Review: New Xbox One Experience - change for the better?

Xbox dashboard
Xbox dashboard (Image credit: Windows Central)

The New Xbox One Experience (NXOE for short) has been in preview for several weeks, initially to a subset of opt-in Xbox users, before gradually rolling out to everyone enrolled in the Preview Program. On November 12th, Microsoft unleashed NXOE to the general public, bringing with it some radical changes.

We know all about the signature features - the new guide menu, backwards compatibility and Windows 10, but is change always for the better?

The road to NXOE

In my recent interview with the Xbox engineering team lead, Mike Ybarra, he mentioned that Microsoft considers the NXOE to be, in part, a re-launch for the Xbox One. It certainly feels that way. The launch Xbox One was bundled with Kinect, inflating the price more than $100 above that of its primary competitor. The UI was heavily designed with Kinect in mind, featuring large tiles to help aim motion gestures, and certain system functions were unintuitive to access unless you were using Kinect's voice commands.

Xbox dashboard

Xbox dashboard (Image credit: Windows Central)

After the Xbox One's well-documented rocky launch, Phil Spencer was appointed to lead the Xbox division. He kickstarted a lengthy campaign to reposition the Xbox brand in the wider consumer psyche, as it had taken a battering from both fans and the media for its restrictions on used game sales and its always-connected internet requirement. As such, the Xbox brand's current strategy is to vacuum up customer feedback, and then deliver on it.

The Xbox One has received near-monthly feature updates since Phil Spencer took the reins, guided by UserVoice and Preview Program feedback. Ultimately, the New Xbox One Experience should be the culmination of those fan-oriented design goals, improving on every aspect of the OS. In tech, we know that such vast revamps often come with growing pains at best, and bugs at worst. Let's find out how much Microsoft has gotten right so far.

NXOE Features Overview

If anything typifies the NXOE's tendency towards fan feedback, it's the backwards compatible Xbox 360 emulator now embedded within the Xbox One. Phil Spencer himself conceded that the Xbox team wasn't sure if backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 was even possible, but they somehow managed to pull it off regardless. It was among the most highly requested features, but I doubt many people who were voting for it ever expected it to become a reality.

Beyond backwards compatibility, here's an overview of what NXOE newcomers can expect:

  • Radical redesign, virtually every menu has undergone a refresh
  • New guide, double-tap the Xbox button to instantly access various features
  • OneGuide merged with the TV app
  • 100+ Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles
  • Built on Windows 10, laying the groundwork for Universal apps and Cortana
  • Kinect's physical dashboard gestures have gotten removed
  • New game hubs will allow developers to interact directly with Xbox Live users who follow their games
  • New storefronts
  • The Xbox team put UI speed and quick access as top design priorities

Speed, navigation, and that new guide

Much has been said about how much the dashboard has improved regarding speed. Not only has speed increased as a result of technical improvements to the OS, but there's been a sweeping pass on intuitiveness at a design level. The tip of this usability spear is the new guide, which will radically alter the way you interact with your Xbox One.

The new guide provides instant access to practically every important function on the Xbox One, neatly presented in a columnar left-aligned menu. Accessing the new guide is as easy as double tapping the Xbox button on your controller, or saying "Xbox, show guide" with Kinect.

The outer column on the right lists each menu item. From top to bottom, the guide gives you access to profiles currently available for sign in, your friends list, your party, messages, notifications, quick access to the settings app and power functions, and also app snapping.

Various frequently used functions on the previous dashboard were somewhat of a chore to access. Using friend invites as an example, previously you'd have to switch to the Friends app to invite. You could do this either by using Kinect's voice command or by manually minimizing your game. The Friends app would then slowly load, giving you access to your entire friends list, after which you'd need yet another context menu to finally invite them. Microsoft made social functions easier to accomplish over time with new updates, adding a rudimentary Xbox 360-like guide that snapped apps for friends and messaging. The problem is, app snapping itself has been far from snappy in the past, making it the last place I'd want to access important usability functions.

In the new guide, inviting a friend to a party is as simple as navigating to the friends tab in the guide, highlighting them and pressing X. You can also access it by saying "Xbox, show guide" if you're a Kinect user, with the voice commands displayed on-screen in green. Older voice commands like "Xbox, go to friends" take you to the tab in the new guide instead, rather than interrupting your game to load up a separate app.

The NXOE guide loads up near-instantly and seems unhindered even during graphically intensive moments in games. Speaking of intensive games, I'm pretty pleased to report that graphically complex games no longer seem to cause the dashboard to drag either. Sure, there's a very slight delay when you minimize a game and try to push it by rapidly switching tabs, but, when compared to the previous dashboard, the improvement is unquestionable.

Dashboard revamped

While we've sadly lost Microsoft's futuristic physical Kinect gestures for dashboard navigation, we've gained a lot of features in its place. Microsoft has redesigned the dashboard itself, swapping some features around in the process. Pins now present at the bottom of the main screen, and you can jump between the main tile and the pins by pulling the right trigger and left trigger respectively. In between the main tile and your pins are the four most recently used apps and games.

These recent apps can also display contextual shortcut links. For games, they provide a quick link to your game DVR captures, in addition to their unique game hubs. OneGuide will allow you to quickly access live TV, view TV listings or link to your app channels, and so on. Since you have no control over what apps and games appear in the recent list, the contextual portion of them isn't as useful as it could be - it'd be nice if you could pin certain apps there as well.

New community tab

Beyond the main screen, the activity feed, previously in the Friends app, has been given its own tab. The new community section allows you to post status updates and view the latest content shared by your friends. The activity feed is a potentially nice feature, but because certain games still take clips automatically, my feed is often a spam of content nobody actually intended to share.

The ingredients of a social-gaming revolution are present within the community tab, and the Windows 10 Xbox app as well, but it's not quite there yet. A Facebook-like algorithm might help elevate the activity feed in the future, bunching achievement spam into single posts that display a total score achieved by your friend over a recent period, per game, or creating mini-galleries of screenshots. A more considered approach to the way content is displayed might serve a greater purpose than simply showing everything in an endless list.

I think Microsoft should surface clips and screenshots that people actually intended to share, stemming the tide of automatically generated content, which evidently, doesn't inspire people to engage. Perhaps it's not Microsoft's intention to make it a true "social" experience, but if the components are there, it might be worth exploring in more depth.

OneGuide, entertainment and store refresh

Beyond community is the new OneGuide segment, which is crammed with curated entertainment content. It displays trending TV as per your region, and app channels from prominent entertainment apps (although, no Netflix as of writing). You can favourite channels, effectively pinning them to the OneGuide. I added a channel that shows new movies and tv shows added to Microsoft's Film & TV store - you can also do the same for Amazon Prime or Crunchyroll. The current app channel offering seems a little thin as of writing. It'd be nice to be able to favorite specific YouTube channels or Twitch streamers rather than rely on their respective curated lists, but that could be down to the content platform providers rather than Microsoft.

The entertainment apps themselves function exactly as they did before, although that could change now that the Xbox supports Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform, allowing developers to build one app for Windows, and then push it across Xbox, Mobile and even HoloLens with a single code base. The OneGuide app, however, is a little different.


OneGuide (Image credit: Windows Central)

Previously, OneGuide was an OS-level menu, accessible by pressing the X button. Now, OneGuide is an app, merged with the previous TV app, and you'll have to issue a voice command or navigate to the OneGuide tab to open it.

Tapping X will minimize the live feed to bring up your TV listings. You can navigate to your favourites and app channels using your controller's menu button. You can use voice commands to navigate OneGuide as well, saying "Xbox, show menu" to open the hamburger menu instead. OneGuide is a little basic-looking, but it's highly functional, and should serve those of you who use your Xbox for TV augmentation well.

Beyond live TV, Microsoft has revamped the way we'll purchase entertainment, music and even games, with an expandable store tab on the dashboard. The new storefronts display curated content in huge banners at the top and provide quick-lists to the latest releases, special offers, and highest rated content. Whether you're in the game store, the TV and film store, or the music store, each storefront has a "browse all" button, which takes you into a separate app for each store. The game store app has dedicated sections to add-ons, subscriptions, code redemption, and of course, games - split into rows by type.

