Jay Machalani's Windows 8.2 concept - this is something you don't want to miss

Whether you love an operating system or you hate it, there is always room for improvement and the grasp of perfection is always one step further ahead than you are. In a video recently posted to YouTube by Interface and Branding Architect, Jay Machalani, he proposed how he would “fix Windows 8”.

Jay stated that “Windows 8 is [his] favorite OS to date, but that [it] is filled with massive flaws”. The one word he uses to describe Microsoft’s latest operating system is “confusion”.

“Microsoft has a lot of great ideas and they smashed them together to create Windows 8. They have some pretty amazing blocks, it’s just a matter of arranging them the right way.”

Machalani set five rules for his “W8.2 prototype design”. First, he believes that Microsoft needs to create a unified store and ecosystem for the platform based within the Windows Store. Second, Jay believes that it is “Microsoft’s job to make sure that [Metro and Live Tiles] are relevant and useful”. Third, the operating system has to work on both touch screen devices and with a mouse and keyboard flawlessly. Fourth, Microsoft has to accept the idea that “users with mouse and keyboards do not want a touch-optimized experience”. And finally, that those who do choose to use a tablet don’t want to see the desktop or “go through a Desktop interface.”

His solution is presented in the video above. His research and personal design rules have come down to the solution of simply separating the Desktop and Metro “as completely different environments you can switch between.”

The included concept video shows a full desktop interface including a modern UI style start menu. Holding down the Windows button for a few seconds then transfers you to a familiar Windows 8 style Start Screen. Working with this idea, a user can switch between the Desktop and Modern UI when needed – and all applications can work seamlessly throughout both.

For more details and to see the complete set of screenshots and videos, you can visit Jay's blog by clicking here.

What do you think of Jay Machalani’s design? Personally – this is the Windows 8.2 I want to use.

Source: Machalani; Lead image courtesy of Jay Machalani

Michael Archambault
  • This is amazing. 
  • +1
  • I feel that MS should give access to API to customize your Windows how you feel fit of course restricting it to maintain the metro feel. Similar to what this guy has created which by the way its nice but that's how he feels it should be. Think about what you could do if you customized your own or you could leave it stock up to you.
  • i think microsoft will never open source its OS.
  • Not really. I suspect the people who think this is amazing or slick are judging nothing but the visuals. I find that important, but secondary. IMHO the transitions in this demo achieve nothing but a productivity reduction. The person who created this demo seems to think that W8's biggest problems are the lack of a start menu and not glitzy enough transitions. Wrong... The problem with metro is that most K+M users don't know how to configure the OS to keep themselves from (seemingly arbitraryily) being thrown back and forth between the metro and desktop environments: Click a tile on the start menu that is linked to desktop software, and up comes the desktop, from there double click a PDF file icon, and by default you are thrown back into the metro environment. That the two environments have completely different rules for arranging views is jarring and can make working in both environments simultaneously cumbersome... Since many lack the skills to control when they are thrown back into the metro environment, or suppress that completely, it's understandable that some feel frustrated... obviously the OS will be blamed, even if it is possible to have it work exactly the way W7 did. W8 probably should have done nothing but replace the start menu with the start screen, and for desktop users, have left everything else unchanged (i.e. metro apps should open in a window, that only go into full screen mode when maximized, etc)... but that is not what this demo addresses... Worst of all, this demo seems to show the start menu and the start screen as two completely seperate entities, meaning they must also be configured seperatly. That is terrible, as it adds yet more configurational work. That is rediculous, considering both the start screen and the start menu share the EXACT same purpose. The "term" redundant is the nicest one that comes to mind... IF MS reintroduces the legacy start menu, then it will at least be based on the exact same configurational information as the start screen, which shouldn't be difficult because the start screen itself was just an alternative representation of the W7 start menu. There was a lot of complaining online about the lack of a start menu in W8, but I think that complaint was just a placeholder for the issue I described above. Most people don't know how to describe their issues with W8, so the best way to articulate the problem is just by saying they want the start screen (actually meaning the metro environment) gone. Of course, reverting back to a start menu doesn't actually solve any of the real problems, but most will only understand after getting the start menu back, and realizing that they still get thrown back into the metro environment when they click on a metro app.
  • Re:  (i.e. metro apps should open in a window, that only go into full screen mode when maximized, etc) - this is where StarDock's ModernMix comes in with the ability to run apps on the Window's desktop. http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/windows-8-tip-run-metro-apps-windows-d...
  • +99999 I couldn't agree more. Sure, it looks pretty, but this doesn't fix anything about Win8. I'm not saying I don't like it. Me, personally I've always liked Windows 8. But I have the skill and know-how to navigate the OS and don't seem to have the mental "bug" that everyone else has. You know, the one that makes them forget that the desktop is still present for when you are on a Mouse and Keyboard. Duh. All the complaints I hear are "win8 sux is maed for tuchscreen lol". But.. nobody is forcing you to use the touchscreen interface. The beauty of Win8 as it stands was that you could choose to use it however you want. But most consumers can't seem to grasp this concept. They're just not savvy enough. And thats fine. Microsoft made the mistake of trusting the consumer to be knowledgeable which isn't always the case. They do this a lot. Its like their focus groups consist of... themselves. Microsoft employees. I've always been convinced that this is the reason they're so out of touch. Hahaha
  • Just what is amazing exactly?
  • I don't understand what is so impressive about this? Switching back and forth between desktop and metro is much slower and more cumbersome since you have to hold down the button and there are added animations that serve no purpose. There is very little room for tiles in the start menu and no categorization. The taskbar and taskbar icons are still way too small to be useful on a touch/tablet interface.
