You can have Windows 11 Bloomberry ice cream right now, no TPM required

Windows 11 Bloomberry Ice Cream
Windows 11 Bloomberry Ice Cream (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft partnered with an ice cream shop to celebrate the launch of Windows 11.
  • A limited edition Bloomberry ice cream flavor was part of the launch-day festivities for the operating system.
  • People can now order Bloomberry ice cream from Mikey Likes it, though the shipping cost is rather high.

When Microsoft launched Windows 11, the company unleashed a wave of unique marketing tactics. The Burj Khalifa lit up with the Windows 11 logo and background, Times Square had video advertisements, and TV ads filled the airwaves. A limited edition flavor of ice cream called Bloomberry was also given out for free in New York City. Now, people with a hankering for the OS-inspired treat can order some through Gold Belly.

Bloomberry ice cream looks like the Windows 11 "Bloom" wallpaper twirled into a delightful dessert. "Blueberry ice cream that is naturally color using butterfly blue pea protein added to luscious pound cake pieces royal blue chocolate-covered candies with a blueberry pie swirl," reads its description.

Mikey Likes It makes the custom flavor. The mind behind Bloomberry ice cream, Michael "Mikey" Cole, has also created custom flavors for Jay-Z and Hilary Clinton.

Purchasing the ice cream comes at a premium cost, however. Four pints costs $79. To be fair to Mikey Likes It, a large portion of that cost is eaten up by shipping, which includes packaging the ice cream in dry ice.

Our executive Daniel Rubino had some of the ice cream sent to him for the Windows 11 launch. "It's very sweet, but unlike any flavor of ice cream I have ever had. At first it was weird, but after the third scoop it was strangely addicting. I'd gladly take a gallon of it, or be able to buy it as a regular flavor for life," said Rubino.

While the ice cream is pricey, it can last up to 18 months in a freezer. You could order some and crack it open to celebrate the launch of the next major update to Windows 11. Sadly, you won't be able to store it in an Xbox-branded cooling device. While preorders recently launched for the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge, as far as we know, Microsoft doesn't sell a freezer.

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