Windows 10 is now officially on more than 200 million devices worldwide

This morning, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is now officially on more than 200 million devices worldwide, which is an increase of 90 million since their last tally back in October. Perhaps more interesting is the fact that 40% of new Windows 10 devices first became active around Black Friday (post Thanksgiving in the U.S.) signaling that consumers seem to be buying new hardware.

Microsoft has confirmed with Windows Central that the 200 million number does include the New Xbox One Experience, which rolled out in November. That update puts Windows 10 on the Xbox One as well for millions of people and breaking new ground for Microsoft.

Microsoft is quick to point out that Windows 10 is on "the fastest growth trajectory" of any version of Windows "outpacing Windows 7 by nearly 140% and Windows 8 by nearly 400%" (that previous figure is especially poignant and revealing).

Besides the consumer space, Microsoft is also evidently reporting traction in enterprise. The company says that "76% of our enterprise customers are in active pilots of Windows 10" and 22 of those 200 million devices are enterprise and education customers. That number is perhaps more relevant than the consumer figure, and enterprise licenses pay Microsoft more in the long term. It is also unusual as traditionally big firms would pass on the most current version of Windows and instead wait to adopt it later in its life cycle. Evidently, Microsoft's outreach to enterprise is working.

Other Windows 10 stats

While 200 million is an impressive number, there are a lot of equally-staggering numbers behind Windows 10. Bolstering Microsoft's argument that developers should not ignore the Windows Store, they've also revealed some additional incredible figures on usage:

  • People have spent over 11 billion hours on Windows 10 in December alone, spending more time on Windows than ever before
  • Over 44.5 billion minutes spent in Microsoft Edge across Windows 10 devices in just the last month.
  • Over 2.5 billion questions asked of Cortana since launch.
  • Around 30% more Bing search queries per Windows 10 device vs. prior versions of Windows.
  • Over 82 billion photos viewed within the Windows 10 Photo app.
  • Gaming continues to grow on Windows 10: in 2015, gamers spent over 4 billion hours playing PC games on Windows 10. Gamers have streamed more than 6.6 million hours of Xbox One games to Windows 10 PCs.
  • 2x increase in the number of paid transactions from PC and tablet customers this holiday season.
  • In December alone, 60% of paying customer were new to the Store.
  • In December, Windows 10 generated more than a 4.5x increase in revenue per device, as compared to Windows 8 Clearly, Microsoft seems to be having a lot of success with Windows 10. The OS is their fastest growing, new hardware is being sold, and even enterprise is jumping on board relatively early. In fact, with the 200 million number, Microsoft is already 20 percent at their goal of 1 billion devices running Windows 10 in the next few years. All of that done in the first five months since its release in late July.

This week at CES 2016 we expect to see many of Microsoft's partners, including Dell, HP, and Lenovo, to announce even more PCs, tablets and other new form factors all running Windows 10.

There is no doubt that that Microsoft's goal of 800 million more devices to get to Windows 10 is a staggering number (a nice round billion), but perhaps with Xbox One, HoloLens, and maybe someday even Windows Phone, they could reach that goal. Speaking of Windows Phone, Microsoft did note that demand for the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL is outstripping supply, and they hope to replenish soon stock for retailers who ran out of their initial supply.

