Windows 10 Technical Preview to be released Wednesday via Windows Insider Program

As predicted, Microsoft will launch a public technical preview for enterprise users of the just announced Windows 10 on Wednesday, October 1 with their new Windows Insider Program.

Sign ups will be taken at the website (opens in new tab). ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley reports that technical previews for Windows 10 server users will be released later. A consumer preview version is due out sometime early in 2015.

Will you be signing up to get the Windows 10 Technical Preview?

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • Wtf???
  • What confuses you?
  • How to enroll for technical preview??
  • I believe it will be through this website, the link is in the article. It currently says that the program is almost here and to check back soon. My guess is it will be available once the os is available to download. 
  • Yea I think so too
  • ? do they mean windows 9.?
  • No, the next version of Windows will be called Windows 10. :)
  • Nope, Windows 10 is the next version. Not a mistake. 
  • Maybe we should read the article over again for him
  • They also mentioned Windows Phone 10 will be the next OS for WP
  • With the 'Phone'?
  • Could have been "Windows phone" not "Windows Phone" You can't say "Windows phone with lower case p" when speaking. Lol
  • Windows 10
  • No, it simply will be the same OS it'll be called Windows 10
  • actually, rumors are suggesting that the WP 8.1 OS dies at WP10 and switches over to using the winRT version and overwrites the 8.1 os
  • er.... no
  • er.... yea  
  • This is old information.  This was speculative.  Microsoft held an event today outlining what will actually happen.  Windows 10 is the OS going forward across everything from embedded devices all the way to Xbox One.
  • actually they didnt say much on it at all, all they talked about was windows10, they didnt really mention an other devices other than tablets and desktops, they didnt say the fate of the wp os or of winrt, honestly, i dont see why the wp 8.1 would survive isntead of rt as rt has more features and is already extremely close to w8.1 code wise, where as wp 8.1 is still a bit away from reaching the one vision
  • Cool! Can't wait for my Lumia 1040 Hopefully it'll be out by Christmas
    Note: I'm assuming we'll also skip the L1020 or whatever it would have been named.
  • 1020 was released last year. It's successor will surely be called 1030, not 1040. What the h are you talking about?
  • Numbers can troll us my friend.
  • I'm hoping a Lumia 1040 will be available by next April; that way, I can buy it with my tax refund...
  • Because of the Windows 10 thingy.. They might skip the XX30.. :p
  • Seems he was just being funny. :)
  • Or maybe T1000
  • Wait! does this means my 520 won't be updated to Windows 10? *Sarcasm Off
  • As far as I know they won't use number 4 in their products.
  • Really since when?  The had Windows NT 4.0.
  • Windows 10 is replacing windows phone 8.x.
  • Hope to enroll?
  • Is this free or do you need to pay? If its free I'm in. If its a cheap rare or one time thing, I'm in. If its monthly and/or expensive forget it. I want details!
  • I think the preview will be free. As it was with Windows 8
  • What about going to final?
  • Final would be free for windows 8 users.
  • I did the cheap upgrade from 8 last time. Big mistake. Upgrades don't work. Fresh install is the only way to go. Hopefully the full version won't be $100-$200 like in the past.
  • There have always been ways to get around to fresh installing an upgrade copy.
  • Upgrades work just fine for a lot of people. However, a clean install with an upgrade has always been just as easy (and my preference) .  Just use the upgrade ISO and provide the disk/key for the old OS when prompted.  That is typically how that works. Don't forget to back up your junk to external storage, non-OS partition, or OneDrive! :D There, thats my PSA.
  • Oh it works, it just runs like crap compared to a fresh copy.
  • Guys it will be torrented no worries!!
    Arab here,we don't have FBI lol
  • I've never had a problem getting the upgrade to perform a fresh install as long as I had the previous version of the OS installed. The trick with Windows 8 digital version was to either burn a DVD or create a USB... granted, as long as Windows 8 actually installed all you would have to do is tell it to Reset and that would give you basically a "fresh" install version.
  • sounds like the final will be a free upgrade from 8, and a cheap upgrade from 7 (~$30 or so?).  Unfortunately it looks like it will still be normal consumer pricing for new copies.  Granted this is still rumor and may change. Previews and Betas are always free for Windows.  They just cut you off a few months after the final release.
  • Which is my point, if I install 10 beta, on my purchased 8.1 machine, how do I get/cost of 10 final?
  • You'd probably have to revert back to 8.x, so make sure you make some restore discs.  Either way, you shouldn't be installing the Windows 10 Tech Preview (or any subsequent Previews of it) over your 8.x install.  Create a separate partition for it or install it to a VM.
  • they didn't talk about that, so nobody knows! Q: Any incentive for Windows 7 and Windows XP users to upgrade? A: "We want to talk about the overall product family." No news on upgrade pricing, etc.
