Windows 10 was used by 19.14% of all PCs worldwide in June 2016, according to the latest data from Net Applications. That's another big month-to-month increase compared to May's 18.43% and April's 14.35% share for the OS.

Windows 10

The new PC OS market share numbers showed Windows 7 on top with 49.05% in June, which is actually up compared to 48.57% in May. Windows 10 is in second place, and Windows XP, which Microsoft no longer supports, remains in third place with 9.78% in June, down from 10.09% in May. Windows 8.1 is in fourth place with 8.01% in June, down from 8.77% in May.

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Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 was in active use by over 350 million devices since it officially launched in late July 2015. The company will release a free Anniversary Update for the OS on August 2 with a number of new features and improvements. However, consumers who still have Windows 7 or 8.1 on their PCs have less than a month to take advantage of Microsoft's free upgrade offer to Windows 10. It will end on July 29 and after that date they will have to pay $119 to get a copy of Windows 10 Home.

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