  • Its a concept, nothing more.  Switching between screens could easily be sped up as it was refined.  Also, I think many would like being ablet to peek at the metro screen in the corner as the video starts off.  
  • You are not supposed to switch back and forth, that's exactly why the design exists. A M+KB user can stay in the desktop, while a touch user works only in metro, but both share apps and design style. The "switch" is just for hybrid devices that you actually can use both ways.
  • Did you even read the whole article? In this concept you don't have to "switch" back and forth anymore. You either use desktop OR metro, because metro apps open in a window when in "desktop-mode", and desktop programs open in metro when in "metro-mode".  When you want to change modes, you press the button, and that needs to have some "time delay" in order to "mark the change". 
  • Ok, so let me tell you how to do this. Download Bing Desktop. Let it change your wallpaper. Now go into Modern UI and change the background for that, except now you will see the option to use the Bing Desktop wallpaper. It should be the last wallpaper option in the choices. Now all that changes are the tiles when you move from desktop to Metro. I've set this up several times for people and their new Win8 system. Makes the learning curve easier. Easy stuff. The key is downloading the Bing Desktop app.
  • You can do this without the Bing Desktop.  It is a configuration feature when you are on the Start Screen.  Charms > Settings > Personalize.  Your desktop wallpaper is the last on the background list.
  • Only on 8.1 though!
  • True. Bing Desktop just keeps thing fresh. I do like how he inserted those sound effects, ir he has the best sounding and loudest speakers ever put on a surface tablet.
  • It's like going back to desktop is a downer... :)
  • you get "amazed" for anything apparently.
    how is this amazing? its just an OBVIOUS but stupid design... its not like he is making the ultimate design... he is just putting the start screen in just a small part of a screen not in fullscreen... explain me again, what is amazing about the obvious design? just move the tiles, make them smaller and show more desktop and not a fullscreen start screen... again, what is amazing about this?
    even I thought about the design like this, but its so retarded because I like the start screen, I just didnt make a stupid concept.
    oh wait, he added 3 buttons and a search bar.... yeah thats original and start menu never had them so how did this guy come with this amazing idea? omg... apple and google and amazon and Microsoft and IBM and mercedes benz and KFC and coca cola and everyone should hire this guys /s
  • Wow.  Did we wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?
  • I cant see this as amqzing, its the same design, with a start menu. It is already seperated in 8.1, just in a faster experience.
  • Some of this is good, and some of this makes no sense  . . . at least not in light of Windows 8.1.     - we already have the transition between desktop and Start Menu by pressing the Windows Key, and the way it works right now, is better, and faster than in this treatment   - we already have the return of the Start Button, which you can use to either switch to the Start Menu, or bring up a complete list of your apps/programs    - the only thing of value this treatment adds to what is already present in Windows 8.1, is the return of the old Windows 7 Start Menu, stylized with Live Tiles.  And to be truthful, that is the only new idea going on here.  And it is a very good idea, I may add, as it almost single-handedly shuts all the Windows 8 detractors up in one go.  Boots to desktop.  Check.  Start Button.  Check.  Old school Start Menu. Check.  Our work here is done.  
    Fourth, Microsoft has to accept the idea that “users with mouse and keyboards do not want a touch-optimized experience”. And finally, that those who do choose to use a tablet don’t want to see the desktop or “go through a Desktop interface.”
    This bit here, the first part he is right.  Users with mouse and keyboards really do not want a touch interface.  And that is what the controversy surrounding Windows 8 has been about all along.  But the idea that tablet users don't want to see the desktop, is bullshit.  Half the reason I purchased a Windows 8 tablet is because of the desktop, and all of the awesome things the desktop allows me to do on a tablet, that I simply could never dream of doing on Android or iPad.  And I got a very good feeling that I am not the only Windows 8/RT tablet purchaser who feels the same way.  Microsoft's dream of tablets being hydrid devices, with the true power to replace the laptop in the pantheon of personal computing, is spot on. The execution may need a little work, and the pricing sure as hell needs a lot of work, but the dream itself is spot on.  If the iPad had shipped with OSX instead of iOS, I'd have purchased an iPad ages ago, and no one would be having this conversation, as Apple would have established the hybrid paradigm, and everyone simply would have just accepted it without question.    On a final note, the other good thing he has done with this treatment, is how he has flattened all of the folder and ribbon icons.  It looks rather nice, and I am surprised Microsoft has not already done that themselves.  I would take it one step further however, and offer the ability of having re-sizeable Live Tiles inside of folders (not in the ribbon) that would preview folder, and sub-folder stats and content.  In many cases, this may even negate the need for a preview column. 
  • +1
  • +10. I hope Microsoft reads this.
  • It's honestly a great concept, but i dislike some things (both what it has and lacks). The start menu should appear on the side like in the video and not be resizeable. The icons dont need to be flat. look at the explorer icon as of now for a decent icon. I'd prefer new icons for sure, but not these one dimensial childish play icons Needs to open start like normal. For touch users, have a swipe upwards from the start icon in the taskbar to access the desktop start, and leave it at a single tap of the start button for the modern start. And add a "start" option in desktop start to access the full screen modern start Honestly, Microsoft needs to implement a (modified) pivot on start, showing the "Start" and "Apps" headers, allowing one to tap the headers to access the appropriate menu. Kind of like XBOX Still lacks shading. Why did MS stop using it? Zune for PC was a great example of Metro with shading and gradients.....
  • It could be better though.. Personally i like switching between desktop and start screen. But i have a surface i cant speak for desktop users
  • I think it's the context switching that gets most people confused. So if there's a way to eliminate that, if you want, it would be the best of both worlds.