Source: Microsoft Blog

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • These are quite impressive numbers. Let's see how it fares by July 2016.
  • Pointless to include Xbox if it doesn't include the universal store.
  • Uhh, no. It's running Windows 10 regardless. 
  • It's a Windows 10 fork. Not real Windows. Posted via the Windows Central App for NES
  • Leave it to Microsoft to forcibly upgrade Xbox One owners to a new UI, call it Windows 10 even though it doesn't have any of Windows 10's features, and then count them in their Windows 10 market share propaganda.
  • Microsoft has always changed the UI throughout the lifecycle. Xbox is running Windows 10, regardless of your opinion about it. Xbox has always been included as one of the devices running Windows 10. So yeah...
  • People like you like to tell everyone every chance you get about how poorly Xbox One is supposedly selling (even though it is outselling the 360), how the Lumia 950(x) is selling, how poorly tablets are selling, and so on and so on, and so on. And yet, when those supposedly miniscule numbers are included in total sales, then you scream holy hell about how it is "propaganda" to include those numbers. If those devices are selling so poorly, then you shouldn't be concerned about those numbers being included since it wouldn't add anything significant to the totals, correct? Just the usual drivvel to try to find some other baseless way to attack.
  • Nothing you wrote makes any sense. First, nowhere did I ever mention anything about Xbox One, Lumia 950, or indeterminable tablet sales. Second, even if their numbers are small, that is irrelevant to the points I made. Case in point, the following sentence in particular is both a digression and a fallacy: "If those devices are selling so poorly, then you shouldn't be concerned about those numbers being included since it wouldn't add anything significant to the totals, correct?" Here's another gem: "Just the usual drivvel to try to find some other baseless way to attack." Do you understand what the word "baseless" means? If so, do explain how anything I wrote is 'baseless'. I claimed that the upgrade was forced on Xbox One owners (this is a fact--also known as the opposite of baseless), that the new UI doesn't have any notable Windows 10 features (this is also a fact), and that, despite the former two facts, Microsoft is including them in their propaganda numbers regarding Windows 10 installations (this is a fact).
  • Just stop embarrassing yourself. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree here. The Xbox upgrade was forced, which should have been, but other than the ability to pin non-live tiles there's nothing Windows 10 about it. The Xbox controls my "dashboard", other than wallpaper can't customize anything. There is no concept of live tiles anywhere which is what I was looking forward to with the upgrade, no info on them, can't place them, can't resize them. It may run on Windows 10 but there's nothing that ties it to the design used on other devices. The Band2 looks more like a Windows 10 device and it doesn't even run it.
  • Its driven by Windows 10 therefore it counts as a Windows 10 device. While the store hasn't been enabled yet, the same apps will be able to run on the Xbox as soon as they flick the switch on it. Just like Windows 10 for IoT won't have live tiles, or maybe even a user interface at all, its all about the core operating system.
  • There is nothing Windows 10 about it except for the fact that is runs the same OneCore as 10, on the same kernel, and will have apps that run accross Xbox, Windows 10, and Windows 10 Mobile, and HoloLens... (It takes time to migrate things over) But other than that it has nothing to do with Windows 10. On a side note, Windows 10 isnt the store people. Its no the apps. Its what runs those. Windows 10 numbers also include those that dont have a microsoft account. Just because you cant see it doesnt mean its not true. Xbox One runs windows 10. Its a fact now.
  • I think you and many others need to learn a little bit more about software design and development.  You are referring to the User Interface - known to programmers as a "Shell" - which is not the same thing as the "Operating System".  The UI/Shell is, in fact, a fairly minor component of an operating system like Windows.
  • Well don't linux users group android , Ubuntu, Mint, Red Hat and the 95 others into one group called Linux? The UI's are different but the Kernal is the same.    
  • " First, nowhere did I ever mention anything about Xbox One" First line of the comment you wrote and I replied to: "Leave it to Microsoft to forcibly upgrade Xbox One owners to a new UI" Q.E.D.
  • Here's the full quote, since you conveniently chopped off the most important part of what I wrote: "nowhere did I ever mention anything about Xbox One, Lumia 950, or indeterminable tablet SALES". And that remains true.
  • It was purposely selected that way - why should I include the full quote when you purposely skip parts of and twist what I wrote?
  • @nohone I've to agree with @coip! His saying the truth! Greetings from Portugal
  • I thought it has Cortana, Edge, Groove Music, and others...
  • Cortana hasn't been enabled yet but Edge, Groove Music, Movies and TV and other apps are there from Windows 10. The UI of some of them are different than what is on Windows 10 for PC and phone but they are there none the less.