Film & TV and Groove Music remain unchanged for now, but the new game store app makes it easier to find new content, although a section of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games would be nice for a future update.

The app that stores your games remains unchanged in this update, which is a tad disappointing. As our game libraries balloon in size, a more intuitive way to sort and jump through the games you own will become increasingly necessary. Games that you own, but remain uninstalled, display in a huge list to the far right of the installed list.

Problematically, you cannot hide demos, betas and other items you may have no interest in downloading again, making it a bit of a mess. Mike Ybarra recently acknowledged the need for improvement there, so fingers crossed that it comes sooner rather than later.

The future, shaped by us

While some features have gotten removed, such as controller IR tracking and physical Kinect gesture navigation, the overall usability of the dashboard has vastly improved. The new guide provides quick access to every essential Xbox One function, the dashboard no longer struggles while an intensive game is active and minimized, and the new store sections display far more content.

The most exciting thing about NXOE is that this is only the beginning. The Xbox One now runs on Windows 10 and is fully compatible with the Universal Windows Platform. As an example, the new Avatars app in the NXOE is the same as the app for Windows 10. I discovered in my interview with Mike Ybarra that Microsoft is working to flesh out the details when it comes to opening the Xbox One up to the Windows 10 store - Twitter, Facebook, and Office all have universal Windows apps either available or in development.

We know that Cortana is coming in the new year, we know that mouse support is on the cards, we know that background music is a high priority feature for development. We also know that Microsoft has "two or three" backwards compatibility-tier features in development for 2016. And of course, Microsoft still encourages us to send feedback via UserVoice.

The New Xbox One Experience represents a solid foundation. Now that the Xbox One has finally joined the Windows 10 device family, the next 12 months are going to be really interesting.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