  • Yeah I like how it is right now
  • I like it too and that's coming from a non touch laptop user
  • I do too but I think this would be an improvement on the way things currently are.
  • Yup. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft's original concept was something akin to what is in this video, but real world implementation led to what we have now. There are many advantages to what Windows 8 currently is, not the least of which is giving kbd&mouse users an incentive to get a taste for touch devices and upgrade their hardware.
  • It's far from fine the way it is. It is completely confusing and counter-intuitive. I needs refinement and polishing. Clean up the tiles and make the desktop interface simple.
  • 'Clean up the tiles' ?!?!?! What on earth are you on? How do you clean up squares on a screen, other than by allowing them to be 4 different sizes and allowing people to put them in an order that works for them, and allow named categories, and by not automatically loading the tile to the start screen on installation...
  • Okay, I said that wrong. So the tiles themselves are fine but the idea that it's great as a desktop OS is a bad one. I like either side of W8 but they're terrible together. Apple has it right by having iOS separate from Macs. MS tried something new and it's stupid.
  • It really is not terrible together as you say. I am a huge power user at work and a gamer at home. I use three displays at work and at home. It is only confusing and hard to use if you refuse to learn a few new tricks. Windows Key plus X is famtastic for my admin fuctions at work and I can open programs much faster by pressing Windows key and typing the fist few letters. If you don't fancy opening programs that way and hate the way the start screen looks you can have it only display desktop programs in small tiles that looks very similar to the all program menus.   I honestly don't get people saying its a terible Mouse and Keyboard interface out of 5 devices I use only one is a touch screen.
  • So apples idea is better? You think its better to have to spend £1000 on a mac book, followed by £500 on an iPad... Then carry them both around all the time, with no real way of getting them to work together. Instead of for instance spending £1000 on a surface pro, and having both in one device? Its clearly the more sensible option
  • You're taking it out of context. I'm just saying the idea that the OS is separate.
  • I personally like it how it is, it needs tweaking but this video isn't the answer..
  • This. The only thing in Windows 8 that needs fixing is the mystery meat navigation.
  • Agreed
  • Except for the hidden power options.
  • Yea that's really nice
  • This is perfect. I agree with one of the YouTube viewers... New CEO of MSFT! Lol or lead developer!
  • Yeah...it is a great idea to place him in charge. Here is the problem. The new business world looks at two things....where they have been and how much money he made the stock holders. Unfortunately for this guy, they don't care if he is ten times smarter than some clown from Cambridge, because that little piece of paper speaks louder to them than anything this guy can bring to the real world. Secondly, a guy like this is more concerned about how great a product he brings and what the consumer essentially thinks about it. The real world board-crownies don't care if the experience is horrible if in exchange they make building loads of money.
  • Gauging the intelligence of the average comment section of a YouTube video, I wouldn't take any advice from that.
  • Hire him
  • Wow. Now THAT is an impressive Windows 8 design.
  • I like it but I think its too much
  • Wow, very very nice. That is slick. I hope Microsoft see this vid.
  • It looks great! Only issue I see is dropping the ribbon for that 1990s menu bar in Explorer. That stands out as some serious LOL And the only question I have... What's with the strip of wasted space at the very bottom? Looks like about 4 pixels of uselessness down there.
  • +1
  • oh my god this is so futuristic windows 8.2 or 9
  • Seen it the other day, it won't be too long before people can build a custom os I hope !!
  • I think its already perfect. His idea sucks
  • I agree with his assertions, just not his design. In my opinion: MS should make a Metro version of MS Office *now* MS should make "print to" and cut n paste work properly in Metro mode. It doesnt right now. (See OneNote as an example. Share to OneNote need to improve) MS should then drop desktop mode in RT - pronto. I agree, Live Tiles need work. They are not detailed or useful enough. MS should clear up background apps. Many don't work until you "start" the app. They should run at boot like services. And if they can only poll at 30 minute intervals, then allow more than 10! MS should fix proxy aware apps. Many apps can't seemlessly authenitcate, which means Windows 8 in corporate environemtsn fail behind proxies, or cloud proxies (I have fought with Zscaler on this) MS should hurry up and ditch Control Panel, and move _everything_  into the new setting panels (how f hard can that be, why is it taking so darn long!!) MS need to sort out notifications. They are currently dull, unispiring and not useful. No notification centre. Skype should be "baked in" and seemless, and fight off Facetime, BBM and Steam. Its not optimal right now. I'm sure there is more, but thats off the top of my head.
  • MSFT is already working a Metro version of Office 2013. Once they have that than you can expect the desktop mode of RT to go the way of the dinosaur. Look to 2014.
  • In no way do I support tossing out the Desktop mode. How in the world will we find the physical files? Do it like iOS, where the only way you could transfer files is by plugging it in to iTunes and copying from there? I prefer to have my apps access any file in the filesystem.
  • You might. I don't. The time for "managing" files apart from some rudimentary folders should be gone, completely. I don't need to use a file browser, I user Skydrive, which lets you view folders and files from Metro just fine. I don't use the file explorer on my RT tablet.
    People need to "let go" of Desktop and old paradigms. It will happen anyway, whether you or I Like it or not. Video will be inside a Video app bubble. Music handled by the App and service you subscribe to.
    Office Documents will be in a pot that is taggable and searchable (or something else we haven't thought of yet)
    Users will use things without the hierarchy knoweldge, and having to understand where on the C: drive things are. Thats old fashioned, too hard for Joe Average, and thankfully going away.  Apps should not access any file, just the file store for the type of file they manage, simpler for user, better security.  