  • People can still not upgrade if they don't want to. So i think we cannot say it as "forcibly" upgraded. Or if we are to consider the nagging from the device to update as "using force", it is safe to say that it is nothing new from Microsoft or any upgradable device or software. All seems to do the same. So it's not right to point fingers at Microsoft only.
  • Why wouldn't it be using Windows 10? It make's a lot of sense and saves a whole lot of time with the underlying code making modifications that suit the device like the UI.
  • The universal store is coming sometime this year.
  • That's coming, so no it's not pointless. It'll be part of the audience devs can target with the Windows Store...
  • Just makes it sound better
  • When the Redstone update will be released, the free upgrade period will already have finished by then, which is bad because more people would be willing to upgrade after the improvements brought by Redstone.
  • We don't know when Redstone will be released, though.
  • Saying that people is upgrading to Windows 10 just because is free is like saying that if you are eating a steak and I will give you a **** for free you will eat it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Except its not a ****. I mean, just because you used like to describe it we know its not that at all. =) People say upgrade to Windows 10 because its free because its a solid OS that is the future of Windows and its free now, so upgrade. If you like your past OS and never want to change, thats fine. Its an opinion. Just like other peoples opinions think Windows 10 is great and free so why not upgrade?
  • If you upgrade to Windows 10 it means its at least as good at the OS you already have, that was my point.
  • I expect they may extend the deadline for the free upgrade.
  • Redstone will more likely be free to all people already on windows 10.
  • Redstone and all updates in future are free for people that upgraded to Windows 10. 
  • Seriously dude, give it up. You were proven wrong by multiple people. You're just embarrassing yourself.
  • Stop embarrassing yourself, plz!
  • And two of them are mine
  • same here =]
  • And then there are weirdos like me that have 7 of them...
  • 7 here too ;). Not including mobile.
  • Dang, I only have 5 with mobile... Maybe its time to order a 550 to get it to 6? ;)
  • Mine one is Xbox one and bcoz of Sony's **** I cannot update my laptop to Windows 10.
  • I've got 4 of them and 2 windows phones.
  • 6 including my Lumia and Xbone.  
  • 3 Windowsphone devices & a PC from my home
  • Very impressive numbers indeed!!
  • When will the official Windows 10 mobile be released?
  • I wonder what is the sales numbers for the new win10 lumias... waiting for the next Adduplex reports...
  • Microsoft activated about 1/3 the amount of Lumias during holidays compared to last year. So that would add up between 3 and 4 million Lumias (WP 8 + W10M) in Q4/15.
  • Let project Redstone and the interactive live tiles commence!
  • 199 999 999 now. I just came back to 8.1. Too many bugs for a working cad station and inconsistency. And after I didn't managed to repair the auto-restarting after shut down or sleep I gave up.
  • You've conveniently forgotten that as your 1 pc was subtracted to the total, hundreds more were added at the same time so the figure you mentioned is misleading. Also, you give too much importance to yourself, as if your 1 pc really matters in the overall scheme of things.
  • May this attract developers
  • Thats what they try by adding in the numbers of xbox as well.. 
  • Well that, and the fact that the universal store is coming to the Xbox One.
  • When will this silly blow by blow accounting end?
  • Don't read it and it won't matter to you, silly or otherwise.
  • Very impressive indeed!
    With those kind of numbers, I can see the Store turning into a big business venture for Microsoft one day.
  • They must get rid of the bugs on windows 10 mobile, then am happy.
  • All OSes (Android, ChromeOS, iOS, OSX, all versions of Windows, all versions of Linux) have bugs. Be more specific. I'm tired of people parroting "it has bugs" but can't really point to that many. Yes, some people have legitimate gripes, but its getting to the point where I feel like most probably don't.
  • Outlook cc's me when I reply all. Clicking links in content take me to the previous browser page, then I have to click the back button to get to the link I was trying to open. No ability to select which calendars display. Those are just a few...
  • Are you on the CC to begin with? I've never seen that happen on any Outlook install ever, unless its one of those people that add's a rule to auto-cc themselves on everything they send. Otherwise, reply all, admittedly does add you back in to the to field, but seems to handle it just fine (i don't receive it as a new email). Moreover, its hard to tell if you're referring to Outlook client or the built-in Mail app. Again, i've never seen your second issue, so not sure if I can help you there, plus its confusing (the link takes you back, and you have to hit back to go forward?). Now, the next one, that's definitely user error, because every calendar app I've used allows you to select which calendars to display. Calendar on W10, Calendar on W10M, the Calendar in the full Outlook client. Honestly, it just sounds like you have misconfiguration issues. That'll happen on any OS. I wouldn't blame the OS itself for it.
  • Dude you pretty much summed up all comments related to Microsoft. If you have the patience to wade through the constant flow of tears, you'll come to find that upwards of +90% of what you read is garbage.
