Windows 10 will include an option to play DVD movies sometime in the future

Microsoft will include an option that will allow Windows 10 to play DVD movie discs at some point in the future. This news comes a few days after the company confirmed that it would not support Windows Media Center in Windows 10.

Microsoft allows Windows 7 PCs to play DVD discs via Windows Media Player by default but took that away when it launched Windows 8. Users could enable that option if they bought the Windows Media Center add-on pack. However, with the demise of Windows Media Center for Windows 10, some people wondered if there would be any support for DVDs for the OS.

In a statement on his Twitter account, Windows Insider leader Gabriel Aul provided this tidbit of news:

"The main scenario people used WMC for was to play DVD. We'll provide another option for DVD playback in the future."

Exactly what this option will be, and if it might be free or if it will cost Windows 10 users extra, has yet to be announced.

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)

John Callaham
  • A dvd? What is that? Just give us support for BluRay.
  • I'd imagine they mean DVD as a general term... But, I could be wrong.
  • Using DVD as a general term for disc based movies is akin to using iPhone as every touch screen phone. Two very different formats, a decade removed.
  • True... True... Maybe someone should be tweeting Gabe about BRD support as well....
    Actually, DVD stands for "Digital Video Disk" so, even though it is a specific name for a format, it can be a general term... A BRD is still a Digital Video Disk.... Just doesn't explain the exact format...
  • Actually, DVD means Digital Versatile Disc.
  • Proves the point even further... Nice❗
    Wikipedia says either or....
  • Acronym for Blu-ray Disc is BD, not BRD.
  • Yeah, but who cares❓ Lol.
  • The germans do. Dont want to be confused with a file format that is inferior to others:p
  • And we care about the anal tendencies  and thoughts of Germans why?
  • Lol.
  • Because they are keeping the EU afloat... And they scare the Russians
  • Lol! Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • BluRay uses the M2TS video container, DVD uses MPEG2. Different video formats, would need extra app functionality.
  • Of course.
  • VLC, DAPlayer, etc can play DVD on Windows 10, For Blu-ray playback,  I Know a software named UFUWare Blu-ray Player is one easy-to-use player for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista PC. It can help users enjoy any Blu-ray movie with outstanding and perfect video quality at home. This amazing player can not only play Blu-ray Disc, but also support Blu-ray folder and ISO image files. This Blu-ray Player is reliable and expert in playing Blu-ray discs released in different regions and dates trough simple clicks of mouse.
  • Keep in mind many cheaply done remasters are done on dvd still
  • Windows has always played DVDs. Bluray has always been the problem. Probably due to licensing. Xbox works amazing with bluray though.
  • Microsoft is doing this because they want more people to pay for XBox Store Content.  It's no different than the DRM and Disc debacle that they had for the Xbox One. I won't touch their digital stores with a 20' pole because I bought albums there only to have them "No Longer Available on Xbox Store" when I went back to redownload them. With the idiocy going on there, I think I'm ready to get rid of my Last Windows machine and go all in on the fruit company.
  • Good luck with your black berry.
  • I'm about 75% in with the fruit company so far. Can't say I've been dissappointed and they do pay attention to media consumers. On the other side, better pray they always have competition. They'd charge $100 for a movie in a heartbeat if they could get away with it.
  • You seem disappointed to me, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
  • Awww, poor fanboy got upset someone isn't a brand whore.
  • Actually it's because Microsoft has to pay license fees for DVD support.
  • That's exactly right. It was a licensing issue - MSFT suggested people don't use physical media. They were wrong. Anyway, "sharkeys codecs" are a good way to play anything!!!
  • Not following you here. They are allowing you to use physical media (that they didn't create or control) to enable DRM? I might be missing something but that doesn't make sense.
  • You will not touch their store but WILL get stuff from Apple? Are you insane? Anyway if you REALLY want to play DVDs you'd have CCC Codec pack or PowerDVD.  Then again i bet you just like to complain. P.s. You might want to learn how to backup.
  • I likes me some physical media!
  • BluRay may be the new format, but not many PCs have a BluRay disk drive.