  • Guess I'll wait and cry...
  • How about the fact that their operating systems will be 14 and 6 years old by the time Windows 10 releases. That's absurd. They should upgrade and they should not get a discount.
  • It's always free
  • Sad :'(
  • When will we learn about the reqs for participating?
  • I don't think there are any reqs.  It doesn't sound that way at least.  You just have to be willing/able to install and deal with a beta quality OS.
  • Windows 9 or 10 ?
  • Can you read?
  • If you read the recent articles, u will know that "windows 9" isn't going to be called "windows 9" its gunna be called "Windows 10 "
  • Yes! I'll be installing it tomorrow ASAP on a separate partition. Hope their servers won't be too busy...
  • Yea, get ready for 10 MB/s down from their servers on a 4.3 GB iso.
  • I've never seen a 10MB/s download in my life. If I'm lucky, 2-3MB is a God sent gift.
  • Wow, fast!
  • I just want to know will it run Crysis.... No really just want to know will it be a free upgrade from Windows 8.1
  • I think it would be a free update for windows 8 users. As Microsoft cannot kick those people in their balls.
  • (likely) same kernel as 8, so probably will run crysis.  
  • you should have gone to live blog sites like The Verge to know about it if you are so interested. they said:   Q: Any incentive for Windows 7 and Windows XP users to upgrade? A: "We want to talk about the overall product family." No news on upgrade pricing, etc.   so nobody knows... and you and others will not know after april 2015
  • They said it's for both phone and pc so are we upgrading tomorrow to W10 on phone?
  • I don't think so. I guess the phone version would arrive late in 2015 merged with the RT.
  • LATE IN 2015? Don't you think that's a bit too late.
  • Joe Belfiore still has that same dumb ass emo hair cut. Sigh.....but at least he's a genius. Kinda makes up for it. (video at the website)
  • Honestly, I was going to say something very similar.
  • What's wrong with his hair? I like it.
  • Seriously? It looks awful TBH..
  • You looking at it all wrong. Imagine Joe with short or no hair. Not a pretty sight. Maybe its just me.
  • A. I like his hair cut in general. Makes him look younger. B. I concur. It's not bad, him with short hair, but it does invoke flashbacks in some of the days when XP ruled the digital landscape and Ballmer was still at Microsoft's helm.
  • Y you all getting upset over a name??
  • Hell yeah
  • Does upgrading mean you lose all your data??
  • Probably for the Technical Preview, yes, that's why they suggest installing it on a computer without a ton of stuff.
  • If this is your concern you shouldn't be using beta software. I plan on putting it on a spare laptop personnaly. Typically yes you want to reformat after the beta is done.
  • Thanks for the info
  • Most likely. I'll be running the preview in a VM myself
  • Is it so hard to use names now and days? Everything is being labeled by numbers or alphanumeric. Call it Windows Infinite (a sideways 8).
  • They have to translate that into a ton of different languages, and they have to consider how well that name sells.
    Windows Uendelig? Don't think so.
  • Personnally I say call it windows 2015/2016
  • No because that locks it into a year and a year or two from now there will be jerks who will call it outdated even if it isn't.
  • Names means different things in different cultures and languages, numbers are fairly universial.  Less chances of getting it wrong with numbers.
  • I can't wait!!
  • yup we r ready
  • I've been hinting for a week with: A hint of "X" :D I saw this for Xbox One (Merging platform)
  • Heck yeah!
  • Cant wait for the preview!  Win8 has Hyper V built in (control panel, programs and features, add/remove features, check the box for Hyper V, install, restart) so I will be playing with it as a dummy box for a bit until the consumer preview hits, then I will convert to a bare metal install.  looks like it will be fun!
  • One small step for satya nadela one giant leap for MS...
  • I think Tom Warren has officially become an isheep as he's metioned Apple serveral times also comparing features of windows 10 to OS X instead of focusing Microsoft changing an listening to customer feedback
  • you mean like "This is basically OS X's Expose"... I rolled my eyes and thought how stupid that was, since Microsoft just did the thumbnails bigger and just faded the background. but of course... it's Microsoft copying osx /s
  • Honestly, it doesn't matter as these are features customers are asking for. Shouldn't a company listen to its customer base? Didn't Apple give its fan base what it wanted with the iphone 6 and 6+? Also where do you think Apple borrowed image stablization and finger print login from?? But who cares as long as the customer got what they wanted???
  • Lol.. The website reads " ..... We're prepping for the release, ...."
    ..prepping.. Haha
  • As in Joe Belfiore's "preppy" haircut
  • I don't get why that is funny.
  • prepping noun 1. the action or process of preparing something, or preparing for something.
  • What does mean tecnical preview?
  • Technical mean it's alpha software.
  • Um yes
  • Yes
  • Can't download yet :(
  • Its beautiful :) installing tomorrow!
