Windows 11 Build 22000.282 arrives for Release Preview and Beta Channels

Windows 11 Update Windowsupdate Estimate New Light
Windows 11 Update Windowsupdate Estimate New Light (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Windows 11 Build 22000.282 is here for everybody in the Beta and Release Preview Channel.
  • It packs many, many fixes and improvements for various Windows 11 issues, including a recent AMD component conflict.

Insiders in the Beta Channel, as well as those on the Release Preview track, can now get Windows 11 Build 22000.282, which is jam-packed with new fixes for a plethora of problems that have been beleaguering users.

There are so many improvements, in fact, that they won't all be copy-pasted here, but rest assured: If you want the scoop on every last fix, you can check them all out at Windows Blog post dedicated to discussing build 22000.282. A sampling of the build's items is listed below.

  • We fixed an L3 caching issue that might affect performance in some applications on devices that have AMD Ryzen processors after upgrading to Windows 11 (original release).
  • We fixed an issue for a small number of users that prevents the Start menu from working and prevents you from seeing the updated taskbar design after upgrading to Windows 11 (original release).
  • We fixed a race condition that occurs during the early part of startup that might cause a stop error.
  • We fixed a regression that might cause stop error 0x38 on some machine configurations that use non-ASCII text in the registry.
  • We fixed an issue with the interrupt handling of certain processors that might cause devices to stop responding.
  • We fixed an issue that causes PowerShell to create an infinite number of child directories. This issue occurs when you use the PowerShell Move-Item command to move a directory to one of its children. As a result, the volume fills up and the system stops responding.
  • We fixed an issue that causes the Server Manager application to disappear after you use it to remove Hyper-V features. This issue occurs when you install Server Manager on Windows 11 (original release) clients using Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT).

Given the first item on the list of improvements, AMD fans should be especially keen on grabbing this fresh build. We also have a post overviewing what's going on with the latest build of Windows 11 in the Dev Channel.

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