Jez Corden a Managing Editor at Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • Out feels like there's a massive focus on all the social and tv stuff that I just don't care about, I wish I had a choice in what did, and didn't, display. Also I miss being able to double tap to quickly snap an app.
  • You basically have that, I didn't think it was all that different from how it used to work, by having to select which apps were being snapped, you still have to scroll through options... So to recap, double tap, go down to snap and select the app. Boom. =[
  • The only thing I snap is achievements, so its always the option to the right when I used to double tap. Now it takes a lot more presses, and the voice commands don't always work to bring it up.
  • Doesn't really fit in with the Microsoft "everything looks and works universal" idea though. Unless they now update windows 10 to like look like this dashboard (please don't).
  • I agree - the more annoying to see them forcefully bolt on the exact same (desktop's) UI onto their mobile platform. I think they should've gone the NXOE route for mobile as well, i.e. maintain a consistent icon style and adjust their placement to match the given form factor. Ah well...
  • I think you got it the wrong way round. They bolted the mobile Ui on to the desktop. I don't think there's anything wrong with mobile, and I think the new Xbox windows 10 has a Ui which is suited to that device. That's what MS are trying to achieve here. Hololens doesn't have a Ui similar to pc nor phone nor Xbox. But it runs windows 10 and has a Ui which is convenient for that device Same goes for Xbox
  • But now the XB1 homescreen UI looks completely different than the apps, whereas they use to have more UI consistency. That's not the case anymore (and as I've stated elsewhere, the new homescreen is neither more convenient or efficient). I agree w eddp77 - the new homescreen dashboard doesn't fit anywhere in the UI language for windows 10, or universal apps. It's out of place. And sure we'll get used to it plenty easy - because there isn't much to be done on it unless you somehow forgot what you were just playing, or really need that single last app used - but as to MS' claims of making it more efficient, UI-wise, I disagree.
  • Agreed. Sure hope this doesn't come to the phone. The Xbox looks to me more like windows 8 than windows 10. And it is more than a shame to LOSE Kinect functionality. I want MORE Kinect otherwise I would have bought a different console.
  • Agree on the Kinect. It's a great device plagued by developer laziness.
  • Me too, would like to see more content done for Kinect. The kids already have a blast with it and I could do more exercises with it, otherwise would save the $$$.
  • I was one of the few who used Kinect wherever it made sense (and that is key). In xbox fitness, groove music, anything OS/homescreen wise, it worked fantastic. It was great to be able to exercise, switch to music, and go about my morning without fiddling w controllers. Now that's not possible, and instead of feeling like the future is here, xbox controlls like anything sense... early 2000s? This is progress? I'm firmly in the MS/Windows/Xbox ecosystem, but this refresh concerning the UI (and removal of kinect functionality) makes the Xbox 1 feel more like a PS4 (with less power, natch), than an xbox. If I wanted a PS4, I know where to get one... >:|
  •   The universal platform is not about the same UI everywhere. Its about the same CODE with an adaptive UI the morphs based on the device its being used on - even how the same device is being used differently, like tablet mode on a 2 in 1. I see a lot Windows Phone 10 in these screenshots, so there is a lot continuity of design    
  • So much this. Under the hood, MS made significant gains. But concerning the UI? Big step backward. The homescreen *was* useful. Now? It shows WHAT YOU DOING, and ads, and the single, last app/game you used. In the previous incarnation, they had all that, plus another column of info, and your last 3 or four used apps/games (plus the "disc" tile, which is pretty much useless). Seriously, why did they bump up the size of the active app tile so significantly? It's not like we either 1) forgot what we were doing, or 2) couldn't easily ascertain that from the previous tile that was 8x bigger than the rest. Now it's takes up like 1/2 the screen. so much space wasted on non-information. They made it less useful, less cohesive, and still keep ads in. Big thumbs down on the homescreen.
  • Thats the post I was expecting to see. Completely agree. The homescreen *was* useful.
  • They tried the one interface for all platforms with Windows 8 and it was a disaster. I think the UI that suits each device with similar elements is the current and correct way to go. Desktops and laptops with the start screen featuring tiles that anyone with Windows Phone are familiar with. At the same time, now anyone with desk/laptops will now be familiar with Windows Phone should they choose to adapt it. And XB1 now has elements from all as well yet suited for the large screen and entertainment.  
  • What I dislike is that when I launch an app and it informs me that it needs an update (and goes and updates itself) it doesn't launch the app!!! I have to go back to the home screen, find the app, and launch again. Pretty annoying if you ask me. The  PS3 from way back when got this right, why can't the Xbox One do the same?
  • Except you'd need the cable box to power OneGuide?
  • Usb tuner
  • NO
  • Just open the Xbox app, it's in there. I use it everyday instead of the OneGuide on the console
  • It is a legal issue. It is not a technical issue. They don't own the content your cable tv is broadcasting, so they can't do things like record or rebroadcast it (not without some sort of legal agreement with the content broadcaster/provider who has no incentive to allow this).
  • Tell that to my VCR.... wait does anyone even use those any more?
  • Or to Tivo.
  • You might not know this but Hollywood was very very very staunchly against home video, one executive went as far as to call it the Boston Strangler of the industry. THey understood that people could record and that this represented a massive allowance of "piracy." Content industries rarely, if ever are capable of recognizing and taking advantage of significant, game changing opportunities.
  • While they cannot rebroadcast content such as Microsoft recording it and then making it available for anyone to stream over their Xbox, personal recordings is perfectly legal and was the point behind Windows Media Center, TiVo, etc.
  • I'd be happy to see this. I don't know if I would bother setting up another antenna, but even if it actually contained all of my media apps in one place: Netflix, Plex, TMN, YouTube (with universal search across them). Much better than remembering which app to go into for which show you want to watch.
  • That was called Media Center and it was great. TV on your PC and XBox. They killed it.
  • The big difference is OneGuide has integration from streaming apps like Amazon Prime and Hulu (hopefully Netflix soon), while Media Center had much better DVR capabilities.
  • You need an Xbox One and PC, but you can use OneGuide from the Xbox app. The video is streamed to the PC from the Xbox, but the actual OneGuide listings etc. are controller from the Xbox App on the PC. It works with an attached Xbox Controller too
  • Sounds like you need a Windows Media Center... too bad MS killed it with Win10!
  • Why are you yelling at me, what did I ever do to you?
  • Is it really called a guide and not a menu? At first I thought you were talking about oneguide.
  • The snap feature has to go. It is the most worthless thing they still have with the new update. Only thing I have ever used snap for was music. Now with getting rid of the 3 OS, we should be able to listen to music in the background. As a tester I'm looking forward to Cortana sooner rather than later through the headset or mobile. :-)  
  • I use it to track achievements, it's great to be able to have it on the side while playing a game and watching my progress update.
  • Uhm, what makes you think the 3 OS is gone? It definitely isn't.
  • So because you don't use snap, no one should be able to use snap. Makes sense.
  • Really disappointing update considering all the hype. After using it all day, I can safely say they've taken a step backward. Kinect got worse. Controller got worse. Snap got worse. It's not faster. Without BC and game streaming this update would be a joke. Better luck next time MS. I'm sure the Next-NXOE will be awesome!
  • You're kidding me right? This update is one of the best things to happen to Xbox one since it came out
  • I agree with many of the statements. Whilst the response to open apps and follow commands is quicker, the layout is terrible.
  • I agree with you! People here are resistant to change no matter how logical or good it really is.
  • While true... it is well documented that people have an aversion to change, that does not invalidate people who have valid and well thought out critiques and opinions about the change. Ultimately it is all subjective so you can't really apply a right or wrong label to the dialogue.
  • As they should--especially when said change is merely change for the sake of change, removes key features, and introduces a ton of design flaws. The original UI was much better: it was designed to work without a controller, including the use of future-thinking gesture controls, it had a better home design with pinned apps being visible and more recent apps visible than in the new UI, where they're buried. The new UI is a slave to the controller, which is counter to the Xbox One vision, and, worse yet, in many instances, even with a controller, it's a lot slower and more difficult to do things (such as snapping apps). The rest of the UI is just an ostentatious, cluttered mess. And the real kicker is that this is an entirely forced update. Really crappy move by Microsoft all around. What a waste of human resources. Everything useful that the new UI brings (like backwards compatibility) already worked in the previous UI.
  • How about how fucking illogical this new UI is.  The under the hood windows 10 stuff is just fine, but to screw up the UI in such a way that EVERYTHING takes longer and with more clicks to achieve is just insane, especially after training us for 2 years and getting the old UI pretty much spot on.  Now its just a confusing mess with lots of annoying advertising space on the console I PAID for with a subscription to Live I PAID for running games that I PAID for.  There is NO excuse to ram ads down my throat, and NO excuse for fuckign up an exceedingly easty to navigate and use UI for this nedw steaming pile of crap. Then there are the hopelessly mismatched UI elements and stupid things like SINGLE items taking up the entire screen width while displaying at best 1/4 of a screen width worth of info.  Its a total fail on almost every usibility metric you could use. Whoever conceived of this this new UI needs their heads examined, and whatever project leader or manager said "that looks fine, lets FORCE it onto people's consoles" should be fired!
  • No, he's not kidding.  It is the WORST thing to come to the Xbox.  Period.
  • So you like the sluggish boot times that came with the old OS?
  • This new UI is still sluggish, I still have to wait around for everything to load.