  • Same here....all ready to go !
  • Who will be able to get it?
  • This is the time I most dread... The time when I have to decide between my beautiful new stable PC and beautify new very unstable but cutting edge software... What to do??? WHAT. TO. DO???
  • Always partition my friend. Then you can play a bit with it, if stable enough keep it. Technica Preview is more like an Alpha version, while Consumer Preview is the Beta one.
  • I want to test it! it would be nice to install it in this old pc I have, and in VMware here until it gets released and I can finally install it in every machine around here.
  • Preview and evaluations are always free, I'll sign up for sure
  • One question: Is this going to run on Surface 2 ?
  • I think I understand the reason for the 2 version jump.  It's a marketing decision.  Microsoft doesn't wish to be perceived as being a version behind Apple.  They are investing billions of engineering dollars into what will be the most sophisticated OS in the world, and they don't want to give haters additional room to make jokes (Microsoft's OS is a 9, but Apple's OSX is a 10, stupid stuff such as that...). With that said, here's my stupid joke of the day:  Microsoft should call it Windows CC (as in Windows Can't Count). Bonus stupid joke: Have you seen Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus Flip Phone?  Just buy a 6 plus, and put it in your pocket a few times...
  • I think it was a play on Windows One, as they joked that Windows 1 was already taken.
  • I want the consumer preview now! I guess I can be patient though. :) For those who are questioning the name. Windows One was already done according to the post that were coming from the event live. Windows 10 is cool,as this is a transition for Windows. Just as 10 is a transitional number so to speak. It transitions you from single to double digits. Besides.. It's just a name. How it works and what it does is the more important thing in the end. I can't wait to get my hands on it!
  • Yup the moment it goes live!
  • Yes, yes I will! :D
  • I'm guessing this is only for x86 machines and I wont be able to try it out on my Lumia 2520...
  • One os for pc, tablets,phones????? !! But preview only for pc I guess Curiosity at it best!!!
  • And in Q&A they said they were working on both at the same time. Lies!
  • If (Working at the same time != Stage of development per version)
    string Comment = "Just because they're working on all the various versions at the same time does not mean that each version has reached the sane stage of development";
    string comment = null;
  • Say what you want, but it's Windows Blue all over again.
  • Comment.Approve = True;
  • (applauds)
  • I have a spare PC. Now I know what to do with it.
  • Yup!  Got my wife's old laptop ready to go.  Should be fun.
  • It looks like I have to install a separate SDD for this preview
  • I thought Windows 10 is one unified system than runs on everything, why is there a separate Windows 10 Server? That ruins it for me.
  • I'm so gonna join :D
  • Windows 10 and OS X 10.10 ITS A PERFECT TEN. Yeah.
  • i want to download can i do???????pls help me.please.please
  • These may have already been confirmed but I'm not sure:   Can I get this from Windows 7? Will I have to overwrite my hard drive and not be able to return to Windows 7 if there are problems or once the Preview is over? Are there any qualifications for being an "enterprise" user vs just a consumer?   thanks
  • Omg... why tomorrow... should be right now.
  • My body is ready!!
  • No 9 and no 10. Offering such"improvements" as a whole new OS is lame. Windows snapping. Virtual desktops..sounds like big o Msoft has no real creativity. Those are long existing features in Linux and its unjustifiable to "upgrade" for more bloated start menu and sizeable menu metro app windows. Seems Msoft releases an OS and they correct their mistakes on a new OS version instead of SP KBs. Not acceptable.
  • Very Gooooooooooooooood
  • when we can download the preview version? in what time? sorry foe my bad english
  • For all those who ask why not Windows 9 and why Windows 10, I guess if you watch their event, Terry myerson said it is only appropriate to call it Windows 10 and not 9. Which means, he meant that Microsoft's new OS is 10 on 10, not 9 on 10. It's complete in all aspects (or at least he wants us to believe so, or he has been led to believe so, whatever the case is!), it caters to one product family! That's their ultimate aim (maybe penultimate, can't really say). And for those who think and ask that will this be free to upgrade to if you are a previous Win8 user (or a cheap upgrade from being a Win7 user), I think not. If you upgrade within the same s/w versioning (Windows "8.1"), it's free. Because the so called "upgrade" is a remedy for a thing they messed up (I call it Windows 8). On the other hand Windows 10 is a new approach, a shift from how Windows 8 was thought upon. Henceforth, I think that each one of us has to pay for it! PS: Pay mind to the the fact that these are my thoughts as an individual. Don't get all corny and cocky! ;)
  • I have just installed  it (64BIT) on one of my laptops. The installation is super quick & smooth. GUI looks slick: a combo of win7 & win8X as M$$$ has promised. I will be the first one to get it.
  • me gustaria saber como cambiar el idioma de esta nueba version de windows 10,