  • People that regularly watch movies on them generally install them on their HTPC's
  • To me, DVDs are not a deal breaker anymore. Most of the movies I watch now are either streamed or are in MP4. Honestly, I dont remember the last time I popped a DVD.
  • You can have your older stuff in DVD's...
  • Always good to have a option what if you internet goes out hours etc
  • It's, but I have mp4 for that
  • Streaming doesn't always require Internet. Just a network.
  • The internet isn't everywhere, constant, consistent, nor always affordable for everyone.
  • Odd scenario..... But, say I hooked my 1520 running W10 to a external DVD player...... Wouldn't be able to work until this capability is added❓❓❓
    Nevertheless, I bet MS is planning on supporting DVD playback via the video app...
  • Why would you expect to be able to connect your 1520 to a dvd drive in the first place?
  • Lol..... Well, from what we've been told, W10 mobile devices will be able to accept the same drives as PC because it has the same support as W10PC...
    Just always thought about a direct connection to a Blue Ray R/W drive for direct backup for my smartphone... If course, that would require an app to do so, but it is another cool scenario to think about, and according to MS our devices will be capable.... Nevertheless, I do understand that this article is solely about playback..
  • The main problem with that, is that your phone won't be able to supply enough power to that External DVD R/W.. At least you have external power supply for that.. I think, that some things aren't reasonable at all (like this), in a "cloud-based" world, on a "Cloud based OS" i mean, it's not a bad idea.. But phones won't be able to handle something like that.. Pendrives, bluetooth accesories, printers (you only send data).. That can be made but I doubt about DVD/BR R/W drives ...
  • Well... I've never owned an external DVD drive that didn't work with an AC power supply, so that's that...
    And, two,,, a lot of people have been asking for USBOTG support, and MS has outlined that they've done even better than that with WP10 being able to accept external drives.... Yes, even in 2015 those external drives are still practical as the cloud is the future...... If you're totally dependent on the cloud then you're alone in that sense... If you think USB support in WP10 is unreasonable then that's your problem... Lol. Good thing MS doesn't, because a lot of people are excited about it.... The cloud is great, but still not in 100% of situations... You're obviously not using your phone to load, and unload files....
    IOW, when people use their devices for work there's not always a cloud based option available.. In the future when you see people ask for this type of functionality, keep your mind open and understand that not everyone uses their smartphone solely to play pack man, and for Facebook.... For some people it's not just a smartphone that should be limited by "ideas", rather for some of us we're almost to the point of using them as our primary computing devices... Never say that anything is unnecessary just because you don't need it.
  • You can buy External LG/Samsung/etc. DVD Writers that work exclusively off of USB Ports at Best Buy or Wal-Mart for like $40 or less.  These types of things have been available for years now.  There are even cheap external Hard Drives that work only off of a USB 3.0 connection these days.
  • Yeah, we know they exists, but for the sake of unlimited power I mentioned the AC powered ones...
    Doesn't USB type C support charging, and power out❓
  • Yeah, I use an external USB 3.0 hard drive. Works great to exclusively connect it to the computer's USB port for power supply.
    Dock that drive! Lol
  • Right on Rodney, can we hook up a fax machine... I'm tired of asking companies, "Can I Email that?" because they haven't updated their systems and policies since the 80's
  • Anything is possible...
  • My prediction is not free since they have to pay the mpeg 2 licensing fee for each one.
  • Seconded. DVD playing maybe sold as a service :)
  • "Sharkeys codecs" install and get round this problem.
  • Could be done via an app purchase - you pay for the app "player", which gets you the license. Those not interested just dont download the app.
  • VLC
  • I tried using VLC for Bluray, it screws up the menus. 
  • +1 for VLC
    PS. I bet Microsoft deliver this before Windows Central delivers a proper commenting system ;)
  • PowerDVD returns?
  • Awww!
    The good ol days of PDVD.
  • Actually forget what I said, it costs freaking $80 each. We aren't getting that back again. Shouldn't the video app work with dvd's anyway?
  • Friend, you can always use PirateBay. Price of free is nice if you can't afford it XD
  • Someone downvoted, and probably for good reason (it's pretty much an asshole move to promote piracy on a site that certainly doesn't allow it), but I think the post does put forth a good point. People are more apt to pirating the media in a usable format than they are to paying for something they had grown accustomed to PCs just doing out of the box.  I know on a Mac you don't have to buy DVD Play Back.  It's just in there as part of the OS.