  • I have one MAJOR problem with Windows 10 for desktop. Boot times. They are literally 3 time longer on 10586.39 than on 10240!!! I am using an SSD and can't take this bull. This is after a clean install AND upgrade party was tried. The next non insider build will be Redstone am I correct? That is how long we have to wait for consistent boot times? Just check the web! It's full of this exact complaint. 10586 HAS TERRIBLE BOOT TIMES. Lumia 930 runs beautifully by the way. No complaints.
  • Turn off Fast Startup.
  • Yeah. Already tried that. I thought about too for no particular reason. Just curious, how would that makes any sense? I thought of that too but how would fast boot cause the opposite? Is there any scientific reason for your suggestion? And yes, I disabled every process at start up. Even with a clean install the time is longer. I took the time of clean installing 10240 and then 10586 to see the difference. It's significant. They garbled something up. Wasn't the memory management changed with 10586? It's a gaming rig, I think that's the problem. A sp4 may have normal boot times but a custom machine doesn't unfortunately. :(
  • The most annoying bug for me on my 950 is that some times in the photo's app selecting pictures doesnt work properly. If you tap one it selects three rows down..
    bloody frustrating... Especially if you want to select a picture for a fb upload! But it doesn't have that issue all the time...
  • Sounds like you have to many apps running...
  • I agree! I have that same annoying bug on multiple devices. I reported it. It usually happens after a take a picture and don't open the Photos app. If I open the Photos app at least once after taking a photo, I don't have that issue. Annoying. Very.
  • I agree. Yes, there are legitimate gripes, but I believe there are also a lot more of concerted troll efforts to make it sound like there are more gripes than there actually are.
  • For me - NO DEAL - yet. I will still wait with the W7 notebook of my wife and the HTPC. On my W10 PC, that annoying "Runtime Broker" steals massive CPU time slowing down everything, all tricks (switching off "Tips" for example) do no work. And my HTPC needs to see ALL network devices, HDD recorder included. Which still only works reliably with 8.1. deal...yet.
  • What about giving me a hint of what I'm doing wrong with my W10 instead of downvoting something without any comment? What is wrong with my decision not to add two more to the 200 millions yet, a decision made 5 Months after I upgraded one PC, with very mixed experience?
  • Your problem could be caused by all kinds of things including malware or junking up your system with crappy software.  Those two things make up the vast majority of problems that people have with Windows machines and both are nearly always the users fault.  Check out this discussion and see if anything helps.  Good luck.
  • Thanks but those tips didn't help.      
  • right click start menu, run command prompt as admin. type in chkdsk /f Restart Then open up admin cmd again type in sfc /scannow If it found corruptions restart, if not, dont Then run dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth then restart if that doesnt work it might be malware or something but its good to make sure your drive and system files are all well before hand...
  • Coz almost all tech news sites are full of condescending nerd fanboys
  • I realise that a critical comment such as the following might not go well with a fan site like this but then again, we can only influence MSFT to keep developing if the fans are united and insist on the company working harder to perfect their products. All in all, Windows 10 is full of flaws. None of store apps I've installed work properly and I don't even have exotic apps - they are all staple ones heavily marketed by MSFT. Drawboard PDF is unworkably lagging, especially when I am editing a pdf document (and I forked $10 for this piece of cabbage upon MSFT's persistent persuasion). Mail, ​MSFT's inhouse app, crashes every now and then and often is slow in loading new mails. And don't even get me start on Microsoft Edge, this is the worst. I don't even talk about missing features but about those that are currently there and supposed to function. It crashes frequently, fails to load certain pages, switches display fonts for unknown reasons. The OS itself feels half baked. Somehow 8.1 in hindsight was a lot more stable and complete despite W10's many cool features and potentials. And I'm using SP3 - not an OEM! I'm loving my SP and it's been my reliable daily driver for over a year now. But  I experience more grief with it crashing and requiring a reboot way more often than my 6 year old Macbook Pro. My previous PC laptop experience was with Toshiba and MSFT Vista which helped me through highschool and college with minimal fuss. Like many on this and other fan sites, I too would love to say good things about MSFT products and admittedly I have. But my honest recommendations to friends and family members are now this. "If you want a project (i.e. something that requires constant care, tweaking, and adjustment), pick a PC. But if you want something that works out of the box with slight or minimal problem, take a deep breath and pay the ridiculous sum for a machine with a half eaten fruit on it." Happy new year!    
