Windows 10 Start menu receives IDSA Digital Design Award

It seems that users clamoring for the return of the Start menu weren't the only one's delighted by its appearance in Windows 10. The new Start menu has received the Digital Design Award from IDSA, receiving praise for its combination of new and old. From IDSA:

"Since its inception more than 20 years ago, the Windows Start menu has been the anchor point for launching apps and getting users to the content they care about. With Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7, Microsoft continued the evolution of the Start screen by adding live tiles which surface relevant and personal information to the user from apps and services. With the Windows 10 Start design, the experience of launching and switching apps is unified across the familiar and learned legacy of the Start menu on desktop PCs—and the modern capabilities of the Start screen on phones and tablets. The design allows users to leverage what they know from one device and apply that knowledge to using a different device in a contextually appropriate manner."

IDSA hits the nail on the head with its description. While the Windows 8 and 8.1 Start screen was maligned by many users, there's no doubt that Microsoft's addition of Live Tiles was an important step forward. With the Start menu's return to form in Windows 10, the tech giant took the best of both worlds to create an interesting hybrid of the classic Start menu and Start screen.

Source: IDSA; Via: Joe Belfiore (Twitter)

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  • What about some cool innovative start screen design for Windows 10 Mobile?
  • Maybe function, but as far as design MS needs to keep mobile very similar to desktop... Because, for the first time in years the average consumer is praising, and recognizing a modern MS OS with W10...
    Seems like MS has practically changed it's image overnight, and is cool again.. At least that's what I see through very open eyes.... So, this start menu design can only help WM's presence on store shelves..... W10 has to be the center of everything from this point on.
  • But, microsoft left windows 10 Mobile with awkward transparent or same colour tiles which is not consistent with desktop; it would be better if Windows 10 Mobile on phones have horizontal scrolling in the start screen. And landscape mode in all apps too
  • I don't see how it's not consistent with desktop.. You can do the same setup with desktop, and vise versa... But, as far as horizontal scrolling,, in portrait mode that would be a disaster... But, I agree,, horizontal scrolling in landscape mode would be awesome... And, we're missing some swipe to the right action... What a waste of functionality.. They could give us greatly needed media controls in the left pane,, besides nothing.
  • Maybe they're saving swipe to the right for something cool. Something like a curvy screen where a user can swipe to right for advance start screen options like on desktop
  • Windows 10 is going to change people too......wait, what?
  • Your comment made me lol
  • In my opinion, I would like Cortana to be there.  
  • Something similar to 'tablet mode' so that also phones will be useless without mouse/pen.
  • That would be awesome
  • I want it to have sections just like in Windows 10
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  • Suddenly design award!
  • Well, MS has always got awarded for Modern (Metro) design... It's the average consumer who is unaccepting to change.
    Damn, feel as though I'm going to get sued myself for saying the (M) word.
  • Microsoft?
  • Metro.
  • The average consumer doesn't have to accept change when it's a change for the worst. That's what happened with Windows 8 ;)
  • Exactly. I don't know why it's so hard for everyone to understand that people use their computers differently. Home users vs Business users, tablet vs desktop, touch-screen vs mouse, etc. W8.0 catered to home, tablet, touch-screen users only and left everyone else with a far less efficient system. Hiding options in the charms bar and having to waggle your mouse to reveal things was a foolish mistake. 8.1 corrected a lot of those mistakes, and W10 allows desktop & tablet users to choose the interface they prefer. Having a screen full of live-tiles was always silly when you only want 5-10 at most, with the rest as simple app-launch icons. The start screen was really just a replacement for the desktop wall-of-icons that everyone seemed to have before Windows 7. People don't want to see an overwhelming wall of information - it's more efficient to provide highly organised information to find related things more efficiently.
  • Lol!!!! I forgot all about the charms bar... Wow!
  • I actually miss the charms bar to be honest.  It's not terrible that it's not there but I see myself reaching for it a few times so far.....ah well
  • Like it or not Windows 8 was a huge stepping stone to what we love today, Windows 10 #bestofbothworlds. Yh they were flaws but without that windows 10 might have been less special or a little behind what it is now
  • Windows 8 was a huge stepping stone to what we love today
    OS X and iOS? Windows 10 is the nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned. The start menu is dire, Windows apps feature bare, privacy lacking, and security a joke. I don't want apps on the desktop, I want fully featured, powerful programs. Why do I need a slow-to-open inaccurate weather app when I can visit a website much more quickly? Yet again, Microsoft just doesn't get it.
  • What was bad for you doesn't mean it was bad in actuality. Windows 8 was an OS ahead of its time. The average consumer was not ready for using his desktop or laptop with a touch oriented OS. Moreover the computer hardware industry was still adapting to Windows 8. It is only in the last 1 maybe 2 years that we are seeing an influx of devices really well adapted for a touch based Windows OS.