  • Wait, can't you already use a DVD? Something doesn't make sense. Are you saying that for a few months, we won't have the option to use DVDs?
  • Playing DVD's was possible through Windows Media Centre add-on. Since it has been retired, they'll add DVD playback later.
  • Windows 8.1 and below plays DVDs natively without Media Center through Media Player.
  • Windows 8 removed native support.
  • Windows 8 did not have DVD support withouth Media center,
  • Ah, I stand corrected guys. That was 7. Thanks.
  • Yeah, Home Premium and higher on 7 had Media center that can play dvd/bluray.. I guess not enough people actually used it, so MS took it off from 8/8.1 and made it an option...and not enough people bought it for 8/8.1 so it's not even an option for 10... bummer. I use it for networked tuners that I have.
  • The license for DVD decoding was so high that Microsoft didn't want to spend $3 or whatever per copy of Windows even though only X% of users ever played a DVD movie.   So they made it optional so that they could still bundle it for those who really do actually want to use it without wasting money paying for the license for everybody else.  For Windows 7 Microsoft threatened to remove DVD player support and the license holders caved and cut Microsoft a deal.  Apparently they weren't willing to go any further and Microsoft eventually just called their bluff and cut support. 
  • Commercially pressed movies. You can still use it for data
  • Won't be able to watch DVD movies, rather, and it's very possible it'll be able to be done at launch. Microsoft hasn't put out official word on that yet; all they're saying is "Yes, you will be able to watch your DVD movies on Windows 10." When that will happen is just not yet official. I can only assume that Blu-Ray will be treated similarly, though there are some other licensing loops to jump through there if I'm not mistaken.
  • It has to if it's going to run the XBox1.
  • Keep in mind xbox one will be using a special version of w10 & their bd/dvd licenses are already paid up
  • Adding this feature now when DVDs are virutally obsolete. Good move MS...  Gap-less music streaming should come in 2035.
  • Gapless music playback is sorely needed.
  • "Virtually obsolete," yet nearly every video release hits store shelves in DVD form every day. We never got sucked into the over-priced format that is BluRay. It's either pop in a DVD or suffer through still sub-standard streaming thanks to an often sketchy Comcast connection.
  • Overpriced format? You can get Blurays for like $5 now. Players are under $60. That's the price for current technology.
  • DVD is far from obsolete and streaming is far from the same quality and reliability.
  • They've already announced that gapless music is coming in Windows 10.
  • If not at lest one of my PC will keep win7 not using Nero or etc
  • If you are upgrading a Windows 7 PC (not clean installing Win10) then the DVD playback capability comes with it as it's already paid for. I can play DVD's with Media Player Classic or VLC.
  • I am assuming that the new xbox one based on windows 10 will have an equivalent to the app that plays blu ray discs (and indeed DVD) so if that is a universal app, it would be available for desktop/tablet window 10...
  • Guess I'll stick to using Media Player Classic or VLC.
  • Coming soon ™
  • Wen in India?  
  • Or they could just tack on WMC and roll with it.
  • Wow! The future is now!
  • The thing with DVDs is it is often more cost effective to rent them from a local Redbox while streaming recently released movies costs at least twice the price. Until a DVD add-on is released, I can continue to use VLC.  It would be nice to also get some sort of TV tuner software, though. Even if it doesn't have CableCARD support like WMC did, they should at least have some sort of app to watch local TV with for cord cutters who use a TV tuner connected to an antenna as certain model TV tuners from Avermedia and others didn't provide an app and instead instructed the user to use WMC.
  • Exactly! I happen to own one of those Aver Media TV tuners. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have one too. It's not a dealbreaker for me, but I would hook it back up if the option was provided. I set up an XBox One and installed the supported TV tuner and I'm even able to stream it up to my computer with the Windows 10 XBox App, but I'm limited to 1 tuner for both devices (both have to be watching the same channel and there is no DVR). So Laura, you switched to Android?  