  • Agree. Nothing with the update is any faster than the old, and some things take longer. Like the charms to the left. On my machine it takes a good 3 seconds for that menu bar to become active after I select it, whereas selecting profiles and such with the old OS happened just as quickly as I could highlight and select.
  • And thats not saying anything about how much longer it takes to actually do anything because they have thrown out the beautifully simple and easy to use UI for this new steaming pile of unintuitive visual vomit. At least I can still use some of the kinect voice commands to do simple stuff which this new UI makes a nightmare to achieve with just a controller.
  • Do a clean install on your console, it should take care of those problems. The NXOE is proven to be faster than the old system.
  • I honestly cant notice and speed improvement! Snapping takes longer too but that's due to the increase of steps you have to take.
  • Sony fanboy detected?
  • Can't trust anyone now days. :) Personally I love it.
  • Nope, just someone with a different opinion to you.
  • It's faster. As in, if you timed how long certain functions took to carry out on the old crap UI vs. the new UI, the new UI would win. Controller hasn't gotten worst either, in fact you can remap buttons now. As for Kinect, it was never good for anything more than voice commands to begin with, unless youre the 1% of people who liked flailing their arms in front of their TV and disliked having their Sci-Fi pretend playtime cut short by Microsoft in favor of what the majority of people actually wanted.
  • Allowing people to use gestures doesn't prevent people from not using them. I never used gesture controls but I never had an issue with the fact that people could. Why take away a function that people liked for the sake of it? There are advantages to the new system (I imagine, I haven't found one yet, maybe it is faster, but I'm still waiting for everything so I don't know), there are also disadvantages.
  • Because they would need to dedicate resources to implement it in this update. They realized that virtually no one uses it, so they don't want to waste time on that. Also, gestures take up system resources in the background.
  • The Xbox One is powerful enough to handle Kinect's resource requirements just fine. The previous UI proved that. Taking away features that people made purchasing decisions on is not okay.
  • While in game, yes. But I don't see how they could't have left in Kinect functionality, and enabled a simple "Kinect=Yes" option. Example - I doubt having kinect functionality within the music app impacted performace. But now it takes me more, less natural steps just to play music. Within games, it's a different story - I completely agree that taking out kinect overhead was a smart move. But for places where kinect overhead doesn't detract from more important processes - why remove it, or not allow it on a developer-by-developer/app basis?
  • This is the NEW crap OS.
  • Its the Windows 8 of Xbox.  Lets hope they follow the windows team and fix it FAST.
  • Well problem is kinnect was a waste of resources running in the background so it made development constraining for retail games
  • It wasn't running in the background of games, that had already been removed from the equation.
  • I think it is a great update. Content discovery is hugely improved. The OS is much more visually stimulating (this is of course subjective). The new OneGuide is a step in the right direction. I want to go back to my Xbox now. There will obviously be some growing pains but this layout change was not done without significant research. Let's give the team some credit for a beautiful and smooth rollout. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Content discovery?  Oh, you mean the ads! There is NO excuse to ram ads down my throat on the console I PAID for with a subscription to Live I PAID for running games that I PAID for.  Its just greedy and unwanted comercialisation of a captive audience. If I want to purchase new content (games/music/video/etc) then and ONLY then do I ever want to see anything, and then ONLY in the 'store' section.  I don't want ads shoved in my face whenever I hit the home button.
  • Agree. Under the hood, lots of improvement. But UI-wise, the new dashboard is a significant step backward. And stripping kinect functionality? Why are they even selling kinects? Tthey might as well *sell a kinect microphone for $20, and just allow USB webcams for skype. If it's windows 10 behind it, drivers and whatnot shouldn't be an issue, right? As of the NXOE, Kinect is a $100+ microphone. I used to whole heartedly recomend the Kinect. Not anymore. If they bring back the functionality, then yes. But as of now, if they were looking for adoption of their own tech, they're doing it wrong.
  • I use kinect, but just the mic part.  They could EASILY incorporate the beam forming mic array into the console itself, which would be amazing. But its MS, so they kill it off in the process disenfranchising the millions who paid extra for a console WITH the kinect to start with.  Its typical of Satya Nadella's microsoft apparently.
  • *Waits for the 'Microsoft give more attention to XBOne than Mobile' comments to arrive* :)
  • Not so much... The same :D ....
    I ve bought xb1 day1 edition cause ms said I will be able to publish apps on the xb store.... Two years, still waiting...
    This update is nice, but as always incomplete and bad finalized.
  • You brought it up... matter a fact I was anticipating a comment like this lmao... the timeframe is the timeframe and no choice but to wait on it... Us phone diehards are waiting same as you ;)
  • Like Xbox
  • Amazon Video stopped working for me, saying "Sorry, there's been a problem", while I can see the app loaded on the background. Any info why this is happening??
  • Has done it to me a couple times too. Just close and reopen. Has worked for me every time.
  • Hiding games and demos you've uninstalled should still be there, just go to it, press the = menu and the context should be available to 'hide content' or however it's labeled... =[
  • It's not there anymore. The my games and apps is supposed to get an overhaul at some poInt
  • I miss the hand gestures...
  • I use hand gestures all the time, just doesn't do anything unless someone sees me making them... O.o
  • I missed them also.
  • What happened to them? I mean they are deleted?
  • Yes, they completely removed them because they said few people use them.
  • I thought they were coming back. They said not enough people were using them to justify focusing on them just for the initial roll out.  
  • I don't. I was on the verge of chopping off my feet.
  • This. Thanks for neutering the Kinect, MS. /s
  • I really don't get the uproar about this. The gestures were terrible and barely worked half the time.
  • Been using it on the preview programme since it's release some weeks ago, and I've never had a problem.
  • Sorry to sound negative, but I flat out hate it. I don't see any rhyme or reason for the layout. Instead of my most used stuff front and center, it's all over the place. To many features have been removed (which is how you know it is a Microsoft product). It feels like they changed just for the sake of changing and not because they thought they were making it better.
  • You must be high. The only things the took away were the useless home screen gestures for a device that few people have in the first place Hiding installable content in my games and apps You stuff isn't all over the place, it's all on the first Home tab.
  • Yeah, I'm high. Dumbest comment on here ever. This place has become a stomping ground for douche bags. Don't like someone's opinion? Call them games or accuse them of being under the influence. Whatever.
  • Well you did criticize a Microsoft product on this site, you know that's not allowed.....
  • Im a Microsoft guy. If they do something ridiculous, I'm saying it. And lately it is do one amazing thing, do one bone head thing, do one amazing thing.....
  • Oooh! That's Two amazing and one Bonehead thing. MS Win-zah!
  • Making blanket statements like all over the place with no context for your arguement, no list of features removed.  So you like the long load times used to take in the Old UI to get to friends to send party/game invites.  if you feel it might be slow on your system just factory reset (akin to a clean install) like any nerd would do. 
  • Really? I need to right am essay for you? I dont have to prove anything to you. Live with it, Alice.
  • If you don't want your opinion criticized then don't state your opinion. Some people are too sensitive.
  • "Some people are too sensitive". Or, rather, other people are too judgmental and condescending, who lack basic empathy.  
  •   "Dumbest comment on here ever"  Overract much?  You call him out on not liking your opinion.   Doing so in response by in such over zealous attitude is just as much  "douche bag" response as you like to call it then his "high" response.    He listed the two things that are missing: gestures on the dashboard area and inability to hide uninstalled items.  Yet you dramatically say so many features are missing. What are they?  I am curious.  Yeah, I get  ityou don't like the UI fine. That does not mean features are missing. 
  • Also double tap of xbox button to snap apps immediately, rather than going down a list.
  • true but in the old system with the press of one directional input, it would go to switch to the snapped app. Now, to get to anything actionable takes at least one directional input, and a button input. So snapping now take 2x-3x actions/time. And snapping no longer scales/resizes the main app, so hopefully you don't need that left quarter (or fifth? can't tell how much a snapped app takes) of the screen. And if you bring up the left menu, you're down to less 50% of the main app being visible. And it looks like horrible on the screen.
  • WRONG.  This is a chaotic piece of garbage.  We don't play games on our Xbox, we use it strictly as a media center.  We use gestures first, voice second, controller only if we absolutely had to.  We try to keep that stupid piece of equipment in the drawer.  Now Microsoft has crapped all over the OS.
  • Most used stuff...just keep scrolling down. Pins, press right trigger and you are at it immediately. Stuff is not all around. They are right there.
  • Overall the new update is nice. The browser, Microsoft Edge, is much faster and actually usable now. The only question that I have is when a friend is in a party can you see who's in a party with now?
  • My son complained Edge seemed slower.
  • Updated a few hours ago and first impressions after 5 minutes, it's not bad at all. Pretty snappy and my fears that it's going to be as cluttered as the PS4 UX have been allayed.
    The expandable store tab is pretty neat.
    What really makes this update worth while is the ability to remap buttons for a standard controller :).
    Will need to spend more time with this new UX as still prefer the old UX as it was landscape orientated whereas it is more portrait orientated. Never the less I reckon 5 more minutes with this new UX and I'll get used to it.
  • It's still nowhere near as usable as the NXE on the 360 was all those years ago. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still no native voice commands in India (:-(