    I also feel Microsoft tried changing too much too soon between Windows 7 and 8.
  • It's the average consumer who is unaccepting to change.
    You are damn RIGHT. I set my Start Screen to Full. I hope in future updates we have an option to still have Win 8.1 start screen on our Win 10.
  • I do have to admit that the current blend in W10 is less cumbersome, and more intuitive... I think MS did good providing the best of both worlds here....
  • Live Tiles is the great innovation for me and I hope they intend on the 3D version yet even a virtual 3D desktop just to shake things up a bit.
  • An award you say?
  • If anyone knows...
    Just updated to windows 10 from my ready upgrade and my home screen just flickers. I cant do anything on my home screen. Can't click anything. It's a dell laptop.
  • A similar question on the MS forums:    
  • Do you have a video card? If so i recomend uninstall the drivers and  go to the website and download the drivers and install.  
  • Not sure. If we do, it's nothing special. It's my wife's laptop. Guess I need to boot in safe mode and try that way. Can't do anything on the home screen.
  • Hard Reset. (cum)(HR)
  • My brother had the same problem, he went to task master, and saw that the icloud sync stuff kept loading over and over again, when he stopped the process and disabled it from starting again on start up, it stopped....
  • I thought the Start menu was one of the areas of W10 that still needed refinement. Then I looked at Stardock's Start10. It reminded me of a couple of things. First that W7's great innovation was not the start menu, but the taskbar, which remains unmatched on any other OS and yet is rarely praised. Fact is that if you set up your taskbar properly you'll rarely need to use the start menu, and that's as true of W10 as anything before it. Second is that when you do need to use the start menu, the W10 version works very well, and as long as you take the time to set up the live tiles properly (approx 2 minutes) it's better than W7 and better than Start10 too.  
  • Agree about the Taskbar in particular. Every application I use regularly is pinned to it. And I put mine at the top of the screen, where all other menus are. It's more intuitive to me.
  • Wait. Stardock made Start10?! SOMEBODY STOP THEM.
  • Too bad tablet mode still sucks.
  • Tablet mode is slightly better today after the update.
  • How?
  • I'm curious, how so? Today was only bug fixes, did they add new features?
  • Can you explain why it’s better now? I’m not putting Windows 10 on my tablet until Windows 8.1 tablet functionally returns.
  • Good luck with that lol
  • How?
  • I'll say its better than 8.1,, just my opinion.
  • Totally agree, they really screwed up tablet mode.
    A pointless taskbar and tiny buttons you need a mouse or stylus to navigate properly.
    At least give us the option to hide the taskbar in tablet mode. After all it's possible on desktop (where the taskbar ironically is useful).
  • Apple will soon invent start screen and live tiles and gestures etc. etc. Then it will come back.
  • It's better because you have the ability of snapping apps, just as you can with Windows 8.1. Only Microsoft makes it 10x easier by giving suggestions when you snap an app, rather than the swipe from the left the app you want. And you can snap up to four apps at once...not just two or three. AND you can resize with your finger to make them appear the far left or right! Those of you who think Win10 is a step backward for tablets really need to take a second look. I played with a Yoga in the Microsoft store and was amazed at how easy and intuitive it is to use with a touch screen.
  • This was my biggest complaint on 8.1: I constantly had to swipe apps and across the screen what I wanted, lining my screen with fingerprints. Plus, snapping apps keeps the desktop AT FULL SCREEN instead of stretching the desktop smaller and smaller. As for the Start Menu? Pin apps to it. And use Cortana for searching for an app using Windows Key + S. Again...Win10 is 10x more intuitive than 8.1. (Yes, pun intended.)
  • Error. Pun not found. :P
  • Mmm, IDSA did not ask Brad Wardell for his opinion on the Windows 10 start menu.
  • Nobody has ever asked Brad Wardell for his opinion on anything, except for "journalists" who work for NeoWin.
  • You have got to be kidding me. As much as I want Microsoft to succeed, this irrational media lovefest for Windows 10 is really irritating. It's every bit as irritating (perhaps more) than the irrational hate-fest they visited on Windows 8.
  • Why so upset?
  • Probably because the windows 10 circle jerk is strong right now. It rivals that of the Apple circle jerk.
  • Speaking of witch, your Win10 hating circle is missing you.
  • As opposed to the irrational media lovefests for anything Apple has done in the last decade? It's about time the media stopped bashing Microsoft for the sake of click-baiting and actually showed some semblance of reason.
  • You need to read more. There are plenty media sites out there that are trying very hard to make Win10 fail, creating one scare tactic after another to scare people away. The one I was reading today and was on the list of news stories from Cortana - Tonight Win10 is going to force you to take an update, and because it will take this update it will restart your computer. And since it will restart your computer you better save all your work or else you will lose it all. Yep, Microsoft hates you and wants you to lose your data so you should consider going back to Win7 or even Win8, even better, switch to another OS.