  • It's a deal-breaker for me since I don't own an Xbox and have no intention of ever getting one. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This HDHomerun DVR kicktstarter looks like the best option (only option if one uses a cable card) for TV tuner software to replace Media Center. Things look very positive for them pulling off protected content at least for Windows, and hopefully down the road they will also offer a Xbox One app.
  • And to add to that, for some of their devices, like the Xbox One, the thing gets pretty shit internet speeds.  I have a 100Mb/sec connection.  My iMac can get almost 90Mb/sec over WiFi through walls and floors but the Xbox One struggles to get over 40Mb/sec via Ethernet directly from the Router (and trust me, that's was one LONG ethernet cable... i returned the Xbox for a PS4).  Over WiFi the Xbox couldn't reliably stream 1080p video here.  It would buffer, stutter, change in quality, etc. constantly.  It was unusable.  A $39 Roku Stick was more reliable and pleasant. With a DVD, you pop it in and the quality is just... superior in just about every way on average and it's rock solid reliable. Microsoft desperately wants to move people towards Xbox One for this "Media Center" stuff.  It's why they added the HDMI Pass-Through and the TV Guide bullshit on there.  Frankly, they don't want your PC to be a Media Center anymore - at all.  They want your Xbox to be that, and they want you to Buy and Red stuff from Xbox Video not DVR it with your PC and play it basically whenever & forever for free.  They want your media to reside on thier servers, not in your home.
  • "Microsoft will include an that will..."
  • F DVD. This ain't 1999. Bluray please
  • Good, i got lot of movies on DVD.
  • That's useless to me. I don't care about playing DVDs. I need Media Center to record local TV shows. I'm not updating to Windows 10 due to the removal of Media Center. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm sure there will be a solution by official release.
  • There hasn't been a solution since 2009. I'm also not upgrading
  • What's the best DVD player,that I can download on my Pc
  • Any OS should be able to play a dvd by default. What is this nonsense?
  • the codec's to play movies cost money to license....
  • If they didn't fumble so many Windows releases people would have been paying to upgrade and that wouldn't be an issue.  They're making users pay for their idiocy.  It's not cool. Buy a Mac.  It plays DVDs.  No downloads or additional purchases needed.
  • Or install "Sharkeys Codecs". For free. And play what you want. This issue was addressed a LONG time ago. It still beggars belief msft can pull a move like this. Hopefully they'll flip flop, like with the xbone, and dvd playback will be native but if not you can already download superior codecs.
  • just forget about dvd ... sorry but no one cares for mpeg2 add decent h264 / h265 support and a player that is smart enough to just try to play any container using standard formats like that and we are good. anyone who wants to really watch dvds on a htpc will have specialized software for it anyway (or a blu-ray software that always comes with a bunch of codecs containing mpeg2 just for shits and giggles to "see how pa wathed his movies back in the day")
  • All the people criticizing this article because it doesn't apply to you, just don't read it then! It applies to a lot of people!
  • Aul is clueless
  • For me dvds are not really important anymore. BUT they still are for the vast majority of normal users. So its really great that they'll bring that back. Still hope it'll be for free and inside the video app. BD support would indeed be really great! I wouldn't need that crappy third party app for BDs on my laptop...
  • So, they're yanking functionality I use every day (WMC DVR) but not to worry, because they're replacing it with functionality I haven't used in years (watching a DVD.)
  • Amen. What are they talking about??? I rarely use it to play dvd but use dvr and playback daily. Uggh.
  • I use VLC for DVD's. I didn't want to pay for the media center upgrade :)
  • Wow only $10.00 and WMC does so much more.
  • What's a DVD? JK. Haven't used CDs or DVDs in years. I converted my disc to flash drives.
  • As long as it has nartive mkv support I'm good.
  • How will I play my TV on the desktop?
  • xbox app. That is, if you have an xbox one.  
  • Dell inspiron 2320 all-in-one desktop. No console, can't play games...
  • If that is all you did with Windows Media Center, fine, but so far, you really missed out on many features.
  • DVR functionality with a CableCard is the feature I need to switch to Win 10.