  • "too hard for Joe Average, and thankfully going away"
    So, let's became all monkeys because the average (american) person is stupid as a monkey? I don't think that "It will happen anyway, whether you or I Like it or not"... hopefully there are still a lot of smart (normal?) users who are able to use windows with its full potential and MS knows that.
    Let monkeys use its metro-design with only video, photos, music and documents... and let the others use the desktop with the everything else.  
  • Well that might be fine for the RT version, but W8 is much more than that. Your suggestions wouldn't suit anyone that uses W8 pro for more than dicking about in apps & games i.e. work, or more complicated pursuits.  
  • One of the biggest issues is the mindset they have. Make smaller updates to add things like more items in Metro Settings? No. You have to have a "new release" for that. I don't get why they think that way. Update fast and get the damn thing up to speed so it can compete!
  • Its really not compelling at all. This design is much more "smashed together" than what we have now. His design rules are so basic and obvious its stupid that they're even brought up.
  • I agree. It's really not that impressive IMO.
  • And what's the big difference? I don't miss start menu at all and I hope Microsoft'll stay with the start screen.
  • Plus you can use Classic Shell to get the start menu back, if you really need it. After the 8.1 update allowed me to make Start button go directly to Apps in the Modern UI Start Menu, I haven't had any need at all for the Classic start menu and uninstalled Classic Shell.
  • The new interface is much more comfortable.You can easily pin programs and apps to start screen, the icons are bigger and some of them can also show notifications. You can change their size and add categories. So why people want the old start menu? I think that only reason is that people hate changes. Even if they make something better. Like Google+ integration with Youtube.
  • Familarity is like a warm blanket on a cold winters morning. You don't want to get out from under it because its cozy and inviting but we all know the once you do that is when good stuff happens.
  • I'm not seeing what is so good about this... is it just the fact that it essentially brings back a Start menu? The only other thing I see is really slow switching from desktop to Win8. I don't like it... I think the way it works in 8.1 is just fine.
  • I must admit this is something I really wish MS would implement. It's gorgous! not too keep on the start menu though.
  • Saw that earlier today. Said it then and I'll say it now: I want that!!!
  • Want what exactly? An old start menu and a super slow way to switch between them?
  • Yes for the first question. As for the second question, what are you referring to with "between them"?
  • Desktop and metro
  • he means the press of a button... some people dont want the small menu and feel fine with a fullscreen app launcher, so it would be silly to have to hold win key or something to get there. also this looks exactly like the start screen just not covering the whole screen.. whats new about this? why you want it? you could easily get a start menu reviver or something for free. so its not like you need this anyway.
  • I like the idea of separating metro from desktop as it currently is. Desktop for older applications and work related things, and metro for fun, social and other non business aspects. Think of desktop as "business mode" and metro as "easy mode".
  • Separating it stifles growth by reducing kbd&mouse user's exposure to the new environment, which is clearly one of the goals with Windows 8.
  • Of course it's just a concept... But hell no. I don't like the idea of having anything similar to the start menu... This is creepy for me in every way and even in concept I didn't like that. The long press on WinKey should bring Cortana... also, that seems to disable the Start Screen on desktops... which scares the hell out of me. The twitter icon on taskbar... That's suppose to open Twitter Modern App windowed on dektop? NOOO!!!! The icons are on the way... metrofied... but there's a lot of work to do in there. Just to remind you: I know it's just a concept... But, for now, the way it is presented here, it's a no for me.
  • Agreed. Windows 8.1 is IMO the best consumer OS that has ever been released. This does not improve on it.
  • Read his blog, I felt the same way about the return of the start menu yesterday morning. Why does that scare you, the start menu is still there just smaller if you are in "Desktop" mode, if you want to live in Metro you can and it will be the full start screen, just hold down start and switch to that mode. As someone who uses his SP1 as a tablet at home and a desktop with 2 external monitors at work I would love this implementation.
  • Simply gorgeous!
  • Solide!!!
  • I'm impressed actually, making an amazing change with some simple ones. Just don't love the idea of touch and hold on the windows key.
    Btw did anyone noticed that YOUTUBE app just beside the twitter tile??? Looks like an official stuff there ;)
  • And this guy is only 20 years old...
  • I'm not a huge fan of animations I normally disable all animations and its all windows vista's fault.
  • A Windows Phone interface for the Start menu... Brilliant take on how to bring it back! Love it, Bravo!
  • It is nice but the transition is kind of slow for me.
  • Go to his website and understand what the actual purpose of the switching is for. It is not meant to be switched back in forth from like the start menu is today, but rather give you the choice of environments. You want to live in desktop, fine all your apps (including metro apps) will open like desktop apps, want to live in Metro, cool all your apps open in full screen and act like metro apps. As someone who really likes W8, when I heard the rumors about the start menus return I was not excited, but after watching all his videos and understanding the philosophy of what he is trying to do I find this elegant and awesome. I have a SP1 and at home I use it as a tablet and it is awesome but at work I have 2 monitors connected and prefer to work in desktop. This would let me switch between the to easily (heck even make a setting where if external monitors are connected it defaults to desktop mode). 
  • I am currently running Windows 8.1 Pro x64 and I like it than Windows 8. I think he is doing a great job though the gpu hardware acceleration should be fluid in transition.
  • Oh dear..... This is the best he could come up with? A slight variation on what is already there. I weep for the future of software development...
  • It was not about radically making something different rather as adapting a new way of the existing look and feel of windows. At least that's what I got from the article and video
  • That is terrible.  It looks nice, sure, but it would be awful trying to actually use it.  Changing the function of the Windows key?  Tiles in your start menu?  I wonder if this guy spent more than 5 minutes using 8.1.
  • He didn't change the function, currently there is no function provided by a long Win Key press. I have spent a lot of time with 8.1 and I would prefer this.
