Windows Camera updated with minor tweaks on Windows 10 desktop and mobile

Windows Camera has been updated on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, bringing along a couple of minor tweaks. While there's no changelog included with the update, we have noticed some minor changes of note. Toggling flash now displays text for the flash mode (seen below) rather than the flash icon and there are some performance improvements as well.

Flash Setting

Windows Camera on the desktop, however, seems largely the same, and we haven't been able to spot anything of note. But if version numbers are your thing, this one clocks in at version 5.54.2001, up from 5.49.2004. If you happen to notice anything we missed, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

And there you have it. There's nothing major as far as features are concerned, but the update most likely includes some bug fixes and performance improvements under the hood as well. To grab the latest Windows Camera update, you can hit up the Windows Store link below.

Thanks, Ahmed A., for the tip!

Download Windows Camera from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I hate the current sounds
  • Me to
  • I like them :)
  • Instead of mentioning each and every time that MSFT haven't included a changelog you can just take it for granted and surprise us when they actually do include one.
  • You guys complain soooo much sometimes, lol. Geezus.
  • Sorry I thought it's a comment section.
  • It is a comment section. You commented. It's just that it seems 80% of the time it's a complaint section over trivial things. Grinding us on mentioning there's no changelog is just, well, it makes us doing our job less fun.
  • You took it to personal again. Take a deep breath and read my comment again. It was a truly polite suggestion, no whining included. Have a great day Daniel ;)
  • No whining? I found your sentence have a condescending tone
  • It was too amusing to read this exchange. You guys are both right. People get annoyed. Nothing new here, haha.
  • Daniel, keep mentioning it. I appreciate it. That way I skip it and just install the update. Eventually Microsoft might come here, search for "changelog" or review their app mentions and a light bulb will go off.
  • Did that half-a-sentence mention really hurt anyone? If we didn't mention it, people would be asking for a changelog anyway.
  • Somewhere, someone was reading this post, and became so enthralled with bloodlust towards Windows Central for mentioning no changelog that they suffered an aneurysm.
    So yes, Dan, it really did hurt someone.
    Have a heart will ya?
  • Bahaha you get a gold star for comment of the day.
  • It's hanging over the mantel :)
  • Hahah =)
  • Just a passerby.
  • So can L830 get that Rich Capture with Windows Insider/Win10M program?
  • Correction: Lumia 830 without Denim gets 'HDR Mode' while Denim devices get 'Rich Capture'. I'm not 100% clear on what the difference is, to be honest.
  • Can u blame us for complaining about the state of Mobile Dan? We're all in limbo, while they're "cutting this" and "discontinuing that"... We've heard and seen so much disheartening things lately that we're just all gotten grumpy! Lol. Then there's the waiting waiting and more waiting.... And "soon" "soon" "soon".... Never getting a complete package. This is why we complain... And not to mention that god awful ifa conference this morning. LMAO...
  • We're waiting because we're nerds/fans/geeks (whatever) normal people isn't waiting anything, they're just surprised when new phones/features appears online or at the Store.
  • If only more people would/could learn to differentiate between the two sigh.
  • Are there any plans on bringing back the old swipe-from-the-left gesture to show the camera roll like they had back in the WP7 days vs the press-camera-roll-button that we have nowadays? That was one of my favourite things about Windows Phone back in the day, compared to the other platforms.
  • It is still present in 8.1!
  • Is it present in the new Windows Camera app on Windows 10 though? My thinking was that the Lumia Camera app was being updated into becoming the new default app with the old built-in app (the one with the swipe gesture) being abandoned
  • Yes please bring this back!
  • Unlikely because they seem to want to make the UI and UX more similar to Android and iOS.. :( Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Btw, I appreciate you guys keeping us in the loop, your hard work are appreciated.... So nothing personal
  • Yea they're not waiting..... They're in the stores picking up iPhones and galaxies
  • I just wanna see windows 10 mobile succeed
  • Me too. The only reason I'm getting a Lumia 950/950XL this year. Otherwise I'd much rather get the Xperia Z5. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wasting your hard earned money then, on any of them. Not that it is any of my business
  • Yeah but only to the tune of $20 something a month and I can return the phone at any time I feel necessary and get something else. That's what I love about T-Mobile's Jump On Demand plan. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't have a W10 phone so sorry for the question.. the HDR on camera app is a "normal" hdr or it was already like the rich capture from lumia camera? (where it could be hdr or selective flash)
  • Glad something good is happening...
  • Actually seems much faster shooting on 930. Might be possible to replace Lumia camera.
  • It seems faster loading than previous version...Not good as Nokia camera on my 720..
  • Whats the point with Windows Camera (desktop) really? Taking pics with the (often) blurry webcam?
  • Maybe spend more than 20 Euros on a web cam
  • They better update it with Panorama and Refocus lenses, since they are killing it.
  • ^this, and like I've said before, they really need to be integrated with the app instead of separate "lenses"
  • Totally agree!
  • You are right, integrating it is much better, but they should leave lenses for some other apps and third party apps.
  • Yes absolutely. I think lenses should also be much more accessible than they are now. Like maybe something similar to changing the time in the old(8.1) alarm clock. Touch and then scroll through the different lenses in alphabetical order with a live preview through the viewfinder. That'd be impressive.
  • Agreed. I've noticed on iOS (or was it Android...?) you can write your own keyboards and put those in the store. We should be able to write Edge extensions, camera lenses, and even Minecraft mods and put them on the Store in new sections specifically for these types of apps/features.
  • Windows 10 Camera "pro" mode? I never noticed that before. Anyone?
  • Since 10080 at least, I've always had the pro mode on my 535 since I've put it on W10M.
  • Icon on manual focus not fixed yet. Still display m :o
  • Fragmentation nl630 8.1 nothing...
  • guys, Has microsoft removed the Living image feature from the camera app in windows 10 mobile? or is it somewhere else?? Please let me know guys
  • Nope, it's still there.
  • I can not find live image. Can you tell where is?
  • Going into camera mode from the lock screen still doesn't change aspect ratios properly.
  • I got a higher build number 5.54.3001.0. The article might be a typo.
  • Hey Microsoft, Only change the name of Lumia camera to windows camera and add slow-motion feature:3 Really Lumia camera >>>>> windows camera
  • Unfortuntaly, Lumia Camera is not a universal app. So, they are forced to re-write it into Windows Cemera. I don't believe they would do the work unless they have too. They are not that stupid.
  • Given the announcement that the Panorama lens is being retired, any ideas if this is going to be integrated into the standard camera app at some point?
  • I have a 1020 and it had a problem with the white balance when using flash it would turn the pictures yellow tint. This seems to be fixed now with this update
  • Wp was good with NOKIA.. Microsoft suckss
  • In your dreams bro..... The sales of the phones with Microsoft branding have skyrocketed. People recognise the Microsoft brand more than Nokia. The Lumia 535 for example offers very good value for money against the Lumia 520 or 530 released by Nokia, which do not have front facing cam, flash or 1 Gb ram, even though 530 was released in 2014! Also 535 sold out faster than 520. I can't see Nokia putting the same level of features in their budget phones as Microsoft are doing right now.
  • Skyrocketed? In _your_ dreams buddy. :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still sucks big time compared to Lumia Camera on Denim devices. Horrible application. 
  • I do not find Camera to be bad on my 640 XL. I haven't had it screw up a picture yet.