  • For those that don't know, Windows Media Center has DVR functionality (limited only by the size of your hard disks) with CableCard access to copy protected cable TV plus much more. It is a unique solution. No one else does as much, as well.
  • Let me know when they'll add Betamax and LaserDisc support...
  • VCD for nollywood will be a step up
  • Here comes another app for a task that could simply be integrated into something that already exist
  • No. These Microsoft guys wanna save money, so Blu Ray support will not be included, guaranteed!
  • Yawn, DVD's are so 10 years ago.... Give us Blu-ray native support, then I will be impressed...
  • Could VLC work?
  • Of course
  • Microsoft will no longer offer Windows Media Center?
    To the torrents...!
  • I sure hope MS ain't going the way of "here's the basic Windows OS package, too unlock feature x, y and z wou need to pay this amount of money" route. Or even worse make them subscription-based with an annual license. Cortana: "I'm sorry, I can't let you play a DVD unless you pay $19.99 per year". This is just an extended thought but if this (in general speaking) is what happens I'm gonna bite the bullet and switch to Linux for good.
  • "the main scenario for WMC was to play DVDs"???? Really? What about my home video collection, slideshows, pictures, and music?? Microsoft did a disservice taking away WMC, and mist like because AT&T's Uverse is in fact WMC technology. What a BS!!
  • DVD? I have never played a DVD on my whole house Windows Media Center serving 4 TVs in lieu of paying for cable TV set top boxes. I can record (DVR) and watch TV with 8 over the air (OTA) and Comcast channels, even HBO copy protected channels all at once. Not to mention family photos, music, movies and videos. All with one family friendly user experience at each TV.
  • Microsoft is truly on the cutting edge of technology.   Move over laserdisc. DVD is here!  
  • I wish Microsoft had brought back HDDVD to life to the Xbox One and compete with Sony's BD. I know Microsoft was one of the big supporters of HDDVD back when HDDVD was competing with Sony's BD before HDDVD lost to BD, now Microsoft has to pay Sony for the BD license for the Xbox One. I still have the HDDVD player for my Xbox 360.
  • What an asshat move by microsoft. Now that microsoft has given up on WMC, I guess I will give up on windows phone, windows, xbox... good luck with surface and your hololens thingy. I guess I will look into what google and apple have to offer.
  • There are many Media Center users that do feel that way. Go to Microsoft User Voice and make your comment there. MS had planned to eliminate Media Center for Windows 8, but reconsidered when customers spoke up. We had to pay $10.00 to get it in Windows 8. I would gladly pay much more to have the amazing software extended to include Windows 10. Otherwise I will stick with windows 7 and 8 on my whole house home theater PCs. (WMC HTPC).
  • VLC FTW!!!
  • Just keep WMC and you don't have to invent something new.
  • Remember they invented Xbox Music. It is still missing features that ZUNE had. Maybe in another year they will be caught up?
  • I would hope it would just be enabled in the video app.
  • Still need tv support!!!
  • DVD playback needs to be standard
  • Anybody know a good replacement for WMC. I'm specifically interested in the ability to pause rewind and record live TV. Looking for a good software that will do that since my laptop has a built in TV tuner that I use from time to time. Hopefully it will work for Windows 10 otherwise Il have to hold on to 8.1 until I see a good viable solution...
  • The only thing I've found that's as easy to setup and use is the SlingBox M1. It also works with Android and iDevices and can be used remotely if you want to watch shows while away from home. The other apps people keep citing are bollocks when it comes to live TV.. they're all streaming and media file servers and organizers, or are far too difficult to set up. MythTV, for example, is only distributed as source - you have to compile it and install all the fiddly bits. Ironically, the Windows version is the least well supported. If you like Linux though - you're set. Kinda.
  • Can Slingbox M1 distribute full live and DVR HD TV to the other TVs in the house with multiple tuners reading protected DRM content from the cable TV companies?
  • Thanks for the reply Werewolf. The Slingbox M1 looks like a nifty solution but its not quite what I'm looking for. I was just curious since the hardware is built into my laptop Ive had since late 2010 and I've managed to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for free through work and Microsoft had a deal early on where you could get WMC for free as long as you had pro version of Windows. If I update to W10 I still want to be able to use that hardware from time to time and that was the beauty of WMC. I did find this MediaPortal, an open source media center and looks promising. What do you think?