  • I agree with you..i am too expecting more..features should be discovered with this update in India
    But NXOE quiet handy.
  • Eh its just ok. Certian things are faster, and certian things are slower. But my biggest complaint is with the Oneguide tab. I wish we could remove it, or at the very least custimize what it shows. Why would I care about a spanish Youtube channel?! I dont have anything plugged into my HDMI in port, how exactly does having a tv listing help me?
  • So you don't watch Dora in her native tongue? How else would I tell the spanish Swiper that won't stop bloody swiping! Oh just me then :D
  • Swiper no swiping!
  • People not noticing it's way faster must be high. Seriously, old dash got on my nerves being so sluggish.
  • But it's not faster. For me it's about the same overall, but some things are slower. Like opening the left side charms. Takes about 3 seconds for those to become active after I've selected them.
  • The left menu wasn't in the old OS, so how can it be slower?
  • Controller IR tracking is also gone? That's a shame! I hope they bring it back!
  • What is IR tracking?
  • It would track who had the controller, so you could pass the controller around and they'd get signed in etc, I never tested it myself, room simply isn't big enough for Kinect haha
  • It's a neat concept but I'm glad it's gone. It caused havoc if there were a few people in the room.
  • That's excellent news! I hated it when it asked for a new sign in every time I passed my control to my young son. What a pain.
  • IR tracking is removed in new pad, the one with 3.5mm jack.
  • I have the covert forces one (it has the 3.5mm jack) and its still got the IR thing, but my Elite hasn't. I guess the extra 30c component cost would have made the Aus$299 controller unprofitable.
  • My two biggest complaints of the NXOE are: 360 games need a separate section (they look weird mixed with One titles) & double tap the Xbox button to snap is now a lot slower and less intuitive than before
  • Yeah, the double tap to snap an app is far more annoying to do now with the apps at the very bottom of the menu.  I like to snap the achievements app or TrueAchievements app while playing games.
  • Not sure if you can still do it, but I had previously pinned the snapped version of Achievements app. So it's very easy to get to - I would look into that.
  • Am I the only one, but my live TV stutters like a dog on meth!
  • When have you seen a dog on meth? Also, why have I now tried looking for it on YouTube?
  • I'm about to go to youtube right now...
  • Change TV settings refresh rate. Had the same problem.
  • Change to what? I will play around and see
  • Change to the highest refresh rate possible
  • Same for me. Audio also crackles and sometimes is out of synch. I changed my refresh rate (it was set to 50hz after the update) and that helped the video until I shut down. When I came back, it was stuttering again.
  • Games takes time at startup..NXOE needs improvement it's good to be changed.. But still it need perfection
    Community center shows nothing and internet works fine don't knw what happen..even store also show gold section.. After restarting it's work fine now
  • This happens to me all the time too.  I just log out and log back in and it fixes everything.
  • Good work MS, loving it.
  • Yeah. Great. My xbox turns off now after 5-10 minutes. Even after a hard reset. Great update.
  • I've already gave them a feed back over a month ago about the games and apps section a it remains the same and i think its ugly and difficult, they should put the games and apps in two different sections on the top menu so you can see more games and more apps in the "drop downwards " menus...(vertically instead of horizontally...)
  • Since the new guide functions as (basically) a Start menu, they should bake app launching into the Guide (at least for favorited/pinned apps)
  • I'm Loving it.. Much faster and cleaner to use.. Party system is easier to access, friends too.. finding people is easier and faster.. hell leaving a party is faster.. Great jumping off point.. MS will continue to tweak and update.. people seem to forget how bad Xbox 360 Dash was in the begining...
  • Pity EVERYTHING else is much worse, if its even there at all.
  • Anyone know how to use Miracast? There was a beta earlier this year with a Wireless Display app.
  • U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibi. You're ugly! Hey, heey, you're ugly! 
  • That's all stuff will be made this hardware slowly and slowly. If I would be like all of these why not buy a desktop PC??? Bad move.
  • Seems faster
  • Still better than the ps4 UI.. Which is crap when it comes to customization.. Just stating facts not bashing anything.
  • I'd agree, the PS4 UI is a convoluted mess, this is moving towards that though which is a real shame because I liked the more simplistic layout. I'm not much of a social gamer though so a lot of the beneficial tweaks are completely useless to me.
  • At least the PS4 has a nice horizontal based UI that makes sense on a 16:9 screen.  This new NXOE seems to have been designed for tall 9:16 screens.  There's just so much wasted space, and the home screen is like duplo is to lego.  Big, useless and with far less functionality compared to the old UI. I mainly miss my achievements Vs friends thing.  That one little section got me playing more games.  Now its gone.
  • I spent weeks trying to get into the preview program because I was so excited about this update. Boy, am I glad I never succeeded. This is such a huge bummer. I feel like Microsoft pushed this update out way too soon in an effort to push more sales for the holiday season and it's going to backfire. So much good functionality is now missing. Kinect gestures, IR tracking, the competitive 30 day achievement point tracker between friends, game leader boards, access to settings from the hamburger menu on the home screen. All gone. My pins used to be front and center, now they're hidden down the main page. The font is so tiny it's almost illegible, even on my 55 inch flat screen, yet, they only can show the two achievements most recently earned on the community page because it's so huge. OneGuide section is a cluttered mess. The "discover app channels" shows me a bunch of stuff I can pay for in apps I don't use, instead of showing me things I may be interested in watching on Netflix or Hulu. There more space dedicated here than to the games themselves! I suppose the UI may be a bit faster, but honestly, I haven't really noticed. The area I had most issue with speed is snapping, and that definitely hasn't improved. Why do I pull up the menu in the left, but apps snap to the right? Why do I have to snap my friends list AT All? It should be shown on the home screen all the time, I thought this was supposed to be a social update? How did the "My games and apps" section get ignored? I know they say they're working on it, but why wait? This was the WORST part of the old UI and it wasn't even fixed with this update. Why can't I set a custom background from an image I have on OneDrive, I thought this update was supposed to be like windows 10 on the Xbox and they don't even integrate their own cloud storage! All in all, this has been a huge disappointment. Anyone who hasn't updated yet should wait until they're forced to on November 23 so they can enjoy the Xbox for a little longer, the way that it is.
  • Your pins have never been front and center. They were to the left, now they're down. It still takes one click to get to them.
  • They were visible before, now they're not. That's a design flaw. Also, previously you could easily access them with Kinect gestures. Now you' can't.
  • Pinned favorties were never visible directy on the home screen in the previous UI.  You always had to move to the left of the dasboard.  In the new UI  you just move down to the bottom home screen  (or right trigger to get there directy like left did in the previous UI). There is no difference in visibilty of the pins just where they are now.   I get the Kinect issue.  That one is a bummer.  I personally never really used the Kinect on the dashboard in the old UI but,  undestand your pain if you did. 
  • Pins might not have been front and center, but they were one "bumper left" to reach. Now? It's at least "two bumper rights" to go down (go right to go down? what?) ... past the "recently used" tiles (whch used to be immediately visible on the old dashboard), and then you see your pins - and that's *if* you have a complete page of pins, because if you don't the "bumper right" doesn't go to last row, only "next page", so you have to push "down down (down?). That's bad design. "Push right - go down" is not natural, nor does it make sense. Why didn't they just use the lower-left d-pad? /disgusted sigh I was thrilled for this update, but besides the under the hood optimizations... UI is less natural, and worse for it.
  • Right trigger down to pin favorites from home page.  Left trigger back to top of home page aagin.  Compared to what the previous UI: left bumper to pins,  right bumper back to home page. Sound like the same amount button clicks, just different buttons.
  • Way less intuitive though.  The old way was so obvious, click left once and there are your pins.  This new UI is just anti-user horribleness, there is no indication you can RT and get to the pins at all, unless you're told you'll be down clicking like 12 times to get to the, IF you even know thats where the now live.
  • Right trigger is of no use with a media controller
  • I kept my pins limited to 9 which allowed me to see all 9 pins plus the mainscreen without having to click over. I'd screenshot it if I could roll back the update. It was perfect.
  • All it USE to take was a quick hand gesture to see all my pins.  Now you can't do that at all.  That is NOT an improvement.
  • Another buggy software release from Microsoft
  • Overall I'm not a fan of the new UI. I like the small improvements made for friend invites. But why the far left tab instead of the top like notifications used to be. No matter where you were you could go up to the top. Not have to go left left left left then slowly loads the left panel. Pinning apps in mobile, desktop and xbone are all so vastly different. Sad to see a lack of cohesion. All the best improvements have to be taught and there's no tutorial vid like I'm closing my eyes "Xbox on, go to fall out 4" 
  • I'm with you. If their intent was "less time on the dashboard" they succeeded because it's a tragic mess. And since I have the $150-microphone-that-is-kinect, I might as well get my money from it. NXOE UI is a disaster, and I keep finding new disappointments :|
  • Sorry for the long rant, one last thing. I miss walking in the room, no controller in hand and using voice and hand gestures to get my Netflix binge going. Can we go back to the future please. 
  • ^^^^ so.much.this. Or for music. Used to be so natural. "Xbox go to music". *hand up* *push in* *push in*. Done. Now might as well sell wired controllers as the "always find your remote!" option. Poor decisions, MS. #poordecisions.
  • Haha going back to the furture.... That's what I was thinking since Microsoft switched to the Windows 10 mantra.
  • I'd love to see what they can do with the UWP. Looking forward to seeing more!