  • I don't know what the problem with your SP3 is but I'm having non of these problems whatsoever with mine. Maybe your system got a little bit corrupted. Did you try fresh install?
  • Haha, yes I have. I lost count of how many times I've done that since I have my SP. Don't get me wrong, I like my SP and I am on board with the general direction of MSFT's product development. My point is none of its heavily marketed products are complete (some even barely usable) and we as a community need to keep reminding the company we PAY A LOT OF MONEY to about that. And I know people will interject and say none of OS or softwares out there are complete. But as I said from my own personal experience, my 6 year old machine encounter no crash while my little over one year old SP3 fails far more often (although not to the point in which I'm done with it).
  • I get your point of view and I agree we should push them so they try their best even harder. But we may not forget that since Nadella became CEO things are starting to become better so much faster than before. Don't get me wrong but MS was a lazy company compared to the last year an a half. Any way, maybe your SP3 is a bad unit? If you are still in warranty you can ask to replace it maybe?
  • Interesting how people's experiences are different. I upgraded my SP3 to Win 10 and gave it to my son after I got the SP4. He and his buddy beat the crap out of that thing and put all kinds of crazy stuff on it and the only thing we've had trouble with is the Edge browser. I agree that Edge still has a long way to go so we just use IE 11 for the most part. Other than that, the SP3 works fine with Win 10.
  • Same here I have no issues with my SP 3 especially after november update.
  • This might be what you call a "fan site".   But if you are reluctant to criticize Microsoft, you might be the only one. Rip them to your hearts content here. You'll find plenty of company. :)  
  • Hahaha, really? Judging from the down votes I've got, I think I'm not that far off :P But seriously though, thanks for your company!    
  • Try and go on a apple fansite and say "windows is better because I have some problems with my iPad Pro" and see what you get in return :)
  • Maybe apple is easier than windows, but windows 10 is a great improvement even for noobs if compared to windows 7. Installed on both my parents machines (they are almost 70 yrs old) and they can do things they would not have been able to do so easily with win7.
  • Yes. Aside from the dumb Start Menu exclusion, Windows 8 was the fastest, most stable version in my experience, which is not everybody's. Posted via the Windows Central App for NES
  • Mines are one Nokia Lumia 830, one Acer desktop computer, one HP laptop and an Acer Iconia W4 Tablet
  • Nice number indeed, but when can these 200 million users expect the Beta Windows Central application u promised to release in 7 to 10 days already 3 WEEKS AGO?
  • Exactly ;)
  • Ignorant developers would take it seriously once it crosses 500 million next year. But for that Microsoft needs to get enteprise adoption on windows 10.
  • Tried to stream from xbox to PC as well but realised my GF cant keep on watching Telly while I do it.. a bit of a downer really
  • How is that even possible? Can you explain how your tv provider is connected to your Xbox streaming to your pc? They are separated so it should work fine...
  • Yes.. through the TV Digital Tuner that is available for the xbox in order to not have to play around with hundrets of remotes all the time 
  • Ok sorry my bad, we don't have that in Europe so we don't have that problem.
  • Well we have it in the UK :P 
  • Yeah, I hear ya. I does have a use for me: I'm divorced, so my son stays with me frequently and the Xbox is on his room. So when he's asleep and I want to play, I just connect my SP to the living room TV and play Halo all night. But yeah, it would be awesome to be able to do both at the same time.
  • Lol
  • Windows 10 = superb!! I love it and Windows 10 is working very fast in my i5 desktop...
  • Running 3 windows devices myself. Surface Pro 3, 950XL & XB1 all of which have had some problems (to be expected). However, at work I have installed W10 on 5 Desktop PC's with no problems whatsoever. This leads me too believe that if your the average techie who mucks around with their devices (like most of the readers) then your more likely to have problems. Other problems can be with people who never properly updated the old OS. One of my family members laptop required 240 windows updates !!
  • When will we have windows 10 on our mobiles?
  • Don't wish for Windows 10.  It's so buggy on my Lumia 950. It constantly crashes and resets, rotation lock sometimes doesn't lock, core apps like the messenging app won't open randomly, screen doesn't turn on when you hit the power button, etc.  it's bad.  I'm getting rid of my 950 today and getting something else.
  • Very few problems with my ATT 950. Occasionally needs a reboot. Usually I find something that doesn't seem to be working correctly (like attaching photos to sms in messaging)... then I reboot and it works. Maybe one reboot needed every three days. It's been a pretty great experience for the most part. Admittedly not as stable as Windows 8.1 yet.
  • Woah, the number of photos viewed? Are they supposed to monitor that?
  • It's called telemetry.
