Windows Camera updated and fixes issues with Surface Book, Surface Pro 4

If you are on Windows 10 desktop, you'll want to check for an app update in the Store. The Windows Camera app is updated version 2015.1078.40.

As usual, there is no changelog. However, early reports suggest it fixes an intermittent problem that some new Surface owners (Book, Pro 4) were experiencing. Some users could not snap a photo with the rear (world-facing) camera. They could tap to focus but not grab the photo. Tonight's update reportedly fixes this issue making it rather significant.

We should also mention that Messaging + Skype is updated as well for those on Windows 10 Insider Preview. That app is now at version 1.10.28004.0, although we have not gone through it for changes yet.

Via: Reddit

Daniel Rubino

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  • Yes. I'm happy it worked.
  • I was able to install the messaging+skype apps without the insider build. It did create a new conversation for a current conversation though. Super excited about that!
  • Well, it installed and kind of works, but not well.
  • So many bugs these days. Too many dodgy QA's.
  • I think Nadella fired QA's. You are the QA in the new beta-world.
  • Still didn't fix the weird artifact, stutter issues with rear camera. Half of the screen becomes kinda blocky, and stutters.  P.S. Only Windows Camera has this problem, all other camera apps are just fine. So this isn't a hardware problem.
  • So many bugs to squash, in so little time...
  • After I updated my 930 to the latest insider build Skype video did not work but the message+skype update fixed it.
  • Updates are good