  • I do like the idea of allowing the Start Menu to be smaller when you have the Desktop in full screen mode. But it goes against the, IMO, much more sound idea of conceptually having the Desktop be "just another app" in Modern UI, which is what Microsoft is doing now. I wouldn't be surprised if MS comes up with a way of making the Start Menu more multitasking-friendly though, by maybe implementing something like this. The rest? Meh. Good ideas (notification center etc), but everyone is already clamoring for them... why Microsoft hasn't done these things yet, I don't know. But it's not like it's some exciting conceptual breakthrough that nobody's thought about. I think everyone has!
  • why doesn't microsoft implement multifinger gestures besides zoom and rotate? 3, 4, or 5 finger gestures would totally be welcomed.
  • I skimmed through his blog and from what I could see I really like what he's suggesting.  I hope for everybody's sake Microsoft is moving somewhat in the direction he's suggesting.
  • Beautiful concept..especially the minimal start menu on the desktop..best of both worlds
  • I liked the concept and it's promising too.
  • I want this on my surface haha
  • Did you notice how slow it moves. If this is how it performs then I say no; WP 8.1 is fine, this moves at a snails pace compared to it.
  • *facepalms*
  • Saw this yesterday on the verge. WPC is my main site, but occasionally I look at the Microsoft section of the verge.
  • I absolutely love Windows 8.1, but this would make the Windows OS simply perfect and superior to all other Operating Systems. Somebody at Microsoft hire this guy please, now...
  • Its the same thing it is now, just with a slower switch between screens and a start menu. Overall nice work, but Im not really all that intrigued by it.
  • Read his blog, you understand the premise incorrectly.
  • 6 of 1 half dozen of the other. While I applaud his efforts all he did was take the Start screen and shrink it down. Sure some people don't like having the start screen take up the whole screen(I'll never understand why but I'm not going to argue personal taste) but this doesn't solve the problem. Where is control panel, where is administrative tools, and where is my computer? I see the settings gear on his start menu but how is that any different than the charms? I run triple monitors(from my Surface Pro no less) and don't have any problems mousing to access the charms bar.
  • Looks really smooth, personally if they add back a start menu type thing, they would have to figure out when and where to have the metro start screen, and the old fashioned start menu. Maybe have one, or the other, or both as options.
  • Great concept, I think people need an option that is better for Desktop computer users like this. People saying that we don't need the mini start menu are not thinking this through. I can't "upgrade" a desktop to a touch screen tablet. I have windows 8.1 on my desktop and I like it but this design would be more centered around how I use a desktop vs how I use my surface. And on my surface I hate having to go into the desktop mode to access my files.
  • Every time I make these arguments here people like to claim I'm stuck in the past.
  • It's interesting that people are praising this, but yet this idea would have never happened without Microsoft's initial vision. So, give credit where it is due to Microsoft.
  • He praises MS himself, in fact I believe I read somewhere that some MS employees helped him.
  • Yeah I'm a fan of this concept I'd like to see it!
  • I hope Microsoft will change their WinPhone UI as well. Seriously right now it's boring, f boring! Sometime user just want 3 or 4 small tiles on their Start screen and it's sux when you can't even change/choose a background image! Urg!
  • Why does it matter that you can't change the background image on WP the tiles cover like 99.9 percent of the background currently.
  • Exactly my point. I dont want my start screen/background to be covered entirely with tiles! My iPhone only have 3-4 icons each page. I made it this way so I always see the background image I want to see whenever I open my phone. I know there's lock screen and such but it's different! It bothers me a lot seriously. And If they can make the tiles transparent that woud be so much better!
  • The moment you said "my iPhone", your post is totally ignored. iMore is the site for you, bye
  • Oh my god. Let go of that fanboism man. I'm just trying to out what's lacking with WP. I'm pointing this out because I'm planning to switch but this thing I noticed right away and it kinda hold me back. Why can't you guys take comment like this. Goodness!
  • It's not being fanboism. It's because you are comparing iOS and WP with each other. WP is NOT iOS in any way. So if you are planning to switch, good, but don't expect WP to be like iOS, because it's not. It's different, very different. And that's good imo, because all Mobile OS'es tend to be like iOS. Even the "New" Firefox OS is almost a complete iOS ripoff. So, basically, the UI is not what you are used to as a iOS user. That being said, I think because WP is different, it's not per definition lacking the things you are saying. :)
  • I'm not even expecting the WP to look like iOS.. hell no! I want WP's idea. And I'm not even comparing OS's here. All my complain is that why can't they just let the user choose background image in case some user don't want their Start screen to be filled with tiles entirely. And it's not even something you can call it 'feature'. It's just one of the basic stuff you want with your smartphone! 
  • You forgot to add "ignored by me". ...
  • I seriously think you're in a tiny, tiny minority if you want to spread out the tiles so much that you only have four of them on each scroll. I would suggest you find some photo apps with live tiles and see if they work to bring some pictures to your start screen.
  • I don't want apps just for this kind of stuff. Just let the user choose the background image and it's done. Some said it's not necessary since the tiles can cover almost the entire screen... yeap, I know that. But It would still look so much different with background image on it.
  • http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=61881561-7ff6-452d-bed7-ef18ae3aa34c There you go. Go nuts.
  • Ugh
  • Certainly part of the argument against a background image is that it potentially makes it harder to distinguish tiles and "read" the Start screen.
    Of course, you could overcome this by adding borders, depth and shading to the tiles and make them look like they're hovering in a 3d plane above the image. But that really flies in the face of the whole Metro design and the focus on clear, simple and direct visuals.