  • I 100% understand your frustration. Every one of them is a sheep on the latest trends. Extremely annoying.
  • Everyone has an opinion. Get over it.
  • if everyone had an opinion, this issue wouldnt exist, many people have other peoples opinions.
  • Can you prove it?
  • Nothing irrational about it at all. 8.0 sucked for desktop users and people with multiple-screens
  • :)
  • That's fantastic *****
  • what's that *****?
  • Bacon. Fantastic bacon.
  • An award for what? Wrecking Windows Tablets?
  • Awkwardly jamming tiles into the start menu does deserve some kind of award.
  • Lot of people thought that Microsoft will not be able to unify the Windows 7 & 8 experience. But they pulled it off.
  • They didn't unify crap. They gave us a half-assed tablet mode and an awkward to use app list.
  • awkward.... how? All I see is a less fugly version of the exact same apps list in windows 7...
  • Personally I think if they just allowed live tiles on the Desktop, got rid of the start screen menu altogether and made the start button open a full sized app list then it would have been the perfect OS.
    The best part of windows 10 is that all apps (whether its desktop app or store apps) act the same; can be windowed and is able to adapt to the size you want it.
    The other positive about Windows 10 is that the start/task bar is always visible as default so users don't get confused when it disappears.
  • Unpin them if you don't need them on your device.  The rest of the start menu will still work without live tiles.  It's an option for touch/hybrid devices or for people like me that like customized groups of tiles better than piles of nested folders full of useless shortcuts created by installers.
  • Tablet mode is not bad in Windows 10 if we take a little time to set it up properly.
  • Are you sure? It looks and runs pretty awful to me. Why should there be three wasted gaps on my start screen? Why is my tablet running hotter and the battery life is bad? Why I don't have gestures on my browser? Why I don't have my favorite Windows 8 gestures in tablet mode?
  • The removal of gestures is a train wreck not just for tablets but for touch screen PC's that they crammed down our throat also.
  • What gestures? Im asking because I never used Windows 8 as a tablet, but already used Windows 10 tablet mode.
  • Watch this
  • What is your favorites? Couldn't see such difference except that swipe to open the next app, which is odd if I'm using a lot of apps at the same time, makes more sense now that I get task view and I can go straight to an app.
  • There's another gesture in W8 task switching that allows you to go straight to the app also, difference is that in W8 it can be accomplished with less touch points and hand movement.
  • Which gesture is that? With two taps I can open any app from Task View (swipe left and tap an app, two steps).
  • As you say it is just as easy. Folk here want the left swipe, +hold (don't swipe fully) gesture which shows the list on the left side of the screen as a single column list. They consider that one step (which is BS) the new win 10 method is useful a lot more because of legacy desktop apps.   people will also whine about the charms bar which i admit I miss but it is not the end of the world.   btw.. am an insider and am still running 8.1 on my tablet (haven't had time to back up files to upgrade).
  • In W8 swipe out and back gives a list of apps in icon view down the left side of the screen, which you can scroll, then tap to select. Granted it doesn't work for desktop applications since desktop as a whole is an app in W8 but it can be done with your thumb while holding your tablet and doesn't require you to move your hand around as it does in W10.
  • i really miss windows 8.1
  • Aww mee too :'( .. All good things come to an end (like placeholders)...
    Anyways my favourite gestures from Windows 8.1 was definitely the left swipe to switch an app, not just from my tablet but used this alot on my trackpad.
  • They'll be back
  • Agree, w10 tablet mode is better than 8.1 tab mode. I found it easy to use
  • Yes, yes, yes.. The design is perfect.. MS is seriously onto something here.....
    And, that'll just help mobile on store shelves.
  • I really like the start menu, I just wish the calendar live tile worked, I don't know what the problem could be
  • Mine works... You're going to have to delete, then reinstall, and reconfigure.. Sorry.
  • I was going to consider the suggestion, until I saw who was the answer from
  • mine worked too, even without uninstalling. just try to not caring who's the answer from, dude, as long as they're helping, you're set.
  • He was trolling, not trying to help
  • The shift key doesn't wake up windows lock screen. I have to press the enter key a few time to enter the password. I wan't my Windows 8.1 back... and onedrive placeholders back too
  • This is what happens when you buy a $199.00 machine....
  • It's great they got the award. It's good to see Microsoft being recognized, but I think too much is being made of start menu. They should have gotten some credit for what they have been trying to do with the OS
  • Windows 8.1 was such a monumental upgrade over Windows 7 and yet, everyone criticized the Start Menu (without even 1st hand experience) and appreciated nothing.
  • Here are some design ideas, just a thought. In Zune HD, a swipe from the left brought the lists up. In Windows 10 a swipe brings the Task View. Imagine this phone. Swipe brings the task view. Long press invokes the Windows start menu. This includes apps. Then bring the action Center to the right.... Gee. Sounds like Windows 10.
  • I stop reading every time someone says "Zune".
  • LOL
  • Have you ever used a Zune, and in this particular case the Zune HD?