    I wish they would make a TV settop box with windows 10 to compete with apple and amazon ... Hopefully they'll do that once the windows 10 store on Xbox one is filling up... :)
  • How do I get to the free games?
  • Well first you have to pay... Oh.
  • After playing with it for 10 hours it seems like the same stuff moved around alot The only noticable differences for my use is xbox360 games and the fact you cant hide hunwanted demos apps and games from "Ready to downlaod list" I am sure as its based on windows 10 at some stage in the future we will ahve access to our windows 10 universal apps and a proper app store but who knows :¬):¬)
  • One guide not working. Can't see my DIRECTV listings. Jury still out on the rest. Not liking it at the moment.too much social that I never use.
  • ecxxdfs
  • X
  • I hate it even more than I was expecting. It looks designed by a blind person with no sense of taste or logic. Based on my experience on a 55" 4K TV: - Starting with that fact...yeah, the UI is not at all optimized for 4K screens. I know the XBone barely runs games at 1080p but at least the UI, since it's Windows 10, could and should be adaptable... - Which brings me to the overblown "main tile" that dwarfs the letters on the dashboard to the point of barely being readable. - The "recent" list is useless. An enless scrolling list renders it useless. The entire point of having the smaller "main tile" and the "recent" tiles around it on the old dashboard was for quicker access. In the NXOE that's gone. It's not faster. - The pins are completely useless. "Just pull the right trigger..." yeah...and the point of that is? Why not just replace the pins with a proper library in a different tab instead of shoving the pins down to the bottom of an endless list of useless crap. - Oh and if you have an Xbox Remote? Yeah, you can throw that away. Because it's pretty much useless with the new UI. Specially if you want to access stuff that's not the "main tile". - Ads still front and center. Because nothing screens "gaming console" and "good user experience" like ads being shoved in the main screen as the second thing you see after the overblown "main tile". Please, tell me more about how Google is horrible for selling you ads but Microsoft isn't... - It's NOT faster. I don't know what the hell some people are smoking but there's nothing "50% faster" in the NXOE. Not only nothing opens any faster than before, there's even some lag when switching between two apps for example. - The left side iconed menus are as useful as a knife to cut butter in the desert. Same goes for the so called "contextual information" on the "recent" section. - Why the hell can't I even customize the order in which the tabs on the top show? I don't give a crap about the "Community" tab, why can't I just remove it? Same goes for the OneGuide. In the meantime, something useful like the Store gets thrown to the last part.     I had seen how horrible the NXOE was before in all the videos Microsoft released. But now that I've use it, I can say that, without a doubt, it's even worse. This update is pretty much the Windows 8 of Xbox to me. Let's hope Microsoft takes even less time putting an end to it than they took with Windows 8. And I'm glad I always refused to buy waste money on the Kinect-bundled XBone. Because if I had, by now I'd be pretty much p*ssed off and with good reason.
  • If you bought the Kinect bundled one, you would be using the same voice commands as you always have and they work the exact same.
  • If I had wasted money on the Kinect one, it would have been for the gestures and NOT the voice commands as Microsoft doesn't even support my language for voice-commanding the XBone.
  • What the hell are you even talking about? Your nonsensical rant is all over the place. First of all, the recent list isn't and endless scrolling list. It shows the 3 most recently used apps below the main tile. They're not all visible like in the old dashboard, but it still takes the same number of movements to open an app from that list. The pins are below the recent list and again, it's not an endless scrolling list, it's just a list of all the pins you....pinned. Like you said it takes one click to get to them. Not sure why you're complaining about that. Also, there already is a proper library "my games and apps", although it's supposedly being redesigned. The whole point of pins is so you don't have to search through your entire library, just the stuff you want. Those ads that advertise new games and games with gold stuff? Yeah, that doesn't scream game console and is totally irrelevant to gamers. It is faster. The 50% number is not in reference to overall system performance, but in how quick you do certain tasks. They specifically state this. Things like messaging and party invites are faster. That's a fact. The left menu isn't useless. It's one of the most requested feautes, a 360 like menu for quick access to stuff. It does exactly what it's designed to do. Or are you one of those people that prefer to have a slow launching dedicated app for everything? Not being able to customize stuff is a valid complaint, but you state that you don't even want to use that stuff. Then don't use it. It's really that simple.
  • Funny you speak of nonsensical and then produce your commentary...   1 - I count 4 items on the recent list. 4 long and large bars forming an endless list the moment I have to scroll down it. Not being visible just make it more useless. If I can't quickly view what's "recent" I might as well not view it at all. Between endlessly scrolling down or reopening stuff, it's faster to reopen. 2 - Didn't say the pins were an endless scrolling list. Learn how to read. Also, I guess you skipped the part about the Xbox Remote? Try to "pull the right trigger" on the Remote. See how that works for you. 3 - Did I ask to be advertised on new games and games with gold stuff? No. Did I ask to be advertised in the main screen of the console? No. 4 - Wow...things like "messaging" and "party invites" are faster...the UI isn't, but who cares, right? 5 - I'd prefer not to have my dashboard cluttered with social crap at all. How 'bout that? 6 - Because I don't use it, I don't want to SEE it nor having that clutter my dashboard. I don't want to jump through useless stuff to reach the store for example. Or go through endless lists os "recent" stuff before I can get to my pins.
  • I totally agree, DJCBS.  The left menu is stupid, just like most of the things MS has been doing lately.  What they have done is force us to use this stupid controller when all we wanted to do was toss the thing in a drawer, never to be thought of again.
  • I agree with concerning the letft menu. On the rest of it, disagree. Concerning recent list, it used to be immediately available. Now, it's not immediately available - not "glanceable". You can see your last used app. What if you wanted to get to a game you *might've* played w/in the last 3 or 4 slots? well, tab on down... oh not there? just keep tabbing on down. Oh, still not there, or not pinned? Well, head over to "My Stuff"... "My games & apps"... now go and find your game. It used to be you could 1) glance and immediately see you had or had not had that game/app open in the recent tiles (on the single dashboard screen) and either a) down over over over, at the most inconvenient b) over down to the apps and games tile - all on the same page - and then selected it. From UI and UX perspective, the more that can be done on one screen, in the same or less number of inputs = more efficient. But it takes more inputs AND more screens to accomplish the same task. And that doesn't even take into account pins which are even farther down (as OP pointed out). You mention ads? I agree, they're relevant enough; and they were present in the old dashboard. But as a fraction of "what's on screen" they now take up more space, with no additional utility. If something's taking up more space (comparatively), it should be more useful. Other oddities? When you're on the "Home" top tap in the dashboard, it's middle and center on the top. Then when you bring up the left menu, it is still visible. Kinda nifty. But when you bumper click (the SIX TIMES) to get to music, then double xbox tap to get the left menu, the Home screen is covered up! And that doesn't matter! Because you can literally see the screen you are on. So why bother at all? The UI guys made numerous decisions that are contrary to natural, straightforward ideas of usability and function. (e.g. telling people "click bottom-right to go down" is not natural, especially if in the same breath you say "click top-right to go right". That is not a natural direction)
  • I'm with you 100%. I'm confused how they thought this UI update would make things more efficient. More button presses =\= more efficient. Bigger tiles =\= more efficient. I'll add in the annoyance that double press of the Xbox button opens up the side menu, but another double press of the Xbox button doesn't close it. No, that's two left presses. ... What?
  • I use my kinects solely for in-game stuff like setting GPS stuff in Forza/NFS or changing tracks.  Oh, and turning the machine on and off.  Glad I never got used to the gesture stuff for navigation as I'd be screwed now.
  • I agree with your points. Add "no thumbnails of pinned websites" to the annoyances'. The thing that removes a lot of the sting is that the majority of time spent on the Xbox is immersed in content.
  • Yep, much better
  • First and foremost, Microsoft has designed the dashboard backwards. They've designed it around 'how can we get as many ads and user "engagement" with our (paid) content'. Then they threw a UI/UX on top of it. I don't mind ads. In fact, I think in an appropriate amount, they expose me to new and interesting content. That said, UI/UX comes first, ads come second. This ads first design focused has continued with the (in preview) Community Calendar app. Second, I think (at this point -- given the number of years redesigning the 360 and now the One's dashboard), the concept of a dashboard on a television screen has proven to be a failed UI/UX. The TV is not a phone and its not a tablet but you are required to bounce back to the dashboard and navigate through its cumbersome interface in order to do something as basic as launch an app or game. I would prefer to see further expansion of the guide going forward. It's a concept that people understand from years of using their cable boxes. I have content I'm watching on screen, I want to watch something else so I hit a "guide" or "menu" button and an interface comes up over the content I'm already watching. The NXOE has brought us this much, now they just need to continue baking more function into it. Specifically, they need to bake app and game launching into it. Although I don't have cable, I think it would also be great if they added a "Live TV/OneGuide" section as an OPTIONAL interface for those folks who do have cable setup. From there, they should build a full screen version of the Guide where your content goes into a PIP mode (again just like cable boxes). Something like a single tap of Xbox button to bring up the mini-guide, a double tab to bring up the full guide (or vice versa -- it doesn't really matter). Also, kill app channels - another neat idea that just isn't working out (b/c they aren't designed around the user, they are designed around pushing the content providers content, aka just another ad) This is a bit of a tangent but I also have to say that pressing and holding the Xbox button is a total waste. It gives us Turn Off Console, Turn Off Controller, and Report a Problem. Maybe turn this into something more useful like a "Task View" where you can see any apps and games that are "running" (aka the last 4 games/apps used) and control (play/pause/etc) background music as well as adjust the volume for it.