  • So the start button on the desktop behaves differently than the physical start button on the device (and presumably the windows key on the keyboard).  That's even MORE confusing if you ask me.
  • Read his blog and watch his videos, that is not what is going on at all.
  • Meh.
  • Aaaaaaah! Someone beat me to making a mock up of the start menu that looks like WP start screen!
  • Actually, I prefer how its in Windows 8.1. On PC I have my desktop, and when I click the start button, on top of it opens a full-screen start menu. I can search, open desktop programs or run apps "inside" this full-screen start menu. On my Surface I have a full-screen start menu, I can open apps, or I can open the "desktop" app to get to a more advanced explorer etc. that is all hidden "behind" my full-screen start menu. When I open desktop apps it takes me right to there. What I'm talking about of course are the new options to make desktop or Metro as start environment and making the desktop wallpaper the start screen background to create the illusion of the start screen lying "on top" of the desktop.
  • Get this guy a job at Microsoft!
  • the file explorer is how Linux has (or had it) and the start menu tiles/widgets remind of KDE menus too .. I personally like Windows 8.1 the way it is and Microsft should keep up doing the good work they did from WIn 8 to 8.1 .. really hope 8.2 is much better
  • +1  
  • I'm a mouse user that has no problem using the Metro apps. These people needs to get over it.
  • Sure buddy. You speak for everyone's needs, so we'll definitely do that.
  • WOW, this is awesome! :D
  • Its innovative, smart, and user friendly!  It has NO CHANCE at Microsoft =(
  • It's good so far
  • it's unecessary to shade the start screen. i like the idea all tiles slide in from its right edge, it would looks smoother if the screen was not shaded.
  • This solution is definietly imperfect. There are some good ideas (hybrid apps, windowed Metro apps on the desktop) and some terrible ideas (start menu with tiles, using the windows key to switch environments) but this all good for dialouge. Hope he gets to communicate with the Windows team on some of them. What there needs to be though is more consistency between W8.1 and WP8.
  • Dumb and slow
  • Wow man. That was really cool
  • Personally I think the graphic interface looks pretty. I don't see it addressing the problem which is making Desktop Mode easier to use via Touch. In desktop I noticed that the browser needs to be at 125%~150% zoomed in to make it easy for touch in the default Surface resolution. Perhaps the same thing could happen where the applications just become a bit bigger to allow easy touch. Unfortunatelly showing more on the screen doesn't necessarily mean it's better when you're using your fingers/ thumbs to select things. I definitly don't mind using the Surface (for example) the way it is right now, nor my desktop at home. But to say that the OS is fine the way it is with no need to be fixed sounds discouraging. Windows XP was great when it came out, I am glad we moved on to Windows 8 by making small adjustments.
  • Personally I don't know why the two environments can't be combined. Have the desktop with conventional start button but instead of a useless wallpaper, have the tiles running sort of like "widgets" from Win 7. Want to open the wideget then just click on it. Have the ability to choose this when in workstation/docked mode and boot up into metro when in touch tablet mode. Anyone know why this can't work which would give everyone what they want?
  • That was lame.  What a ridiculous approach.
  • The only three things I need to see is that information can be communicated & accessed seamlessly between the Desktop and the Metro side, the SkyDrive app needs to be able to see ALL storage spaces, whether local, MY cloud OR cloud spaces shared with me from others, and for developers to all really grasp what Live Tiles can and should be doing.  I want to eventually see the Desktop DIE.  If I can get Live Tiles for apps to feed me most of the info I need, the remainder is just how I interact with them or bring the app fully up.  I realize that won't happen until all legacy developers get on the stick, but I want to spend as little time there as possible.  And I HATED widgets in 7 and Vista.  I hate Android for the same reason.  Microsoft has yet to fully exploit the potential of their own design, so developers certainly aren't going to be able to fill in the gap until they see what can be done. 
  • "Microsoft has yet to fully exploit the potential of their own design" How can they when everybody put so much effort into crying about them moving forward and doing new stuff??
  • I like and agree with the complete separation of the Metro UI and the desktop, to allow people to chose what they prefer (many people don't like the metro UI. Deal with it.) Just desktop, just Metro or a mix. However, I don't like the way he approached the problem. Specially I don't like the Start Menu with tiles. The best solution, to me, is separate the UI's, yes. But make the desktop return to the way it worked on W7 with the proper start menus. Then have all the new "metro" stuff on the metro UI. Those who want to deal with the double-UI system then could have an option in the style he proposes.
  • Honestly, I just want more apps,good apps.
  • Windows always has and always will improve. Meanwhile,8.1 is another step forward. Don't keep trying to take them backward. I feel that the use of desktop is eventually going to be unnecessary.
  • I know it's kinda unrelated, but this is exactly how I feel when I see people crying that WP needs a file explorer.
  • Looks pretty bad :S
  • The problem I see with this is the concept. We shouldn't be separating the Metro and desktop, but rather make them better synced. People already think that Metro is a separate OS, and they shouldn't. On a PC they should see it as Start menu 2.0. However the way MS implemented it, it doesn't really have that feel. Add the start button to the Start Screen. Don't rely on the desktop "App" but make it familiar to people by letting them see the Start button. Or just open the Start Menu above the task bar, now you can see the start menu and the task bar. Hitting the start button should open everything up. Bring up the charms, the open apps, and start screen. Go to your start screen and do the app swipe to bring up the open apps, that's how it should look. always. Older, and not so tech savvy, people have a hard time with the gestures cause they need visual help(same thing with not having a visual start button, some people need that visual). Having all of it open will remove any confusion that people will have, and will allow MS to keep pushing the Metro UI, and will allow people to use the metro UI with a mouse and keyboard in a way that seems familiar to them..