  • They don't see the photos or any other user data.  They just collect data about which functions/methods are being executed in various parts of the OS and apps.  In this case, how many times the "DisplaySinglePhoto" function has executed in their photo app.  People love to make this out to be "spying", but these are all performance and diagnostic metrics that don't contain any personal data at all.  They make the same framework available to Windows Store devs through Visual Studio and any developer that has used the framework (application insights) knows that it is useless for collecting anything other than execution counts and timing information about your app.
  • Yes, man! Bill Gates himself is reviewing your photos!
  • And none of this matters... because no snapchat. /s
  • This does matter, because more numbers mean more chances of having snapchat. And other apps.
  • SnapShat'd again!
  • If Snapchat is not willing to put an app on the devices that I use, then there's plenty of other apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for NES
  • Leave all this..and tell Microsoft to stop dicking around and release windows 10 for phones
  • windows 10 for phones is already out bro. Its even in lock step with versioning on the desktop...My desktop runs 10586.36, guess what my 950XL runs...yep you guessed it 10586.36
  • Only for 3 phones or so.
  • glad MS confirmed what was known.
  • Microsoft, release official win10 mobile soon, that probably could add another 60-70million to that figure
  • When will a single lumia get official windows 10?? Its fukin irritating i am reading such news everyday and i am still waiting update in my lumia 640...
  • Just use the Insider Preview to get to the latest release and then opt out of the preview.
  • Yes this is way to get the latest build, but there are issues with OS, (like UI bugs, app loading isn't fast enough, edge needs a lot of work for smoother experience, some typing issues) that they better take another month before officially releasing it.
    Of course people will compare it to iOS and current android versions.
    I don't want to believe that current version is the final build. Microsoft will ruin it's own image by calling it official. I hope they're working on it.
  • and now the ones that said this might not be true, what can they say now? will people trust WinBeta more and stuff believing what Thurrot says with his non existant magical sources?
  • Yes, they will continue to trust.  People continue to trust Fox News and many other fake news outlets because it's what they want to hear.  It's human nature for people to seek out media that confirms their own biases rather than attempting to challenge and prove/disprove their own beliefs.
  • If most of those app store #s are people buying TV, Music and Movies, that's not a good story for app developers.
  • But still sleep problem is not solve in hp notebook
  • How come they knew how much time we spent using windows,browsing web with so called edge browser, and viewing pics?
  • That's part of the telemetry data they collect. It's the same way Google knows how many times a day users pull their phone out of their pocket...
  • Can someone remind me where to download that Windows 10 Hero+ wallpaper with the unicorn?
  • Microsoft is on track to have exciting times to come Windows 10 is evolving and getting better. Windows 10 Mobile is a new OS and all new OS's have growing pains. Apple and Android operating systems have had their fare share of bugs. Android and Apple techs fixed theiar bugs. Microsoft techs will do the same. The big challeng is for Microsoft is to insist and get Developers to make "FULL Windows 10 Universal Apps" The kind that can run on a Windows 10 smartphone all the way up to the fabulous huge screen Surface Hub Computer. such an App can be made. Microsoft has demonstrated this many times. the 2016 Windows 10 devices from Microsoft will be great because they will have most software and hardware flaws of the 2015 models GONE .I predict the Surface book 2016 model will be awesome. the surface pro 5 will be great too. hope fully microsoft will sell it's Atom CPU powered improved Surface 4 cheaper too so low income folks can afford to buy a premium Microsoft Computer
  • Yaay!!! I'm three of the 200 million owners of Windows 10 device
  • Yeah. Windows 10 was supposed to run on anything. Won't run on my Dell Inspiron because something prevents the update in the final stage. No real solution available. The tips about disabling USB devices and wifi don't help either. So yeah, 8.1 for me. :/
  • I contribute 3 to the total number: My PC, my 1520, and 925.
  • Dear Microsoft, please stop reinstalling apps I don’t want every build update, and please stop changing my settings to your defaults. I don't want Money, Wifi Sense, Sports, 3D builder, Get Skype, Get Office, etc.. Thanks! 
  • And stop re-enabling the "allow automatic setup of network devices" and "automatically download device apps" settings.  
  • In 2015, my household activated 4 PCs on Windows 10, 2 Xbox Ones, and 5 Windows Phone 8 devices. (Lumia Window Phones: 1 - 920, 3 - 640, and 1 -  640XL)  My elderly relatives ages 65 - 70 are ROCKING OUT on the three Lumia 640s, all bought, set-up, and shipped to them by me.  Those Metro / Live Tiles are a God send for them to easily understand.  Microsoft FTW!!!
  • I wiped my hard drive and reinstalled Windows 7. Until Microsoft makes updates optional and makes telemetry uploading also optional. Hey Linux is just a click away. Posted via the Windows Central App for NES
  • If we are egotism to sell device without to check the customer if their satisfied work done is equal to it true we can compete with IOS for style like this?