  • I just don't agree with "This is a bit of a tangent but I also have to say that pressing and holding the Xbox button is a total waste. It gives us Turn Off Console, Turn Off Controller, and Report a Problem. "   Mainly because that's still the best and fastest way to turn off the console and/or the controller. If you remove it it would take even longer given how deep in a list of useless crap they've shoved the settings panel and turn on/off options.
  • That could be fixed by including said functionality on the "Task View." The point is why use such an easy "system" shortcut for JUST 3 functions.
  • I agree on being silly to limit it to JUST three things. Yet again, the XBone lacks customization. Being allowed to customize that wouldn't hurt the experience in any way. But go tell that to Microsoft...I highly doubt they'll listen.
  • Have you seen the insane amount of click needed and confirmation promptsd the PS4 makes you wade through to turn it off?  Its insane, the Xbox way is simplicity. Though as a kinect user I just mutter "xbox turn off   -  yes" and I'm done.
  • The good:
    The friends list is more easily accessible
    Backwards compatibility
    MS is actively trying to improve the dashboard (I think) The bad:
    It's slow at doing everything, at least for me
    No more hand gestures. Not happy about this!!
    There's too much wasted space on the screen. Why does OneGuide and the other sub menus take up the entire width of the screen? There should be an option resize those tiles.
    Why can't I replace the OneGuide and other sub menus with other items I use more? Stupid.
    The sub-text on the menus are too small. This is a step backwards. Either MS didn't listen to preview users or the preview users were all PS4 users giving bad feedback.
  • 100% agree. The under the hood changes are very welcome. The UI and lost Kinect functionality is an abomination. Go here​ to get your vote in.
  • I dig it so far. I find it easy to navigate, I will give it a month before I pass a true judgment though.
  • Vertical + Horizontal scroll is bad. I can't find the (several year old) link any longer but I clearly remember a member of the Media Center and the Zune team offering a post mortem of sorts on how the vertical + horizontal design of MC/Zune were attractive but not intuitive or highly functional based off user metrics. So, glad we are back to an already established bad interface.
  • I also don't like the new dash. Ok, there are good things in it but the design of some menus is just... I don't know... Made by a 5 year old.
    Main menu complaints: No speed improvements.
    Navigation is worst.
    The round pictures is not working for me.
    Miss the big picture welcome screen.
    No achievement graph vs friends.
    Old recorded videos freeze in playing.
    Multitasking is worst.
    Waste is space in menus in exchange for enormous selectable options.
    Side apps crashing or not launching.
    Left side bar only possible if you are on top of the menu. If I scroll down its not possible to access. .... Etc
    this UI is not better than the one we had before.
    It's uglier.
  • sounds like you need a clean install aka factory reset if you aren't noticing any improvments in speed
  • True. Under the hood optimization appreciated. UI - far, far worse.
  • I really miss the achievements Vs friends.  It actually kept me playing more, a LOT more than I would have without that incentive.
  • Tons of people hate it at first and then they get used to it. Happens EVERY time. :P
  • it's true. but it doesn't mean the previous method wasn't better :P for those of us who had (and used) kinect functionality... RIP kinect.
  • I feel as though I missed something.  I turned on the xb1 to play some Tomb Raider last night, and there was no prompt for any kind of update nor was the interface already changed.  Do I need to go somewhere in the options to authorize the change?  I assumed it was an update that would download when I turned the system on, but nothing occurred.  
  • go to setting- then system-console updates....enjoy
  • Is your system Instant-On or Power Saving Mode? If it's on Power-Saving, it would not have downloaded in the background when you weren't using it, so you might have to go into the menus manually and get it. If it's Instant-On, though, you definitely should have gotten it at some point yesterday. I had the prompt yesterday morning, around 8 ET when I turned it on.
  • This is exatly how I'm preventing the update from downloading and ruining our Xbox One experience.
  • I love XBOX, in fact, I happen to own a original, a 360 and a one. But I simply can't digest this update. I wish I didn't do it! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The only disappointment I have at the moment is that they did nothing with the pins which should behave like tiles. I was hoping to have size options and placement with live content.
  • Or even just stick them somewhere useful, rather than at the ass end of the UI.
  • yup, hope you don't care *too much* about the things you care about... because it's hidden and take multiple steps to get to now. But I'm 100% sure you want to go to the games hub of the most recent game you played, because everyone does that. You don't? Well now you can not do that in just 3 clicks! /annoyance for now
  • Oh yeah, I'm ALWAYS in the game hubs.  Haha.
  • New gui..less goody
  • Remember nerds to do a factory reset if it happens to be feeling or if you were a Preview Program member. 
  • Nice review. I got the update and am thankful for the detail you gave about the update and the things to come. thanks!
  • Overall I think it's an improvement, mainly in the OneGuide which I do use often and hope it takes a few more steps forward to be used more often. It still needs Netflix and NBA integration, a channel of just my YouTube subscriptions. And the Recent Videos in Nerdist is good but refuses to save as a favourite so I always have to dig it out from the full list. Or just open the app instead of bothering with the OneGuide. I also would prefer the live TV overlay stay in the top right instead of the bottom right, and for my favourite app channels to still appear in the same list as my favourite live TV. But yes, still a big step forward.  My really big complaint, though, is moving the pins to the bottom. Why are my most important buttons the hardest to reach? Yes, I know I can use RT to jump down, but 70% of the time I'm using a universal remote, not the game controller, because I'm one of those people who actually bought into the idea this would be my all-in-one media device. Can't we at least move the pins above the recent list? I don't really care about the Community tab because I have few friends... on Xbox Live that is. Even if I did I would probably be content to bury that since I'm not sure I really care that much what other people are playing unless they're inviting me to play it with them. It seems like the more core gamer crowd do really care about that, though, and all the power to them. I can't blame Microsoft for it at all, even if I'll be consistently jumping over it. Maybe they should just give us some options to disable it or rearrange the order? If they're trying to be the great social gaming and media all in one, they probably need to give some customization eventually because there's just too much and different people have different priorities.
  • I just want my pins right at the top front and center.  How can MS not understand that those pins are what most people (everyone I know with a One anyway) goes to as soon as they turn on their console? But instead they stick them in the most remote location, yeah I know the RT thing, but its just a boneheaded move and totally makes using this thing a worse experience.
  • Anyone having a problem controlling the volume of your TV using the Xbox One Remote Control, or Kinect? The TV volume commands work find while setting up the TV, but nothing happens when using the Remote Control, or using your voice command with Kinect even though it is listening correctly to the command and even showing that it understood it on the top right corner of the screen. These used to work fine with the old Xbox One operating system.
  • Check your settings on the console for TV set-up again.  One of the preview updates reset mine so I had to set it up again.
  • I removed the TV and did the TV setup again, and the commands work fine during the setup, but it will not work with the Remote Control or Kinect afterward.
  • Are they not working at all or just slow to respond? Both work for me but do take their sweet time actually performing the command.
  • They never work whatsoever
  • Can't believe how many people seem to be ok with the new UI. Yes, certain things seem to be a bit snappier but aside from that, i think the design it truely awful. If we had the choice, i would gladly stick with the old UI. I can only think the people that like the new interface are kids/teenagers?!
  • So, anyone who prefers the new interface is a child? That's a real adult observation by you.
  • People like it aren't children.  Just idiots.
  • I am 40 and I Love It
  • Well being so ancient your opinions are worthless.  Says I a 39 and 3/4 yr old :(
  • Snapping is fairly well documented as being less intuitive and more convuluted than before, especially if you want to quickly switch between the snapped and main app.  That's a problem that should have never made it past testing. Another major issue with this update is that Smartglass has very badly hurt by this update.  Now they could always update Smartglass for the new UI (and I really hope that is in the near future plans), but getting to something like "My Games and Apps" is miserable with Smartglass now.  The whole "verticle scrolling" system simply does not work with the old Smartglass app, and it makes navigation a mess (which is disappointing as Smartglass is probably the chief way I used to get around my console as it is on my phone which is always on me and doesn't require turning on other devices, followed by voice, and then controller in last). Also, it's fairly annoying in the placement of "My Games and Apps" being locked in position.  It was always very nice to hit the Xbox button, and then instantly move over to Netflix to launch no matter where I was in the system.  Now, My Games and Apps takes that spot adding another button press to get to my most used app. I am thankful for voice controls, because otherwise getting around this interface is absolutely miserable.  Voice controls at least allow me to skip over any interface and get to what I want.
  • I downloaded and played with it a bit last night. I watched a couple of the instructional videos and it appears to be pretty simple navigation. Glad gestures are removed. They were annoying for me. So far, so good.
  • Did you ever try them?  Or like me, acidentally activate then by mistake lol