  • I'm guessing this is similar to what MS is planning for the return of the start menu. But if you have to do that long press on the Windows button, it will be a major fail.
  • I don't want to see the traditional pop up Start Menu ever again! Stop whining about it being gone, Windows needed radical change. The desktop needs to be eliminated completely. Desktop programs need to run in app shells, sort of like XP compatibility mode. All Microsoft would have to do is design a file explorer with all the functionality of the desktop version, that behaves differently than other apps (multiple instances, variable sizes, layerability).
  • Microsoft needs to hire this guy
  • Funny how people always feel they need to fix Windows, or they have the remedy that'll fix Microsoft.
    Not saying that either are "perfect", but what really is?  Anyway, I'm competely new to W8.1 (Surface Pro 2, bitches!) but nowhere near new to Windows and I'm having absolutely ZERO issues with it. No confusion here at all. But then again I didn't go in armed with skepticism in one hand and a shit load of ready-made complaints in the other. I went in with guarded optimism, and a will to learn what's new. So I guess I'm wrong...? But then again, if you leave it up to some people Windows XP would still be selling, and the need to learn how to do new shit would be a figment of someone's imagination. Whatever.
  • too slow
  • And this is why we can't have nice things. Microsoft has spent millions and years of research on analyzing how people use their computers, then some hack comes along and thinks he can do better. thanks, but no thanks. If you can't figure out Windows 8 then you're doing it wrong.
  • No need for mock-ups and theorizing outside Microsoft, really. We can make as many dream versions as there are people, but only people working for MS know the difficulties and what they are aiming at.
    So again, it's ok I guess, but it's a pointless exercise.
  • "as completely different environments you can switch between" We are supposed to move away from that. Make Desktop and Metro UI seamless, not become more segregated.  
  • Needs to be faster. And I'd want the different starts to be configurable, so I could use different key commands for the littler start menu in the desktop. From the sounds of it though, this might be very similar to what is actually coming to Windows.
  • Also, I do wish the desktop icons were more akin to the metro design. This dude's mockup for what his desktop icons are is pretty sweet. I would just need a metro styled minimalistic icon with some sort of icon on the icon to show if the executable is for the desktop.
  • We should just start by changing the current desktop and folder icons to match the Metro design. Stick with that first. Anyway, having this means we are unifying the feel of the current Office and the Start Screen. Yes, having new sounds would be superb definitely.
  • One thing that _could_ work is to have an option so that the start screen flies in from the left side and only takes up a part of the screen. Take the search bar that ppear swhen you hit Win+s, make it on the left, and pre-fill it with a "snapped" version of the start screen. Then, if you start typing, if replaces the snapped start screen view with search results as normal. Make that a user selectable option and it may be enough to satisfy the die-hard "Mah start screen is too big!") while not totally destroying the Modern ecosystem that needs to be at the forefront for Windows' future.
  • I have a Surface Pro and a Desktop with 8.1 that I built myself for 3D modeling and rendering. I have had no issues wishing my computer was a "touch screen" on my desktop nor did I feel the reverse on my Surface Pro. This concept seems to make the interface clunkier and slower. I like to just hit the Windows Key and start typing then press enter to launch my apps. If anyone doesn't like that just do Windows Key + Q to bring up the desktop search which has all the same functions. My favorite is before I run out to door to work I just hit the windows key to see the weather, emails i've missed and some other updates like stocks. 
  • This is one of the best Windows 8 concepts I've ever seen. When Windows 8 said they'd be releasing the threshold update and bringing back the start menu along with desktop versions of modern apps, I figured the start menu would have to do with the live tiles but if they could actually make the OS upgrade look like this... just wow. This is definitely the way to go in terms of the next Windows 8 succession.
  • So, you're replacing the start screen with something that is the same but slower and smaller, and therefore less functional. The idea that the start screen is "confusing" is bullshit. If you use a smartphone, you understand that just because you open up a full screen app selector or home screen does not mean your desktop "goes away." Honestly I don't understand why a start menu is better than the start screen.
  • Genius.
  • Plot Twist: Jay Machalini is actually a false identity developed by Microsoft in order to get their new concept idea out there. In the following weeks, news will come out that Microsoft has hired Jay and then shortly after that, they'll reveal that the entire thing was fake and that they had just used the identity Jay to get feedback for their Windows 8.2 concept from the public and gain media attention. (this is just an idea that I thought of... Would be funny if it actually happened.)
  • Microsoft should hire this guy.
  • lol... so the guy even gets an article because of a logical Design? he just put the start screen in a small version and thats it... what its new about it? how is this amazing?
    I dont know. I wont say its a waste of time to revive the retard small menu. but I would say its retard to thing his idea is original only because he stuffed everything on a small part of the screen. what about if you want more apps pinned? so it has a limit? what about going to "all programs"? oh there is no "all apps" so how I will access my apps? and its stupid to press and hold the screen, to make appear... whats that? ohh the start screen we have now. yeah too original, this guy deserves to be hired by Microsoft, Apple and Google, he will fix their designs because thats how everything work, you just design and you dont program anything, and you of course dont take a better idea...
    I mean this idea was already OBVIOUS. but yay lets make an article about it. now Microsoft should allow me not to see a small version of the start screen even if im with a mouse and keyboard or on desktop. like i said... if microsoft force us once again, like with the start button. I will just stop using windows and go and work in a Mine. because Microsoft has no vision and they are wasting people's time with a vision they dont have, going back and forth with decisions.. its like if they were going to go back to xbox360 UI because people cant deal with Xbox One design.
