Settings.
  • When adding a new language in Settings, we now offer separate options for installing the language pack and setting the language as the Windows display language. We also show separate options for installing the Speech recognition and Text-to-speech features, when these features are available for the language.
  • We've updated the Printers & Scanners page in Settings to now include a link straight to the troubleshooter in case you need it.
  • Some Insiders may notice some changes to clipboard history – more details later.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in File Explorer not launching if invoked from a pinned Start tile when in Tablet Mode.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the brightness sometimes resetting to 50% after a reboot.

Known issues

  • We're investigating an issue resulting in Settings crashing when invoking actions on certain pages. This impacts multiple settings, including various links in the
  • Some users may have an issue launching Inbox Apps after updating. To resolve this please check the following thread on the Answers forum:
  • Switching audio endpoints from the volume flyout in the taskbar doesn't work – there will be a fix for this in an upcoming flight, we appreciate your patience.
  • Task View fails to show the + button under New Desktop after creating 2 Virtual Desktops.
  • If you install any of the recent builds from the Fast ring and switch to the Slow ring – optional content such as enabling developer mode will fail. You will have to remain in the Fast ring to add/install/enable optional content. This is because optional content will only install on builds approved for specific rings.

As always, you can check out the full details of the release notes at the Windows Blog. Otherwise, Insiders enrolled in Skip Ahead and the Fast ring should be able to snag build 18262 via Windows Update now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • My Store does not open anymore. It failed in the previous build: 18252, and the solution posted on this platform helped. Now it doesn't work in this build 18262.
  • See second known issue for details.
    Could try a APP reset.
  • The moot question is after I reset the pc will I get all those pre-installed software back?
  • Well, a clean install Is a clean install right?🤔
  • Uninstall groove? It's about damn time.
  • Yaaas! I think the only apps I will not uninstall is... Voice Recorder and Calculator. I'd like to be able to Uninstall Microsoft Edge, as well. Right now have it set to not be able to run in the background, and switched to Google Chrome. Edge uses too much f*c*i*g RAM, and it's UI is ugly a.f. Never saw a point in using Movies & TV and Groove Music over Windows Media Player. No Meta-Data Management and awful library management. The only bonus is that Groove actually displayed multi-disc albums better; but that along isn't worth it. No variable playback for Audio or Video. Bad Equalizer. Doesn't work with native some Windows CODECs, so files that play in WMP may fail to play in Groove Music or Movies & TV if they rely on a[n installed] 3rd party CODEC. Plus I hate having to run 2 applications for this, if you're switching between the two. Spotify Links. Store clutter, etc. Going to be ecstatic to remove these! Too bad we'll have to wait probably 4 months for this QoL update to push out (maybe longer, depending on how they roll out the October feature update). Older PCs also seem to perform better (playback performance, etc.) in WMP, as well, compared to Groove/Movies & TV. The Native Code is tighter, and better optimized for those CPUs/GPUs; and WMP properly uses the Hardware Decoders for things like H.264 in older-gen AMD APUs/GPUs (for example) while Movies & TV seems to not (so you get choppy playback in it compared to WMP). I think Microsoft is starting to see that many desktop users barely, if ever, use these apps; but tons of people complain about them being there - irremovably so; and set as the default for all manner of protocols and file types (which is a ton harder to manage in Windows 10 than in earlier versions, BTW). Now, if only they can make ONE private section in settings comparable to what Google rolled out for Android recently... Not getting my hopes up, though.