Windows 10 reportedly used on about 180 million PCs, 18 million Xbox Ones, over 1 million phones

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 has been installed and used on over 200 million devices. Now a new, but unconfirmed, report has broken down just what devices are a part of those numbers.

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, speaking as part of the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast, stated one of her sources claimed that of that 200 million Windows 10 devices, around 180 million of those installs are on the PC side. About 18 million of those installs were for the Xbox One, as part of last fall's New Xbox One Experience update. Finally about "one million plus" of those installs were for smartphones under Windows 10 Mobile.

Foley did offer the caveat that she was unable to verify what her inside source told her, but the breakdown of Windows 10 numbers does seem plausible. Microsoft has confirmed to Foley that 200 million number for Windows 10 represents active operating systems (ones that are actually working) over the last 28 days.

Source: Windows Weekly

John Callaham