  • COLOR CODING. THIS GUY HAS THE RIGHT IDEA. Who at MS came up with the brilliant idea of turning EVERY single icon color into a flat 2D image thats dull GREY? Such a dumb UI decision. Visual Studio 2012 is an example horrible UI, every single icon is Grey, you can barely differentiate what's from what, such a stupid idea.
    And The Start Screen is still completely useless on desktop with keyboard and mouse which is a shame, there's too much of a segregation between the two although Modern UI on my Surface with touch is ok.
    MS have to come up with an 8.2 fast, 8.1 is what 8.0 should have been from that start.
  • I just finished watching all his videos and read through the entire post, he does make alot of sense and to be honest if MS added / implemented these I would install win 8 on all the desktop pcs as his proposed solution would work for everyone and make myself a rig with win8 (as with the amount of cash spent on the 512 gb model you can make yourself a decent gaming rig). But right now the L2520 connected via VPN to my laptop (core i5 2.5ghz 2450 + radeon 7470m 1gb dedicated)  is a better solution for me personally - for cost and flexibiliy (especially gven the battery for the damn thing is almost caput and does not hold a charge). So I can just leave my Laptop plugged in, put it in a drawer in the office or leave at it home and connect to it via remote desktop via vpn if I need any classic apps. Though it sounds great in theory, I'm not sure how it would work over 4g yet - has anyone tried?
  • Wow. That was amazingly, elegantly, put together. I hope Windows 8.2 is exactly what the video portrayed.
  • Christ, The small start menu is dead. Get the fuck over it. The new one is better. Read microsofts blog post while they were developing Win8. They explained all of their design decisions before they even released Win8.   Stop dragging Microsoft back into the past. 
  • Windows 7 still rocks for me.I'll use windows 8 when windows 9 comes.Though windows 8 is good for touch devices such as tablets and Surface but still Windows 7 is Ultimate for Me.
  • Mother of god!
  • But i still like metro ui+ desktop
    It's complete.
  • No!! Windows 7 too old and no modern applications and games no like Facebook app... No viber ,,windows 7 only desktop apps and games available.
  • Its damn perfect......though a lot of people are not “getting” the concept. The switching between the desktop and the modern UI is not meant to be done every few minutes like we do at the moment. If you are on a tablet using touch interface you are intended to stay on the modern UI, if you are inputting with a mouse and keyboard you are meant to stay on the desktop and the apps open in different windows (not full screen). hence the switching between times does not make much of a different because you would only do it once or twice a day and not flicking back and forth like we do at the moment. You have the best of both worlds. Like having 2 operating systems in one working seamlessly together. One for tables/touch devices and one for desktop devices with keyboard and mouse input.
  • Well, it's interesting as a concept but I don't think it works. Also, those folder icons in the desktop window are awful. While they are 'flat' like the modern ui, they don't conform to it's clean look, they actually look messy. That said, they definately need to make the desktop more 'flat' to match the look of the modern ui.
  • Just hoping that Microsoft will reconsider this. Jay please make the windows phone 8/8.1 concept too .
  • I think the whole idea of tiles is a failure. MS need to think of different UI approach for touch enabled devices. I'am still wondering how MS authorized this metro UI which seems so radical and expected the traditional users to adopt it at the same pace like win7. Traditional Keyboard/Mouse users will never like this UI no matter how much you tweak it (including bringing back the start button option). I think the best strategy would be leave the desktop interface as it is ( more on win7 grounds) and build a new OS with different type of interface for touch enabled devices (Like what apple does) this would be a winning strategy for mirosoft and easy for users to adopt moving forward.  
  • Nice work! Looks good and amazing. But I do feel very hesitant that microsoft goes in this direction. If microsoft does feel the need to move forward on this design concept it should be listed as a featrue that can be turned off. I think it could be good for the desktop enivronment and for the laptop business. But this is a major step backwards for the mobile devices. I think this demo video would have been better demoed on a latop or desktop device. I think because it was demoed on a surface device that I have very mixed feelings about 8.2. I think 8.2 could be a turning point for a further divide of the windows 8 ecosystem for desktop/laptop and mobile (surface and tablet) devices. I think 8.2 will cause a lot of confusion at stir.
  • We hope the desktop comes as another tiled windows and the start menu takes back to home screen instead of toggling between tiled menu & desktop..
  • This is amazing!!! Where do I download????
  • Nice work!
  • Yes, please!
  • Also just to add to my earlier post, if we have too many tiles on the home screen ,its good that they get updated but will there be focus on one app because so many tiles are open and again it will be like searching my required info from the ocean of tiles.
  • Love the explorer design with no margin and the animations. I don't get the hate here, though. Of course he didn't reinvent the wheel with this, but there's no need to. Ultimately, t's supposed to be 8.2 and not 9. And yet again I'm wondering why the Office-Team always creates the better design in comparison to the explorer. If the explorer in windows 8 would look more like Office 2013, I'd be very happy. I hate the colorful margin, there's no need for it.
  • Great concept ....
    I like it and, I luv Microsoft
  • I really love it. Even the transitions, due to the flat colors, simplicity and gpu acceleration, are very pleasing. Just make it a bit faster. Anyway I can't see how losing 1 sec is a productivity deal-breaker for some. This concept is eyepleasing AND functional. I've high hopes for Microsoft implementing something similar. The tiny space under the taskbar is classy. Again wasting 4px can't be that bad. Especially if you get a little more "wow, looks cool" effect: it's more marketable. We all know productivity won't be damaged by that.
  • Very nice concept for the start button - way more functional then current functionality.  Thats why for now I'm using W8.1 with Pokki, way better start menu feature then current implementation of 8.1 
  • That is an amazing design. Microsoft should hire him and do that in Windows 8.2!