  • What's a fucking msg is this
  • make it free and everyone goes home happy
  • Very 1990 from MS. Fuck!
  • Shoddy move msft. Luckily the codecs are readily available, as are players, but still. What, is this how they'll claw back the cost of free w10 upgrades? Lol I thought this dvd licensing was done with years ago. "sharkeys codecs" - download and forget this annoyance ever happened. Vlc is another good option. Those on osx must be laughing. I'm a windows guy, through and through, but dang this is frustrating.
  • Uh.. DVDs aren't a problem. VideoLan's VLC handles DVD like a champ for free. Now BlueRay disks - THERE'S something I can't play on .. well anything. (Cyberlink experience: put in BR disk - get notified it needs to upgrade something - try again - get notified it needs to upgrade something - try again - plays - switch another disk - get notified it needs something - upgrade fails... repeat and rise repeat and rinse...) The problem is live TV. After trying all the major (and a few minor) "media center" alternatives like Kodi/XBMC, MythTV and so on, it was really clear that (a) none of them are really 'retail ready' and (b) they're all primarily about organizing your downloaded or streaming media - not about DVR and live TV functions and (c) they're all VERY Americano-centric. The best I could come up with was SlingBox which supports Canada and not only covers most of the live TV functionality of WMC, but also lets you watch your TV anywhere you have an internet connection AND support HDTV.. I hope Gabe and his team will consider open sourcing WMC and let those of us who love it take over the maintenance of it.
  • Re: The Werewolf,
    Thank you for this great information. People are unaware of just how uniquely great the Windows Media Center software IS. Many, who have never seriously tried it will tell us to try one of the others that organizes downloaded or streaming media as though that is all WMC does. Thank you for doing the research. Best Wishes
  • Have you checked out MediaPortal? They claim to have the ability to watch and record live TV. I'm gonna give it a shot on my PC. My Dell XPS laptop has the TV tuner card built in. If it works and I like it I may end up ditching WMC and happily make the jump to W10.
  • Gabriel Aul confirmed that Insider Program will continue after the release of Windows 10 in summer. Yeah!
  • No one has blu ray players in their pcs. Why do you think video games still ship on DVD NOT BD?
  • Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 games are all on BD. DVDs simply cannot hold all the info like BDs can so DVDs are now becoming obsolete. I have a built in BD player in my laptop and I installed a BD writer in my desktop.
  • Lol.. Main scnario for MCE was a DVD playback?.. Gabriel check your telemetry data as your team is utterly wrong.. MCE is so much more and every serious HTPC user will tell you DVD playback is not its main function they use.. It's no wonder you are killing MCE since you don't know how its used.. - mce user since 2005.. and I have yet to use play a single DVD or blue ray or any disc..
    All you're doing is ignoring a market, pissimg off uses and screwing up your partners .. like Ceton Corp..
  • This is what I wanted since Windows 8! No need for a Pro Pack!  BTW I can't have Blu-Rays here since it's not that popular here.
  • Welcome to 1998 Microsoft. What a joke.
  • Once again Microsoft has their heads in the sand. They developed a flawless ecosystem for whole house DVR since 2001 and 14 years later they think their end users only cares about DVD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!! WTF am I going to do with my Ceton infinitv now? I obviously can't install it in my Xbox One!!!!!
  • I suspect this is simply being added to the Video app (aka Xbox Video)
  • I consider this a flaw in Windows/10.  Playing DVD's is a common, every day task, and was supported in previous versions of Windows. Now they want to charge me $80 to buy a software package to play DVD's, not going to happen.  I can only imaging what other surprises await me down the Windows/10 trail.  So, to avoid future problems, and to keep my blood pressure in check, I'll just ship the new Dell Windows/10 computer I just bought back to Dell.  I can live without Windows/10, and if the day comes that I must have it, well there's always Apple.
  • For Play blu ray or dvd on windows 10, i just use UFUSoft Blu-ray Player to directly play them on windows 10, or use UFUSoft Blu-ray Ripper to rip and convert BLU-RAY or DVD to MP4/WMV/MPG for playing.