  • It certainly is a drastic change in look. I just got my Forza Edition Xbox last week, so I actually kind of like the new interface. They did a great job with the friend list, as its easier and faster to create a party and game with your friends. My friends though, think it other wise, they say it is less intuitive than the previous iteration. I guess it might take some time for some to get used to it. The only issue I found was that it was buggy as hell. Last night, I was unable to send (the person would never receive it) or recieve invites. MCC was unplayable last night, and for some reason my Halo 5 suddenly crashed and I was unable to load it. Every other game was playable.  
  • I'm generally pleased, and very excited by the current and future changes! Having both an XB1 and a PS4, I was pretty platform agnostic before, but merging XBox into the UWP and all the sauce that comes with that though I think may have pushed me off the fence and into a preference for XBox. I never used Gestures, and so I don't miss them, but I certainly don't mind them being available for those who did, and to a small niche, they were huge! So if for no other reason than that, I guess I hope they bring them back. The big thing for me right now is the lack of universal apps on what is now an appendage of the UWP. It sounds like those are coming, so my complaint should be resolved it seems. But with no access to universal apps, the whole UWP thing seems entirely "token" to me, so they definitely need to fix that! Otherwise, I'm happy with the changes, and anticipate being even happier with future WaaS updates! Thanks for the excellent review!
  • There are some improvements, but overall am I feel like the Windows 10 mantra took over: "Screw everyone who used our products as advertised". I got the Kinect version to play games with my family and friends, and to navigate the console in a futuristic manner by controller-free navigation. Now, I feel bent over, because I have to yell at my Xbox all the time, instead of being able to comfortly use my hand when I don't feel like talking. And I can't even access the side scrolling list in the store now. So now I'm pissed at the OneDrive team and Xbox team, but I guess it's my fault for wanting to fully experience Microsoft.
  • You aren't the only one. I was all-in for the kinect. This update thoroughly borked kinect functionality, totally skewered it. Go to xbox user voice to upvote for kinect functionality!
  • UserVoice is being discontinued.  After all, it was pointless as MS NEVER acted upon anything its paying users said there.
  • I think you're thinking about a different customer portal for Xbox, Uservoice is alive and kicking. and the homepage is talking up 360bc. Very recent content.
  • Oh its there and people are using it, but MS don't give it a single damn bit of notice and never act upon any of the highly voted suggestions.  Its just a nice way for them to give ppl a complaints outlet that they never have to listen to.
  • Yep, I did that before the update released!
  • I've been pounding Microsoft's feedback and Twitter to bring back gestures. 
  • Yea, You ain't the only one! But I feel like they sit back and thrive off the anger and resentment.
  • Yea, I hear ya on that. Microsoft should have left One Drive alone. As for Kinect. I use my voice instead of my hands..
  • I don't mind using my voice, but Kinect's functionality with that is still spotty, especially when my AC kicks on, and some options aren't accessable by speech. Plus, whenever I'm using it late at night, I don't want to be talking to the thing.
  • Been using it since the start in preview program. It's easy faster then the old built. Everything is faster... When you know how to navigate the new dash it's so much quicker then the old one. I like it alot and all the salty ppl in here are pretty annoying.
  • Its not at all.  The old UI had games as its main focus.  A staggering thought for a GAME console.  This new UI has gaming depricated to the bottom of the UI which is a fucking boneheaded move by MS.  Yes, I know you can RT to quickly get to them, but its stupid that they are relegating its original and most used purpose in favor or creating huge spaces for MS to advetise at me with.
  • From the story: "but there's been a sweeping pass on intuitiveness at a design level" Yep, they certainly did pass on the intuitiveness.  Its far less intuitive than the old UI in almost every way. How does making me click twice as much to achieve the same ends make the new UI intuitive, especially when I first have to find the damn stuff I want hidden away somewhere stupid to begin with.
  • Well, I'm one of those Insider people who had it for months. You will get used to it.. People are so critical when change happens.. Look, its better, but the same. Now, its tweaking time. Like always, Microsoft will be adding, filling gaps, improving and polishing the Dashboard. It's nothing new. There is still a lot to do with the dashboard, so keep familiarizing your. There is more to come.
  • Its not a matter of getting used to it.  Its so fucking bad I've started buying games for my PS4 instead of Xbox Ones (I have 3).  Its a totally unusable mess and so counter intuitive the whole damn UI team should lose their jobs over it.
  • Where is CORTANA?
  • Play Halo 5 and you wont ever want to see her again.
  • NXOE 5 out of 10 Smartglass I've never used before with One... isn't working, both devices connected wirelessly to network and WP can't see One even with typing the IP address. So, the same happens with Windows 10 and Xbox One streaming... wirelessly Xbox App doesn't see One. Wired connection has a problem as the SSID for the connection is showing different than the actual SSID. Gonna restore Windows 10 to see if this changes, but so far I'm not holding my breath. Just because I was excited to test Windows 10 Streaming, this happens. But the issue with Smartglass is fucking unbearable. =(
  • See how tiny all the different menus are?  That's just stupid.  And the fact that it now forces me to use a controller to do anything is unacceptable.  I really have wasted $500.  Thanks, Microsoft, for taking a pretty darned awesome device and turning it into crap.
  • Don't look at it like a waste of money! That camera looks like an Apple product that just sits there and makes you look rich!
  • Seems to me they just turned my xbox sideways :/
  • I found the Netflix icon so I don't care about the rest. ☺
  • Finally got a chance to play around with it tonight. I'm going to reserve judgment until I experience it for a few more days. I did notice the streaming HD movie I watched tonight via Movies & TV stuttering at times. Not the fault of internet connection, but video stuttering. Likewise, in Vudu and while browsing in Microsoft Edge. Anyone else experiencing that?
  • Tv stutters horribly for me. I will be going to direct connect and forgoing HDMI pass through tomorrow for football. So much for Xbox being the center of my living room now.
  • Glad to see it's not just me. :)
  • The improvements ti the one guide are the best part of the update
  • It's a welcome step forward, but some things sitll need to be fleshed out. Some of the menu still feels old and doesn't fit with the new dash. I also really don't like the placement of the active app list and that you have to scroll down so far to get to your pins.
  • The NFL app keeps crashing since the new update. 
  • Really wish I knew how to watch tv and play a game at the same time since snap only gives me options to snap stupid apps that I've never used before just love how I have no option to snap my live direct tv broadcast after the new update like I used to do just by pressing the middle button twice....
  • Am I seriously the only person in the world who has no option to snap live tv after update? Just a bunch of useless apps under snap no live tv option ever since the update I've sat here for hours and have no idea how to do it since the middle button doesn't do it anymore...
  • You can snap live TV, double tap the Xbox button to bring up the new guide menu, then snap OneGuide. The new TV app is just OneGuide.
  •      "...certain games still take clips automatically...." What games do this? "Problematically, you cannot hide demos, betas and other items you may have no interest in downloading again, making it a bit of a mess." Oh, so there is no way to get rid of the demos or unwanted games.... That is unfortunate.  
  • Sports games do it a lot, also Battlefield. Basically, EA!
  • It seems more snappier than the previous dash. I think the left hand popup needs a visual queue on the home screen unless you sit through the tutorial it's not obvious you can tap left to reveal it. Double tapping should not be the way to access the slide out menu either in my opinion, should be a single tap and everything you need (in relation to gaming: parties, achievements, etc) should be accessible via that menu. If you want to go to the full home screen that should be an option within that slide out (as it was on the 360) or alternatively THAT should be the double tap.
  • I find that its faster and the friends/party is a lot easier.  What I don't like is the look of it.  I liked how the previous one looked.  The home tiles are too big, takes up too much space.  Just prefer the layout of the previous. I use my xbox for games and it still does that fine so the other stuff isn't a big deal to me.  Its these kind of changes where your not going to be able to please everyone sadly since everyone has different preferences. Perhaps with the new update in February there will be more changes that will be more to some's liking.
  • The NXOE is leagues ahead of the old system aesthetically and also in terms of performance, you can't make everyone happy, but this change was necessary to maintain the console competitive vs the Playstation.
  • I think the old layout was better. More of what I use was on front and centre right away. Now I have to hunt around a bit. Mine lags a bit when I bring up the 'charms bar' on the side. On the plus side, the wallpaper is now more useful. Before it was kind of pointless. I can live with it, but the old setup was better.
  • Ever since the update it takes about 5 minutes to sign in to my xbox.  I used to always watch tv or youtube off my xbox when sitting down to eat a meal. now im litterally done eating by the time i sign in.
  • i find it not much better i wanted more community stuff like the simple ps share stuff or each game having its own section that we share vids under the game and comments like ps4 did and why take the leaderboards out as most people i know loved that type of comparison stuff and wanted it deper . Plus most apps and fetures are junk outside of the us even in canada cortana does not work on xbox or PC its a joke and we dont get80% of apps were sony treats the world the same but xbox acts like the US is the only main stay and its funny since there not even close to being in first in the US and also if you dont care about sales then why  false live sighn ins as thats a joke your getting destroyed and then you must hide the numbers but i dont blame you as this november and december are going to be insane if your compared to ps4 as there $299 for a bit and the price cut
  • you have nothing to fall back on were sony has the first party games also but they have insane amount of 3rd party support that dont even come close as now days the xbox is mostly indie games and the 3rd party multy platform games try getting some exclusive 3rd party and some games that are not racers or FPS